Are you brave enough to have 1% in dollars | 99% in crypto ?

Are you brave enough to have 1% in dollars | 99% in crypto ?


Sometimes I get tempted to allocate 100% of my net worth to USD so I still lose money but don't procrastinate all day with thoughts of becoming a millionaire.


I find myself procrastinating as well. I look at charts too much.


I'd keep that 1% to give some to homeless people on the street, but then they'd make fun of me for trying to pay in cash.


This is the way


Ive been like this for the past year. Even my USD holdings Id rather have in stablecoins generating good returns vs the bank and their shitty control + interest rates.


DeFi is the wei


the gwei


Only thing I need fiat for is to buy ETH.


To think that if more people just did the math, they would arrive at the very same logical answer. That is exciting.


This the way


This is the way


I am surely not this brave, and i won't even recommend anyone else to be.


Stable coins. Check them out


You might find it hard it believe but there does exist something called moderation and balance.


Don’t have a heart attack now. He just means you could have 0 coins like BTC and ETH that go throw heavy swings and just invest your savings into stable coins. Still diverse sure but the risk of crypto is mitigated using stable coins getting 9% rather than sitting in your bank getting <.01%


I won't have a heart attack, thank you for the concern. I belong to a developing country, where inflation is much problematic than the US or EU. So it's 20% crypto and 80% stocks for now. Amd thankfully it has worked out well over the last year. But i do feel the music is about to stop.


Heart attack was a joke cause... well.... your user name.... and WhY will the music be stopping?


The username...long story... The music reference is mostly for stocks. Most markets across the world are overvalued with little correlation to the real economy. And for crypto, i still see a lot of bullishness around, which isn't a good sign when prices are going down. Bullishness is only good when prices go up.


This is my first cycle, what you say is interesting about bullishness on a down trend. What do you anticipate that means. People getting rekt holding heavy bags while waiting for the next pump that will never come?


I am personally of the opinion that crytpo prices will remain subdued for a few months. The weak hands aren't totally out of the market yet. Plus in the earlier cycles we never had so many institutional investors manipulating the market.


Agreed with more adoption comes a change in nature. Honestly idc about our price action I have my eyes set on 1559. Some think it’s already priced in I’m in the opinion that it is not entirely. So late July I’m interested in the price action as for now eh whatever


How can you get 9% returns from stable coins!? That’s insane, is this sustainable, there must be a catch no?


Check out Celsius Wallet


Voyager is a brokerage firm dealing in crypto. Check it out. Dot gets 8%! Yes this stuff adjust monthly but in my two months not by a whole lot. I DCA into them. Also it’s FDIC protected you to 250k so your investment is safe and insured


I will like to apologise if i misunderstood your argument.


No worries man, it's all good. Also there's no need to apologise for that


A big portion of my savings is in crypto but that's because I'm a young woman with not a lot of financial responsibility and a hell of a lot of hope


Hell yeah me too only replace woman with man haha.


Nah I believe only invest what you can afford to lose no matter how much I believe in the project!


I can afford to lose everything.


Everything?? Even your house?


I don't have one. I refuse to borrow money from banks, so i'll earn my way up to buy a house for $300-400k


My man debt is the ultimate enemy. I mean house debt and business debt arent the worst to get in to but its not our style lol. But yeah i think were in the same boat most my money is in crypto too but i have no debt and minimal bills so its all good.


Yeah exactly. I only pay for food, phone bill, and motorcycle insurance/fuel. Wake up, work, play games, sleep, repeat.


Same basically i have rent and internet bills and i do the same basic thing minus working haha.


I’m on the same lifestyle choices, & just buy crypto at any chance I get


I'm not going to lie. My wife and I are doing everything to scrape by without selling our ETH


I mean, if I had $1000 to my name, sure. For folks/families with a net worth in the millions, no way. It’s not about being brave, I think it’s just about mitigating risk.


> For folks/families with a net worth in the millions, no way. Speak for yourself bud. As nipochi says above, whatever "cash" you need can be stablecoins earning interest. Every other liquid dollar I have is either in a handful of stocks I closely follow or crypto.




