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With the holiday theme, would it be a better idea to bundle them as one release?


That's what I was wondering. I know a lot of the advice here says to release shorts individually and bundle them later, but with them being holiday themed I think a bundle up front might be the better option.


Christmas stories sell all year long, they may not sell as hot, but they do. Also, all those Amazon gift cards right afterwards do buy a lot of Christmas books also. At the very least I would say space the submissions out with some time. Maybe one this morning, one in the evening and one the next morning.


It is Christmas in three days. I can't imagine people will be looking for new Christmas erotica on January 5th. Standard advice would be to have released them weeks ago. As it stands though, I imagine you want to get them out ASAP. It *might* also be worth releasing all three shorts and the bundle at the same time, given the time constraints. But I expect more experienced people will be able to give you a more concrete answer on that one.


Likely half the total lifetime revenue may well be earned in the first three days. By 12 days, it'll be nickles and dimes a day whether or not christmas has anything to do with it.


If it’s literally nickels and dimes that quick you may want to analyze your strategy. If then was a euphemism, then my bad.


It's late in the month but throw 'em up anyway. They're not earning you money by sitting idle, and the sooner they're in review, the sooner they're published. I'd release them as individual stories and a bundle—that way, the people who just want X story can have it.