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"Shut Up and Act", eh?


Probably would have worked out better for Gina Carano if she did that.


The company writing her checks AND her agent told her to shut up. You can't fix stupid, if not politics something else would have ruined her.


And the creator, and star of the show she was on told her as well.


Martyr syndrome is a hell of a condition.




Well he did a mea culpa to the people that mattered. Carano seems hell bent on purposefully flushing her career. Even now she's stubbornly fighting nobody for the right to say stupid shit.


I think her calculus was that she could parlay her sort of middling fame into full on right wing celebrity by being this violently reactionary mouthpiece, but overestimated her importance/audience appeal, so the wealthy people funding the far right decided not to pay her to continue making a martyr of herself. Now she’s just irrelevant and grasping at anything to stay in the tabloids.


Fair point.


Does he really, though? I think his career has suffered a lot since his "sugar-tits" incident. A whole lot.


Funny how this has become such a classic bad argument. First thing I thought of as well.


The opinion that actors should keep quiet about politics is itself a political opinion.


And guess which side it is usually from…


The side that elected a guy from a reality tv show?


The side that buys their political candidates gear, will only watch one news network and listen to the few people they are told to


Why would you be interested in the political views of someone who is paid for pretending to be someone else by saying things someone else wrote?






Isn’t this ‘you spoke at a climate conference but flew there so your opinion isn’t valid’ in a different guise?


It's more of an "All opinions and actions are political so it's pointless and stupid to try to keep anyone quiet about politics" thing.


I think this only true if you view everything through the lens of politics which is becoming more and more prevalent for better and for worse. If someone saying they like going to beach can potentially be taken as a political opinion I think that's moreso on the person interpreting the statement rather than the statement itself.


So you agree that attempting to avoid political statements is pointless.


Flying to a conference to say people shouldn't fly to conferences, maybe. You don't see the inconsistency to use a platfform to say that people should keep their opinions for themselves?


I don’t see the inconsistency between the two cases.


Hmm... \- "Actors should keep their opinion for themselves." \- "You think maybe you should keep that opinion for yourself?"


Actors should expect that there could be repercussions for their political opinions, if they choose to express them, and that if there are, they chose that.


This is the right answer


100% there isn’t a single person in Hollywood who isn’t aware that conservative political beliefs made in public is a death knoll - it’s career suicide by internet cops.


Which conservative political beliefs?


I’ve followed Jack on Instagram for years - he’s extremely anti-Tory and pro SNP (especially loves to praise Sturgeon) so I don’t know what he’s on about…




It's like walking into the break room at work and people are trying to share their shitty political opinions. I'm the guy who's like, "that's nice." And walks out. I do not want to talk politics on the job. And people who feel compelled to talk politics at work make me uncomfortable. I don't care if they are supposedly politically aligned to myself either, I don't want to talk about it either way.


Sounds like a political opinion


I don’t care enough about this guy, and don’t want to support the kind of clickbait so I am not clicking the link, but he is, according to his wiki page, an outspoken supporter of Scottish independence (which may sound quaint but it quite literally the dissolution of Great Britain)… so the headline is at least masking something bigger


Pretty sure a majority of Britain voted for Brexit, which violates the Good Friday Agreement, which should technically dissolve Great Britain. So, it's kinda whatever.


Listen, I am pro-Great Britain dissolving. I don’t get why Prince Andrew is there. I don’t understand why the Prime Minister would do that to a pig. Just lots of bad vibes. I am just saying he can’t genuinely be like Scots shouldn’t be ruled by London AND be like why do actors have to do politics?


By my count, that was like, 372 prime ministers ago.


Maybe he means starting today.


Such a long article summarized in this way is borderline clickbait… When asked about the subject, lowden said in his opinion, actor shouldn’t talk about politics. He made a personal call not a value judgement. Apart from that, the rest of the article paints a guy i wouldn’t mind sharing a pint with to have a laugh. He seems no nonsense and pleasant.


Why should being an actor strip you of your political voice any more than a teacher or truck driver?


Because conservatives hate the people that actors generally advocate for.


But they elect Ronnie Reagan, Trump, Fred Thompson, Sony Bono and Fred Grandy. Republican actors / entertainers. Those are some of 5he good ones. /s


This guy isn’t a conservative.


