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Finally someone is taking Jon Stewart to task for uhhh trying to get 9/11 survivors and Veterans with cancer better Healthcare...


I mean *American conservatives.*


My wife’s uncle is a super conservative old coot, and when I was discussing this with him, he started out by being annoyed the benefits were being given, then when I pointed out these people literally put their lives on the line to help in one of the darkest chapters in US history he doubled down on how they deserved what they got. All of this because it was being pushed for by a liberal. This guy served in the Army and Air Force and in desert storm.. I was stupefied by his attitude towards them. Victim-blaming 9/11 responders because a liberal was standing up for them.. We are so fucked as a country


A lot of vets feel vets who are liberal aren’t real vets and don’t deserve benefits. My father and I are both disabled vets, yet he has voiced he doesn’t believe I should get the same benefits…and we had the same job in the military. Really the only logic there is to it is that I’m a leftist and pretty disenchanted with the whole military industrial complex. If I ever talk about being mistreated while I was in, the best thing he has ever said is it wasn’t like that was he in, the worst is him accusing me of making up what I saw. A lot of other vets accuse me of that honestly, and i really just don’t know if I missed the shot that makes me a rabid conservative, or it’s too painful for them to confront that their time in the service was completely pointless and harmful to the world as a whole.


Your own father says you don't deserve benefits? I would legitimately never speak to him again. That's truly vile. I couldn't imagine caring more about a political party line than helping my own family who's in need


If you stop speaking it's one less voice that has a chance of getting through, leaving them surrounded by the voices that do agree, which tends to lead to lashing out as even though everyone they talk to agrees with them but people don't listen.


Grown men that ignorantly hateful don't have a chance of seeing reason anyway.


I see you’ve met my brother. How’s he doing? Nah, never mind I don’t wanna know.


Fuck them there's no changing these psychos minds


Thats exactly what republican voters seem to be. Everything they stand for is a FARCE.


It’s an ego thing for him, it’s part of his whole branding of himself he’s made up where he’s a conservative pastor that’s a disabled vet. He’s unfortunately just deeply insecure and I don’t know why really with all that’s he’s accomplished. He was a decent father when I was a kid so I haven’t cut him off completely, but it is pretty painful yeah.


leftist vet here. You deserve everything and more. Glad we both missed the rabid conservative shot and thanks for letting me know I'm not alone.


r/veterans is pretty positive sometimes, especially after this latest kerfuffle with the burn pits. It makes me happy to see that there are more than a handful of veterans who are like us.


As a fellow leftist vet, this entire message speaks to me. My dad would make sly comments, talking out the side of his mouth, if anyone asked how my shoulder is doing, or if the nerve damage in my hip was getting worse.


This discrimination even happens to leftists still in the military. When his superiors found out he was a communist, one of my uncles became a second-class citizen


As a fellow leftist vet who is also very disenchanted with the military industrial complex I have a very conservative father in law who is also a vet and yea I feel you dude but I just remind myself what I went through was fucking dog shit and nobody can tell me being on a submarine with bed bugs for a year didn’t suck being gone with zero communication for 340 days didn’t suck and missing the birth of my daughter for a inspection I wasn’t needed for also didn’t suck ass.


Yeah I feel that. I grew up in Texas and started conservative but now am probably left of center (I hate these labels)? I annoy my friends from the service but we still boys. The consensus amongst most of us is that this was travesty. Probably the most right wing friend I have supported Jon and said he’s one of those old school liberals and he has no beef with him. Any vet who watched Jon’s speech after the vote and wasn’t moved isn’t a vet. Jon clearly cares and will eviscerate any of these clown politicians in a debate.


It just sounds like conservatives love to thank you for your service but don't want to pay the cost of that service because you were willing to put yourself on the line and that should be enough. Apparently the thanks is the payment to them.


That must be incredibly difficult, I’m so sorry.


That is wild. I’m sorry that happened. I’m a leftist because of my time in the military.


