Contrary to some reports, **the Ukrainian-Polish border is and will remain open**. The visa requirement for Ukrainian citizens has been suspended. All you need to cross the border is a passport/ID. Poland has set up facilities and camps to provide people fleeing the war with shelter, food, medical and legal aid. Please stay safe! --- [Official Polish Government site (EN)](https://www.gov.pl/web/udsc/ukraina-en) [Official Polish Government site (UA)](https://www.gov.pl/web/udsc/ukraina---ua) [Politico](https://www.politico.eu/article/poland-prepares-refugees-ukraine-war-russia/) [Interior Minster of Poland](https://twitter.com/Kaminski_M_/status/1496798986530746371?s=20&t=DKbY6Tj_wzFVJHlk8wJpsg)


I hope it reaches a lot of Russians


It reached mostly younger generations. As he mentioned himself, this will never be shown on TV. And here in Russia we have an entire social group that doesn't use internet and social media. It's mostly people of pre-retirement age and older. We already have protests in many Russian cities, but they're quite small and can (and will) be easily suppressed. Putin uses national guard and riot police to crush any protests that are happening.


even if the riot police crushes a protest, it sends a mesage, that putin is fighting not only ukrainians, but also russians. every protest counts, every action counts, every fighter counts


All it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.


It did. Some of them (the most brave probably) tried to prostes in St.Petersbrug. They got assaulted by Putin's riot police. An anti-war activist in Moscow was dragged out of her house for trying to organize a pro-peace protest on social media. Russia is a ruthless dictatorship, if you protest, you disappear.


Not only in Saint's Petersburg, I'm literally reading right now that 5-20 people have been detained during an anti-war protest in my city a few hours ago. If my memory doesn't fail me, it's the most people ever detained in here, since our protests are pretty much always tame and peaceful. Protesters protest whatever, organisers get detained and fined, and that's about it.


1700 people detained for anti-war protests in Russia. https://meduza.io/live/2022/02/24/voyna-cdb5cc0f


Yeah, that's the only good news today. I wish everyone were like you. I had a conversation today with a pro-war russian that says that we, the westerners, hate them and russia. It really made me feel very sad (in a non-condescending way, I mean), like I wish you could live here, meet people outside your circle and give less importance to a piece of turf, where you were born by chance (there is even a not-so-small possibility where you could have been born in ukraine, given the distances). But I guess that's how it works, with a never ending cycle of hatred. And people buying it.




Man fair fucking play. The height of bravery...lots of love from Ireland




>НЕТ ВОЙНЕ I don't know what that means. I don't know how to pronounce that. I'll scream it with you, brother.


Go with "Nyet vine-yeh" and I think it'll be pretty close.


Thank you. Love from Poland.


I have so much respect for those brave enough to stand up to the regime (any regime) in situations like this one. Bravo, to you and to all those like yourself. I've been through this 30 years ago, and it brought back some bad feelings I haven't had in a long time. I hope this stops soon, and that good people on both sides of this get to live long and happy lives in peace. And as for those who caused this...I hope they get what's coming to them. Stay safe everyone.


Stay safe too. Living a good life and being kind to those around you, when faced with a system you live under, can also be a silent protest.


>Russia is a ruthless dictatorship, if you protest, you disappear. They can't make everyone dissappear. Russia has finite resources. They can't wage a full-on war, while keeping protesters at bay in their home country, while spreading their disinformation campaigns all over the world. Keep pushing back. Something has to give at some point.


Putin must die. It is the only way.




> Hopefully he'll get what Mussolini and Gaddafi got - at the hands of his own people. Not the first names that came to my mind, seeing that you replied to someone from Romania.


Ceausescu was shot by his own cronies who went on to instate their own dictatorship (until '96, when they fortunately conceded their loss in elections because it was obvious they were swimming against the current; they came back- democratically, no less, in 2000). Granted, Libya is a fuck-up, but I'm not sure that Putin being killed by his **own** people is necessarily the best outcome.


Un and the Hauge is a toothless dog, if anyone can do something it's Russia. And her people.


It still shocks me what people think the UN actually is. The UN is not the world police, its a place to negotiate and thats about it. The UN is what the members of the UN makes it.