Talk to your landlord, they might appreciate both the insight, the interest, and the low fees. My carpet cleaner even accepts crypto.


So you are not worried at all about usdt and usdc not actually being backed 1:1 and that your 100k in stable coins are actually worth like 1k?


correct, though I am diversified in some stock as well vastly prefer stock over stablecoins, and crypto over stock


Stable coins are crypto


I get anxiety from too many dollars in my portfolio. I immediately spend or buy crypto.


Same. I can't sit on cash. Anything over $5000 in my checking at the end of the month is moving to an investment account


I have been in that situation for a long time. But you still need cash to pay rent and utilities. You can only invest after needs are paid


This is the way I've been for a long while now, I don't see the point in a bank profiting from any surplus I have & restricting my access to it at will.


Because of the insane inflation taking place this will ring very true in the future


I am more than 99% into crypto right now


I can say i have 99% in crypto and 1% in dollars It's scary, but fun scary rather than regular.


Everything goes to crypto!!! Money in the bank only for my bill...


That's not bravery, it's just complete stupidity. Maybe if you own close to nothing and have no bills (e.g., a teenager), this might make sense as a way to learn a lesson on the benefits of investment diversification.


No because how am I supposed to pay rent, feed myself, and buy things I need to enjoy myself?




Were people not already doing this? Lol. I literally pay my bills then move everything to crypto (minus what I need to live obviously).


Look into flexa network and you can have even less in usd lol.. they partner with stores like Lowe’s and Dunkin’ Donuts to name a couple. You can spend crypto there right now off ur phone. But a lot of partners and more and more by the day. SOON WE CAN LIVE FULLY OFF CRYPTO LMAO 💪🏽💪🏽


Didn’t like amp or flexa or w/e it is. Seems like they’re trying to solve a problem that been solved for a while now. Idk. Eth is all I need :).


You don’t have to buy AMP lol I’m saying look into what stores are supported by them so you can live more off crypto


Crypto charles is either single, or lives at home. Maybe both. Either way, for anyone that has mouths to feed and bills to pay: This isn’t bravery, it’s a crippling gambling addiction. It’s not bravery, it’s stupidity. It’s not bravery, it’s desperation.


If someone doesn't live at home where do they live? A friend's house? I live in my own home. I am not single. I've been in crypto since I read bitcoin's whitepaper. Some people understand how the technical vision can shape society, and why destabilized countries will force crypto to live on regardless of what the whales and first world countries do. It is here to stay and will continue to be a solid investment.


Imagine portraying oneself as obtuse just to create a ridiculous argument out of nothing. Sad stuff. Crypto being a solid investment, fair enough. It is however an extremely volatile investment. Holding zero cash is beyond ridiculous, and proves a complete and fundamental lack of foresight or financial responsibility. Anyone who owns their home, a car or two and have bills to pay, knows that there’s bound to be expenses that you can’t plan for. Just invested your $15k bonus and have zero savings? Enjoy that 60% drop and an unexpected $30k roofing job that’s due to be paid in 2 months. This «all or nothing» mentality is the issue, not investing large sums of money in crypto.


Anyone who decides to take on enough debt to have a net negative net worth is extremely young or stupid. Either way, stablecoins are stable and have large benefits to cash. No one here is saying that you should be in shitcoins, or 100% all in eth, just to get away from USD.


You sound like you got some regrets 😂


I’d love to see the mental gymnastics on that conclusion. On the contrary, I chose a profession because it paid well and I enjoy it. We bought a house in our early 20s and my dream car at 27. We got healthy kids, and life couldn’t be better. None of it required being a degenerate gambler. We’ve invested in high risk assets, but always kept a steady backlog of cash ICE. Understand that wealth is more about management of assets and cash than anything else. Any retard could buy crypto and strike gold, but as lotto billionaires have proven: Parting a fool with his gold, is the easiest thing in the world.


