we've conquered all the chippies




Pepperoni pizza


Chicken vindaloo






Surprising to me how many islands are in the top 20


Not really, fresh produce is crazy-expensive if shipped from abroad


UK’s actually got pretty cheap fruit and vegs compared to most Western European countries (or at least used to before the cost of living crisis, don’t know how it compares now). + Iceland (which I think is more expensive than the UK?) is lower


A huge amount of that comes from economic pressure forcing highly processed foods to those islands after their traditional food systems were interrupted (whether from a lack of land access to grow traditional crops, or loss of species, or sometimes even tradition being lost when everyone who knew it died, or many other ways that colonization interferes with food sovereignty). ["As Obesity Rises, Remote Pacific Islands Plan to Abandon Junk Food"]( https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/19/world/asia/junk-food-ban-vanuatu.html) from the New York Times in 2017. From that article: >An open question for Vanuatu, a member of the World Trade Organization, is whether it would face regulatory blowback if Torba passed a comprehensive junk food ban, experts said. As a cautionary example, they cited Samoa’s 2007 ban on imports of turkey tails, a popular food in the Pacific islands that has a high fat content. >In 2011, as a condition for joining, the World Trade Organization ordered Samoa to eliminate the ban within a year. The organization said in a statement that it would allow a 300 percent import duty on turkey tail imports and a domestic prohibition on sales during the transition period to allow the country to “develop and implement a nationwide program promoting healthier diet and lifestyle choices.” And from the Bulletin of the World Health Organization about the Samoa turkey ban: ["Food supply, nutrition and trade policy: reversal of an import ban on turkey tails"](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5689196/). Diabetes is one of the most damaging things which Europeans brought to the Pacific, as they displaced traditional foods and supplanted them with ones which have much more severe health impacts long-term while not providing corresponding education about how to consume them in a healthy manner or providing equivalent healthcare to indigenous peoples to deal with the consequences of their newly-introduced poor diet. EDIT: changed to a non-AMP link as per bot's request.


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For Perspective these rates (\~ 22%) are around where the US was in the 90s when it was widely mocked as a comically fat country (see Homer Simpson) The US still deserves the shit it gets for fat people as it got fatter, but this isn't good for Europe, its a health crisis and it can't be normalised.


USA is still higher than any European country. As USA obesity rate according to wikipedia is 36,2%. Highest worldwide rate is Nauru with 61%.


What's really different imho is the extreme end of the spectrum. It's not just that people are fat but *how* fat they are.


Yea, would be nice to have a scale with BMI.


[I got you bro.](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_body_mass_index)


Worst color combo ever. I'm old, I can't tell these damn greys apart. Thanks though.


Yup the American style planets with legs are still very rare here. Except among the elderly.


Nauru and all those other micronations don't count, statistical data gets all wonky when the population is tiny. You know which country has the most Nobel Prize winners per capita? It's Iceland. They have one. Also Vatican has two popes per square km.


My cousin is married to a Swiss guard and lives in Vatican City. She and her daughter are like 40% of the female population of the country.


> Nauru and all those other micronations don't count They should tho. I saw a program on them once. All that fresh seafood... easily obtainable. And usually ignored by the locals. They do love corned beef tho. They eat it by the barrel load. Quick/convenient/tasty. Just not too good for you when you treat it as your mainstay.


They love ‘spam’ too and eat it with everything - it’s processed hotdog meat in a tin can. (I lived in Micronesia as a kid)


How was your life there?


The sample size of Icelandic Nobel winners is too small. But the sample size of obese Naurans is large enough for the 61% figure to be robust. At any rate, with this comparison (and so many others) people tend to not care about countries that are too small, but not because their figures aren't statistically significant.


oh it absolutely is ... its legit disgusting and so far gone its a hard benchmark What I'm saying is that obesity here has been normalized to the point thats used to be a joke and its scary and in a single lifetime.


Europeans got THICC too


I'm surprised Europe is this fat.


I’m not. I was in Germany and France during covid lockdown/travel restrictions (so no tourists, all locals). I saw so many fat people!!! It wasn’t as bad as the Midwest USA (who single-handedly drive up the US obesity rates), but the Europeans in the big economic countries are not all skinny either. The UK is worse from what I hear.