Yeah its kinda infuriating to see all the memes and jokes like “Russia invaded Ukraine and all the UN did was send a strongly worded letter.” Because that’s all the UN can do? They can’t exactly get all the other countries to declare war on Russia, they don’t have that power. Plus, Russia has veto power, which is a legit criticism of the system. Like, I am all for a stronger sort of world coalition/government, but most people are not ready for their country to be told what to do by other countries so explicitly.


It's a tough ask when they have a history of murdering revolutionaries and counter-revolutionaries, but it is our best hope to avoid a lot of human suffering. Sadly, as Zelenskyy says, it is the people who will suffer most.


Putin and Xi. The world would be so much better for it.


IDK, the people who want to replace Xi don't really sound like an improvement. (jiang zemin faction)


Replace xi with the Taiwanese president


Replace Xi and putin with me, i'll call in a snowball war and ice creams and warm waffles during the cease fire !


And another will take his place. There is a rot.


The entire oligarchy needs to be gutted like cancer.


It’s tough to get a strong constitution in place when corruption runs so deep.


It Did. We didn't wan't this... I'm sorry...


You have nothing to apologise for. Stay strong. Europe is with Ukraine but just as much with the people of Russia who oppose this madness.


it's okay, most people realise it's not the population that starts wars. it's always greedy politicians


Half did, half don't It's a bit of a pickle


>It's a bit of a pickle Understatement of the century, but I love it nonetheless


Very fitting that it came from a Brit.


Hey I recognize that one


Don't apologize, it's not your fault you have a crazy dictator for a leader, I wish you all the best.


We don’t hate you.


well it reached other countries for sure, company i work in suspended all business with russian companies starting today along with companies from other countries whose main target is russia


Russians don't live in an information vacuum. they live in the atmosphere of radical skepticism, little by little installed by the government - every single opinion has to be questioned, even the opinions that they find objectively wrong can be contextually right if all of the alternatives are even worse. it works as a perfect defense mechanism - you have an answer on anything. ceremonial speech has the least chances to reach them because they're disingenuine by design. it works fine with Westerners because you immediately pragmatically look at the core of the speech, it works terribly with Russians because they are pre-configured to hear the lie and of course, they can find the lie here. I doubt that Zelensky does not understand it though. it's a speech for you.


This had me thinking.


Whats the lie they can find?


Whatever they want it to be


This video is from yesterday. He was asking Russian people to stop their government from invading us and assuring them that we do not want war.


I am watching this and crying. I moved to US 5 years ago from Russia. And… I don’t want this. I don’t want this stupid war. I don’t want my grandparents to die under fire without me being there to talk to them. I don’t want my cousins and aunts to die just because one man had too big of an ego. I am sitting and crying, my mom cried and still cries right now at the kitchen. She is happy we are here and safe, but there my 18 y old brother would have been sent to shoot people. I would have been sent to help in camps. I cannot… i cannot see this.


Moving speech worthy of a leader. Ukraine deserves better than to suffer in a pointless conflict. Russian people do as well. Perhaps one day they will see this.


Nobody deserves someone like Putin...


Or Trump who praises Putin and his war on Ukraine.


Don’t forget when the fucker tried to withdraw from NATO


It’s like trump is Putin’s puppet




'You want security guarantees from NATO. We also want guarantees of our security. The security of Ukraine - from you. From Russia.' This is the crux of the matter, the way the Russian media has been spinning it, Russia is within it's rights to violently invade another country just to prevent the theoretical threat that they 'might' be invaded by that country in the future. Which of course was never an actual danger.


The thing is, Russia promised Ukraine security in exchange for the nuclear weapons of the Soviet Union. Now Ukraine has neither a nuclear arsenal nor security.


All treaties with Russia are not even worth the paper they are written on.


It's the first time in years I stop and listen a politican speak from start to finish. I'm glad I did. Hold steady, Ukraine.


Same. It’s one of these very few occasions where I feel a politician is sincere when speaking.


He's a really good orator. Might be due to his acting background - not a bad thing in this case but I'm pretty sure that helped.


Throughout this whole crisis, Zelensky has proven himself as a uniquely special and courageous leader. He will go down in history as a hero of the Ukrainian people and a source of inspiration in the fight against authoritarian regimes everywhere.


