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The headline is sort of baity imo because the interview seemed to make it more like members focusing on their individual health and growth so long after having a group Identity and inner drama that comes with it They're still young (early 30s) but actually listening to their music you can hear a shift in the kinds of life experiences they faced. And the last five-ish years for them has been tremendous for focusing on their health, so it makes sense they value things outside of the band more than before


I toured a little bit in my 20s and it can be absolutely BRUTAL. Do you like waking up under a van in a walmart parking lot at 6 am because the angle of the sun is low enough and its already 85 degrees and you weren’t sleeping in the van because the other 4 dudes who also havent showered in three days are snoring violently and everyone is hungover and the guitarist is a bout to get a phonecall that his best friend just didnt wake up and the AAA guy over tightened the lug nuts on the spare and by the time you make it to the venue you’re driving with the steering wheel at 11 oclock because that wheel is literally about to fall off and the the venue decides that paying you in beer was in the contract…. Yeah. Being a musician is great, but there are tradeoffs, especially if you dont have your shit together like we did. So i get it completely. The road is grueling WHEN THINGS ARE GOING WELL.


The road is fucking hard. The road is fucking tough.




It’s a B.I.Itch my friend but it’s the only fuckin’ road I know


When I’m snacking’ on a tasty bush, right after the show!


It's no question that it don't take no guff.


Way she goes


I've done the same and I relate to this so goddamned hard. You forgot to mention you're doing all of those things while eating like absolute garbage. No home cooked meals... it's all fast food, lunch meat sandwiches and (if you're me) military rations from Canada. Oh, and you're lucky if ten people show up to most of the shows because the booking agent you hired didn't think it was a bad idea to book you at a coffee shop in Frog Balls, Tennessee on a Tuesday.


Frog Balls TN, lmaooo. Very accurate


I set up a west coast tour with another solo artist because I absolutely loved his work. First night we played in Olympia, WA and a buddy gave us a couple sandwiches from his high end diner job. Around 3 a.m. wherever we were crashing I’m searching for my sandwich. “I’ve got a confession to make, I ate both sandwiches. I’m fucked up. You had to find out sooner or later” I was way too amused to be pissed off. This line still makes me laugh every time I think about it.


That is super shitty but hilarious nonetheless lol I learned after my first tour to bring my own food with me. No way I was going to let other people keep me from a meal


The funny outweighed the shitty. The tour was amazing, I booked a two weeks down the west coast with neither of us owning a vehicle and no logistics planned ahead of time. Between buses, trains and comrades in arms heading the right direction we didn’t miss a show. A buddy decided to go ahead and drive Portland to Arcata because he’d been planning to go that way. His van took a shit and died the moment we rolled into town but the vibes were so on he wasn’t even bummed.


It's a lot easier than it was in the past. If you are a high earning band, you usually sleep in nice hotels and even fly to your gigs. This is one of the reasons old bands like The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, etc. are able to tour worldwide, year after year.


I do that now. It’s better.


This just sounds like a complete lack of focus and organization lol.


100% Source: toured the eastern coast of the US in an SUV when I was 18. It cost me about $25/day. Two cheap meals and we split hotels among the group. $5 a pop. Stretch it to $30 on a days we needed to get gas (most days). You don’t *have* to sleep in the van (unless you’re touring for free I guess?)


I’ve heard it said from a lot of touring musicians that the traveling is your job, for which the music is the break.


But there are some downsides too


Let’s hear some music


We spent the $30 and stayed in the shitty hotel outside the city. Road is much better when you go that route. Were you guys playing for free?


Getting robbed, getting stoned, getting beat up, broken boned, getting had, getting took, I tell you folks it's harder than it looks. It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock-n-roll....


No offense, but I don’t think Paramore are touring around in a shitty $1500 van like your local band did lmao.


....or you go to get out of the van and someone, somehow, has lost the only pair of shoes they brought.


