Poor guy. It sounds like he was harassed and may have reacted accordingly. I would lose my mind if people followed me around, wanting photographs of every moment, videos, soundclips, anything. My brain would melt in terror. Public figures are famous, sure, but it doesn't mean they do not deserve privacy.


Obviously neither one of us were there but it seems like he did flip out and the punishment is justified. You think him reaching in a woman's car and trying to hit her/pull her from it/punching her window while calling her a "pussy motherfucker" is reacting accordingly? There is no real justification for that unless you have issues or one of your immediate family members who can't defend themselves was threatened with harm by the person in question.


Yeah, it was unwarranted and he overreacted. It’s interesting that celebs with much higher profiles and are papped way more than these two can behave themselves, but this C lister decides be an idiot. They’re celebrities leaving a Beverly Hills restaurant, paparazzi is to be expected. It isn’t fair a lot of the times, but it is what it is.


That being said, conversely, there should probably be more restrictions placed on paparazzi. What probably happened in this scenario is Nick declined getting his picture taken, the woman talked some shit and then Nick flipped out and started pounding on her car. Not warranted behavior from him but if someone really doesn't want their picture taken, the paparazzi shouldn't be allowed to hound them incessantly.


There has been more restrictions, particularly with how children are photographed. The pap was in her car in a public place, not in their face, she was not a danger to them in anyway. He approached her car and started attacking her and her property. That’s not ok and he needs to be held accountable.


> He approached her car and started attacking her and her property. That’s not ok and he needs to be held accountable. Well, if that's the case then I agree. No reason he should've reacted like that.


He’s probably above C-List right now. The reality show he does on Netflix is pretty massive.


Honestly, at what point do you cease to become a public figure. This story could have been read: Nick Lackey, remembered today 3 years after his tragic death stemming from a heart condition, and I wouldn't have batted an eye. Leave a dude alone.


> At what point do you cease to become a public figure. Leave a dude alone. I mean, he's still on Netflix shows. Not like he absconded away to some remote cave like a pariah. And it'd help for people to leave him alone and forget about his status as a public figure if he didn't (presumably drunkenly) started punching female paparazzi's car windows.


Well that changes things. Fuck em. You can't just. Go around hitting photographers in a foreign country. When you continue try and make your ass a public figure... Big boy game big boy price




who tf following nick lachey around? probably an pap intern


There was a TikTok recently about a server at a restaurant who carded a table of folks only to find one of them was underage. She declined to serve that specific guest and the guest was fine with it and got a soda. When she went to put the drink orders in for the table, another guest from that table came up and asked her to double check his own license (not the license of the underage person). Confused, she double checked and confirmed he was of age, and reiterated that his license wasn't the issue. The man walked away. Afterwards, she found out from a fellow employee that the party was the band 98 Degrees, and that the person who flashed her his ID was Nick Lachey, presumably in a subtle "do you know who I am?" type of way. So it seems like he gets mad if he's not recognized and mad if he is recognized.


I don’t believe a single thing from TikTok. Every single person making videos like the one you explained simply want a bigger following. On the other hand, I do kind of want to believe that story.


Do it again Nick. The police finally caved, but they shouldn't have entertained those vultures anyway.


What a catch, that guy.


Looks like Nick Lachey and anger management classes are the Perfect Match


I've never heard of this man. Am I supposed to know?