Alex Jones Says He Paid $500K To Organize The Pro-Trump Rally That Took Place Before The Insurrection, Claims White House Instructed Him To Lead The March To The Capitol

Alex Jones Says He Paid $500K To Organize The Pro-Trump Rally That Took Place Before The Insurrection, Claims White House Instructed Him To Lead The March To The Capitol


I just want the Sandy Hook parents to win their lawsuit and leave this clown penniless. It would be wonderful to see him without a pot to wee into. That would be sweet justice


I wish I could upvote you a million times. Forget the pot to pee in. I’d like to see him living in a refrigerator carton on the streets of Bridgeport.


Bridgeport has enough problems without foisting this guy upon them too.


I was going to say Torrington but he’d probably start a new movement up there.


Even if they win he won't be penniless. He'll have somebody paying him, he serves too much of a purpose.


Honestly let’s just put him in a rocket and shoot him to the moon


But that’s where the lizard people are!!


Don’t forget the Jewish space lasers too 🙄


If hogan could shut down gawker they should be able to crush Jones, he’s so much worse


Anger, hate, and ignorance sure do a toll on one’s physical appearance. Alex Jones is 47 years old. Seriously, he’s 47.


Jesus. I am 42, and now I feel great about myself.


The one that gets me is the age difference between [Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Conservative Party leader.](https://imgur.com/gallery/GKwC50t)


The My Pillow asshat is a year older than Brad Pitt lol


To be fair, the My Pillow Guy looks like a dude from the Midwest in his late 50’s…. Brad Pitt is just an Adonis supreme.


The crack addiction didn’t do any favors to the my pillow guy, either.


WTF, I’m 35 and I look 12 years younger than him. Loser


Bruh I’m 21 and I feel 9


Don’t worry. Once you hit 30 your body starts to betray you and you feel it.


It was 27 for me


Shhhhh let them retain their hope for a couple extra years. Lol


And that’s how conspiracy theories start


I’m almost 50 and feel like I’m 20. I actually told someone I was 38 yesterday by accident, I forget a decade has gone by since then.


Look at you Mr/Ms I-Take-Care-Of-My-Body! Just rub it in why dontcha?! Jk! Congrats for real! That’s awesome. I’m 31 and giggle like a school girl any time I get carded 😂


43 here and for the most part I still feel like I’m in my 20’s… with exception of a night out drinking. The hangovers the next morning now are awful.


43 here and a 19 yr old yesterday thought I was 32. I did not correct her immediately. I wanted to bask in the glow of my 30’s for a minute


Right. It was pretty much right at 27 that it seemed like my metabolism broke in half. At 31 now, my hairline hasn’t receded too badly yet and still grows in relatively thick, but that’s about all the claim to youth that I have left! With white hairs starting to pop up randomly in my beard, frequent, random discomfort in my neck and back, and an acute awareness of what, and how much, I eat — I’m feeling my age.


I can confirm… it sucks Source: I’ll be 32 tomorrow.


I miss being able to eat total garbage for every “meal” and being completely fine. Those were the days.


Well I just hit 35 last week yes it feels a lot different then 25


At 40 I first noticed my body had new ailments for the first time. At 50, I got my first obvious facial wrinkles and a few gray hairs. At 55, I started to notice mental failings, not remembering how to spell words, forgetting unimportant things, etc.


If it's any consolation, seems like most people I know start all that in their 30s.


I was feeling like a statistical anomaly experiencing all of that in my 30s...


47. What I’ve noticed is little things that start to add up and they don’t go away.


I’m 25 but feel 110


i’m 32 and depressed


I’m 31 and I look like my 3rd grade photo with yellow teeth and bags under my eyes


Fascists like Jones hate America and he is one of the UGLY AMERICANS like Bannon. Hateful racist pigs that claim to be superior. Typical of all RepubliKKKlans they are the master race.


What’s your secret?!


Scared baby brain juice


Tell me more


Gay frogs


The spice


I make the water that turns the frickin’ frogs gay


Haaaha! Love it.




33 reporting in, I appear to be a spring chicken compared to this jerky stick


LOL me too. Same age same feeling


Same boat, hell I got carded the other day!


Yeah I'm 41 and I legit thought he was like 60 or something. :0


You kids think you've got it bad now, wait until your 50+. All I can say is good luck and God bless.


Man im 46, overweight but I look 10 years younger than this guy.


I’m nearly 10 years older (55) and yet I still look 20 years younger than that asshat.


