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Wow that’s awesome congrats fellow Canadian! Lol. That’s scary they banned more books after you did a clean up. I hate how they don’t tell you. Still to make over 4K in a year is awesome! I hope to hit your strides one day lol. Congrats again (:


Hello fellow Canuck! Yeah, it is pretty scary, though I have my fingers crossed that the worst is behind me, and if I really follow the rules here on out it'll be okay! I saw your recent dataporn and can say that you are well on your way! Congrats yourself on getting off to such a hot start!


Well hello there neighbours. Another fellow Canadian here... Congrats on your successes and thanks for sharing. Sounds like you're really on to something here. Sending good vibes your way in the form of maple syrup and apologies, eh. But seriously, this is great... congrats! Hopefully you figure out the banned stories!!


Thank you love!


Thanks! If you have time after you go wide I would love to see a post from you about how it’s going.


Congratulations great profit I have276 titles and my profits are dismal compared to yours. It's my keywords I'm re-doing them now hope when I make changes my titles don't get adult tagged in a second review


276! That's amazing! Your work ethic is admirable. Yeah, keywords are a bitch. I still have no idea if I'm doing them correctly or not. With such a massive catalog I know you'll be fine!


Thanks for your kind words since I changed my keywords it seems as though I'm getting more keywords. Check out the program "Publisher Rocket" I got that program, and I found out that my keywords sucked.In my opinion the program is worth the $99.00 one time fee plus it should be tax deductible. Now I'm going to re-do my keywords in those books that are not selling I just hope a second review when I make changes doesn't get my titles adult tagged. By the way I have to check but I believe my title count is now 280 I just had another title to through review it's now live.


Grats on the nice income! I'm the one with the 3 month dataporn, and I do have a few mores stories than you. I think the main difference is that I focus on 2 nichés. I don't have a mailing list, though, might have to look into that. I have a Twitter, but it doesn't generate a lot of traffic in my experience. It's mostly writers following writers. In terms of the time investment, I think you'd be better off just writing.


Haha! it is you! I'm a bit starstruck tbh :p Honestly the Mail list has very low interaction, only about 25% even bother to open the email let along click on the link to new stories.


Congrats! Paying half of the year's tuition is no small thing! It sounds like going wide will suit you well. I started publishing some stuff on Smashwords last month and found it very easy.


Phew! That's a relief. I've dabbled on Smashwords website for a bit, and it was honestly a little overwhelming. Thanks so much for the kind words <3


Well done! Given that you're apparently hosting your own website anyway, have you thought about selling directly through your site rather than relying on Amazon? You'll have a greater control over what you can sell, and get a higher cut of the sale. It's the model that I use, with a Wordpress Business package with built in WooCommerce suite, and I'm making about $3,000 USD a month. I recommend getting on as many adult-friendly social media as you can and publishing on all of them whenever you release a new story, ideally with an excerpt if you're not already making whole stories free. The main difference between what you're making and larger numbers is marketing, and you can't trust Amazon to do that for you. (It's somewhat baffling exactly what Amazon \*does\* do to earn its cut of your sale, honestly.)


Congrats. The surprise banning without explanation or being given a chance to fix the problem is what's made me give up on erotica. There is often no rhyme or reason to it, and it's because it's being automated. There should at least be some kind of manual review before automated bans go through, but Amazon does not appear to be doing that. I've been at this for many years and it's only been getting worse. When I started, it truly was mostly books that violated content standards such as dubcon, incest, etc. that were banned, but now you often can't figure out why. And Amazon won't tell you.


How did you get your audience to begin with? Did you already have a fandom following?


Nope not at all. I built it all up from the ground. I think just naturally you'll build a reader base just by publishing often/consistently, even if you have little interaction with your readers.


That’s awesome, thank you for sharing your experience!


That's a good first year! Congratulations. Can I ask whether you know why those stories were banned? I understand that a few are a mystery. I've been banned by Amazon, too, and that was for hardcore dark naughtiness, so...not surprised. They're now only on Smashwords because they allow it. When you tick the right naughty-box, that is.


Thanks! The first two that were banned in summer 2021 were likely due to alcohol. I tried to make it explicit that the characters weren't drunk and were consenting, but that was a pretty stupid decision on my end. The most recent ones I have no idea,




Thank you! I write mostly age-gap stuff, ya know like College teens and older professors. Stuff like that. It's a super common trope that is pretty saturated, with a lot of writers filling that niche. I'd be happy to send a DM :)


That's awesome! $4k in a year is still a lot more than what a lot of writers make. The number of banned stories is definitely kind of scary though. Amazon does what Amazon does I guess.


How do you get people on your mailing list?