And they keep getting pissed off because movies or shows they might like are suddenly at odds with their politics bc of the actors in them. I can't imagine how many conservative brains exploded in ep 3 of The Last of Us and how many of them won't watch the show anymore. Hey, I get it. Zachary Levi turned out to be kinda scummy, so I won't be watching his stuff. The difference is I like it when they're outspoken, because the stuff they speak out about tends to be just plain awful, so they look like jackasses. The "shut up and act" people on the other hand are mad at people standing up for LGBTQ+ rights or climate change. Ya know, good things.


Oh no, what happened with Zachary Levi?


A recent Pfizer criticism of his was taken to be anti-vax despite not actually mentioning vaccines (silly Twitterverse overreaction IMO), but then stuff resurfaced about him being on Rogan's podcast talking about admiring Jordan Peterson shortly after Peterson was banned for anti-trans posts on Twitter, also just kinda sat there as Rogan deadnamed Elliot Page. I think they dug up some other stuff on him giving interviews to the Christian Broadcasting Network, which was founded by a pretty homophobic and sexist guy (Pat robertson). YMMV on how bad it all is, which is why I said 'kinda scummy' compared to, say, the plethora of hollywoodites who have been called out or charged with sex crimes and whatever else over the last few years.


I'm not sure it's true that actors lean one way or the other generally. I think we just hear the most from liberal Americans as it's sort of trendy to have that viewpoint.


Because their particular job offers them a major platform from which to spout political opinions, without inherently giving them special qualifications or expertise on which to base those opinions.




You're right but ultimately that's up to the individual actors themselves. Any and all actors should be free to share or *not* to share their political opinions, and they should also accept that there might be social or economic consequences from doing so.


As long as he is setting that rule for just himself only it really does not matter if he chooses to never talk about politics.


'Slow Horses' was brilliant


Not really, they should be allowed to say whatever they want. Just like this very unknown actor says his opinion.


Dude just generally sounds arrogant and insufferable: > “I always want to respect acting as a skilled profession because that’s what it is. It takes a lot of skill to do it well and there are so few good actors — the good ones are worth their weight in gold,” he says. You’re not Daniel Day-Lewis, get off that high horse.


slow horse*


Show sure was slow, couldn’t get past 1st episode.


He has some great moments in Slow Horses, but in many ways he is the least compelling actor on the show. It’s clearly Gary Oldman’s show, and Kristin Scott Thomas, Rosalind Eleazar and Freddie Fox do more with less screen time. This is an odd statement by someone who doesn’t really have the chops to measure either art or artist. At this point in his career, he could say more by saying less.


Gotta have a big ego to be successful in that kind of role, so I guess he at least has that


Keanu Reeves: "I really don't know. I'm dumb as a plank of wood". Which he clearly isn't, but oh well If you read between the lines, what this guy is saying is "My political opinions, if expressed, could make me unpopular, so everyone else should shut up too" Now why would that be? Hmm


> but in many ways he is the least compelling actor on the show He is the human equivalent of supermarket, white ice cream.


My wife has often said when we watch it that he’s the worst actor in the show and even though he’s not bad I think she’s right.


>*You’re not Daniel Day-Lewis, get off that high horse* You're making the assumption that he includes himself on that very short list Which isn't something Lowden actually says anywhere in that interview, although he does mention wanting to work with McQueen because he thought it would improve his abilities as an actor Which doesn't suggest Lowden considers himself the finished article


Even if he doesn’t consider himself one of those “rare” good actors it’s still a massive insult to his peers, the vast majority of whom have been working for a far longer time and in far more prestigious projects. I don’t know how to read that statement as anything but highly demeaning to his own profession. The only reason he’s saying this beyond being a bit of a prick is he wants to raise acting to this incredibly lofty standard, where they’re above the lowly mortals who care about such things as, you know, politics and society. His head is very far up his ass. And I feel like that’s a reasonable assessment.


This seems like one of those Reddit overreactions tbh


Yeah, this entire comment section is just a few spots above “literally hitler!” being spammed. Guy just answered a question.


>*I feel like that’s a reasonable assessment* I think it's a bit of a reach, but there's absolutely no point arguing about that Have a lovely evening, mate


I had a coworker say something like that Mark Ruffalo should shut up and stick to acting during the 2016 election.


There's a difference between what someone should be allowed to do and what would be ideal for them to do. Kanye should be allowed to say all sorts of things, but that doesn't mean I want to hear him spout off. Some celebrities have good takes, some have bad takes, and most have poorly informed/understood takes, regardless of whether they're right. My mechanic is free to give me his opinion on my pharmacist's work, but I don't want to hear it.


