Eurovision enjoyers, i asked you about overrated songs, now im asking you which song from eurovision do you like but nobody talks about it?

Eurovision enjoyers, i asked you about overrated songs, now im asking you which song from eurovision do you like but nobody talks about it?


Estonia's 2010 entry 'Siren' by Malcolm Lincoln


I recommend you listen to Malcolm Lincoln's other songs on their album "Loaded with Zoul" and check out Robin Juhkental's (the lead singer) solo career. His newest song was actually released this year. I hope he'll compete in Eesti Laul again!


I'm already familiar with 'Loaded with Zoul', but will definitely check out his solo work. Many thanks! 😊


*Give me time and give me strength, to help me through the night...* (I still watch the performance sometimes and get mesmerized at the parts where the camera quickly spins around him. It's too good)


Oh so so so so so so good! It was truly inspired!


Its kinda wacky but not too wacky like this years eurovision songs


I just got chills-- the moment I saw the thread title, I thought of this exact song.


I have a lot... These are just a few: Lost and Forgotten (Russia 2010) What About My Dreams? (Hungary 2011) När Jag Blundar (Finland 2012) Lăutar (Moldova 2012) Kedvesem (Zoohacker Remix) (Hungary 2013) Round and Round (Slovenia 2014) Attention (Lithuania 2014) Hunter Of Stars (Switzerland 2014) De La Căpat (Romania 2015) Playing With Numbers (Ireland 2015) Fly With Me (Armenia 2017) Qami (Armenia 2018) That Night (Latvia 2019) Voda (Slovenia 2020) Most Georgian and Montenegrin entries tbh, they're too underrated. Montenegro 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018. Georgia 2007, 2011, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. Midnight Gold is the best ESC song of all time, I will keep saying this until the day I die.


Round and Round is in my top five ESC songs ever.


Ooh I like your taste.


Okay so our tastes are so alike- Round and round was terribly underrated, there's something magical abt this entry. Attention is such a chaotic mess and I'm living for it. Hunter of stars my beloved, my 2nd of 2014. De la capăt made me cry and I have fond memories of it bcs 2015 was my 1st ESC I've watched and I was rooting for Voltaj. Fly with me is my fave Armenian entry after Lovewave, that electro ethnic sound is 👌👌


>När Jag Blundar (Finland 2012) I love this one and still keep coming back to it probably the most out of all 2012 songs. I didn't watch back then but I was retroactively angry when I found out that this didn't qualify lol >Hunter Of Stars (Switzerland 2014) Shamelessly saying this is my favourite of its year! The whistling is just too catchy >That Night (Latvia 2019) A song that I like but knew to expect to lose it in the semis. It doesn't fit the huge Eurovision stage at all, but outside of it, it's a wonderful and chill song I like listening to. >Montenegro 2015 Easily one of my favourites of 2015 and one of my favourite Balkan ballads in general.


Latvia didn't deserve to bomb that hard. It's one of just four songs that actually made my playlist afterwards.


när jag blundar always makes me so happy :)


Rändajad by Urban Symphony - Estonia 2009. One of my all time Eurovision favourites yet it really seems to have disappeared into the mists of time.


That song was out of this world


So happy this was mentioned! It was the first time I watched Eurovision and that performance stuck with me since


I just wrote an entire comment, and then I realized Ishould check if someone else mentioned it... thank god you did! [Urban Symphony's _Rändajad_ (Estonia) from 2009](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gi0FEO2tFFA) came in sixth during its year. But like the super-famous winner of that year (Fairytale), it also dabbles in that same corner of 'fantastical' and 'dreamlike' happiness, and as a consequence is immensely overshadowed by it.


Oh gosh, that's hard to answer. I'll inevitably forget a bunch. Soluna Samay - Should've Known Better (Denmark 2012) is one that's completely forgotten about, but I recently remembered, and I feel like it deserves some more love. Freddie - Pioneer (Hungary 2016). Fantastic voice. Mercy - Madame Monsieur (France 2018). Was talked about a lot at the time but rarely comes up now, it seems. When We're Old - Ieva Zasimauskaite (Lithuania 2018). Similarly no longer talked about much. Bones - Equinox (Bulgaria 2018) is also good. Roman Lob - Standing Still (Germany 2012) is a decent song that nobody really talks about.


I still listen to When We’re Old and Standing Still from time to time.