Uh yeah cool except they're famous/rock stars so there is no stress strain or any part of the human condition to have to worry about directly or indirectly. All possible mental and physical health problems or injuries become impossible. Once a band is on the radio they are so rich that EACH MEMBER flies in their OWN private jet. Each member of a band like Paramore is a billionaire. Sorry your band apparently sucked ass!! /s. :)


The whole article is kinda messy, tbh. They wanted a lot of sensational pull quotes and did not really consider how to string them together.




Are you really gatekeeping fatigue.


Aptly put


Everyone knows people under 40 don't experience stress or fatigue! /s


“Only late 70s/early 80s kids will get this”


I’m sure touring, performing and fame tires you out quickly.


How is this man complaining about feeling so old in his early forties? Boy have I got news for him… I’m 82 and this is when shit *really* hits the fan. (I’m not 82, but the point still stands)


I think the other guy walked uphill, both ways, in the snow, just to get to school!


With only one shoe to share between his 15 brothers and sisters


You could say they were in the business of misery.


I guess there’s a reason they don’t call it ‘the rock opera fun.’ They call it ‘the rock opera business.’


They’re “feeling their age” at the ripe old age of 33


Let me tell you, the difference between 25 and 35 truly is MASSIVE


Yeah don't say 35 is no big deal til you've lived it.


35 is a big deal if you didn't take care of yourself in your 20s. Source: am 36. Remember to drink water and stretch and get regular exercise.


Dude. I do yoga now and it's life changing!


Haha, yeah I do DDP Yoga every morning. Feel as good or better than I did at 25 to be honest.


To a degree. I have spent the last year focusing on physical and mental health and I would say that I feel better at 41 than I did at 36. Physical activity really makes a difference to me. I’ve even started downhill mountain biking and even skateboarding with my teenage son at the local skatepark (I stopped when I was 24). Hitting the gym has helped me shake off falls better than when I was in my 30s. Tl;dr: move your body. Your body will thank you.


I’m 34 so yes and no I don’t get sore from doing my job all day


I’m 41 and I wake up sore from sleeping incorrectly


I'm about to turn 40. Pain is existence. Existence is pain. I look pretty young still, I'm often mistaken for a college student and carded for booze. But the number of old-people issues I deal with has been steadily increasing. In my 20s I remember working 10-15 hour shifts every day, partying all night, getting 4 hours of sleep, and doing all again. For like 10 years that was life. I can barely do 8 hours now, and I take a god damn nap afterward. Then I watch my stories.


every 20 or 30 yr old reads this and says "not me" lol but yeah you know how we have irrational fears at night sometimes with foot off the bed and etc etc? i basically gave up and said "come get me because i need to sleep a certain way" to the irrational fears lol. my emotional scars over the course of my life and daily anxiety > irrational fears


I wonder if there is a connection between burning yourself down when you "could" handle it, and being worn down now.


Oh I'm sure. I didn't heed the warnings of those who did exactly that, now I'm warning my own kids that just because you don't get hangovers doesn't mean that you aren't doing permanent damage that you will have to deal with later.


I can answer that question: the correlation of someone who CAN’T slow down, none.


After my girlfriend took her life on easter last year, I realized I probably should find a job where I don't work 7 days a week, 10 hours a day. And yet people I worked with said shit like "When I was your age I worked 12 hours a day, 7 days a week." Yeah Bob, and you're 65 now, you can't walk right, your back is destroyed, you have a fake knee, and you almost lost your intestines to a hernia that you were gonna "tough it out." I took 2 months of a sabbatical, reset myself, and the job I have now I told them day 1, I won't work 7 days a week mandatorily, and I won't work more than 8 hrs a day. I owe the dogs my girlfriend and I had got together more than that. I owe myself more than that. I'm now moving to a plan to be retired by 50-55, which at 30, is 20-25 years away. But it's gonna be better for me and I'm not gonna retire to just die a year later.


I’m 38 and I snowboard, surf and skate everyday. Yoga and a decent diet helps. You’d be shocked to learn how much we eat is actually pretty inflammatory.


I'm 25 and I do that now. I wonder what life has in store for me. Find out next time, on DragonBallZ... ^fuck ^me.