That would be an ultimate fuck you to putin who likens himself to great Russian leaders of the past


I can't even imagine the pressure this man is under. And underneath all that to still stand up straight and deliver such an eloquent message is nothing short of amazing. Here we have a man who loves his country, loves his people and has no fear standing up to the wrath of an evil madman that is Putin. We all have power. We can save lives. We are all watching Ukraine.


Yeah I don't know a word of Russian but I really had to turn on the sound to hear his voice speaking his words


It was very powerful stuff. Compelling actually! I couldn't stop watching.


I turned it up to hear his voice despite not understanding a single word


What is Russia’s long term play here? Install the government? Attach to Russia and subjugate 40 million people? Wtf?


Definitely overthrowing the govt. If Putin from yesterday is to believe he doesn't aim to occupy, so he will probably not annex the whole of Ukraine. But he is probably not done until he's taken Kyiv, set up a puppet, and can control the new government. After that he may annex however much he like (50% so called 'russian' part maybe?) and prop up the remaining puppet Ukrainian state.


>If Putin from yesterday is to believe he doesn't aim to occupy, If Putin is to believe? LOL, a week ago he was saying that Russian forces are retreating and it's all western provocation...


Sounds like this is payback from when the Ukrainians kicked his last puppet out of office.


Seems likely to me that his "last" puppet is going to be his "new" puppet pretty soon.


So basically Putin's version of Vichy France


Problably, yes. Or partition the country into two parts, east and west so he can have a buffer zone. Or he decides to annex the entire country. Either way he's a piece of shit.


imo it's splitting the east from the west to keep a buffer zone without nato or americans in it. Holding the whole country would be like Cecenia not worthy of the hassle Instead it's much easier to hold down and annex a semi-russian part of Ukraine


Oh god it's Germany all over again isn't it


> Or he decides to annex the entire country. The country is pretty huge, the citizens are willing to fight and they will be supported by the West. I don't think Putin can annex this country with 'only' 200k troops. I think it'll simply be a Russian-friendly puppet state.


The thing is those citizens-willing-to-fight have already overthrown one Russian-friendly puppet government. I don't see how they can expect installing a puppet government and keeping it in place would be any easier than trying to keep order if they annexed the whole place.


By keeping Russian troops in Ukraine to "keep the peace" under the new reigime.


Install a puppet government like in Belarus and Kazakhstan and prevent any economic development in the country to deter Russian citizens from any “western” ideas that would threaten Putin’s regime. Also, make the gas/oil transit easier and cheaper as a bonus.


Install a pro-Putin/Russia regime. Putin has specifically talked about "de-nazifying Ukraine," which I have read is a signal that he's going to try and topple the government that came to power by virtue of the revolution in 2014. He views that government as one that came to power due to Western interference, which is probably true. Although he fails to acknowledge a difference between encouraging a population to change their own government, and using 200,000 troops to invade and change the result. tl:dr - He wants to turn Ukraine into South Byelorussia.


What do you mean? Telling people they could be free is basically the exact same as pointing a gun at them!


Look at the abundance of natural resources Russia has, at their large population and the brilliance of their scientists. Then look at their GDP. Russia with Putin at the helm just can't get anything done. So now they want to re-instate the Soviet Union, so they can drain wealth from their puppet satellite republics, like in the good old days.


Main goal is to embed fedarilzation into the constitution of Ukraine. Make it similar to the EU, where every region has veto power. That way the state becomes decentralized and impotent. Russia can then leverage individual regions against each other. Dreams of NATO and EU will be gone. Keeping Ukraine as a buffer state forever within Russia's sphere of influence.


What the hell is even the point of a "buffer" state? Russia already shares borders with multiple NATO countries with NATO troops and bases there. Two of them are closer to Moscow than Ukraine's borders, and a stone's throw away from St. Petersburg. A buffer state in Ukraine makes zero sense. If NATO and the US actually wanted to threaten Russia, they already have good land and sea access for it. Ukraine as a pieced up, barely functioning puppet state in perpetual guerilla warfare due to resistance doesn't seem like it'll do anything to help Russia with anything they might want to do.


