The only words I remember from Avatar are Jake Sully, unobtanium, Pandora and Avatar


Jake Sooooleeey.


You speak the true true!


No, that's cloud Atlas


Wait, really? "The true true" is real? I thought that was just Rick and Morty taking the piss.


Tom hanks says that line in cloud atlas.


I'm pretty sure Halle Berry says it too.


Reckon they both do.


Sometimes small true true different from the big true true


The only thing that matters is finding the *true* true true


In its defense I will say that line is lifted directly from the book, in which it sounds significantly less stupid, because that whole section of it is written in dialect.


I thought it was pretty diagetic in the movie too. [diagetic](https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/diegetic)


I just found it jarring hearing it from a real person. Some stuff just plays better in the imagination.


IThey are directly lampooning Cloud Atlas. Jerry starred in it in another universe.


You want my centers?


I'm glad Funhaus has this reach.


Any mention of avatar instantly reminds me of funhaus and Elyse


I've seen Elyse as an Avatar more than I've seen the movie. The best part of the sequel coming out is that no doubt she will don the toxic blue paint and loin cloth again.


That Funhaus video is legit the only reason I remember Jake Sully and Natiri’s names. If I didn’t watch it basically daily for a month I’d have no idea about anything beyond Bumbumtanium


“Bruce, have you seen my copy of Cloud Atlas book, Avatar movie based on?”


“I SEE you jaake sullleee”




"you are like a baby" was repeated about 9 times throughout the film lmao


You should read the script sometime. You think it’s bad hearing the lines. You’re missing all of the descriptions. It’s much worse read. My favorite excerpt: > She is lithe as a cat, with a long neck, muscular shoulders, and nubile breasts. And she is devastatingly beautiful for a girl with a tail. In human age she would be 18. Her name is NEYTIRI(nay-Tee-ree). Edit: a bunch of people emailed me overnight claiming it’s from a fanfic. I wish too, people. I checked this against multiple versions of the screenplay that is still online. Here is the script [on StudioBinder](https://app.studiobinder.com/company/580e85847e7982164664e844/collab/6204f7851915501c4891869f/projects/6204f613c9c0b49393f5a14d/document/6204f61fc9c0b49393f5a1c3?utm_source=blog&utm_medium=sb-app-link&utm_campaign=script&utm_content=full-script-pdf-download&utm_term=avatar-script-teardown&filter=%257B%2522l%2522%253A%25226204f62c17574b303b0e5db6%2522%257D), here on [IMSDB](https://imsdb.com/scripts/Avatar.html), here on [8Flix](https://8flix.com/assets/screenplays/a/tt0499549/Avatar-2009-screenplay-by-James-Cameron.pdf), and here on [ScriptSlug](https://www.scriptslug.com/assets/scripts/avatar-2009.pdf). That stupid scene is consistently on page 35 of the pdf versions where Neytiri is introduced. I saw the link to the fanfic since a bunch of people emailed it to me overnight, but I think that fanfic probably plagiarized the screenplay; I’m not seeing some other version of the screenplay anywhere.


Gotta make sure we do the dog year math for the barely legal space smurf, otherwise it'd be weird.


Yeah why do they need yo add in the just 18, I assumed she was older in the movies.


Yeah I thought she was meant to be around Jake's age. And he sure as hell ain't 18.


Yeah but in Hollywood being 18+ doesn’t turn them on


Because those N U B I L E B R E A S T S need explanation. Only teens can have small breasts, you see.


’Barely legal space smurfs’ - now thats a name for a porno!


Impressive, he managed to get that out with only one hand, what a dedicated writer


I feel disgusting reading that holy shit that's like reading 15 year old me trying to write a novel that's great lmao


Isn’t it awful? Glad I could brighten people’s day with that.


this did not brighten my day **at all**


Bet they felt like bags of sand too


This can’t be real


I was so weirded out that I was ready to downvote until I realized you were just the messenger and not the creator of this abomination.


I seee you


Unobtanium was such a stupid fucking name.


i remember the 3DTVs that everyone bought, but are no longer supported


Sometimes I feel James Cameron made Avatar just so he can sell 3D TVs.