48 - and I felt that without feeling that.


52 year old and I am just sore.


Im turning forty soon and live by the mantra of "Stretch before you do any activity"


Also 41, can confirm


Are you a rockstar?


*Not working out and aging 10 years is what does it I’m 35 and feel like I was 25, gotta keep moving Most of us just wake up, go sit at a desk, then come Home and sit on couch and watch tv and go to sleep Use it or lose it


Yeah I'm 34 and feel a hundred times better than I did at 25. Also drinking more water than booze helps alot.


Seriously pretty much all the other comments are ridiculous. I am 40, did physical labor for years, all kinds of injuries, and and I do jiu jitsu and muay thai for hobbies. I feel great. Bitching and moaning is the great American pastime.


yeah it's lame. i'm 33 and still feel young. i get tired slightly easier i guess but it's no big deal. i think it's annoying when people my age (especially my friends) complain about "getting old" cuz wtf you're gonna regret saying/behaving that way when we're ACTUALLY old lol..


Hayley Williams was also 15 when they started Paramore, and the founding brother that's still in the band was 14. They've spent not only their entire adult life in the band, but also over half of their lives thusfar.


They’re basically a dinosaur


Surprised they’re not in a museum


She was 16 when she started. She’s been in that band over half her life. Doing that for 17 years is probably tiring even if the aren’t necessarily old. I imagine touring and being jet lagged and performing must get tiring. According to the article she was dealing with depression, divorce, & a record contract that she couldn’t get out of, that she signed as a teenager. And she’s an introvert. I imagine doing this so long must have been emotionally exhausting


What is the comparison here? I’m sorry but what about all the working folk that have been working since their teens and dealing with the same issues and stress life/jobs bring them? At least celebrities get to choose if they have down time/walk away and when they do, it’s usually at greater lengths and on their terms than the average joe’s work allows. She’s 33 and while everyone’s experiences in life are independent of others, I’m chalking this up to a promotion for their new album.


When was I making a comparison? Just because people work doesn’t mean you know how exhausting or draining other jobs may be in comparison. For example social work is more emotionally draining than a sit down office job. An office job is more mentally draining than a summer camp job. Plus some jobs are more physically laborious than others. Im not going to assume that it’s easy for her. Plus since I’m not in that job field idk what down time she has between touring, preparing for the tour, writing music for album that she is obligated to make, based on a contract she signed as a teen. Plus writing music for other artists. That doesn’t sound like she gets a lot of downtime to me, but maybe you’re right maybe you do know about that celebrity life and I’m wrong. Just don’t wanna assume


Well they're on a promotion circuit for the new album so no shit this is information coming out because of the new album being promoted, but most people don't have one job they do day-in and day-out from 14-15 into their 30's. The music industry isn't as lofty as you make it seem either. Really only the top echelon of performers get to dictate their own terms, and most are in debt to their record labels for the majority of their lives, with touring being the only way they actually make money...so they tour non-stop...forever. So yeah it's not the hard knock life of manual labor, but Williams has been in the industry for 20 years at 33, and the majority of that time was under contracts that she couldn't break. To put in perspective how these contracts can work, Weird Al's contract stipulated he produce 14 albums, and that's his first album to his last...his contract from 1983 was only fulfilled in 2014.


They been doing it since their teens. Hayley Williams even had to do a throat surgery for the amount of damage she endured.


Tour for 20 years and come talk to me. I toured for 13, and stopped at 26. I’m 37 now. Still work in the industry, but I stay put. It takes its toll. I have 2 bad rotator cuffs, bad left knee, lower back, and carpal tunnel in both hands. The saying goes, “I’ll play for free, but you have to pay me to travel.”


But it's led to some Hard Times...


Ain’t it fun?


Living in the real world...


They kicked out three members, a corporate replacement gunned for the lead job, and a drummer came back because he ran out of money and options. Very miserable.


The financial situation as well as what goes on with their mental and emotional health of most bands is honestly so sad- the fact that this is a normal thing and all a part of how they have to do it is just heartbreaking. I wish for the best for Paramore as well as every band that suffers similarly


What a god-awful "not like other girls" song.