That's rough. I've never experienced that, but most vets I talk to at the VA are heavily conservative and disrespectful towards liberals. And I live in California. Imagine meeting Senator Tammy Duckworth and telling her she wasn't a real disabled vet, while she is sitting in her wheelchair, missing 2 legs from her UH-60 Black Hawk attack... Fucking wild. The brainwashing is real and deep.


Well hey, he got his so fuck everyone else. Spoken like a true conservative.


^^^THIS RIGHT HERE^^^ These folk exist in my family, too. All we can do is distance ourselves from the nonsense. It doesn’t mean we don’t love them. It just means we know we don’t have to tolerate that in our lives.


It’s 100% fine to stop loving them. What the heck does love mean anyway if we spend even one precious minute coddling fascists? Life is short enough.


Good point.


The conservative ideology is based on the belief that betraying your country is patriotic.


The conservative ideology is purely just “fuck democrats. Doesn’t matter what they do, what they say, or if what they’re doing or saying helps me, fuck em.” They’re just the temper tantrum party


No it's based on purely the message coming out of a peers mouth. It doesn't matter the message so long as it's said by someone with the same identified party. If it was based on the message then they would support this bill.


Exactly why they love the confederate flag


I’m southern. And to watch ppl fly the rebel flag next to an American flag is just the dumbest fucking thing to me. They are literally opposing sides. And they are just so painfully fucking ignorant that they don’t care and are proud.


The best part is that the only connection any of them have to that Flag is through the dukes of hazard, which were pretty anti police.


"It's my heritage!" The Confederacy was formed in 1861 and ended 1865, that's some heritage if I've ever seen it...


My brother in law flys that flag and used the "my heritage" line all the time. It shuts him up real quick when I say a black man was president longer than his "heritage" was around. Oh, he's from Michigan also. I know the US school system has sucked for the better part of my life, but I don't recall Michigan being a traitor state.


Remind him the last flag that the confederate army flew was the white flag of surrender. He should have that one up instead.


Gay marriage being around longer than the Confederacy is a good one, too.


And the trump flag. They love to cling on to their losing beliefs.


your wife's uncle is a fucking cunt.


We are not fucked as a country if you just realize there are a lot of people like that uncle. My aunt is similar and I’ve just cut her out of my life and the make sure I spend a little extra time educating people and pushing people to vote. You will never change the TFGs (too far gone, unfortunately) and it isn’t worth the time it would take to convert them. We will be fine as long as we all actually participate in the electing process, especially because we all understand there is a decent percent of the population that is crazy/frothing.


Your wife’s uncle sucks. I’m sorry. Your username is wonderful.


This kind of shit is why I'm done with the concept of "meeting in the middle" with conservatives: they're sociopathic monsters. Fuck them and their shitty ethos. Time to split this country up.


Ask him if he got sick would he deserve it. Numnut


The democrats should use this by letting Hillary run as a republican.


Your wife’s uncle is a pos.


That'll show Big Veterans with Cancer.


He’s trying to help people?!?! Not on my watch! -conservatives


And using the strongest of arguments in doing so, Physical Insults.... the last refuge of insecure people with a crumbling position trying to appear confident


If you can't attack the position, attack the person.


Tucker's never gotten over when Jon Stewart asked him point blank if his mommy dresses him every day making fun of the bow ties Tucker used to wear. https://youtu.be/aFQFB5YpDZE


I've been watching that clip for over 15 years and it's still delicious


Tucker:"Wow, I would hate to have dinner at your house." Jon: "Dont worry, you won't."


That killed me, Jon was on fire that whole debate.


FR! How can you be that quick on your feet holy smokes


The bowtie bit broke old Tuck, he's never been the same since.


You’ll notice he no longer wears a bow tie on his show too haha


Debate? Lol I thought that was a roast


I think their plan was to make him look stupid, the way they kept interrupting and placating his responses it was in a nasty manor. But Jon Stewart is a true master.