And Sony thinking they were hot sh*t because the PS3 could do “3D gaming.” We had a 3D TV at the time and a PS3 and I remember playing Motorstorm in 3D like one single time and me, my stepdad, and my brother were all like “…okay…” and never ever used it for 3D gaming ever again. Hell, we only ever used it for 3D films a small handful of times. Between needing all the 3D glasses with active-shutter technology, that had to be compatible with the TV, and had to all be battery charged for use, it was way too much of a pain.


OK but I actually have no idea of the names of anything from the first Avatar. The only thing I remember is "unobtanium" because it got a laugh in the theater the first time they said it.


I remember that they had a massive budget and someone still decided to use Papyrus font and be appalling.


Best Ryan Gosling's role


Well whatever they did, IT WASNT ENOUGH!


“He can’t keep getting away with this!”


“I know what you did. I KNOW WHAT YOU DIIIIID!!”


One of SNL's best.


Oh, I forgot that. I was on a Papyrus vendetta a few years ago and the Avatar logo pissed me off to no end




I’ve never seen this Omfg this short is gold


Why do people have such strong feelings about font styles?




Oh yeah it's Dances With Wolves in Space.


I vaguely remember something bout some people having sex with hair


They have sex with hair and they plug the same hair thing on horses, always weirded me out.


So instead of Dances With Wolves it’s Sexes With Horses


The hair usb that could plug into the planet was the worst detail of the film fo sho.


Ya I just remembered they all plugged into a tree or some shit to help save the main guy They stick it into the trees, the ground, each other, their mounts(??), like is there anything you *shouldnt* stick this thing into or do the blue avatar people come with the most useful multi purpose tool just built in? I get like it was all about nature, energy, “being connected” and all that but I’d have to be just slightly worried about possibly contracting space aids when I stuff my cord into somethings plug for the 50th time that day with no visible sanitation from any party in sight


Fern Gully 3D


Pocahontas, but they're blue


Dances with Smurfs


Literally the fern gully plot!


Fern gully hit hard ,Avatar not even close !


Batty is the missing ingredient. Avatar had no Batty. How are we supposed to empathize without a Batty?


My name is Batty! My Logic is erratic…


Potato in a jacket! Toys in the attic!


Seriously, where are the goofy/loveable comic relief characters?


The weird thing is they got the guy who played JP in Grandma’s Boy as the “geek scientist” archetype character and all of the humorous parts with him are so bland and delivered with such little emotion it’s crazy to remember he *is* capable of funny performances


Maybe if they had Robin Williams playing one of those dragons in the movie people would like it way more


You guys are giving me 2009 Reddit flashbacks




I pronounced that as “pocahodussy” and boy are these internet terms getting out it of hand


Gimme dat space pocahandussy


Dances with Smurfs


They just weren’t expecting him to fall for Smurfette, but no matter what papa Smurf said, their love was real.


What’s happening to our schooll?


John Smith meets Pocahontas in space.


The Na'vi used every part of the space buffalo.


Oh hey I remember the blue guys were called Na'vi again!


That’s crazy. There was Captain John Smith, uhhh, Sigourney Weaver did a cameo, Blue Tree Witch, Grumpy General Man, Space Chad, and others


Jake, from State Farm is there too… I think. Jake Sully (let my subconscious process and that name popped into my head)


I only remember his name because I remember him by the big blue monster (Sully) from Monster Inc..


I know right? Should have called it hardtogettium
















They should have called it "WeCouldntBeBotheredToThinkUpANamium."






To be fair they both characters are feline and have really… uh notable… eyes.


I watched it bout a year and a half ago with my nephew, because he loves the movie and was surprised I never saw it... Can honestly say I can't recall any characters name.....or even general plot .....not being a troll, it just doesn't interest me all that much


I think there's a Jake Sulley. But that's all I got.


I haven’t watched it in years, can’t remember any names but i’m pretty sure the planet is called na’vi? Uhhh they put this dude’s consciousness into an alien body so he can infiltrate and give the military their secrets so they can steal all their unobtanium, but he falls in love with a tall blue space alien with dreadlocks and he joins their side lmao


I got angry at that because the word “unobtainium” was a term used to categorize fictional materials like vibranium or mythril. But Avatar was like, “nah let’s just use it as a name” which is lazy as hell. It would be like naming an object in a movie The Macguffin.