>It wasn’t as bad as the Midwest USA (who single-handedly drive up the US obesity rates) It's actually the South. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obesity_in_the_United_States And the difference between the state with the highest adult obesity rate (West Virginia 38%) and the lowest (Colorado 22%) isn't that great.


Well said. People can't keep getting distracting and pointing the finger elsewhere when it's a huge problem in their own country. I really feel like there was a missed opportunity during the COVID pandemic to get people in shape. Leaders of the world should have emphasized that losing weight would have been a great way to reduce your risk of severe illness from COVID.


I just wonder how much is related to aging population.


People who are obese don’t live long…..


Well, problem solved, I guess!


Yeah here in Italy the under 18 are fucking grease balls, wouldn't surprise me if in twenty years Scandinavia fares infinitely better than us


I like how Italian are the first haters of Italian. Even in a scoreboard where you are in the top places you need to say you are the worst. I hate you. Source: I'm Italian.


This is something I really appreciate about Italy. When I’m in France, people just deny that things are shit (but still complain about how shit everything is). In Italy, people accept how shoot things are (but are generally pretty resigned about it).


Yeah, I frequently see people here in Germany that are technically obese, walking along the street. It's typically just middle aged people that stopped taking care of themselves. Nothing out of the ordinary. But it's not anything like the landwhales you see in the US. The degree of fatness is just a whole different level. I remember seeing black TSA agents that had butts so large they wouldn't fit through normal doors here in Europe. I'm talking 5"8 ladies pushing >120kg....god dayum!


>But it's not anything like the landwhales you see in the US. This is what people in European countries were likely saying in the 90s as well, which is the point that is being made. 1990s Europe would look at current day Europe and make fun of all the 'landwhales' that exist today, and it seems like these countries all trending in the wrong direction as well.


I mean is what you are describing much different than the former Belgian minister of health? hard to say the degree of fatness is a whole other level lol


I'm American and this is cultural appropriation. I feel offended.


Don't worry, we're still far from the 41.9% rate of the US




Gotta consoom




...was a white-skinned blond-haired blue-eyed overweight redneck from Tennessee, or so I've heard.


Hello fellow American




You guys shot your guns today yet? I am fixin to do so after drinking some moonshine and having some barbecue later.


Pretty sure they ate him too.


Americans seeing fat Turkey 😋 🍽




That big difference between the Baltics?


It's only a 2.7% difference between Latvia and Lithuania, but the map coloring makes you think that Lithuania is filled with Americans.


From 23.6% obese people to 26.3% obese people actually means they have 11% more obese people. Which definitely sounds significant.


~~5%~~ 5 percentage points difference made to look larger by the color scheme


5 percentage points, 25% or 20% difference depending on perspective


What are Turks eating? (Genuine question). And what are they eating in Bosnia-Herzegovina?


In Bosnia we eat Cevapcici and Burek a lot, and some other traditional food. Thats why Western Fast Food Restaurants are not that popular. There are a lot of Elderly people that are overweight, but in anything younger than 50 people are not quite Fat.


> In Bosnia we eat Cevapcici and Burek a lot, and some other traditional food. I had to google them both. But looks WAAAY better than any fast-food.


It really is man!


> Cevapcici and Burek One day I will visit and taste some real Cevapcici and Burek.




> a lot of Bosnian food is influenced by Turkish food Oh.. That is indeed very interesting. What is your favourite Bosnian dish? (Dinner)




Being Bosnian and having spent some time in Turkey, I would say that the Bosnian diet is a lot more meat and protein heavy. A lot more carb heavy “vegetarian” food in Turkey than Bosnia.


Wanna know why Sweden is relatively low? It's simple. It's because we don't feed our guests!


That was such a funny meme. My favorite reply was "I live in the south where it's the opposite. We aggressively feed our guests!"






Proof that British cuisine is in fact superior to French cuisine after all


If that's the metric, then I don't know what they're eating in Saudi Arabia, but I certainly want a bite


a lot of Oil in the Middle East ​ (i'll see myself out)


certainly not pork


Or so they want us to think


Durum for days! It's amazing


What's crazy is that England is behind Canada. I was not expecting that! I guess Canada really is American Jr.


