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You might be better off with an android based e-reader in order to get a better browsing experience. The Boox leaf at $250 usd, although smaller, seems to be one of the cheapest.


Poke 3 is $189 https://shop.boox.com/products/poke3


How could I forget the Poke 3, thank you.


Yep! The built-in Web browser on BOOX devices, "NeoBrowser", is basically a modified version of Google Chrome optimised for e-paper. In comparison, the built-in Web browser on Kindle and Kobo e-readers is more limited and more for logging into services during setup, as well as looking up Wikipedia articles, from what I can tell.


You're going to want an Android based ereader because the web browsers on "normal" ereaders tends to be bad and experimental at best. Androids have the possibility of side loading an eink friendly web browser that doesn't suck. The Likebook P6 was on sale pretty recently, and the Boox Poke 3 is another decent option—a 6" screen should be fine for Wikipedia. It'd only be an issue for manga and some PDFs.


I wouldn’t invest in an ereader just for that. Do you have a tablet that would work, if your phone isn’t large enough for you?


My eyes unfortunately seem to fatigue quickly, and I end up printing a lot of articles. For a quick browse, my tablet seems to work okay though.


You might be pwm sensitive. Pick up something that has zero pwm flicker, which is likely a phone/tablet with a high quality LCD. Avoid OLED. Notebookcheck reviews test their screens for pwm. In all likelihood, a used iPad Mini 4 will be the best bet.


I have a Kobo and I find that if you like to listen to books like I do there apps for that on Androis tablets and phones and you can but a SD card on for more room Kobo does have that in the one now but you have to buy the books throw them not side load them and some apps have dark mod so easy on eyes too so it's all up to you on what you wait there Al lot out there this days


I recommend **BOOX** because their firmware is based on Android, and they intentionally keep support for user-installed apps, so you can use the official Wikipedia mobile app! Besides that, the BOOX built-in Web browser, "NeoBrowser", is basically a modified version of Google Chrome optimised for e-paper. Some people use "EinkBro", however, since BOOX uses an Android-based firmware with support for user-installed apps left in, users could also use other Web browsers that support Android tablets. In my case, I use Firefox as that's what I feel comfortable using.


I have a similar question... looking for something to access simple websites, like Instapaper, to read saved long articles on an eInk screen.


E-ink browsers are a nightmare in my experience (I've had two Kindles and a Pocketbook, and another one that doesn't have a browser). You can send articles into some readers with chrome plugins, but they're also fairly limited.


I would get an Onyx Boox with the screen size you want. Install EinkBro for reading it online or use one of the offline Wikipedia apps available for Android.


Can you download Wikipedia archive is that the best way to view