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To me it would be worth it if I saw an increased reading of my backlog via Unlimited or increased purchases on my backlog. I’m booked for one in April and paid the extra $5 to be at the top of the list. I’ll of course write up my experiences for science. I’m also doing the series promotion, not the single book promotion. Worth it is used loosely here: I guess it would really be worth it if I saw an equivalent increase in royalties compared to the amount spent. I would be very surprise if it worked out that way, especially from people gobbling up free stuff specifically. We’ll see in April! As I said, I will report back.


I think it really depends on what you’re trying to achieve with your writing. I have a pen name that I haven’t touched in about two years now, I don’t publish to it and it brings in a few dollars a month. It’s basically a dead pen. However, every six months or so, I’ll put one book to free and run a promo on it. In those months I get a BIG jump in sales of the entire back catalogue. Financially it’s worth it for me to give away a freebie in return for the profit it makes. I do have active pens which I run free/99c promos on far more often. Of course reducing the book means that I make less money per sale - however that is worth it to me for a couple of reasons. First off, I always make back significantly more than the cost of the promo in either sales of the reduced book and, if it’s a freebie, then in my back catalogue sales. But the money, while nice, is only a short term positive. The real power of paid promos is introducing my books to new audiences and the boost in my rankings on Amazon. Those are the intangible benefits that are important if you want to make more serious money. I totally understand the urge, as a writer, to not want to give away my hard work for "free". But being a self-published author also means being your own promoter.


If it will make some cash and I'm happy to do it. I'm just weary of paying to give free books and getting nothing from it. I think I'll try a 99 cents sales. Thanks.


How long do you run the 0.99 promotion for?


Bookspry is awesome


Excite Spice does full price promo for new releases. But new releases only. Everything else has to be reduced by at least 50%. Everyone else expect books to either be free or reduced to 99 cent. I've done free promos and they usually work for me because I use the first in a series and get a boost with the other books in the series (pages read and sales). Some people even pick the bundle. And come back for the rest of the back-list. I've also done a free promo combined with a new release in the series. Double boost.


Looks like it's not worth it. You're better off finding communities that allow self-promo and posting there.