Jon is orders of magnitude more intelligent than any of those “Crossfire!” types, and he gave them both barrels right between the eyes.


Yeah because he stayed on message and didn’t let them derail the conversation. It was great. He is an awesome speaker/communicator, and extremely quick witted. Love that guy


It’s always funny to me that Jon’s moving so quickly through jokes that the audience can’t keep up. He’s effortlessly going through some absolute legendary jokes off the cuff while also doing a serious discussion. He’s incredible.


I wonder if there is any footage from the commercial breaks


Right? I can't imagine the contentious conversation just paused.


‘You guys are… what do you call it - hacks.”


Tucker's laugh through that was as real as any and all tribulation that man has ever been through. Fed from a silver spoon his whole life so he can shit on those that provided his wealth.


About once every year or two I watch it again when it comes up in threads like this. It never gets old but it also shows how little has changed.


almost 18 years. also, Stewart and many of us sure ate these words: [https://youtu.be/aFQFB5YpDZE?t=643](https://youtu.be/aFQFB5YpDZE?t=643)


This was my thought exactly. I read the line about being "too short to date" and thought, "I wonder if Ucker still wears bow ties?" Changing your appearance cause someone mocked you about it... How flaccid.


That interview was Tucker's Joker origin story


Particularly the tie comment, weirdly enough. You can see he has to grab his mug and take a drink to recalibrate and he’s rattled and snippy thereafter.


Watching him try to tell Jon he’s not a journalist while asserting his show (Crossfire) was meaningful dialogue was so painful.


Just like Seth Myers/Obama's WHCD roasts was Trump's.


Aka the reason he no longer wears bow ties. Seriously never get in a public debate with a comedian, particularly one as sharp as Stewart


Tuckers mom abandoned him as a kid true story


Can you blame her?


He slapped that bow tie off TC so hard that TC could never find it to put it back on. Some say it’s on the moon now.


The Wolf Blitzer story clips in this video are chilling in what they’ve foreshadowed. We are dealing with those exact things today. Wolf Blitzer, Dark Prophet.


What makes it even worse is Wolf Blitzer looks the exact same age in that clip as he does now.


One of Jon Stewart’s greatest contributions to society was excoriating Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala on Crossfire, absolutely love that clip. Thank god the show was cancelled shortly thereafter, it was honestly such a dumpster fire.


He definitely went after both of them for being pundits that hurt the nation, but he really really went after tucker for being a dick. He spared Paul the cane he had waiting for fucker.


Re-watching this... Jon says "it'd be tough to match this administration (Bush) in terms of absurdity" aged like milk.


For that interview, it was Jon’s show. That audience was hanging on every word he said.


They are not a pair. John Stewart makes remarkable social commentary, whereas Tucker Carlson is a destructive troll who's only loyalty is to the almighty dollar.


Jon Stewart is on f*cking fire lately, and Tucker Carlson is a joke and a dangerous idiot indeed. Carlson insulted Stewart ignorantly as usual: "The famous Jon Stewart looks like a homeless mental patient. He's shrieking and disheveled, and very short. Really short. Too short to date.” Jon Stewart fired back: "Friends. Tonight I am sad. @TuckerCarlson believes me too short to date... and yet somehow, miraculously, I remain tall enough to not know what Victor Orbán's a** tastes like! Is it goulash Tucky? Seems like it would be goulash," Stewart tweeted. “This dig is in relation to the praise Carlson has directed at the controversial Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán who just last month expressed his opposition to Hungarians mixing with other races.” Stewart is the hero of speaking truth to power for Americans values. Period. Stewart defending veterans: https://www.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/wc0xxw/america_is_fucked_jon_stewart_trashes_republicans/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf Stewart condemning the Supreme Court: https://www.reddit.com/r/entertainment/comments/vqk7wt/jon_stewart_says_the_supreme_court_is_now_the_fox/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


>too short to date Tucker is making some dangerously closeted comments for a Fox Newz host.