The fact that British people are willing to eat it doesn't mean it's good.


Are you implying that the French hate their own cuisine more than we hate ours?


>French hate their own Should have stopped right there


Caucasus has fire cuisine and its population ain't fat


A lot of exercise there


Up and down the slopes, all day.


Fat people rarely get that way eating good food.


Romania feels better being surrounded by fat asses. Though, we have a lot of fat asses too...


So nobody's talking about why obesity rate is so high among Muslim countries?




Baklava is the best. I'm so happy there are no good bakeries for it around here, it would make cutting so much harder.


Not exclusive to the Muslim countries. It’s hugely popular in the balkans and hell all Slavic countries


It actually has nothing to do with baklava. Let me give an example from Turkey. If you are a young person who wants to do sports here, it is not possible to eat the way you want, it is very expensive to eat enough, it is very difficult to get enough protein. Of course, this is not the main problem, people are not conscious


It has more to do with eating habits and the fact that sport doesnt have an improtant place in our culture IMO


> It actually has nothing to do with baklava. You're right, it's actually halva.


No walking or cycling. Driving instead. No exercise.


Main reason is nutritional illiteracy and the sudden availability of food in the last 50 years. As people become more nutritionally literate hopefully the rates will be lowered.


Not sure about the rest, but Turkey has a very big difference in obesity rates between men and women


I seem to remember reading something about a fat wife being a sign of prosperity? Not sure if that's still a thing, but it would explain this somewhat.


Dowries are based on the weight of your wife


for real? hahaha


That just happens as countries get more fat, the gap between men and women rise. In the US, obesity rates among men have actually stagnated, while the obesity rate in women has gone up slowly. Interestingly, childhood obesity is almost always higher among boys. I have no idea the reason why, but I imagine there is a hormonal component. It's pretty widely accept that losing weight is more difficult for women.


Literally the skinniest country is majority Muslim...


Tldr at bottom No one is answering properly but as a tunisian its mostly two factors, first of all state funded food (if thats the correct term) is basically pasta, potatoes and bread, extremely fat saturated food will make you fat, healthy food is EXPENSIVE AS FUCK, basically if you are a mid/low class family, you are eating bread on the daily and making pasta quite often, also street food is basically only trash and oiled up food, it will make you grow fat very fast, also the fact that people simply love eating, there’s way too much good food and it’s mostly fat and sugar saturated, people didnt eat as many snacks before, now sugary snacks are much more common and less expensive, there’s no sugar taxes, no health regulation when it comes to the food ingredients. Add to all of this the fact that getting health checks is relatively expensive and complicated, and you basically have a population that eats bread and pasta very very often and also consume very cheap sugary snacks on the daily, also there’s no cultural stigma when it comes to being fat, people don’t exercise that much either, the vast majority uses cars to go anywhere (cheaper gas) Tldr : cheap food is filled with calories, snacks are cheap and filled with sugar, little to no exercise and healthcare, no one talks about the consequences of weight gain.


Living in a hot country where you have to be all covered up doesn't really encourage exercise. If everyone had to have beach-ready bikini bodies like in Brazil, things would be different.


Obesity in modern era is a sign of poverty imo. Though some people believe that obesity in Turkey is too much because Turkish cuisine is hard to resist, I disagree with that. Turkish people eat unhealthy, cheap, poor quality bread every day and very often. Consumption frenzy has increased tremendously. Fast food restaurant chains are all over the country. We don't eat quality food. We don't eat for the taste, we eat for being fed. So, no, i don't think it's the cuisine, it's the corrupted culture and poverty together.


Spot on. I can also add lack of education and interest in healthy eating/living (which is also partly due to poverty tbh) because in my personal experience most Turks have no idea what healthy eating looks like. It is not a very complicated concept but still takes some time to understand and digest, while most of us don't even understand the basics, what carb or protein is etc. A lot of people think "living healthy" is torturing yourself with stupid diets when in reality not eating ten kilos of bread every day would be a much more manageable and impactful change. Or those people who think they can eat an entire tray of baklava because they don't put sugar in tea... Yikes.