>unobtanium That's the only bit I remember too, and it wasn't even an invention for the film, the term had been around for decades.


It's not trolling, it's legit been forgotten. There was that video of [jacksfilm and bigmoneysalvia asking people to name a character from Avatar](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxp1IBK1OPI) and pretty much no one could do it.


Is this the same dude who made that sham wow parody like a decade ago?


Parodies, Music videos, and Sketches


And Your Grammar Sucks every Friday


Unbelievable how he missed not a single Friday since then


idk if this comment is a meme or not but yeah


Jake? I think the main guy is Jake. He’s got a white guy name. If it isn’t Jake it’s probably Matt or John.


Yep, that's all I remembered. Thought the main alien chick was maybe Nali? Turns out the aliens are called Na'vi, forgot that, and the chick's name is Neytiri.


I only remember the main girl was played by the Gamora actress.


I didn't know that.


She's really good at changing colors


a fellow internet comment ettiquette scholar I see


Bounced on my boys dick to this while trying to remember any name besides jake


I enjoyed Avatar when it came out. It was an amazing theatre experience at the time. But the most amazing thing about the movie is that it is the highest grossing movie ever, has been out for 13 years and has its own section in a Disney theme park yet… it has left absolutely no impact on popular culture. Nobody knows the names of any of the characters, beyond the two main characters possibly. It was a visually stunning movie. That’s about it.


idk about the two main characters thing. Some people in this thread have mentioned Jake, but I have not seen one mention of Neytiri. And the only reason I actually remember her name is because when the movie first came out, /tv/ was constantly posting gifs and screengrabs and fan art of her


I thought her name was Chuck?


"Jake Soooly defecated through a sunroof!"


Avatar was a pretty bad movie wrapped up in a showcase of the latest and greatest movie technology. It is like those PC games you used to get that were pretty bad but had the newest Direct X with all its new features.


It's so strange that the movie made so much money and just disappeared. Star Wars, Aliens, E.T., Indiana Jones, The Terminator, etc. still get referenced to this day and they are all 40+ years old. When was the last time you talked about Avatar?


In art school my instructor used Avatar as an example of bad anatomy. So 8 years till this comment.


Instead of paying an artist to do the logo, they used papyrus, the font built into Microsoft Word for like low budget yoga studios. This comes up with my friend who went to art school. No other part of the movie was... memorable?


https://youtu.be/jVhlJNJopOQ "Shakira merch...off brand teas..."


Love that they bring up the sequel, "They're making more?" ...4 years ago.


Obligatory SNL short about this https://youtu.be/jVhlJNJopOQ


That was awesome! Totally encapsulates this entire thread


Oh it gets better. They payed the composer to come up with a soundtrack that sounded unearthly, like "something no one had ever heard before." The composer did exactly that, and the soundtrack was rejected because it "wouldn't sell" and was replaced with Generic Action Soundtrack #4337 There is an Avatar sountrack that is the result of months of painstaking research of indigiounous, eastern, and all other sorts of music, then transformed to literally make something that no human had ever heard before. And it was thrown in the trash.


>There is an Avatar sountrack that is the result of months of painstaking research of indigiounous, eastern, and all other sorts of music, then transformed to literally make something that no human had ever heard before. This sounds awesome, can I listen to it anywhere?


https://youtu.be/tL5sX8VmvB8 Haven't watched the video in ages but I think it has some samples.




This, and they didn't sell toys. That's what keeps the ball rolling. The macguffens. Starwars toys. Star trex phasers. Action figures. And quotable lines.


I prefer to believe Cameron had papyrus developed for Avatar and inserted into Microsoft Windows as part of his plan to make the world feel more believable when Avatar's time had come. Same for the smurfs.


I talk about Avatar all the time! Just a different Avatar.


My cabbage!!!


I think it gets talked about more by almost anyone. Aang is more well known than any character from Cameron's movie. EDIT. CORRECTED AANG'S NAME.