Terrible diet, lack of exercise, and mountains of coke will do it too … he eats nothing but bacon fat, in five gallon buckets. Prove me wrong …


My favourite Alex Jones is a POS story is during a custody trail he was asked what his son’s teacher’s name was to prove that he knew enough about his son to get custody, but didn’t know so he said he couldn’t recall because he had a [“big bowl of chili at lunch.”](https://www.sfgate.com/news/article/InfoWars-Alex-Jones-custody-chili-for-lunch-11081124.php)


The best one Ive seen is the story where he told a judge he is so amped up on American Freedom that he has to drink to keep himself chill. At a dui court appearance


I can never remember anything after eating a big bowl of chili. Late for work? Chili. Forgot to pay bills? Chili. Forgot anniversary? 🌶


I’m having the most extreme deja vu about this comment.




Yeah but didn’t he claim he was an actor so that he couldn’t be prosecuted for saying he believed Sandy hoax wasn’t real?


More of a crisis actor, at that.


I think Alex Jones is a coked out spawn of Satan too, but telling people to go kill themselves is never the move. It’s much better to attempt to reason with someone even if you believe it will fail. Even if it was in jest, someone who is in a bad spot mentally could read this and interpret it in the wrong way.


Satan would never spawn something this vile.


Classic example of " you are what you eat"


He’s now the “coked-up-bacon-fat man” to me now.


Thats probably why people keep calling me a pussy.


The thing is, I can’t prove you wrong, so I’m going to have to accept this as fact for the time being.


like, coke coke or cocaine coke? ​ because either is believable


I’m imagining Diet Coke in between snorting rails.


It’s gotta be diet though. He’s trying to watch his figure.


You forgot about alcohol. I’ve read you can smell vodka on him easy.


He bathes in vodka … it’s a fact


With Steve Bannon . It’s clearly a very large tub.


I’ve seen video of him trying to gag down some bone broth.


Guess all the supplements and bone broth in the world can’t save.


Would you want to save him though? Seriously


I suspect the dude drinks a lot…like a lot. Just listen to what comes out of his mouth, these are booze fueled tirades.


That's why his fans identify with him.


He’s also know to be a raging alcoholic.


Are you shitting me? I thought he was pushing mid 60s.


Ha. I’m 45 and this guy looks as old as my dad. My dad died two years ago.


Sorry about your dad. My dad died 21 years ago and I still think about him every day. If you feel like you'd be better talking with someone about your loss, please seek out someone. Be well.


Being a fucking lard ass doesn’t help either.


My dad turns 61 in a month and he looks way younger than him…


I would have guessed he was at least 60


I’m 45, a borderline alcoholic and drug taker and look 15 years younger than this idiot.


alcoholic here...please get help now before it's too late...trust me...not only am I dying but it hurts the entire time...


I am so so sorry. Quitting alcohol was the best thing I ever did, and almost too late as I had way to many awful debilitating symptoms occurring all the time and at random. I’ve been trying to guide people into sobriety since I find it just to save them. I’m not religious either so it’s not like I’m heavy handed with God comments or anything. I just genuinely want folks to live healthy lives and alcohol makes that impossible. I hope you find peace and healing soon. Again I am so sorry.


I’m two weeks sober now and I think this time it’s going to stick. I’ve been cutting down for a while, but the last time I drank heavily I had yet another health scare... decided that was going to be it from here on out To anyone reading I really recommend /r/stopdrinking , it’s an awesome and very supportive community


Definitely going to check that sub out. Congrats on two weeks. I hope it sticks!!! Your health is worth it. And it took me hitting rock bottom and the worst health scare (for me) to get sober. Sincerely hope you stopped in time to save your body.


Congrats :)


I am my friend. Thank you


Thanks for making me feel good about my age for once!


And drug use.


Alcoholism man. That’s most of what your seeing here. And over eating. But yes, those others too...


Fucking hell my bloke is 49 this year and looks 10 years younger easily


Don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll still somehow manage to live another 3 decades.


Also alcoholism.


Didn’t he have a pain killer addiction problem or am I confusing him with some other right wing nut job? Cause that causes a lot of aging too.


Rush Limbaugh was a fat, obnoxious, ignorant fuck who was addicted to Oxy and cigars. He's dead now.


The silver lining of being a science denier. You can deny the science all you want, but science doesn't care. It just keeps on being science.


I totally forgot Rush is no longer with us, you've brightened up my day considerably! :)


cheers to that!


His neck is freakishly large All that super male vitality has worked a treat


Saw him at a local restaurant few weeks back and I was concerned he wouldn’t be able to walk out.


Don’t forget the booze. I’ve seen numerous clips of him absolutely *hammered*, whether in public or on his show


Wow! I would’ve easily thought he was at least 10 to 15 years older


Watching all your money vanish also adds 25 years to your life.


I’m 47… this guy is at least 10 years older in appearance…. But only like 8 years old in intelligence.


And those are dog 🐶 years


Don't forget cocaine and alcohol.


Guess those health pills he shills can't be very good.


He looks 65.