Taking a closer look at turkeys regions. The biggest contributors are the elderly people in the south eastern region. Especially the women. Their activities are mostly just staying home and have "teatime" (gossiping) with friends eating only refined carbs in form of pastry and sugar. Just take a look at baklava. Turkeys cuisine is incredibly unhealthy and it became very easy to eat like this these days. When visiting my family in turkey I always saw how much refined carbs they were actually eating. They buy simple white bread everyday from the bakery. They drink alot of tea which isn't bad but when people add 2-3 sugar to their small glass of tea it becomes higher concentrated than coke. The processed food in turkey are lower quality. For example the same popsicle has 2% fruit in it compared to UK which has 15%. People still believe that just eating less calories = weight loss. Turks really need to stop eating refined carbs and maybe also drop the vegetable oil if they don't want to die in their 50s. Edit: I would recommend you guys read up on carbs and how they affect the body. This has nothing to do with nutrition. The human body is not a combustion engine. It's a complex biological system. This is why keto works and "the biggest loser" does not.


> People still believe that just eating less calories = weight loss. That's still true for the most part, it's just not that healthy.


Bosnia is pretty poor yet lowest obesity rate in Europe. Edit: Not sure how this is calculated but if it’s BMI it might have something to do with Bosnians also being on average the tallest people in Europe.


Also has a lot to do with the quality of food you're being fed. While i don't know a lot about Bosnia, in Turkey the meat you it isn't meat, everything from dairy, fish, flour to sugary drinks and chips and even ice cream taste a lot different then they are in Europe. Here, everything is way lower in quality(if it was otherwise it would be unaffordable and Turkey is a large market to pull out from). The carbonhydrates and oils used in food sector are always low quality and overall harmful to your body. Even if you are willing to pay up all you can eat is European reject fruits and rubberband tasting meat.


Yeah, Turkey has amazing food, but so does the rest of the Mediterranean region. I would agree poverty is a huge factor. I'm in the UK and it's a similar situation. We have a horrendous class divide. The working class is substantially fatter than the middle and upper class. It comes down to the simple fact that it's significantly cheaper to eat fried food and drink cheap ciders and beers. Millions of people are simply trying to survive, they don't have the luxury of healthy choices.


Exactly what I've tried to say, thanks for the addition! Class divide is the key. Same in USA. PS: I'd place Turkish and Greek food before rest of the Mediterranean countries, can't be humble lol


>. It comes down to the simple fact that it's significantly cheaper to eat fried food and drink cheap ciders and beers. I don't think its significantly cheaper in monetary value. It is however significantly easier, and when you are working physical or difficult job, juggling children and can't afford childcare, then quite often even if the two options come out at the same cost or even if the healthy option is slightly cheaper, it's the time and the effort that is the real cost. The (ever shrinking) middle and upper middle can afford to have cleaners, people to take their kids to school, perhaps an after school, nannies, aupairs, jobs with a better work life balance, more paid holidays and other benifits. This gives you the time and head space to be able to concentrate on all those things. Poorer parents need to do absolutely everything themselves, so it's hard to blame them for just throwing some Dino dippers in the oven and baked beans in the microwave, or grabbing a bag from the local chippy for a couple of quid. And in countries like the UK where traditional food is pretty carb and fat heavy, it's not really surprising.


I’d argue it is a little oversimplification. The basis of obesity is, as many studies shown, bad habits learned upon upbringing. And these habits are passed down through generations and it’s really hard to change them. The generation of my great grandparents was living in scarcity almost their entire life, so naturally they preferred to use as much high caloric density foods as possible, because they were very rare. And they were still slim and healthy because on average they eat very few of them. In times of prosperity, when butter, red meat and sugar was easily available these habits that helped their ancestors survive, are now doing harm to our society.


Fully agree. The whole Mediterranean in fact. In Spain fast food chains are increasingly common, even in medium sized cities, and I don't really think that's unrelated. Anglo fast food is colonizing our Mediterranean diet and we're eating more and more shit every day.






you should have restricted immigration more, then... I'll see myself out...


Yes, I agr... och wait. No nevermind.