Lmao! I’m not surprised he didn’t, but it would have been funny if he said “Ok tuck; we can go out to dinner…”


Not surprising. His dad was OBSESSED with rooting out trans women in sport in the 70’s. Not professional sports mind you, but regional, country club tennis circuits. Fucking weird.


Its kinda telling that he is the direct link between neo nazi theories about the world and the general conservative. He is doing a Göbbels. If he does enough Göbbels he is gonna be Reichspropagandaminister for the Chief (yeah I know the titles recommended by American Nazis for their duce sound dumb)


God thats so weak. First off we all know Jon is short. He and his pals make fun of it all the time…but the lame “to short too date”? First off duded married and second what is this a schoolbus of middleschoolers? Such an embarrassing take.


Height shaming is the new weight shaming because you can't weight shame anymore. Its not ok to make fun of someone's physical appearance in any aspect for any reason.


I think Tucker continues to feel insecure over having his ass handed to him by Jon Stewart on Crossfire years ago


He absolutely does, he's lashing out all these years later about jons height because he was rightfully made to feel foolish for wearing those laaaaaame bow-ties. I wish so badly for Tuck to have Jon on his show. Imagine if Jon got another one canned. Alas, a snowball has better odds surviving a trip through hell.


But after all these years TC has yet to learn how to make quips that are actually funny in any way


Well yeah that's why he had to go after an inherent physical trait while Jon focused on something Tuck consciously chose to afflict upon himself to underscore his point about tuck being a "political hack". One is hilarious, acting as the vehicle for substantive criticism and the other is middle school level bullying. "Ur so short I bet you can't even get a date to the formal" he say to an adult with a 22yr marriage...


Seriously. Going after a battle hardened comedian. What a knucklehead.


I mean, that show pretty much ended due to how moronic Stewart made the hosts look and probably led to Carlson losing his job at CNN Stewart appeared in Oct 2004. The show was cancelled Jan 2005 and the head of CNN announced they wouldn't renew Carlson's contract and stated he "sympathized" with Stewart's criticism of the show.


It’s exactly this and only this. He’s never, ever, ever gotten over it.


>Stewart is the hero of speaking truth to power for Americans values. Honestly, that undersells Jon's abilities. Lots of people speak truth to power, and lots of people spread awareness of issues or "smash" people like Tucker with clever takedowns in tweet form. Where Jon is different is he actually gets things done. He helps get bills past and causes change. Do doesn't just bum you out with a sad story, and then move on to the next sad story, he picks an issue and puts in the work. Whether that's giving interviews, speeches, meeting with people in power or standing outside in the heat. Too many people think they're the next Jon Stewart when all they do is sit at home comfortably leaving sarcastic comments on famous people's tweets.


He also set back Tucker's career significantly and ended his show. (Crossfire) Is someone looking for another verbal beat down?


And he never wore a bowtie again


That was legendary, but that's not moving legislation. "Bringing awareness" wasn't enough, and "keeping pressure" wasn't enough, Stewart also made sure the pressure actually pushes against something in order to cause action. Which is something he explained on his recent podcast. Compare that to people who call for general strikes or work strikes, but don't have any real goals in mind beyond "systemic change" or "raising awareness, who then ultimately gets nothing done, they should be studying Jon's actions here.


The thing that always impressed me about Jon is how tremendously well informed he is. Maybe it's about prepwork but I have never seen him fumble a question or crumble under an attack, and it's solely because how knowledgeable he is on the things he chooses to speak on. AND he's funny and charismatic. Beyond that he seems like a genuinely good guy. I do feel like when he quit the daily show it left a big vacuum of criticism in the face of the most absurd administration in history (no shade to Trevor Noah, he's great, but Jon is just on another level of political criticism) I hope he remains in the public eye and spends time talking about current issues because honestly he's the one who got the burn pit bill passed


yeah of all the people in the world you couldn't stump veteran stand up comedians are right up there. the job description is pretty much being sharp, and being able to reply to idiots quickly


I watched every show Jon and Colbert did tho never met in rl, I feel close to them


Trevor can be insightful and funny. He's held back by the format. His best stuff is the "behind the scenes" stuff of him just talking with the audience, almost like a mini stand up special.