So many too choose (in **bold** and *italic* are the ones that need more recognition) ***Omar Naber - Stop (Slovenia 2005)*** Jenny - Sense Tu (Andorra 2006) Tamara Todevska - Let Me Love You (FYR Macedonia 2008) Petr Elfimov - Eyes That Never Lie (Belarus 2009) Quartissimo - Love Symphony (Slovenia 2009) Mika Newton - Angel (Ukraine 2011) Witloof Bay - With Love Baby (Belgium 2011) Freaky Fortune - Rise Up (Greece 2014) Anja Nissen - Where I Am (Denmark 2017) O. Torvald - Time (Ukraine 2017) ***Ethno-Jazz Band Iriao - Sheni Gulistvis (Georgia 2018)*** Sevak Khanagayan - Qami (Armenia 2018)


I think i forgot almost all of those songs lmao


Four of those are the best of that year for me xD


Yes to the last three! They deserved better. Justice for Iriao


I really love San Marino 2008. That ended last at the semi final, I mean it is underrated as hell


They didnt even upload the song on the eurovision channel, kinda sad


Vincent Buenos would-be song from last year, 'Alive' ... Austrian Bruno Mars!


Yes, but i kinda liked his 2021 song more


I thought the song has a K Pop feel to it, much prefer this to Amen


Honestly, Switzerland quite a few years 2011 didn't deserve last in the final. Genuinely pleasant. 2015 did not deserve dead last. It's still just in the borderline qualifier territory to me, but still. And this one is more popular in the fandom, but 2018 was my winner and it didn't even qualify. I guess I could throw Norway 2012 in there too. If Sweden sent it the jury would have gotten it to the left side of the scoreboard at least.


Reading through this list makes me realize I've forgotten like 80% of the previous years... The only one that springs to mind is Sweden 2007, The Worrying Kind. It did very poorly, but I was quite obsessed with The Ark for a while after that.


I was OBSESSED with The Worrying Kind, I voted like 5 times.


I love that song!


I got a couple but these are the most underrated in my opinion. I see them rarely being talked about. Lost and Forgotten (Russia 2010) Opa (Greece 2010) Mercy (France 2018) Sebi (Slovenia 2019) Az Én Apám (Hungary 2019, didn't even qualify for the final but I love it so much)


Loud and proud, Andorra 2007. ​ That shit was fire.


It is fire, but was not better than Molitva


I love Fall from the Sky (Albania 2020), Cool Vibes (Switzerland 2005) , O Jardim (Portugal 2018) and No degree of Seperation (Italy 2016)


Italy 2016 was really great and Portugal 2018 was definitely underrated.


İ think for me its Yohanna’s song is it true. İ like that song a lot


I love Lijepa Tena (Croatia 2009) so much. Their voices are beautiful and the chorus is really good.


I forgot that the song existed


Finland 2020


I loved Looking back, made me cry a lil. I got it, pink bear queen didn't win the nf, but all that hate for Looking Back was really unnecessary and stupid, just really stupid. I liked it more than Cicciolina tbh.


Cake To Bake (Latvia 2014). I love it, but I seem to be the only person on the planet that does.


Mercy 2018. This song should've been in top 5 😥. Roi 2019. France was underrated again. Proud 2019. Deserved to be in top 3 IMO.


And actually "Proud" was jury's favourite


I think it was one of the time, when I actually prefer jury's voting over televoting. Proud was undeserved hurt by televoting IMO.


Higher Ground from Denmark 2018 and Ovo Je Balkan from Serbia 2010, so iconic


I’ve got a few: - Ellada Hora Tou Fotos (Greece 1993) - Walking Out (Armenia 2019) - L’Amour S’En Va (Monaco 1963) - That Night (Latvia 2019) - Siren (Estonia 2010) - Dinle (Turkey 1997)


Victoria's two songs, Tears Getting Sober and Growing Up Is Getting Old. It looks like they've been forgotten since Eurovision ended last month.


Italy 2014, I love the song and I still listen to it.


Same Here with Lejla, aka Bosnia 2006


Lejla is one of my favorites too


'Light me up' from ESC 2018 performed by Poland


My very first Eurovision was 2012 and Crno I Belo by Kaliopi (F.Y.R. Macedonia) was my bait. I still remember it. I was sort of distractedly chatting with friends during the show, not really paying attention, when like a minute into this song Kaliopi hits my eardrums with a musical megaton brick of pure awesomeness - *and then it kept getting even better.* Hooked ever since. And that song is still on the top of my perma eurovision playlist.


Georgia 2015 is one of my favourites and nobody seems to remember it.


