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1. Sort out front and back matter 2. Finished my second book yesterday after having months off and I'm happy with it. 3. It takes me way longer to write than it seems to take a lot of you guys :( I want to focus on this full-time as I'm unemployed at the moment but I'm worried that's stupid as I won't make much money.


Good on you for finishing a book! You'll get faster with practise. I'm in a similar situation so I say if you've got the time, write, because lbh, you won't make any money at all if you don't. If you can manage to write 1k a day, you can put out a short on Amazon every week, or two on Smashwords.


Well done on finishing your book. Don't worry about speed, just get writing!


Had a 1,500 word day yesterday. Closing in on the final big scene of the book. Should hit about 22k words when done.


I've been off writing for so long due to health reasons that I'm now struggling to get back into it! I'm gonna challenge myself to write and crap out a book RIGHT NOW to break the wall! **DONE** I wrote!!! It felt good! Will keep going tomorrow and hopefully publish on the weekend, when I'll try and post a dataporn also. I think I was way overthinking things despite my best efforts to... uh... not do that. Writing anything longer than shorts-length feels like a crazy challenge. When I look at my notes... yeppppp, soooo much overthinking, not enough publishing. Note to self: when overthinking books, read crap and write crap and publish it.