Was just telling my wife I actually mourned Stewart leaving the daily show. I think Trevor Noah is good. Like 6/10 good. Stewart was 10/10 every f'n night and I truly miss him. I haven't recorded a late night program of any kind since and I never missed his show.


>He’s shrieking and disheveled, and very short. Really short. Too short to date. Big talk from a man who seemingly hasn’t gone through puberty yet.


“Some would say, the shortest man you’ve ever seen.” - Agent Orange, probably


Ok but Goulash is pretty fucking delicious. Needs to choose a different dish. Durian?


I love how tucker has nothing on Jon so he can only resort to insults that fail to make any point. Jon can always respond with a hard fact that can make tuck look bad.


Last time Stewart and Carlson had a row, Carlson lost his show and got bitch smacked so hard he stopped wearing bow ties No half measures this time, Jon. Go in for the kill.


I mean, Stewart has been knocking Carlson down since like, early 2000's? Carlson has never come out looking good in any of their exchanges, but he just keeps coming back for more...


I’ve met the guy. He actually is pretty short (not that it actually matters). What does matter is that he’s a genuinely awesome dude that cares for veterans and all those that serve the country in one form or another. The dude flew 18 hours or something crazy like that to visit soldiers in Kandahar back in 2011 and immediately stepped off the plane to go shake hands, and being some happiness to folks dealing with a tough situation. I’ll never forget that day, and he’ll always be one of the GOATs to me for it.


So Tuckers type is tall men. Got it.


Seems like Tucker still hasn't forgotten John Stewart's comments about his bow tie, during Stewart's legendary appearance on the CNN show Crossfire, back in 2004. Link: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFQFB5YpDZE&t=399](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFQFB5YpDZE&t=399) Note that Tucker has not worn a bow tie on the air since :) CNN decided to cancel "Crossfire" shortly after Stewart eviscerated the show during his appearance, criticizing the format and saying the mindless partisan hackery was "hurting America".


That clip never not fills me with joy.


Tucker Carlson is a star on Russian TV because he’s a traitor to this nation and it’s people.


I too love Stewart, but I simply can't stand how short he's become of late. /S


Never pick a fight with a comedian.


By all means, pick a fight with a comedian - Carrot Top or Michael McIntyre probably aren't going to even consider telling you how to do your job. But Jon Stewart? He's not going to tell you how to do your job, he's going to show the audience that you're not doing it, and when you do, you're not very good at it either.


Aside from not being able to match verbal wits with a professional talker, the last time I saw Carrot Top, he was jacked. Not picking a fight with him.


Lol that was my thought. Never pick a fight with a comedian? Ok sure buddy, I’ll be sure to not engage in political debate with Rob Schneider or Andy Dick since it’s a given they’d destroy us all


I don't think Tucker Carlson deserves to be mentioned in the same sentence with Jon Stewart. At least Stewart's comedy is based on real news.


And Tucker Carlson’s “news” program is a fucking joke


I didn't know people considered the shit the guy says news... that's scary


Less “frosty relationship” and more “Is John Stewart going to have to choke a bitch?”


The way Jon can rip Tucker a new one and still only use facts just gives me hope for the future. Jon is the USA’s conscience with a heart and just won’t give up. And for that we will always love Jon. Tucker is the anti-Jon. Tucker uses opinion and whining to try and lie to his viewers. Be more like Jon.


Carlson is so anti-Jon I was shocked they didn't annihilate upon close contact.


https://youtu.be/Hk-TLXKlubk Carlson is just mainstreamed KKK.


Tucker hasn't any fucken room at all to talk... the guy's voice sounds like he is going through puberty and he continually looks like he smells shit.