I'm pretty sure more people can name The Boulder or other minor characters, or places/moments ("My cabbages!", "Secret Tunnel...", "There is no war in Ba Sing Se") than people can name literally anything from James Cameron's Pandora. Even after looking up the full cast, the only name that seems a little familiar is Jake Sully, because it's a generic white boy name.


That dang fire nation after your unobtanium again!


Doesn’t have a movie though.


because there was nothing below the surface. there was no interesting themes or ideas that needed or invoked further exploration or discussion, the characters werent exciting or engaging enough to make people really connect with them or want to see more of them, and the world was so flat that there was nothing outside the imediate events of the film and the that people cared about. When people saw star wars, people wanted to learn more about the world, because it told you enough to get you engaged, and also had enough to imply a world outside the contents of the film proper. people wanted to see more of the world. when people saw Indiana Jones, the film was just a constant buffet of exciting and unique set pieces, and really felt like an adventure, so even though it didnt have big themes, or a world that demanded greater exploration of its contents, it was exciting enough to keep people engaged on subsequent viewings, and Indy himself was a really memorable vessel with which to show its sets off. ET created not only engaging characters and events to keep people entertained viewing it, it had enough to say, even to children, that it was able to emotionally resonate with people. Alien and Terminator did all of this, exploring amazing themes, and setting up worlds and characters with enough for people to be engrossed in, but also having mystery, and presenting really likable and engaging characters. Avatar had flat characters, so no one remembers them, and while its world could have been really interesting (a human empire like Halos UNSC, colonizing an alien planet in which the all of the various animal and plant species, and some geological features, can connect through some sort of biological computer interface like some sort of planet sized super organism? thats cool as shit.) it didnt actually show it in an interesting way, and only used in so far as to explore really basic themes that didnt actually leave people with much to discuss. Space Pocahontas was to too childish a story told in to adult a manner to leave anyone really caring.


I remember really wishing I could see a Planet Earth style documentary about the planet because the setting was only thing I thought was interesting about the movie.


I remember hearing there was going to be an Avatar section at Disney World, and thinking, good, it would probably make for a much better theme park than it did a movie.


Yeah they put it in Animal kingdom. The way they did the floating islands there was really cool. Line was beautiful.


There’s also an open world Avatar game coming out. It might do much better in the medium of a video game than a show or movie.


I’d argue it was a glorified tech demo for 3d movies, and that tech failed. Nobody can go see it like it was originally shown, and that was 9/10 about what was good about it.


This video explains that it was like one millimeter away from having much more substance, but that was deemed “too much” and it was all sucked out https://youtu.be/tL5sX8VmvB8


Hire doctorate ethnologists to lend legitimacy to your project only to ignore them in the creation of your movie about a corporation that ignores the doctorate ethnologist they hired to lend legitimacy to their project. Great video, one of my favorite channels on youtube


All of these movies listed besides ET got sequels within a few years after their original film’s release. These sequels expanded both the in-universe stories and the out-universe fanbases with memorable scenes and quotes. Avatar was just a lone ranger of a movie that happened to become the biggest movie ever before End Game. Since Avatar 2 was supposed to come out close to a decade ago, pop culture moved on for the most part. Also Avatar 1 isn’t looked at as a *great* movie nor is it bad enough to be super memeable so there is no hardcore fanbase nor “ironic” fanbase to keep the movies name afloat.


It’s because people watched it once and talked it up so that other people would watch it once, and then they ran out of people to watch it and everyone moved on


You clearly weren't there for the theatre run, people were seeing it 3-4 times because of how impressive the 3d technology was. That's why it was forgotten to time, people didn't give a shit about the story the gave a shit about the cool CGI and (at the time) novel 3D technology that was legitimately impressive and not just a gimmick.


The only time people talk about Avatar is when they reference the fact that it made a lot of money


Smurfette, Sporty Smurf and Pupa Smurf.


Grumpy Smurf, Vanity Smurf, Dances with Smurf,


The movie was a spectacle at the time... The plot was patched together from other well used stories. The thing that really bothered me was how they called the rare mineral "unobtanium"... like seriously? Couldn't attempt to be a little more creative?


That's something that I as someone who has never seen it didn't know. Unobtanium lol that's so bad.


When I first heard it I assumed it was like a place holder name in the script that never got changed. Like he was unable to come up with a cool name at the time and wrote unobtainium meaning to go back and change it but forgot. This is all that lets me sleep at night.