Ukraine would be a direct road into the heartland of Russia, as opposed to the current NATO countries that border Russia. There are also missile flight time and missile defense considerations.


Where does it end though? Do we really believe if and once he has complete control of Ukraine he’ll be satisfied?


That's my biggest question too, listening to people knowledgable on various TV channels, they have no idea either. Does Putin know it himself?


To immortalise Putin. It doesn't matter if common Russians suffer or not, what matters is that Putin will be remembered as Putin the Great 50 years from now in the history book. Imperialistic Russia will be his legacy. He doesn't give a shit about anything else. He just want to be remembered as the toughest and best president Russia has ever had. Man's a lunatic and a sociopath.


Every single Russian I follow on Instagram has shared it on their stories.


This war is about Putin and nobody else. Ukrainians and Russians should not fight this way.


Well, half of Russians say it would be right to use military force to keep Ukraine out of NATO (https://edition.cnn.com/interactive/2022/02/europe/russia-ukraine-crisis-poll-intl/index.html).


They bomb so close to NATO territory that it's a matter of days before things get bad. And Putin will not win, we will not win... everyone will lose.


Much like in our own countries, Russians online have been talking about how there's a huge disconnect between the young and older generations in Russia. The older ones are swallowing the propaganda wholeheartedly.


just a real shame all those Russians will suddenly get depression and kill themselves between the nights of February 26th and March 3rd 😢😢😭😭


Some protesters already went(gone?) to containment facilities today.


Need enough protesters to make it unviable to contain them all.


Unfortunately, Siberia is a vast, vast land ..... more than enough to send ten times over all Putin's opponents to some gulags.


You think Putin will hesitate to have dissidents killed and disposed of. Gulags like prisons cost alot of capital to run and maintain. A series of mass graves on the other hand can be effeciently dug using an excavator and cheaply as I imagine Putin already controls several companies that have access to contruction equipment. He thinks of himself as Khrushchev 2.0.


That was very moving. I know that he is under a lot of criticism because he didn't mobilize in time, but these are awfully complicated decisions to make.


Yes, and any movement might have served as a justification for war.


That and also, if you are sure you won't be able to withstand the initial push and you'll have to rely on guerilla warfare, it's probably better not to involve 10s of thousands of civilians. I hope he won't stay there if the capital falls. Ukrainians need him free.


I agree, I hope he knows this too.


>I hope he won't stay there if the capital falls. Ukrainians need him free. He'll find shelter somewhere in West Europe I imagine.


Or rather move the seat of government to Live first, where resistance likely will be the hardest (if Putins thugs ever reach there), and Russia's supply line and distance to airbases the longest.




[This source](https://twitter.com/Logan_Ratick/status/1496983683143720965), the validity of which I cannot confirm, says Zelenskiy is remaining in Kiev.


No one besides him knows the weight and burden of making life altering decisions in this moment. Ordinary people can criticize all they want but this could be a planet altering moment. Only thing I fear is that UN countries sit back because they don't want WW3... but would you want that decision on your shoulders for the rest of history?


End Putin.


Normally I don't condone violence, but when a person is this dangerous then yes I agree; they are too dangerous to keep alive.


Guilty of war crimes, must be held accountable


Like the Nazi officers in the Nüremberg trials


Would love to see him swallow the cyanide pills.


Putin is very close to, if not already, going full Hitler here. The Russian military officers are guilty or at best dishonourable cowards for not refusing the orders to commit this illegal war.




No one even remotely attached to his warmongering elite should ever be allowed to step foot in a democratic country or own a gram of dirt there for as long as their generation lives.


Fuck man, this made me tear up. Stay strong Ukraine.


There aren't much yet but some are already trying to raise voices. Saint-Petersburg has a protest that's already getting suppressed. [https://www.fontanka.ru/2022/02/24/70468448/](https://www.fontanka.ru/2022/02/24/70468448/) There are some single pickets going in other cities as well. Obviously with detainment. https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2022/02/24/dozens-of-russian-anti-war-picketers-detained-reports-a76559 Protests with more than few people without approval of the regional authorities are illegal in Russia. And police brutality aren't a joke here. A lot of folks I know still dreadfully remember how protest for Navalniy ended: severe beating and jailing. Will take a bit for more liberally oriented to come out. I couldn't participate as I learnt about one in SPB rather late but I will certainly rush to the next gathering.