LOL!! Too true!! Stewart has more hilarious and justified insults to join yours: “The debate eventually became more heated, with Carlson at one point suggesting Stewart was funnier on his own show.” Stewart responded: “You know what's interesting, though? You're as big a d*** on your show as you are on any show." “In March 2021, after the clip again went viral, Stewart joked about his quarrel with Carlson and doubled down on his insult.” "I called Tucker Carlson a d*** on National television.” “It's high time I apologize... to d***s. Never should have lumped you in with that terrible, terrible person," Stewart said.


Great response from Stewart, but let's also not forget that his show was on *Comedy* Central, while Carlson's is on Fox *News* "Well, Tuck, I thought I was on a *news* show, so I came to talk about issues. What did you come to do?"


Its worse, that exchange happened on Crossfire on CNN. Carlson got dunked on so bad the show was canceled shortly after


Every single time Jon Stewart has appeared on Fox he danced circles around the hosts.


Jon Stewart has this uncanny ability, no matter what bad faith argument is being made, to use the weight of their own stupidity against them in a fluid motion. Its like some kind debate judo.


I got to hear a interview by Terry Gross (sp?) on NPR with The Daily Show producer who went with Jon to that recording of Crossfire. One of the things he mentioned is that the debate became even more heated with the producers after the show. Wish I could have seen that. Jon went into that recording with the goal of "not playing their game".


Awesome!! Do you have a link? I only found these: https://www.npr.org/2000/05/31/1111176/jon-stewart-the-co-producer-and-anchorman-of-the-dailyshow-with-jon-stewart https://www.npr.org/2000/05/31/1111176/jon-stewart-the-co-producer-and-anchorman-of-the-dailyshow-with-jon-stewart Here’s an archive: https://www.inquirer.com/archive/john_timpane/fresh-air-fresh-forever-30-years-as-national-show-new-digital-archive-20170606.html


I think its this one; https://freshairarchive.org/segments/daily-show-producer-ben-karlin


The man looks like a sentient thumb.


I think that's crossing the line. For misusing the word "sentient", the guy still can't figure out what terms like "racism" or "white supremacy" mean.


Quite insulting to thumbs as well. I'm rather fond of mine. But I wouldn't piss on Carlson if he was on fire.


Whoa, whoa, whoa! Less of the sentient, please - let's not give Carlson ideas above his station


Truly people like Tucker who make their career by being outraged about everything are the worst. I worry about people who watch him and just absorb his snotty anger regularly. It is not good for your brain. At least people like John Oliver balance their anger about topics with comedy. I still find his show hard to watch regularly because it is primarily negative (even if it's negative about things I agree we should be mad about, it's just a lot to absorb).


You know what’s telling? When Tucker insulted Jon it was all physical appearance stuff - short, disheveled, etc. When Jon clapped back it was to point out that Tucker simps for an authoritarian strong man. This is the equivalent of a 3rd grade bully having an argument with Jon Stewart


Tuckers audience is immature and thats who he panders to. He can't say anything too deep or insightful or they wouldn't understand. They're also locked into the fox news bubble so they're only aware of what fox news allows them to be aware of.


Jon Stewart is honestly a master of public relations. Not only does he know what he’s talking about, he knows what the other side is talking about and how to deconstruct their arguments like B-Rabbit from 8 Mile. One of the smartest things he did while lobbying for the PACT act was to go on conservative outlets and unpack the false claims that Toomey, McConnell and other republicans were making, and then tell everyone watching not to believe him, but to read it for themselves at Congress.gov. You will never hear anyone on Fox News, or Newsmax say anything like that.


Jon Stewart is a real human being. A guy who looks like would hang out with an average Joe and drink a beer and watch a game. Fucker Carlson seems like the guy you’d throw out of your house after he drops one of his many unsavory takes.


343 Firefighters perished in 9/11, 60 officers died (at least) As someone who works in the firefighting field, I can’t express the emotional toll each station felt after 9/11. Those people trained, worked, and sweat their asses off next to each other every day… to lose someone on an incident is heavy. Doesn’t matter who it is. To lose 400 first responders in a day? I guarantee none of them slept that night. Our country owes everything to those first responders. The fact that they aren’t being taken care of is a complete disgrace.


