If you’re asking questions here, that means you’re going the extra mile. It’s seldom about the wife/girlfriend and is issues we have with ED. Just do research and try different strategies. You’re doing great


If he is on anti-depressants that can also make it difficult for him to achieve orgasm.


Totally normal. Can make sex with a condom a nightmare due to needing more stimulation to ejac, this can be a blessing or a curse depending on preferences.


Yes that’s very normal from ED pills, they make the guy last longer, it has nothing to do with you


Yeah, I sometimes take Viagra and it’s hard to cum sometimes.


42. I had this issue and it’s mostly resolved itself. I only have this trouble now sometimes with morning wood.


Yes, sounds normal. I found that the pills make it hard to cum because it's not a "natural erection". When a man is close to cumming that pressure needs to change for a second to allow the cum to get out. When I use pills it's too hard sometimes and the cum can't escape. Maybe that's what's going on. But maybe he can still cum but it might take way longer.




Thank you for your comments and insight. I am like your gf, I can cum pretty quickly. Sex lasts 2+ hrs and usually he needs a handjob to get off. I don’t know if he will ever cum inside of me again, which is a bit depressing because I love it. Is this putting a lot of stress on your relationship? How do you handle it?




Yup I get it. I’ll keep this in mind and not bring it up. No need to add extra stress to my guy.


My partner (37m) has the same issue. I'm glad I found this post because I was really starting to internalize it. I know I shouldn't because it just puts even more stress on him. But my self esteem has totally tanked over this and other related issues.


How long was he able to last (before cumming), before using Viagra?


Not sure. He’s been on Viagra as long as I’ve known him.