Dear Ukrainians! I heard on social media that there is fake news being spread (most likely by Russia backed trolls) that polish border is closed. It's a lie. If you seek asylum - go towards polish border. We are ready for your arrival. We have reception points ready at the border where you can find shelter, food, medical and legal aid. Polish government launched a dedicated site to help you: ua.gov.pl Please share this information if you know anyone seeking help right now. EDIT: YOU DON'T NEED VISA TO PASS THROUGH POLISH BORDER. ALL YOU NEED IS PASSPORT. VISAS ARE SUSPENDED! YOU DON'T NEED THEM FOR TIME BEING!!!!!! EDIT2: as a proof that you no longer need visa: • ⁠in Ukrainian https://www.gov.pl/web/udsc/ukraina---ua • ⁠in English https://www.gov.pl/web/udsc/ukraina-en


Шановні українці! У соцмережах я чув, що поширюються фейкові новини (скоріше за все, підтримувані Росією тролі), що польський кордон закритий. Це брехня. Якщо ви шукаєте притулку – йдіть до польського кордону. Ми готові до вашого приїзду. На кордоні готові пункти прийому, де ви можете знайти притулок, їжу, медичну та правову допомогу. Польський уряд запустив спеціальний сайт, щоб допомогти вам: ua.gov.pl Будь ласка, поділіться цією інформацією, якщо ви знаєте когось, хто зараз шукає допомоги. РЕДАКТИРОВАТИ: ВАМ НЕ ПОТРІБНА ВІЗА ДЛЯ ПРОЙДЖЕННЯ ПОЛЬСЬКИМ КОРДОНОМ. ВСЕ, що ВАМ ПОТРІБНО, - це ПАСПОРТ. ВІЗИ ПРИСПИНЕНО! ВОНИ ВАМ НЕ ПОТРІБНИ НА ЧАС!!!!!! EDIT2: як доказ того, що вам більше не потрібна віза: • ⁠українською https://www.gov.pl/web/udsc/ukraina---ua • ⁠англійською https://www.gov.pl/web/udsc/ukraina-en Вибачте, якщо це дурниця, я використовував Google Translate


Hey I've turned this copy and paste into a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJfMwHQEMIU might be easier to share if you find it useful.


QR code this video and post it everywhere in Moscow - on lamps, on busses, in stores. Everywhere.


That would be cool, but police will catch up to that and remove them all and end up banning social medias


As if that wasn't already the long term goal.


Tbh, it's probably better to force them to repress their population quickly rather than allowing their to gradually suppress them. More likely to get extreme pushback if people's quality of life is noticably reduced.


Despite being exacerbated by the current situation I think I just witnessed the absolute best speech of my lifetime. I hope it goes down in history for the best reasons.


Compare to the nonsense Putin said (only Russian): https://youtu.be/p9hidPYDbfs Rambling something about denazification of Ukraine and genocide. When Zelensky is I think a Jew. Moreover his Ukrainian has such a heavy accent that I can somewhat understand it. His mother tongue is Russian. Crazy.


I *really* wish this had some English subtitles. Edit: link for English subtitles - https://youtu.be/APPjVlUA-gs


85K likes and no dislikes? it must be a very popular and positive video!


Fuck Youtube for removing the dislike button


YouTube mirror if you wish to share with someone else: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=px97Tmx94qE All credits goes to the OP of course!




> His Russian was not only perfect Russian is his first language!


I like how he personally deconstructs a lot of Russian propaganda just by existing: * Ukraine suppresses Russian speakers! But their president is a Russian speaker. * Ukrainians are nazis! But their president is a Jew.


I know, right? And Zelensky's very presidency seems mind-blowing to them; but he was a funny ha-ha comedy man! What do you mean they *elected* him freely? That makes no sense! Why would the state *install* a president like him? It literally does not compute for them because it seems so impossible. And that's *good*, because it very much demonstrates that Ukraine is not Russia. Maybe it'll lead to some propaganda being questioned.




His Ukrainian is actually mildly bad lol


I wish I could understand and notice the difference between the two, both sounded russian-like to me, but that's me, I don't have knowledge about Slavic languages


Hackers should blast this on every site in russia


You mean every site? Russia uses the same social media and a lot of the people are outraged on social media.


