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Ignore category ranking, what people mean here is rank in overall Amazon store. Books can be #1 in a category but be #500,000 in the overall store.


is the overall store the Best Sellers Rank? Is there a way to sort by best seller or do you have to hover each book individually to see their rank?


BSR is the store rank, yes. There is no way to sort by rank in the search, and this is by design.


Yeah, you want a low (BSR) Best Sellers Rank in the whole store. Otherwise, you might be able to hit number one in the category by only selling a handful of books or minimum page reads. This would mean there aren't many people looking for this sort of book. So not really worthwhile to produce content for. I don't think you can search by BSR on amazon with DS Quick view. I use Productor for Merch by Amazon. It's meant to be for print-on-demand t-shirts and such but it shows BSR and category ranks plus more on the search page for whatever product you are researching and you can sort by BSR and other metrics. So it means you can look at things at a glance and scroll through the results amazon gives you quite quickly.