The quality of the song makes me not care that you’re kind of right. Also, to be fair, Hayley was super young when she wrote it. And has since said she regrets certain lyrics.


She was 17/18 when that song came out, completely understandable she’d cringe now a bit.


Good song though


Legacy points deducted.


Another one of KD’s burners


I'll take the L, yall are making good points


I was shocked the first time I actually sat down and listen to the lyrics. But it’s still a damn good song.


I mean, she was around 18 when the song came out


It was 2006-2007 NLOG was the thing to do. Edgy emo girls (including me) thrived on the NLOG. I am the same age as Hayley, and like her I’ve also matured and cringe at my old fb posts. She obviously did it on a massive scale, and c’mon she was the only woman in that scene for a minute breaking barriers and shit.


No you're thinking of their song '(One of Those) Crazy Girls' where she sings "I'm not one of those crazy girls" actually /s Misery Business is fun and catchy with teen angst, it can be enjoyed for what it is.


After reading the whole article, which was admittedly long winded, I've never been happier to support them. Their music is different than in the past, but that doesn't mean it's worse. They've grown as people and the music reflects this.


To paraphrase Haley Williams from a few years ago: “You can’t be a teenager forever”


Someone forgot to tell that to blink-182


What's their age again?


Nobody likes you when you’re 53


Fucking lmao I heard it and iSights and cringed at the same time


Considering that Mark Hoppus had come back from the brink of cancerous death a couple of times now, I don’t think that they think that they’re teens anymore.


And panic at the disco


And thank the old gods for that. Teenage me was a fucking idiot.


A phrase I once heard and loved: “You know you’ve matured when you go from commiserating with Ariel in the Little Mermaid to telling her ‘Girl, you are sixteen, you don’t know shit, sit down and shut up!’” As teenagers we think we know everything. In our 30s we look back at our teens and realize what insufferable little idiots we were.


It never stops- I'm nearly 40 now and realize 30 yr old me was a dumb ass. Looking forward to 50 yr old me thinking I'm a dumbass


You might as well be forgiving and think that past you did the best you could with what you had at the time.


Teenage me made 30 year old me blind


the fact that their music is different is the reason I still like them. they’re a band I’ve grown up with and I mean that almost literally because their music matured as I did. I was 10 when Riot! came out and it got me into emo music as a whole. too many bands from the emo era have either dissipated because they couldn’t figure out where to go next or they’re still making music that is just a fuckin’ shell of itself (looking at you Panic At the Disco and Fall Out Boy.) Paramore’s a band that is still making good music that feels genuine. their self titled wasn’t quite my taste, but Now, Ain’t It Fun, and Still Into You are all fuckin’ bangers and After Laughter is an album I adore and brought me back full swing into being a fan of them. Their shift from emo into alt-rock/pop-rock is one that is just so good. one of my biggest complaints about blink-182 is that I feel like they were on a similar path of growing up (insert “dammit” joke here) and started making more alternative rock and then once Tom left the band they did a full 180 into generic pop-punk that hurts my soul. to bring this back to my point, I love that Paramore has grown up for the better and feel they represent different eras of my life. very excited for this new album, I personally am loving the single.


It doesn’t matter how much you are getting paid being on the road all the time burns you out. You very rarely sleep in a real bed and never have a home cooked meal. Especially if you are in your 30s now and are starting a family your priorities change. Has nothing to do with being a whiny spoiled rich person.


I’m currently touring the USA in an RV with three band mates. We’re halfway through a 32 date stretch over two months. We’re eating really well! One of us in particular has been making top quality breakfasts, poached eggs, salad greens and all! One day he even did fresh hollandaise sauce. Staying at RV camps with various amenities has been incredible. It is our second tour this year and while it is tiring and hard work, for a certain type of person, and if you love the work, it’s awesome. I love it. Check back in a couple years though and we may be a pack of salty dogs.


Sounds like you have it much better than normal people.