Fucking Pandorium, took me two seconds.


It was so bad that South Park basically guessed the name of that material before the movie even came out. And they were doing it to seem funny, it was a joke, they chose the dumbest name they couldve and it turned out to be the real name


Well it used to mean unreal or unobtainable theoretical material. The problem is - the moment you can mine some material it cannot be unobtainium by definition.


“Spectacle” is 100% the right word. It looked amazing. It was new tech. It was big and splashy. But the story was such recycled drivel that the film had no lasting-power whatsoever. The sequels are doomed. The fact that any studio is bankrolling them shows just how stupid and desperate Hollywood is. All that being said, I’d pay to see the first one in the theater in 3D again. It really looked gorgeous, and deserves a second viewing (this time with edibles).


Iirc, unobtanium is used in the real world when an engineer designs something that needs a material with properties that doesn't exist, or that is prohibitively expensive to use. That material is referred to as unobtanium.


I genuinely, unironically cannot remember a single thing about any individual character beyond "this one blue, this one wheelchair, this one Sigourney Weaver". The planet was called Pandora, the aliens were Na'vi, and the oil metaphor was called "unobtainium" which I only remember because it's so eye-rollingly stupid. EDIT: Also an old man goes sicko mode in an invulnerable BattleMech until it isn't invulnerable anymore because plot. I think this movie might have been pretty bad actually.


I completely forgot sigourney weaver was in avatar


I think they fed her to a psychic tree at one point, and this was a good thing.


She’s evidently coming back despite being fed to the tree. Maybe she is the tree now.


I had forgotten all of this until reading this comment Like I remember watching the movie and the scenes of nature on an alien planet and I remember them using the orb for sexual pleasure which was weird, and I was trying to see alien titties the whole time, but no other real details.


Why didn't the humans just nuke them from space and then clean up using drones? A human society capable of interstellar travel losing to a bunch of blue people with bow and arrows was just dumb and lazy story telling. Dances with Aliens doesn't need a sequel


Dances With Aliens lol That is what it was though.


Maybe the radiation would screw up the unobtanium or some other stupid reason


Yeah bro, don't taint the juice! Gotta sneak in and get it clean.


I watched it about 14 times in the first week after getting it in DVD. Now that I read your comment I feel like it was actually kind of bad. I loved it at the time and even wrote a college orientation assignment over it.


Tastes change over time lol but if you still like it then that's fine


For sure, enjoyable doesn't need to mean high quality.


Frodo right? Frodo and Gomora.


but... i genuinely cant?


I honestly love JC's films I really do but man is he a pretentious fucking douchebag of a director. His film is 13 years old. I can't even remember the plot let alone the names of the characters. He expects this film to have the same level of hype as a Marvel film but the MCU and films like it are kept in the spotlight ALL THE TIME. Disney makes sure to keep up interest by having a healthy supply of Marvel and SW to ram down your throat every single month with shows, movies, action figures, etc. Avatar was super big in 2009 and then dropped off the face of the earth. We haven't had ANYTHING release for it except a themed area of Disneyland with one ride that took over A Bug's Life. Other than that Avatar has been dead with James Cameron swearing that new films are coming but he had been swearing that for years and years until FINALLY now one releases. But even the marketing for the sequel has been a single trailer at the theaters that barely explain the plot and also give us zero recap. We aren't trolls we are simply stating the fact that we really can't remember much of the original Avatar and JC's extremely fragile ego can't handle that someone DARE question his unwavering genius. Again I love his films. I don't think there is a JC film I dislike. I own all of them (The Abyss being my favorite) and I think it he one of the most talented directors of our generation but the man needs to let go of his ego big time.


It really comes off like James Cameron believes that because he announced there were going to be more Avatar movies 13 years ago, everyone has been sitting around waiting with bated breath. Obviously this is only my experience, but in the 13 years since the original came out the only opinions I've seen on the sequels have ranged between "oh really? Okay. I might see it." and "who gives a shit?"


