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Hey! Thank you for your contribution, but this submission has been removed because we have enacted a special set of rules regarding the invasion of Ukraine. The folloing types of posts are not allowed: * Picture/Video posts about the war, about support/opposition protests in other countries and similar * Self-Posts (text posts) * Status reports about the war unless they have major implications (e.g. "City X still holding would" would not be allowed, "Russia takes major city" would be allowed. "Major attack on kiev repelled" would also be allowed.) * The mere announcement of a diplomatic stance by a country (e.g. "Country changes its mind on SWIFT sanctions" would not be allowed, "SWIFT sanctions enacted" would be allowed) * Posts about minor developments If you have any questions about this removal, please [contact the mods](/message/compose/?to=/r/Europe&subject=Ukraine). Please make sure to include a link to the comment/post in question.