An RV helps. Source: day 29 in an 05 Trailblazer


After reading the article its clear that a lot of people in the comments didn't read it and are just full of shit and hate commenting because they want to to be different


Redditors not reading the article is nothing new. It’s a tale as old as time. Tbh we should do away with articles and just post pictures with headlines. It’s all that most people here look at anyway. Not to mention some people change the headline as well for maximum karma engagement.


Dude this ought to be more known. Especially with political news, you get tons of people who draw assumptions from the headline and maybe a few good comments in there among the 10020405904040 overused bad puns about “don’t insult X it’s rude to them”


Welcome to Reddit and Twitter discussion lol! There was an Xbox thread about some initiative to attract black people towards the gaming industry that was eduction/outreach oriented, and 90% of the comments were complaining about hiring practices changing When the article itself clearly explained that the program was tailored towards attracting people to the 'gaming industry' and not just Xbox (as in, not a hiring initiative)


It's almost like...they're driven by misogyny and toxic online culture... Now where did we just read that...?


I just realized I've had a crush on her for 20 years. Am I old? Jesus.....


They are in their early 30s for crying out loud. The interview makes it seem like they are 84 on a farewell world tour to mark their 60th year together


This is going on with a lot of bands in the music industry right now. They realized after COVID that bring on the road sucks and they either don’t want to do it at all anymore or scale it down significantly.


It’s understandable when you take into account that bands made the majority of their money from touring thanks to exploitation by the music industry and it’s a significant mental and physical wear for them to be constantly on the road.


Agreed all these people in the thread crying “spoiled rich celebrity” have no concept of what a grind being on the road actually is and how it deteriorates your health. My buddy’s uncle is in a pretty big band from the UK and I remember him posting once about his son’s birthday apologizing that he hadn’t been there for it in over a decade.


Get In The Van by Henry Rollins told me all I needed to know about that shit lifestyle. Getting stuff thrown at you, spit on and paid pennies on the dollar. Musicians have a screw loose to do it. I respect them


I know a guy who’s a tech for some very big name metal bands. He’s in his late 40s now, has a son whose life he missed a large portion of, an ex-wife who ended up cheating on him while he was on the road, and still isn’t in incredible shape financially (though he’s doing alright). It’s fucking rough.


Well let's be honest. With fewer concerts you can make the shows more special and justify maybe an extra ten bucks in ticket price because it's more exclusive. I'll probably get shit on for that statement but the bands deserve the chance to actually relax too. Even while on tour.


My only comment is it won't be an extra 10, bands will add another 0. It will be an extra 100 for the experience. Actually getting old and remembering $20 concert tickets is where the pain lies lol


This. It's never 10$.


I just got last minute tickets that were originally on sale months prior for 70$ a piece for $10+tax on the ticket corp’s website hours before the show because I never received my expensive tickets. After flying over 500 miles for the show. Early bird tickets to another favorite artist at the Los Angeles Palladium were also $10. Ten dollar tickets are still possible post-Covid, though I was just as surprised as anyone else would be.


What really sucks is they're still 20 bucks, it's just ticketmaster has their pecker in everything. My Alice in Chains and 3 pretty big bands tickets were 25 bucks, but ticketmaster wanted another 25 for "convenience". Box office if you can.


Ticketmaster fees are done in collaboration with the artist and/or venue. The artist gets a large cut of it and get to say "well shucks, we set the ticket price at $X".


You're not wrong. I have a lot of friends who tour and it can be a brutal, relentless schedule.


Honestly I think the ten bucks is low balling, especially if the quality of performance is reflected in the band.


Going on the road used to be the only way they could make real money because the record label would keep most of the profit from record or cd sales, now with online sales artists can make a better living even without touring.


This is not true at all. Online sales are extremely low with everyone using streaming services. They make a fraction of what they would before. Touring is the only way to make real money in the music business for many artists.


That’s hilarious that you believe that. Provided that the band didn’t have a terrible deal and were getting completely screwed by their label or management, they generally made more money on average from CD sales. Streaming pays basically nothing to the artist and that basically nothing is still subject to the split with the label. Nowadays, unless you pulled a random viral video type success or were a massive legacy act where you get billions of streams per year, it’s tour or starve.


