How is it only one year? Is he the son of a politician or something?


In a tourist area? Do you want to scare the tourists away by enforcing laws reasonably?






Remember that woman in Paphos, who was hit by a car (which fled the scene) and then killed by a second car (which also fled the scene)? ([This one](https://cyprus-mail.com/2021/12/27/hit-and-run-suspect-in-paphos-road-death-being-sent-to-trial/)). How much jailtime did they get? I can't find any info.


Murdering someone while on drugs and then fleeing the scene. Yeah, 1 year seems reasonable. /s


Murder i see no chance to get that through


I'm always astounded by short sentences for what is, effectively, manslaughter. In this case it was much worse as he was high, drunk and fled the scene. Sentences are similarly short here in the UK although, finally, we look to be doing something about it. Announced a few days ago: ["Drivers who kill could receive life sentences under law reform"](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/uk-61940351.amp)


Kills a woman, runs away, is drunk and on drugs and recklessly drives a vehicle. One year. Is this a joke? Fucker should rot for 20 years for this.


Could be worse, like that American woman who was driving on the wrong side of the road in the UK. She did the same, hit and ran but instead fled the country avoiding any consequences at all.


There is a difference. That was a genuine mistake. At best it was causing death by driving without due care and attention (But she didn't go to court for that to be assesed). This involved an intenional illegal act that led to the death.


You can't give 20 years to everybody who's driving drunk, and if you don't, it's difficult to justify giving 20 years to people who are driving drunk *and* having an accident, because from their perspective there actions are the same as those of other drunk drivers that said 1 year for causing a fatal accident isn't much. In France that's something you could get for a repeated drunk driving offense alone


just a year for a murder? So cheap way to get away with it from a Murder is doing it with a car in Cyprus




I could understand 1 year (maybe) for accidental death, but a hit and run? Lock him up!