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First day published. Crazy feeling. Nice to have something new to refresh and look for changes to.


Congratulations, best of luck!


Because I want to post a 3 month data porn it reminded me to actually publish a book so I did that on NYE, gotta love external motivators 😆 now I gotta spend some time figuring out how to photoshop a bundle cover because my first bundle looks horrible lol. And write this dataporn.


1. Finish a story for my newsletter. 2. I really got into sexy text messages in December, they are really fun to write! Buuut: It takes soooooooooo long to type on my phone compared to my laptop, it's so slooow! :P 3. Finish more chapter, and I guess I'll have to make a spreadsheet to figure out when I have to post what and where. Nothing sexier than spreadsheets :D


Me before learning Excel: These spreadsheets are hideous, how boring Me after learning Excel: This is glorious, a masterpiece!! (And it's just a calculator for budgets) 😆 Excel/Sheets is so good at making everything neatly organized instead of Word/Docs. I even make to-do lists for projects in a spreadsheet.


Oh absolutely :P There's a new niche for you right there, spreadsheet enthusiasts getting it on :P


If I was clever enough I'd make something about cell B32 lusting after E1 but their equation with D12 keeps them apart...until a sum equation brings them all together...🤣 But I only know the basics, I don't think I could deliver on it without being called out by enthusiasts.


I vividly remember a story here on reddit where a guy has sex with his "horny slut fridge". Spreadsheet cells is even better :P


1) Flesh out the two main characters of my first new series book. Give them names, appearances, etc. 2) I made a little over a dollar this weekend, mostly from my third and newest book!! How exciting!! McDs dollar menu here I come!! 3) Goals are to get an outline ready and maybe even start writing my first new short. I want to get started while I'm still riding the wave of joy from seeing page reads happening. It means I have to go back to getting up a bit earlier, though, and I already failed that today. 😅


1. Published first 2 books in Dec - diff niches, one was fire the other was read but not many KENP after free promo. The second one was hot for a week and has dropped to 1% of KNEP reads now, wondering if that’s because it’s a week old? It didn’t get dungeoned. 2. My husband read the second book despite me telling him not to - it was a specific niche that I wrote as an exercise (billionaire romance) with a specific fetish that is not a thing for me, but I wanted to see if I could write it. I did and it was better than the first book I wrote which was more of a ‘me’ niche. Anyhow he LOVED it despite the thing not being his bag per se (it may be now) and also was an honest beta reader which I liked. He bought me a new computer yesterday lmao. He must’ve really liked it ahahah 3. Gonna finish this series and then release in an organized way instead of my usual chaotic creative ADHD nonsense.


Finally got my 5th short out on 31 Jan, about a week later than I planned, but I’m really happy with it and the way the page reads are going. Read Stephen King’s ‘on writing’ over Christmas and I definitely appreciated the quote on editing- ‘to write is human, to edit is divine’ As I spend absolutely fucking ages editing my work… to the point that it could probably never be profitable in terms of hours spent on a single story! Got another idea for the next one but going to just let it percolate for a while before I start putting anything down on paper. I am fearful that at some point the ideas will run out, but so far they keep on coming :)