Part of it is the audiences haven’t returned to the degree expected after COVID as well so that incentive has lessened


Really? That’s interesting. I’ve seen a few concerts this year and all were absolutely packed. To be fair they were all huge artists (Paul McCartney, Kendrick Lamar, etc., **huge** acts) but the crowd was really engaged in all of them. At two of the shows I went to the crowd even went crazy for one of the opening acts. While I was at them I really felt like concerts were back in a big way.


Damn, I’m really glad you had this experience! Two of the concerts I went to certainly had crowds (also Lamar, and Leikei47) but the energy was NOT there. No movement, hell, it wasn’t even that people were recording and standing still. Just felt like nobody was comfortable to dance, really let go and enjoy themselves. Maybe I’m too nostalgic for the past, but it felt like a real turning point for concert-going


This. Back in the days right after Napster, I read a book about the rise of digital distribution and the impacts it was having on the traditional model. Herbie Hancock wrote the forward, and his premise of the forward always stuck with me: bands need to control the rights to their names so they can maintain a healthy profit flow.


I still absolutely love how childishly and vehemently Lars Ulrich fought against any form of digital music in the wake of Napster. He came off like a short-sighted, out-of-touch old fart version of his already blustery self.


[https://twitter.com/jonahray/status/336621670087401472](https://twitter.com/jonahray/status/336621670087401472) And it was all hypocrisy to top it off!


Traditionalism inhibits innovation


>the forward *Foreword


You have this almost entirely backwards. Back in the day, the vast majority of an artist’s revenue came from album sales. Yeah, record labels were dogshit and took lots of revenue (which they still do). But artists were able to make a living almost solely from album sales. Many successful artists didn’t even tour because they made enough selling their music itself. Now, nearly all revenue comes from touring and merch. Artists make almost nothing from streaming. Yeah, you can do everything independent now and bypass labels much easier, but you make absolutely nothing from streaming. The big revenue streams are touring and merch.


Lmao only musicians would be so feeble as to complain about playing music for a living


Well, yeah. Musicians are the ones playing music for a living. And when it becomes too much, they may or may not complain about it just like any other worker in any other profession, because jobs blow. Your comment doesn't make sense.


Not really especially at the lower levels you are away from your family for months on end and have to sleep on a shitty bus while driving to the next city every night. The days are also much longer than you’d expect putting together a show. It’ll burn out anyone pretty quick.


It's hard work at that level, but I get what you're saying. It's still an amazing life lol I wouldn't mind running around on stage being worshipped while I make millions. I'd also argue the Rolling Stones were going at it until recently. Springsteen still out here doing 90 hour shows.


It's a very strange complaint.


I mean they started the band when they were like 15 and now they are in their 30s. Yeah they are still young but they’ve been in this band most of their teenage years and all of their adult lives. Them taking time away from the band to do their own things makes perfect sense.


I mean, they’ve been making music and being on the road since they were teenagers. That’s over half their lives. I don’t fault them for (like many people) realizing that work isn’t worth killing yourself over. Treat your body well now, and it will treat you well later


I’m sure they’ve been through a lot but this article is not for me. It picks at so many things regardless of importance so that everything seems exaggerated. They sold millions of records and are remembered fondly to this day. I would go as far to say they get less hate then almost any other artist every from that time period


I guess they couldn’t handle the Misery of Business after all.


I don’t know who this band is, don’t really listen to this type of music but the article turned into a pretty insightful piece about social issues and politics.


That’s what you get… when you let your heart win.


So they’re sore after making a video? That’s being in your 30’s. Gotta stretch.


Fr just say you wanna break up and move on


Jus say you didn’t read the article and move on lmao


The "I'm feeling my age at 33. We shot a music video a week ago and I'm still sore" part made Lemmy turn over in his grave


Like how they blame their age for being in shitty shape. Plenty of bands go harder then they ever did for longer then they've been around and making a lot less money doing it.