Oh i remember it. İ have that song in my eurovision playlist. Great song


Slovakia 2010... Need I say more? Also: Germany 2011 (Rest of my favorites come from Ukraine ;))


madness of love. it got italy a 2nd place return to the contest, lost imo unfairly to one of the weakest winning songs in recent years, and its genuinely my favourite eurovision entry ever. not the best, not my favourite song or the one i listen to most, but its just so special to me. its always stuck with me in a time where plenty of entries didnt, and it absolutely deserved to win that year. compared to a lot of other 2nd places, i wish it was talked about more.


Iceland 2011


I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I loved In The Disco (Bosnia & Herzegovina) back in 2004 and Las Vegas (Sweden) in 2005. My obsession with Martin Stenmarck lasted for months. Love Kills (Belgium 2013), The Worrying Kind (Sweden 2007), Deli (Turkey 2008), I Feed You My Love (Norway 2013), Visionary Dream (Georgia 2007), Amanecer (Spain 2015)


sound of our hearts, in love for a while, the last of our kind, i want your love, new tomorrow, glorious, children of the universe, flashlight


I've been waiting for this one...Czechia 2020. Yep I said it. Its one of my all-time favourites. The first revamp was terrible but the second one was very good. It wouldn't have qualified but will always prefer Kemama over Omaga.


On a sunday (Romania 2019) besides that it deserved that freaking final, nobody talks abt this one, rip. Fly with me (Armenia 2017) I love it sm, my fave armenian entry after Lovewave, ngl. Feel the passion (Albania 2011) so screamy but so empowering Play (Estonia 2016) didn't deserve to be dead last period. Round and Round (Slovenia 2014) I love the flute and cures my anxiety whenever I listen to it Heartbeat (Ireland 2014) celtic sound and rly catchy I have tons more but mainly these I think :))


Georgia 2018 is so underrated that it is criminal Also Belarus 2020 but thankfully it has been more loved lately


Set Me Free from this year. Bias aside, Ktheju Tokes from Albania in 2019. That song is a fucking MASTERPIECE. I loved it from the moment it won the Albanian national selection, yes even before its revamp. Jonida’s haunting vocals, the amazing percussion, the message and the song overall is just perfection.


Izabo - Time. Israel 2012.


I'm still disappointed that they didn't qualified even though their vocals weren't great I don't know if it's unpopular opinion or not, but Izabo >>>>> Jedward


Funny Girl, Latvia 2018. I thought Laura Rizzotto did a brilliant job and I was heartbroken when she didn't get to the finals. I still follow her music, a great independent artist with a strong voice


Work Your Magic by Dmitry Koldun. Any American pop singer, eg Katy Perry could cover it, but I suppose suggesting a Belarusian song at this moment is perhaps outre


Romania 2013 (Cezar - It's my life). I unironically enjoyed that performance.


I love it too, but it *really* does not fit the question. Sparkly Dubstep Vampire is one of *the* most iconic ESC performances ever. It gets mentioned incredibly often.


But I never see it mentioned? 😭 Though i am frankly new in this subreddit so maybe that's why I didn't know lmao


It doesn't get mentioned on this particular sub, but in general it's absolutely an iconic Eurovision act.


I love a number of songs from 1967. The ones that come to my mind include the UK, Ireland, Monaco, Portugal, Belgium, and Luxembourg. They are such good quality songs and the orchestra is magical!


Hungary 2012 Compact Disco-Sound of Our Hearts definitely. Nearly always forgotten,but actually amazing.


Germany 2012, Roman Lob - Standing still


Hard to say for 2021 after all the anticipation on this sub for this year's contest and all the attention every song got. But for 2020: "Fall From the Sky" by Arilena Ara (Albania), "Alive" by Vincent Bueno (Austria), "Looking Back" by Aksel (Finland) and "Empires" by Alicja (Poland).


Beautiful Song. I love it unironically.


We Got Love, No degree of separation, I would Die for You and Where I Am


https://youtu.be/A__hliu_9UE Turkey 2008


Deen - In the Disco. Bosnia & Herzegovina 2004 I think? Or 2003. It’s amazing and terrible and I adore it. Deen himself is like peak early 2000’s in that singlet and the choreography is just hilarious. Up and down, up and down! I play it alllllll the time.


Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente - Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro (Italy 2018) Higher Ground - Rasmussen (Denmark 2018) Everyway That I Can - Sertab Erener ( Turkey 2003) Friend Of A Friend - Lake Malawi ( Czech Republic 2019) Zero Gravity - Kate Miller Heidke (Australia 2019)


I think "Stay" from Moldova 2019 isn't super unique, but I think it's well done and she is clearly a good singer.