I’m 43..he looks 20 years older. Blimey.


It’s probably the alcohol dude is known to kills bottles and start the day drunk and end it drunk


I’m in my 50s and I look way better than him


I think Alex Jones is a Sith Lord


I’m 54 and I look younger than this screeching egg sac.


Jesus, that bloated-yet-shriveled turd is only a couple of years older than me? Did he discover the Fountain of Aging?


He looks like he went to college with my mom who is pushing 70.


Hate is the meth of the emotional spectrum.


You can always count on Jones to throw even his besties under the bus. Now we’ll get to see a big throwing under buses contest between him and Trump.


Geeze! There aren’t enough in all of North America to keep up with this showdown


That’s my boy! People start to forget AJ, so he throws stuff at the wall and see what sticks. I’m wondering where he got the $500k though…


Well, in addition to be a fake news evangelist, he’s also a snake oil salesman hocking lead-based brain pills




What’s your podcast called? I want to hear about this!


Side effects of lead poisoning can include: reduced IQ, weight gain, aggression, reduced fertility…


So you’re saying he’s had a taste of his own medicine?


He got high on his own supply.


Knowledge Fight has exposed me to “Post-Eating-a-burger-covered-in-Super-Male-Vitality” Alex Jones and it’s a fucking trip


Doesn’t he still owe the Sandyhook families money for his lost court case?


The Connecticut case is still open. It was filed in 2018 but no trial date has been set that I can find. SCOTUS declined in April to hear an appeal on sanctions against Jones ordered in 2019 for failed to turn over documents and for attacking the plaintiffs' attorneys on his show, including accusing them off planting child porn in documents that he did turn over. He's also facing four lawsuits in Texas on Sandy Hook and one on the Parkland shooting. The Texas Supreme Court recently declined to hear his appeals on those cases going forward.


Trump:”Fake News, Alex Jones is a dirty lying piece of shit” Alex Jones: *Reverse UNO Card*


Maybe the gay frogs helped?


I couldn’t believe what I was watching when I saw clips of his show for the first time. I refused to believe someone could do that without being satirical and here he fucking is.


I prefer the meta-satirical takes on gay frogs: https://youtu.be/9JRLCBb7qK8


I’m very fond of the pix and memes of cute lil frogs waving tiny Pride flags.


Haha yeah that meme is crazy. Especially the part where you find out its [actually true lol.](https://youtu.be/i5uSbp0YDhc) Apparently agrochemicals end up getting into the water and because of amphibians permeable skin are absorbed into their bodies. Because of this the frogs end up assuming female traits and not reproducing. Companies have been covering this up by passing legislation making sure only their scientists can test this Lmao. This is not a conspiracy, there are multiple reputable researchers and universities backing this.


So it makes the frogs trans/nb, not gay. Slightly different.


LOL thank you for linking that


Or him ranting about the pyramid in Memphis Tennessee being the devils pyramid or some shit


Alex and his Gravy Seals.


Cool band name.


Help organize an insurrection? Believe it or not… jail. Instructed by the White House? Jail. Right away!


Isn’t this the guy who went on Joe Rohan and basically said, “I am kind of an idiot”. Yet people listen to him.


He said directly, “Look, I’m kind of retarded.”


Gondor calls for aid!


And Rogan will answer!


Gimli, pull that up!


Riders of Joe Rohan, onward!


I needed this


This was *precious*


I've listened to one of those just to see what the fuss is all about. AJ is insane. He just doesn't stops spilling insane fiction with small bits of facts in a non-nonsensical "narrative". It doesn't makes any sense if you stop to think about it more than 5 seconds. Dude machine-guns words for 3 hours non-stop, angrily, in a tapestry of conspiracies where every lunatic theory ever made up by one insane person has be weaved together. It's absolutely baffling anybody would take any of it somewhat seriously.


you give knowledge fight a listen they listen to Alex Jones and tell you what's what


It’s the same people who listen to Fox News and lick Tucker’s unwashed taint, if Fox News told them too


What I am continually baffled by is how people keep falling for any of the gop lines. Every single one of the adherents is a total mess. There’s not an admirable one among them—doesn’t a movement at least need normal people, even if there are no heroic figures? Jesus people. Check your standards.


Newsflash : They don’t care. They aren’t really holding back their corruption or evil any longer because Trump is getting away with it.


What choice do they have? It's follow these guys or follow the other guys, and the other guys have [*gasp*!] ABORTION!


Well in the case of Alex Jones, Jesus people is about on point. He’d love a Theocracy.


Have you met their supporters?


They literally want a king.


