wtf does have to do with anything? They're **professional** **wrestlers**. They have to stay in shape 365 days out of the year and they're competing multiple times a week. Plus, they're likely roided up. Will Smith did this for one movie role.


He's also under 200 pounds - this is more than twice his body weight.


It said he did 385 in 2004. I seriously doubt he is doing that now. I was watching some National Geographic show he was doing recently. He’s looking pretty thin.


This whole post is full of drunk people


Who is asking all these actors about their one rep max bench press and why? It’s a pretty meaningless figure. I doubt these guys are constantly one rep maxing to see what they can do, especially as they get older. It’s taxing on your joints and unnecessary. If you prepare properly for a PR day, you are preparing a few days in advance, carb loading, etc. to get the highest possible. If you’re not competing in powerlifting, and you’re not brand new to lifting, you aren’t likely doing one rep maxes very often. Not to mention, that what you weigh at the time is a large factor. The number would be constantly changing. Just looking at my recent working sets, the lowest rep count I’ve done is 7 for 345 on my 5th set for the day. Throw that into a “one rep max” calculator, and it suggests 415. That satisfies me enough if I am any type of curious about this number. No need to put undo stress on my joints to try to impress someone… so if someone asks me my one rep max, the answer would be “ I don’t know”


His PR team is trying to male him relevant again.


If that's a typo it made it better.


Is he working out to make sure the next victim gets slapped even harder?


haha outdated joke


Nah its a perpetual joke


It’s a wack ass joke


And no body cares about any of that because it’s there job. Might as well get excited the waitress brought you your meal.