“Jesus, somebody light a candle! Tucker dropped one of his takes again.”


Tucker Carlson is the personification of a prestigious, elitist New England boarding school.


Drops a roofie in a little girl's juice box.*


Confirmed, Tucker Carlson only dates tall men


NGL I definitely thought Jon Stewart looked frail when I saw his original response to the bill getting blocked, but as a veteran I'm 100% in support of what he's doing. I've been going back and forth with the VA since 2014 trying to get disability for injuries sustained over 3 combat tours (including these burn puts) with zero success. The VA is awful.


Jon Stewart is about to turn 60, he looks like he’s in good shape for his age, to me. He also probably looked tired because he was out on Capitol Hill for hours in blistering heat protesting. Then spent hours the same night driving back to NYC and calling into CNN, NBC, MSN, FOX and Newsmax.


But at least Jon doesn’t look so swollen that he has to be rolled into his pretend, clamp-less wood shop like Tucker.


That Women only date tall men is about as classic Incel as tucker can get, John is a liberal proponent of feminism who is married and has 2 children.


Didn’t Fucker Carlson also blame women for the Highland Park shooting? Doesn’t get any more incel than that


And meanwhile Tucker begged Hunter Biden for help getting his son into Georgetown lol. https://amp.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/may/19/tucker-carlson-hunter-biden-georgetown-emails


What is this headline? Jon Stewart and Tucker Carlson have always had a frosty relationship. Jon Stewart told them to stop doing Crossfire because Tucker was so obnoxious on it.


Tucker mocks Jon, "You need to teach at a journalism school," to which Jon brilliantly replies, "Yeah, and you need to go to one," is such a great comeback. Tucker's face turns so sour.


It was pretty exemplary of the difference between the two. TC mocked JS when he was on Crossfire for not asking the tough questions when he interviews politicians. His response was something along the lines of, "my show comes on immediately following a show involving puppets making prank phone calls. My job is to make people laugh, it's a comedy show." It was amazing because every single time TC would try to drag him down, he just repeated that his show is a comedy show and is on comedy central. TC was trying to act like Jon Stewart doesn't follow the same rules that he suggested Crossfire follow, and it totally blew up on him because that one reference, that his show is on comedy central and comes on after puppets, was essentially saying "yeah. my show is a joke, but YOUR show is a JOKE."


Carlson never got over being so effortlessly and casually shown up on Crossfire all those years ago, in a clip that still makes the rounds as a timeless display of Carlson's inability to have an honest discussion even about topics he selects.


The only relationships Tucker Carlson has is with butt plugs.


And the green M&M!


It’s so funny that broadcast conservatives are still pissed at Stewart for like… dunking on George W Bush and shit like anti-environment Republicans in the on environmental advisory boards 20 years ago, whereas in the past 10 years the dude has been doing nothing but diligently fighting to get Congress give veterans and 9/11 responders the just \*scraps\* of compensation for their work and suffering. It’s really a good litmus test for “does a conservative actually care about their country”. A lot of them like to talk up how much they just wuv the veterans more than \*evil liberals\*, but then they regularally vote down any measures to protect veterans just because they also included like drug rehabilitation services or some other shit excuse.


Any remaining doubt on this issue set sail in early 2016 when POWs, gold star families, and the disabled came under direct ridicule by their nominee. 40% of the country tasted that flavor of callous hate / bigotry / anti-Americanism, and it was like giving a bunch of kids their first piece of candy. The hate train's been picking up steam ever since that top was blown off.


Requesting one ‘President Jon Stewart‘, please.