Democrats can be so stupid. The house needs to start holding public hearings public testimony to bring out the facts. It’s called truth and reconciliation. Instead they go with an impeachment trial with no witnesses, closed door testimony etc. commissions that publish reports months or years later. There is no substitute for live public testimony under oath. Far more powerful. Giuliani, stone, miller, Jones, Barr, don jr, and all the other goons as well as Capitol police holding the line, and members of the mob. Let them squirm, let them take the fifth or let them spill their guts in public on camera under oath. Let republicans try to gaslight their way out of that!!!! Back them into a corner and force him to repeat or refute the lies they’ve been spewing for months under oath. And Katie porter needs to be in charge.


The Democrats couldn’t get people to show up for an impeachment trial, and just kinda shrugged, like “I guess it didn’t work.”


Just in case you don’t realise how fucking nuts and dangerous this guy is, [here’s a 30 second excerpt from his show via knowledge fight](https://overcast.fm/+H1m58z-Ns/27:26)


Lol I’ll never understand this conspiracy. So many people believe that the governments ultimate goal is to murder all of us….but I always ask those people “How would that benefit them? If we were all killed, our economy would collapse, there would be violent revolts, and those in power would obviously be hunted down if they started trying to murder all the citizens in our country…and all of those ‘elite and powerful people’ that allegedly want to carry out this secret plan would lose all their wealth, fear for the safety of their lives 24/7, and be broke and powerless and lose all the money and power they have always wanted..” and I usually get a “Because…that’s their plan” response lol. They NEED us to be alive and working everyday and paying taxes and providing services. Killing all of us would destroy their lives. Makes no damn sense.


You just described every major popular conspiracy embraced by these idiots. None of this shit passes even a cursory discussion of motivation or even ROI. “Why wouldn’t they just poison our water and food supplies in a coordinated effort and kill millions for pennies when the elaborate plan you just described would cost trillions more and isn’t working...” “Because it’s a secret!” “ ... “


Best podcast around


Burn it down. Name the players.


What does it say about the current state of affairs when it’s absolutely believable that a Trump whitehouse paid/instructed him to do i?


Is that the sticker price on Democracy?


They’re running out of buses to throw people under!


You can’t throw Trump under a bus. You need a winch for that slob.


We lose David Bowie and Tom Petty but God leaves us this asshole? Bad trade.


Not hard to believe, but this is the same chump who said there’s a colony of secret aliens living in Paradise California.


The White House? Specifically who in the White House?


It’s starting to feel like no matter how much evidence comes out no one will face consequences at the highest levels. We have traitors serving in government who would have been thrilled to install Trump as dictator if January 6th worked… not that I even know what that would have looked like, they were such a mess anyways… just angry ambling sheep with no purpose, even once they were let in/got in.


Not surprised. Trump belongs in prison with the other insurrectionists including everyone who spoke that day and instructed the crowd to march to the Capitol which led to 7 deaths.


This being true or untrue are equally surprising.


Does no one listen to the Knowledge Fight guys? They talked about this the week of. For those you aren’t in the loop it a podcast were they breakdown AJ & [email protected]; https://knowledgefight.com/


In—in-in-infowars.com alpha male x is on sale 90% lead 85% deet, it will have you rock solid 24/7….


Dude people over at Joe Rogan LOVE this guy, they love how “crazy and wild” he is and if you even so much as ask why they like him so much after everything that’s happened you get downvoted to hell.


Sedition ordered by the Whitehouse is still sedition.


AJ will just say, through a lawyer, that it’s part of his marketing, part of the character he plays. It will be said through a lawyer so that he himself can say “I didn’t say that, my lawyer did” and his ~~marks~~ audience will believe him because...that’s what they do.


I thought it was hilarious how they tried to say liberals were the ones storming the capitol. I remember the day before the attack, people arguing on Twitter. People telling trumpers “it’s over and Biden is taking office so deal” And a trumper would rely “no he won’t. You will see really soon” Then after the attack a lightbulb went off and I went back to find the posts and the trumper “you’ll see soon” replies were deleted


“Hi! I’m trying to cut a deal with the Feds!”


So he just admitted to being an accessory to insurrection? Good. Arrest him now.


No, no, no… they were there peacefully and then ANTIFA thugs dressed as maga Patriots stormed the Capitol


INB4 Alex Jones runs for President in 2024.


I’m no conspiracy theorist, but it’s odd he was pulled over for a DUI and the police stated he was actually below the 0.08 limit blowing a 0.079


He brings his skills dealing with reality to his driving skills.


"Thank God for ice, amiright Alex?"


He uses 'march peacefully, Donny have a confrontation with the police' next to 'the police are throwing flash bangs' so it's hard to say his intentions are earnest with the first comment.... re: people gullible enough to defend Jones


And now we witness yet another rat jumping ship.


Great they should arrest him too


It’s the voices in his head.


Maybe he's not 47. Maybe he's Bill Hicks and he's taking us for a ride