It’s surreal seeing the ideas of the band grow up and my own ideas and experiences with society changing and evolving alongside them. It’s odd that people I’ve never met and who will never know me can instill in me this feeling of hope, but if they can sorta reject their nihilism and fight for change I shouldn’t give up and do the same


Why did they bait this like they were breaking up. I hate the media sometimes.


Good 4 them. When is Hayley going to make an appearance at Olivia Rodrigo's show or do they have beef with each other after Paramore had to be credited for "Good 4 U"?


Oh how come they were credited?


What is this a response to? being a bit older than they started?


I've done tours with bands, lived on tour buses etc. It's punishment. Even with good drugs.


I absolutely respect the hell out of this band and Hailey. Used to love their old stuff. Went to their concert and they put on a great show. I’ll admit I’m not a fan of their newer style but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still great. Shoot even Linkin Park changed styles up for the newer albums. It shows the band is maturing and wanting to try new things. Good for them.


Zac and Josh Farro left the band after their third album. And in my opinion, were what made Paramore great.


Paramore feels like my Nirvana. In that I was actually of age to be there when they came out and have seen the influence/impact they've made. The fact they've made it through everything and are still whole makes me really fucking happy


Uh....did you just compare Paramare and Nirvana AND impact?


"My" Nirvana. Not a comparison of the bands as art, but the impact Paramore had on their life and the cultural impact.


Exactly lol. As a black kid liking rock I thought I was alone outside of my friend group with how much I loved them. It seemed like each album I was going through something and it aligned with their releases. It wasn't until they announced their new project and seeing BlackTok and BlackTwitter just how many of us had the same experience and love for them. I love Nirvana but I was just born when Nevermind came out. I got to grow up with Paramore, I'm only three years younger than Hayley


Yeah, they did. That’s how comparison works. I think the word *you’re* looking for is *equate*.


That band is absolutely not worth risking your health for


You mean to tell me you're too cool to scream All We Know in the shower?


To bad all they have left is their music, legions of fans, millions of dollars, and their youth.


Having heard their music, I agree.


Look at me, I'm so cool for hating this successful band. Please pay attention to me.


To hear her band mates talk about their prior breakup she was a real pain in the ass. It wasn’t about sexism, it was all about her and they were hardly getting paid or supported by their management.


I think she will follow the same patch as Amy lee. Getting kids, gain weight, do some solo business and when the money is short, she returns with the band. Btw I am a big fan of Evanescence


To be fair, Amy Lee *is* Evanescence. Since Moody left after *Fallen,* it has been entirely her.




Not his stones?


When they'll eventually get old they could rename to The rolling kidney stones. Great idea, thank you stranger


I agree. Paramore is not worth sacrificing your health over.


That's pretty dramatic lol


You ever heard their music? When aren’t they dramatic.


Hayley: if you have an opinion you can keep it yourself Also Hayley: *here's my opinion*


Didn't even know they were still around


So done with these celebrities being this over dramatic. Some of them really couldn’t even handle a 9-5.


When I work a 9-5 it’s a hell of a lot easier than when I’m traveling.


They are not really. Being on tour sucks ass for many reasons. Not saying 9-5s are easier by any means but it’s a much more sustainable lifestyle.


I’ve always enjoyed their music so a new album is welcomed. If you haven’t listened, check out their tiny desk performance.


It really isn’t, it’s just decent


They stole that from nicklebask


Our "financial" health for...


Saints row flash backs. She’s a great vocalist.


“One of the most influential bands of their generation”….LMAO.


When have you seen/heard a music video by a pop-punk artist with a female singer and seen anyone *not* by like OmG iT sOuNdS LiKe PaRaMorE!


Gotta be so hard getting paid millions to do what you love. Boo hoo


After reading the article, it’s clear they think they’re really, really important.


I mean, they were being interviewed so of course they talked about themselves.


I mean she’s right. The band is really bad. Why would you risk anything for it?


their music is so shitty now, so its about time to break up


Finally something Paramore have said that I agree with