Then let us all suffer if it means any kind of help


I’m saying that you could blast this rn if you wanted


It seems grim now but I think Putin made a colossal mistake. The Russian economy is about to be suffocated and they're barely going to be able to produce food, let alone fight a war that would likely just turn into a long bloody battle against a Ukrainian insurgency. I actually don't think he's an idiot but I do think he let his ego and pride get the best of him because there's no positive end game for him here.


Has any dictator ever cared about the economy? Dictators actually *want* their people to be dirt poor. Well fed and well educated people with some free time are the only major threat to any established dictator. Look at the history of literally any dictatorship throughout all of history, including the current ones like North Korea.


True, but now he's got a war to fund which can't happen without an economy. I guess I just don't really see where he's going with this. North Korea is awful but they definitely don't have the resources for a foreign invasion and the Russian economy seems to be headed toward a similar condition as theirs.


With plenty of propaganda, people can endure most severe circumstances and dedicate everything they have towards a war effort - especially when their own lives are on the line. Nations can be held hostage that way, it's not impossible. The real question is how long can it last and what price are misled patriots willing to pay? There is also still a chance of China helping out. I'm not sure the CCP has officially announced sanctions and while it might be crazy for them to do so, it wouldn't be surprising to see them offer some sort of support to Russia. They might even wait to see how things evolve and start the same shit with Taiwan. Currently, the sanctions announced by NATO countries and other allies will start hitting Russian economy slowly and it will be weeks if not months until it may result in a crippling state. But this also relies on all nations continuously applying pressure, even if it hurts - and some nations may not be able to do so and/or decide to soften their sanctions to lessen negative impact on their own economies. Less dependent nations will probably face less negative consequences overall, respectively stable economies will be able to rely on a solid foundation - while others may not be that lucky. It will require a lot of endurance and I'm not sure all nations will be capable in that regard. Interests also shift. It could be entirely possible that some nations consider siding with Russia as the conflict escalates, for whatever short-term benefits they might hope to gain. This doesn't necessarily mean they would join the conflict, but might indirectly still support it by offering help through other channels or by not complying with agreed sanctions - it has happened before. These days, individuals also have a lot of money and assests which could be used to sponsor this - not just Russian oligarchs might have an interest in Putin's plans. So it could be possible, that despite sanctions (including frozen assets), they still get the needed funding from other sources. Really depends on how cash flow and imports can be limited. Russia is also fairly self-sufficient at this point, they have a lot of resources available. There is also Putin's threat to make use of nuclear weapons - and I could see him do it if desperate enough. Most people today don't really want to face this, but Putin is an absolute lunatic and his vision to reanimate the USSR and maybe even rebuild the Russian empire has completely consumed him. Watching live streams of the House of Commons, Biden, Trudeau, and others, politicans across the globe seem to agree that Putin might not stop at Ukraine and continue to be the aggressor as he is trying to achieve his ultimate goal. The hope is that these efforts are sabotaged before another country is invaded (hence the sanctions), but it's also a reminder that we are dealing with someone who is willing to sacrifice a lot more than just a handful of soldiers to gain hero status in future history books. In other words, Putin might not care about sanctions, respectively economic pressure as much as we might assume. Would nukes solve this problem? Any rational human being would consider capitulation over starvation, and would also not consider using nukes - but Putin isn't rational. Who knows what kind of absurd sacrifices he is willing to make, as long as it allows him to achieve what he thinks is important?


All the rich oligarchs might be pissed and put pressure on him.. Well I hope..


>The Russian economy is about to be suffocated They suffocated themselves, judging by the russian stock marked. They just dumped nearly half of their GDP...


Their economy will suffer, sure. But maybe not as much as you think, for example [Russia is food self-sufficient](https://ihsmarkit.com/research-analysis/russian-food-selfsufficiency-programme-is-succeeding.html), Putin has been working towards an isolationist economy for years.


>Putin has been working towards an isolationist economy for years. This is 100% true. Putin may be a rabid dog, but he's not stupid. Russia is particularly well suited to withstand economic pressure. His only Achilles heel is where he and his cadre of kleptocrats will safely squirrel away their wealth now that putting it into USD and western assets isn't going to be so easy.


