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Goal for the week is to publish my first short story. It's going to be a series so I'm excited! I hope it goes well.


1. Get to the end of chapter 3 of my current short. I cannot believe how much rewriting I’ve done on this one. I seriously need to be super strict with myself about understanding exactly what the plot structure is before I start writing. I like it to be really tight and have clear separations between each chapter with different jeopardy/ conflict in order to make it interesting. I do get there in the end but it can take me so long- better to plan it properly first. 2. I am really pleased that despite a pretty infrequent publishing schedule I am still getting page reads ticking away and sometimes even sales (having a bundle out finally has really helped). I’m almost at my first triple figures overall. 3. I am starting to dare to hope that I will finish this short and be able to hit publish on 24th. Making time to write first thing in the morning seems to be key for me.


After multiple failed attempts, I feel like I can finally see actual publication on the horizon. 1. Write 500 words on the first of my new series. 2. Being a non-American attempting this comes with multiple barriers that no one warned me about. Never thought I would have to call the Canadian Revenue Agency in service of smut peddling... 3. Because I have time to kill waiting to resolve tax issues, I'd love to find beta reader with a particularly interested in my niche. Hoping to also have my Fiverr account set up by the end of the week.


I’ve finally put my deposit photos code in my account and I’ll try and download some images to have in the bank for the new year! I should probably also upload my second bundle 😵


1. 10k words. 2. why words no want to word 3. I'm hoping to have 20k words written by Wednesday night so I can take the rest of the week off.