I've been hearing a lot of people saying this recently


Doing everything in my power to make sure I never contribute to that disgraceful percentage


other brit here. the more detailed maps say that the most obesity is up north, so unless you're from scotland or northern england you're okay. though this is probably because of south-east wealth 💀 classic class divide


I’m from the north east actually haha. Suppose I’m even more motivated now


Better lay off the parmo


It’ll be tough, but it must be done


> but it must be done Shameful display


I'm having two dinners to undo your good work.


Turkey number one 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷




I visit Norway 1-2 times a year. Next time I will bring a trombone.


Oh snap, burn! No wait, Finland has the same numbers as Norway.


Exactly! Why dont you find the door and roll yourself out.


Flying there next week, can one fit a trombone in the carry on?


Since this thread has evolved into a discussion about BMI, I'll drop this here. https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/does-weight-matter/ It's from 2011 but still largely valid >>It is widely recognized and admitted that BMI is problematic as applied to individuals. Muscular and athletic people may have a high BMI and not have excess adiposity, for example. Also at the extremes of height the BMI becomes harder to interpret. >>But this does not mean the BMI is useless. In fact, for most people BMI correlates quite well with adiposity. [In one study] >>(http://www.scientificjournals.org/journals2008/articles/1390.pdf) researchers compared BMI to a more direct measure of body fat percentage using skin-fold thickness. They found that when subjects met the criterion for obesity based upon BMI, they were truly obese by skin-fold thickness 50-80% of the time (depending on gender and ethnicity). When they were not obese by BMI they were not obese by skin-fold 85-99% of the time.




They act like these high percentages are a bunch of Olympians walking around lol.


Yup, I'm really tall and fairly muscular for how little exercise I get and if my BMI is over 25 then I am still absolutely fat.


And more importantly, on a *societal* level, athletic people just aren't anywhere near enough to outweigh the fat people, since even the fittest nations have much more fat people than muscular people.


we're the america of eu, _uhh not economically but in terms of obesity_


Let me tell you something (England), you guys are pretty fat too. - Bill Burr


Enough with the "BMI DoEsN't WoRk BeCaUsE WhAt AbOuT mY mUsClE" disinformation. [This is a picture of a bodybuilder with a BMI just barely above 30.0](https://rarehistoricalphotos.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/young-Arnold-Schwarzenegger-photos-2.webp). How many people do you think have such a physique ? Ultimately, everyone may live their lives how they see fit, but there is no reason to dismiss a system which is perfectly suitable for most people and can be a useful guide for those trying to be more healthy and fit.


Where's the figure for Denmark?


State secret.


19.7. You need to zoom in.


I blame the mapmaker.


What's interesting is that Denmark seems to have figured out how to curb this issue. The data on the map is from 2016, where it shows 19.7%. A quick Google found that the number for 2021 was 18%.


I vaguely remember a decent sugar tax (not the few cents thing Belgium has that doesn't discourage anything and is just a way to get some extra taxes.)


The biggest surprise on this map is that the county that loves beer, pork and cheese above all is somehow less obeese than the skiing mountain goats of Norway.


The secret trick is that we always bike to and from our overindulgence.


And yet again, the saturation makes it look as if 18% were basically nothing but at 35% mass death by fat tsunami is imminent.


Then again 35% is around 100% more than 18%.


The highest obesity rate of a country that is not a small island in the middle of the ocean is 37.9 (Kuwait), so honestly it doesn't get much worse than 35%...


The US is currently at over 41% obesity. The data we are looking at is from 2016.


It baffles me that almost half of the American population is not only fat, but actually OBESE. It is probably a major reason European countries generally have a higher life expectancy (also public healthcare)


There are a lot of cultural reasons for high obesity in the USA, but we’re also a harbinger of what’s happening across the world. More and more of the world looks like us as our brands and habits spread, it’s sad.


On the other hand, as someone who is colorblind, I fucking love how easy this map is to read.


Italian Mamas going to be furious


My grandma switch between you gotta eat course you’re skinny and you became fatty every six month as I change in shape quite often


Absolutely not. Italian mamas would start cooking light, and small portions and put their kids on a diet, if there was any risk of their kids losing la bella figura. Italians are probably the most image conscious europeans of them all. Their relationship with food is also high quality but small portions rather than shove in tons of low quality food.