That might be one of best Politician's speeches in this century, moving and beautiful


I will share here a reality that is not flattering towards the Russian people but I hold it to be true and fair... Putin din not materialize out of nowhere as the Russian bloody dictator that he is: he navigated a (corrupt) system, he climbed a hierarchical ladder, he was helped and sustained for many years... and not by aliens but by many Russian nationals belonging to this system. The current and historical reality show us that behind its apparently tragic normality, the Russian people hide a very dark and very bloody legacy. Until the time that every common Russian admits to him/herself this reality, Russia will keep producing dictators and dig their own graves.


Do some Russians seriously believe Ukrainians hate Russian culture? When Russian songs, shows, artists are very popular in Ukraine?


I’m Russian. I can give you one example - my grandparents fucking hate Ukrainians. They’re rather happy about this war so far. They remember being treated with extreme cruelty by them every time they went to Ukraine to see their relatives. Which was, I believe, because Ukrainians generally disliked (and still dislike) Russians because of how they were treated (like slaves or maybe cattle) by the Soviet (basically Russian) government some years before. In other words - eye for an eye, tooth for tooth - after a while everybody end up blind and toothless.


>In other words - eye for an eye, tooth for tooth - after a while everybody end up blind and toothless. Surely you can understand some resentment from Ukrainians after all of the atrocities from Russia? "Eye for an eye" doesn't apply at all, as some general rudeness from Ukrainians doesn't come close to what they've experienced.


Of course I can. Maybe you’re right, I just wanted to show that there is a long standing strong mutual dislike that’s over a century old at this point and nobody alive was even born when it started.


>Of course I can. Maybe you’re right, I just wanted to show that there is a long standing strong mutual dislike that’s over a century old at this point and nobody alive was even born when it started. I think you said it well and I got your message. I wish more of your (and my) countrymen had their eyes as open as you.


Man, if being rude to foreigners warrants a war, I know a lot of countries which are about to get invaded.


France doesn't stand a chance...


Tiktokers officially cited in a historic speech by the leader of a belligerent state on the day of an invasion.


Hopefully Ukrainians (with the help of all other nations) will be strong enough to weaken the Russian imperial cancer to the point where Russians will be able to get rid of the Putin's gang.




All the Russians I've spoken to in my online life have had quite a similar outlook on foreign things: always warped from a basis of reality, with much ignorance and a general sense of nihilism and skepticism. They behave like everywhere in the world is like Russia, sad and subjugated.


Yes this is true. They dont neccesarily believe the russian side of the story, just assume everyone (foreign and domestic) is lying at all times and the truth is impossible to know


which is exactly the intent of Putin's desinformation campaigns and Propaganda, in- as outside of Russia


@reddit pls force that onto r/russia


not a single post about the war there.


They blocked all posts, comments about politics, NATO, Ukraine and the war: https://www.reddit.com/r/russia/comments/szs12v/important_announcement_regarding_the_temporary/


The users there disagreed because there is only 8% who upvoted according to the Apollo app.


And the "branch" r/RussiaPolitics is quite anti-Putin, definitely anti-war and this speech has been popular there. Basically, the opposite of what r/Russia was before the invasion.


The propagandised Russian citizens will disregard this impassioned eloquence as insidious propaganda, ironically. I hope, however, the appeal to rationality, empathy, and incontrovertible truths do reach them and make them self-reflect.




That’s not how Russian propaganda works. It’s about confusion, not control.


As a Russian I can confidently confirm that it is a great and very honest speech that the vast majority of Russians will immediately brush off even if they ever see it.


That was an excellent speech, both in terms of diction and delivery. I haven't heard a politician deliver an oration with as much skill in quite a while.


