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I love seeing everyone’s updates! I am still sick as a dog and tired of my poor health at this point. My brain hurts and I’m over it. Maybe I’ll write a mini short? Haha 😆


1. I have a new short which is just hotting up at chapter 2 so am excited to write at least 1k of that today. Sometimes I put in a minor character and they end up becoming much more major as something about them just sparks my imagination. That’s been the case for this one. 2. Finally got my first bundle released this week and I’m glad to see some sales as well as the page reads. Had my best day so far yesterday. 3. Insanely busy and not in a good way.


Yesterday putting classical music and pretending I was writing the next Dante's Inferno motivated me, while being kinda funny because I was actually writing about dicks. I hope the same trick works today.


1. 1000 words is the goal. 2. Scheduled my first short to release next year and it was really exciting to go through the process in Amazon. My goal is to just keep chugging away and then the releases will auto-drop weekly with me tweaking backmatter as I go. 3. I want to finish short #2. I will fight the urge to do that. It seems like this is a marathon and not a sprint, I don’t want to burn myself out. Going to stick to my 1000 words per day goal and wrap short 2 up by the end of next week.


1) Finally stop avoiding it and work on the 2nd draft of my third short. I've been putting it off due to stress and working on day job stuff, but now I have nothing to distract me. 2) *persistent flat droning noise* 3) Get this draft sent for proofreading. Maybe make the cover for it. Motivation has been a bit low in general, hoping it'll pass soon. On the upside, I did get a blog off the ground and I'm hoping to continue building on it so I can grow my community on my own platform.


1. Start on new short and progress on a Book 2 2. A 5,000 and 9,000 word short released this week 3. Map out rest of month


Blew past my total word count goal last night for my new/first erotica book. Started my first rewrite and edit and am at about 24k words. Was aiming for 22k so I'm thrilled.