I think it's more about portions we're used to, rather than being appearance conscious. I remember when I went to Vancouver, I was at a pub and a friend of mine and I ordered "some" nachos to snack with our beers. They brought us a fucking bucket. Like, it could have easily served 12 people. In Italy that would have been comically oversized, I even doubt we have containers that big to serve food in. In the States it was even worse. We just don't eat that much, but it's not like people go "oh I have to stop now otherwise I'll gain weight". It's more about habit I think. I also have to add, if anything, I think the awareness is more towards health than appearance. Like, people wouldn't normally eat stuff covered in melted cheese, or sausages, or butter. It's a lot more common to hear someone say "that looks super unhealthy" than "that would make me fat".


I had a "starter" poutine in Vancouver, the thing was gigantic and I was barely able to finish it even though I'm 1.83 tall and weigh 90 kilos, no wonder people get so fat here. On top of that, people drive everywhere, so they really don't burn it off.


I had a discussion with a server in the us because we would only eat the starters. Like, have you see how big those portions are?


I read somewhere that this is age-dependent. In Italy young kids are over-fed and have a higher BMI than many other countries. But come teenage years, they slim down. Edit: Found a 2005 study here: https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Prevalence-of-overweight-in-children-aged-7-11-years-across-Europe_fig1_30054291


correct, fat kids -> "ah cute chubby baby!, a me mi piac a nutella" fat adults -> "unfuckable lard-arse"


Meh not anymore. People here are getting fatter and fatter. Naples looks like an American colony basically for all the obese people. We are eating unhealthy. And this trend is infecting all Europe. We need to tax all sugary products heavily, yes including Nutella. This epidemic has a bigger impact on health than COVID. People should pay (a little) more for accessing the public and private healthcare system if they are obese like they do in Japan. This is worse than climate change.


> yes including Nutella You want another civil war because this is how you get one Edit: we do have sugar taxes In the UK, as you can see they don’t really help that much. What you are better off doing is subsiding healthy foods and making nutrition part of education.


In truth Italian mamas cares a lot about the appearance of their children.


I'd say that the Bosnian youth is pulling this number down the most because we're very much into staying fit.


You need to be able to run away from the Serbs trying to kill you


I agree. I think most of this obesity rate is coming from older people, especially old grandmas.


People need to stop putting too much food in their mouths


and put it where?


Ooh...stick spicy food up your butt


Take my foods name out your goddamn mouth


I’m pleasantly unsurprised by Switzerland actually. You really don’t see many really overweight people (purely anecdotal, and my grandpa was an example against that). I’d say we have a fairly similar diet to Italy in many ways. I personally eat pasta most days of the week, olive oil, etc.




despite turks are starving right now, they are still the thickest. think how unhealthy they are :( all thanks to erdoğan




Well the brown cheese probably helps a lot as you wouldn’t really want to eat much of it.


I’m proud to be contributing to the U.K. obesity levels


Soon fat peoples will represent the majority of humanity. I suppose that fat jokes will die then.


We already are a majority of overweight people. In my country (\~20% obesity), we have over 50% that are **overweight or obese**.


Even Italy, the thinnest nation, has 46% overweight people. IIRC the average (in yesterday's overweight post) was 53%.


No, fat jokes will be "punching up" so people won't be allowed to complain about them anymore /s


The definition of "fat" is just going to shift, just like it has in the US. A normal person is "skinny", a fat person is "a little chubby", an obese person is "thicc" and a morbidly obese person is "fat".


I always wanted to meet WALL•E


Over the last couple of decades, I've gone from being seen as chubby to skinny without changing weight.


Let's try to avoid that, shall we?


Turkey first again 💪💪💪


No sort this by age groups. :)


Bosnia and Turkmenistan staying fit at below 18


portugal-spain-france swap places each time this kind of map is posted


Ah the loaded baked potatoes are spreading to Ireland


Any numbers before/after the 'rona? Because I've noticed a change.




All the overweight people I know have terrible diets. Too much fast food, fizzy drinks and alcohol. Over reliance on vehicles too.




Proof that gyros is healthier than kebab


I thought this was the weather temps this week