Dear Ukrainians! I heard on social media that there is fake news being spread (most likely by Russia backed trolls) that polish border is closed. It's a lie. If you seek asylum - go towards polish border. We are ready for your arrival. We have reception points ready at the border where you can find shelter, food, medical and legal aid. Polish government launched a dedicated site to help you: ua.gov.pl Please share this information if you know anyone seeking help right now. EDIT: YOU DON'T NEED VISA TO PASS THROUGH POLISH BORDER. ALL YOU NEED IS PASSPORT. VISAS ARE SUSPENDED! YOU DON'T NEED THEM FOR TIME BEING!!!!!! EDIT2: as a proof that you no longer need visa: • ⁠in Ukrainian https://www.gov.pl/web/udsc/ukraina---ua • ⁠in English https://www.gov.pl/web/udsc/ukraina-en Edit: this is a copy and paste and I encourage you all to do it too where appropriate!


We may not be able to do much, but maybe at least we can get this speech to as many people as possible


What the actual hell is going? We’ve had peace here for all of my life, my parents life and my grandparents life. It needs to stay that way. Powerful speech 🇺🇦🇪🇺


I have to say, at least from an American's perspective on the other side of the world, this man has been truly impressive. It really seems like the start of a movie where a comedian becomes president and then the face of a defiant leader in a world where we're lacking such leadership. Sending love from across the pond to all my brothers and sisters in Ukraine. Stay safe.


The saddest thing that russian people have no influence on russian government at all. Everyone I know are against this war, but there is no way to change anything.


This was a powerful speech and I listened from start to finish. I live abroad but I am Russian, I am proud to be Russian, but I have a Ukrainian family name because it's where my grandfather was from, similarly to Zelensky in the reverse direction. I hope to see peace soon, we are brotherly nations and have not acted like it in some time. I wish for that to change soon.


To those pitying the Russian soldiers, don’t forget: In the Russian army there are only professional soldiers that are sent on missions abroad, not conscripts. So they knew very well what they were signing up for. No mercy for them.


After dressing into Ukranian uniforms for the invasion, bombing strategic points and already claiming civil lives. They deserve the same treatment they are giving


I bet this guy's speech will have quotes from it used in school essays in the future


How could it come to this? - some clerk asking in a newspaper in 1914.


all because of the french revolution, which led to an Austrian being shot in Serbia to start a World War ​ european history is wild sometimes


I... think you're forgetting about the foundation of what we now call Germany, which unified under one flag became another power house to rival the empires of England and France, something they weren't going to take as Germany forced itself into the playing field. All what was needed was a spark to set things off.


well, the german unification happened in large part thanks to Napoleon. the demand for unification increased drastically during and after his reign and his "adventures" in Germany and Russia. it just took some time to materialise. Germany, once it had beaten France in 1870, became the largest continental power in Europe overnight. the problem we posed to France and Britain was increased when Wilhelm II. wanted Germany to be a global power, not just a european power, which Bismarck favored. ​ yes, WWI would have taken place anyway under this time line, and it's a bit ironic that it happened thanks to yet another "explosion" on the Balkans, but it's mostly a consequence of the french revolution. too many big european nations all messing with each other


This lad just pulled one of the better speeches in history.


Adequate Russians with you, Ukrainians. And we are the most part of Russia, others are just fear yet. We are against war, economic collapse, and the Huilo. Hello from today protests!




Hey. That's unfair to pussies!


Free Ukraine!


Really heartbreaking 🇵🇱🇺🇦


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I’ll say this again we live in a world where we can make an impact, we can organize and make our voices heard through power of social media. All the Russians who oppose this war, as a Ukranian citizen that lives in America I wish you nothing but the best for you guys that are doing something to stop this. Thank you, thank you, so fucking much for being heroes of modern world. Thank you for standing up for what’s right. Thank you for being selfless and doing things for others to make peace come into reality. I don’t hate Russians no matter what the bees try to portray, I know we all want peace we can’t let sickening messages from our government control our actions we need to think for ourselves and war is never an answer. Please protect ukraine, please protect integrity of your own country and protect the world from sickening down right psychotic behavior of your monster president Putin. And Putin, I wish death on nobody ever but you are an exception you and your group of followers in power who support you and your sick twisted ways. You are manipulating your citizens the same people you claim to protect but you are sending them to fight your brother on a geographical scale, you made up lies just to continue profiting you spread misinformation about the west , about aggression just to blind your people and you LIED TO THEM, you are a murder, twisted , evil little fuck of a person. I hope you get mauled by Russians for deceiving them. Ukraine and Russians stand together , no other way. Fuck you putin.