He'd never do it, if only because he'd think about campaign contributions, then think of all the money he'd have to spend on advertising and traveling the country, and think why couldn't, why shouldn't it be spent improving the lives of veterans, first responders, people working for shitty employers, women in need of reproductive health care and education... Even if he overcame that instinct, he might think of all the politicians in Congress that he has run rings around, fought with and publicly excoriated and think that if he made it to the White House, he would need them to cooperate with him or be replaced with actual, normal people, unsullied by corporate lobbying.


Its always weird how media outlets will reframe "dumb old coward attempts to bully person with compassion because they hate americans" as "these two's relationship remains frosty as they're locked in a row. I guess all we can do is blame both sides and not examine the issue at all!"


Tucker, the entertainer


We have been begging Jon to run for president since the Bush days. Say what you will about celebrities, but this man knows his stuff and his heart is in the right place. He just says no, and I don't blame him.


Okay normally I wouldn’t go here, but since darling Tuck did - am I the only one who is kind of laughing at this because Jon Stewart can totally still get it. Like, sure he’s older - funny how time works - but he looks like he keeps in decent shape and he’s a nice looking guy. And in any contest of “who would you rather” Jon beats Tucker every single time.


Tucker the Cucker is still butthurt Jon destroyed him on his show years ago.


Tucker is still mad, Jon made Tucker look like an idiot when Jon appeared on Crossfire on CNN, many, many years ago.


Tucker makes himself look like an idiot every evening


Well, yeah. Stewart basically got him fired. I only wish Stewart could do it again.


Jon doesn’t have to date him. He already butt fucked him on national television years ago on crossfire.


Fuck Tucker Carlson. Fuck him in his stupid fucking face


Hoping Stewart ends up in politics but he may be able to do more as an advocate


Headline translation, please?


Tucker Carlson dresses like a ventriloquist dummy so that if he’s in little boy’s room and a parent walks in he can just fall to the floor and play dead


Why doesn’t Jon run for president? He would easily win.


Lol Carlson get wrecked every time he interacts with John Stewart.


Captain Constipation face trying to critique others appearance is very amusing.


Do you remember when Jon Stewart bitch slapped Tucker on Crossfire and the show ended. Pepperidge Farm remembers.


He’ll never get the best of Jon and yet he keeps trying. He’s not even close to being witty or intelligent enough. And if all he’s got on the guy is his height and facial hair, he’s already lost.


A brilliant orator, dedicated fighter for justice and satirist versus an idiot. No contest. One lobbied for the health of 9/11 responders, the other claimed Italian Spy Satellites stole the Trump election. One is coherent, passionate and hilariously funny, the other says a phrase then repeats it as a question, therefore actually saying nothing so he can defend himself if to outrageous.


Knew a guy who knew Tucker Carlson and his family, said he doesn’t really believe in the stuff he says and just gets paid to say it. According to him Tucker is reasonable in person, which lines up with many other big screen professions.


That makes it even worse.


That just makes it worse. Oy.


In a row is a funny way of saying Tucker is getting his shit pushed in verbally by Stewart. Jon Oliver referring to Tucker as a human boat shoe will always be one of my favorite insults.


Take him to the woodshed, John.


“Where’s he been for the last 7 years” Advocating for veterans and 9/11 first responders, you dick.


Tucker… you reeeeaaaallly don’t want this smoke.


“Too short to date”? What does that even mean? Jon Stewart has been married for 22 years and has 2 kids. Tucker is such a loser that he can’t even come up with any decent one liners. What an embarrassing man.


Tucker Carlson might honestly be the most punchable person I’ve ever fucking seen.


Tucker Carlson has no dick.


I’d pay good money to see a veteran lay tucker Carlson the fuck out It’s unfortunate that people like him can feel safe in this country


One is a good person. The other is an absolute sack of shit.


What a surprise. The conservatives who so absurdly claim to be against identity politics once again are showing their asses by attacking a dissenter’s appearance, rather than addressing their points. I’m not sure why this soft, unimpressive frat boy chud would make fun of someone’s appearance, when he won’t even wear his signature bowtie anymore after the same person trounced him on network television.