Cameron’s been a notorious douche for almost as long as he has been a director. I recently watched a documentary on Aliens and he pissed off the entire production crew so much that they all walked off the job and Cameron’s wife had to talk them back into staying because James was to arrogant to admit that he was being too hard on them. I don’t think any of the actors aside from Paxton & Weaver had anything good to say about him. That said, I agree with you - he has done some amazing films.


I like how it's so forgotten that ATLA fans don't even have to specify what they're talking about anymore


You mean the Avatar where people actually remember plot points, character names, personality traits, plot points, etc.? I bet people can tell you more about the pets in ATLA than they can the main characters in Avatar.


I remember in highscool I think my junior year it came out ....everyone was raving about it and then a few months after the hype it vanished untill I saw it for free on fx .....the movie was good probably would have been better in the theater and after that the only mention of the movie was when any marvel film was competing with it for highest box office if it didn't take him 10+ years to make a sequel it would have made billions upon billions but as he says "the tech wasn't there"


Names? Dawg I couldn’t even tell you what that movies about…something about a tree


Earth forces 9/11d a planet to get a MacGuffin and the natives fought back. Former crayon eater falls in love and decides to join the alien tribe using his dead twin brother’s profile. Sigourney Weaver weaver was there and Michelle Rodriguez plays the same character she always plays. I think there’s more to it than that, but you get the gist.


How dare you forget about characters in a movie that came out 13 years ago.


It says a lot about the movie considering people know the names of many characters from movies far older than Avatar.


Avatar was a movie you watch once. Ain’t ever heard of anyone rewatching that bitch


>Ain’t ever heard of anyone rewatching that bitch I watched it twice in theatres and once at home with an ex. No, I can't name any characters other than Jake Sully.


Not gonna lie. I don’t remember any names from the movie. Saw it right after ACL surgery so I was high on Percocet. Really don’t remember much plot. Just remember it had pretty colors and I refuse to watch it again because there is no way it could have been better.


Your memory wouldn't have been any better off the percs lol I was stone cold sober and can't remember shit about it


Trolls? He’s trolling for thinking we remember


TIL they had names


That's easy: Aang Zuko Katara Sokka


If Toph could read she'd be real upset you left her out.


I cannot remember the names of any of them and I thought the visuals were top notch. But at the end of the day it was just pocahontas in 3D with blue people


I have long referred to it as SuperPocahontas


It's because Avatar is one of the films with the most boring plot that became a box office hit.


I actually just wrote a huge paper on this. Cameron faced numerous charges of plagiarism with Avatar, some legit, others not so much. This movie was a Mashup of other significantly better films with pretty cgi paint and the brand new motion capture technology. Ebert gave 2 thumbs up saying Avatar would create a cult, but it was largely forgotten. Fact is, we don't remember the characters, we aren't trolls, we are legitimate movie goers, and the characters were boring, cookie cutter characters. The storyline follows the white male savior complex where the white man goes and falls in love with the savages and their culture, so he must then save the savages with the power of his whiteness. And the story also mocks both your intelligence as a movie goer and attempts to ignore legitimate history. When the evil white men are preparing to attack the Navi, Jake goes to pray to the big tree, and in the final battle the planet comes to save the Navi. (Major oversimplification but still) What is the message here? That had the Natives prayed to the Great Spirit the earth would have saved them from the invading white man? Would it have saved them from smallpox? Would it have stopped the Americans from reneging on treaty after treaty so they wouldn't be sequestered to reservation slums? In Dances With Wolves (Kevin Conroys best film and the film Cameron most STOLE FROM) Conroy informs you on the travesty that happened to the Lakota at the end of the film. He doesn't sugar coat the abuse we put them through. So if Cameron is saying he's mad we don't remember his characters it's all on him. TLDR: He made a plagarized shit film with nice coats of paint and shiny new tech, called it his own, while spitting on your, the consumer's, intelligence and native history. So no wonder we don't remember his shit.


I'd love to read the paper! Have you published it somewhere yet?


Sparkle trees. Floating rocks. Dragons. Blue dudes. Bad army guys. Names? Yeah


Does he think he made starwars? Because he didn’t


The guy made a cool tech demo and thought people saw it for the plot. If i wanted Fern Gully, id watch Fern Gully. Robin Williams rapping > "unobtanium" and blue people sex in HD any day