I like having money in commodities right now too. An ounce of gold is an ounce of gold. Lumber, steel, oil, natural gas. Crypto ain't the only inflation protector and probably not wise to put all eggs in one basket.


Crypto isn't one basket. Stablecoins exist.


This is true but in general one can even look at the last btc correction and see it effected us all except stables.


It went from like 12k to obvious rally, then back to 30 something k. So it tripled. How is that a threat to stability?


When did I say it was a threat to stability? Great straw man. I just said its could also be good to have commodities for an inflationary economy and not put all eggs in one basket. If we are comparing stable coin returns to steel or Lumber the commodities come out ahead btw.


If effected us, positively, it did not effect us negatively. You don't have to use the word stability for it to apply to your comment....


Keep going with your strawman I hope you got a drink for it!


Either you are high, or I don't know how to read English. Good luck


How do you buy commodities? I wanted to buy oil copper and gold but dont know where to.


I mean futures but probably easier or smarter to just get sector specific etfs or buy companies in those industries. Buying gold is probably the easiest thing to do just buying gold bullion but the fees are high right now for physical gold. Your bank probably sells gold bullion mine does.


99% of net worth in crypto ? No house, no car, no liquidity for taxes, expenses...? I guess it works if you live in your mom's basement.


Your are very correct. That's what I have been thinking about.


Nice! Very nice!


99% ETH and then we’re looking good


Lol. Had me in the first half!


Brave enough, yes. Just waiting for more businesses to transact in crypto && employers pay in crypto.


How could you survive? Once you can pay your bills and mortgage with crypto when you go to pay these bills that would count as you selling and then you gotta pay 20-30% on taxes. If the government would keep their filthy little hands off our risk taking investment then maybe.


I have less than 1% of my net worth in USD lol so done with that scam coin and with the stock narket


Wish I had the balls. Im already down 50%, I can't afford to put more in and it drop again.. In case I need that cash for whatever reason 😔


Have an emergency fund pay all your bills and necessities first. Whatever money you put into crypto assume you're not getting it back for 2+ years. If you need that money in the short term it shouldn't be in there. Good luck!


Honestly? I propably have 99% of my net worth in crypto.


People don’t realize that keeping your money in the bank loses you money too. Banks don’t give interest rates that keep up with inflation. With a stable coin at 9% you can fight inflation and make some decent returns on a sizable investment


what stable coins are you investing in ?


Voyager has 9% on usdc


My portfolio used to be 10/50/40 home/stocks/crypto, now it's literally 99% of my entire net worth as I learned more and more about it


The joke is, his net worth is $100 lol...just kidding 😂 😜 🤪


Not yet, because general expenses in my country are still requiring $'s for payment rather than crypto.


I do


I trust more a community than I do governments... so, there you have your answer.


wow. so brave


Got 80% in growth stocks 19% in crypto and 1% in cash. I just sold my Doge to buy another 1/10 of ETH, 1/100 of BTC, and 20 ADA. My goal is to evenly spread my money since these two are core related to BTC. If 200k is the target of BTC by the end of the year. I want to make 30k off all my crypto to invest into dividends and growth stocks. Then re enter when things go cold again for crypto.


That one percent is what I generate on the payroll which becomes crypto anyway


Yeah but what if his Net Worth is $800


I have 100%


I have 0% in dollars, i don't live in the US :P


Im on my way, not there yet but one day. Can’t wait for a further dip so I have a better fiat/crypto exchange rate.


An honest 75% of my wealth is in crypto. It sucks right now but i mean other than traveling in the future i dont need the money for anything and i like to use my money to make more money(generally been losing lately lol) instead of letting it just sit in a bank.


Yeah I've been thinking about transfering all my cash into stablecoins, but still, I am not sure if that's a good idea. What do you guys think about this?


If price keep droping you can move them to stablecoin .


This is the way !


Thats suicide


I think I can. I'll put most of it in liquidity pools for Tokenized stocks like IXS and hope for the best.




I’m already there.


This is … bullish.


My concerns lie with liquidity