Celebrities in general, just by nature of them being celebrities, will have a following of people who just believe everything they say, simply because they're celebrities. Really it just goes to show that a lot of people are either stupid or unwilling to use their own brain. So if we have to allow celebrities to say whatever they want, how do we level the playing field so that a politician who actually represents the peoples' best interests can compete against the cult-like following of celebrities, the natural progression of which is idiocracy?


Anything that is not meant to be taken as a joke could be considered political. Telling people to stay in school? That's pro-public education politics! Telling paparazzi to leave you alone? That's anti first amendment! Are you trying to brag about what car you drive? Believe it or not, also political. People just attach your comment to the team they disagree with and call it political, when in reality, everything is political. I find it amazing that the same people who complain about "cancel culture" and "free speech" also complain about how "everyone is so political."


And jokes are also political.


Overcook chicken, politics. Undercook fish, believe it or not, politics


The people who complain about cancel culture and free speech are the same people that burn/ban books, tried to ban video games/music, and think that non straight people shouldn’t have rights.


Thereby expressing a political opinion.


Of you vote and pay taxes then you have the right to speak about anything you choose, as long as it’s on your time and not during a performance where the audience has to listen to it.


Also if people hear your beliefs and decide to no longer support your work or buy your product, they’re allowed to do that


Just cause you could doesn’t always mean you should but I agree they have the right to.


And yet he gives his opinion.


Ah. So is this him admitting he has some political opinion the general public may disagree with?


That's a bingo. "Don't be political" is frustration that they can't make similar comments without repercussions.


We just say bingo




Calm down there Mr McCarthy.


I think it’s very unlikely the OP knows who that is…


He's the speaker of the house, right? **/s**


Artists are not allowed to take part in democracy.


Of course, by saying that, he himself voiced a political opinion.


Everyone should be allowed to voice their opinion how they want. It’s sort of the point of a democratic institution. However, things said and done are not and should not be exempt from consequences. So if someone famous chooses to be outspoken on something particularly spicy, just be prepared to lose consumers and fans of your works. Personal opinion though, it would be nice in general if people did stop making almost every conversation political. It’s pretty exhausting.


He’s right. No one should care about what an out of touch actor thinks


He came across as funny and interesting on Graham Norton last week. Also very handsome. Shame he has to ruin it by spouting shit like this.


Why? If you feel strongly about something it doesn't matter what your actual job is! If you have a platform to be able to influence and make change you should use it! Y'know unless you are Jon Voight! Then just shut up you old tosser! It can be a double edged sword, but change doesn't happen without discussion


Should’ve probably kept that one to himself.


Sounds like an opinion he should keep to himself.


In other words, he’s a conservative


I don't give a rip about Joe Biden's opinion on the movies. Why should I give a rip about an actor's opinion about government? The sad truth is most actors tend to be flighty, self-absorbed narcissists who live in a reality-free zone followed around by a fawning posse of enablers. Which means their opinions are probably less rooted in the real world than the cashier at the grocery store where I shop. Go back and read the opinions of various celebrities. Vapid, most of them. So when Lowden makes his remarks, he's not saying, "Sit down and shut up." What's he's really saying is, "Whenever you open your mouth about politics, you look like an ill-informed idiot."


Art is political though. Should Michael Keaton have shut up about how opioids has killed so many people including a member of his family when accepting the dopestick award?


"Keep your opinion to yourself" is the one opinion you really should keep to yourself.


Let me get this straight--his political opinion is that other actors should keep their political opinions to themselves?


Considering how often it’s democrats in hollywood who get this thrown at them all the time meanwhile the only party in which two american presidents came from movies and reality tv are republicans I think this is a ridiculous point I also should add yes I know he's not an American, honestly Im trying to ignore the person who stated this comment because I love slow horses and usually asshats who say this have right wing opinions and are salty they feel the need to keep quiet


I love how people mad about this didn’t read the article and just looked at the clickbait headline. he specifically says in the middle that actors aren’t informed so speaking about politics doesn’t help. I also like how people just assume he’s some right wing bigot. I’m a leftist, and I completely get why he said this. it’s pathetic how liberals look up to celebrities and put them on a pedestal and demand they talk about politics. Celebrities aren’t going to save democracy.


Except for John Voight and Kevin Sorbo. They're cool, right?


Don’t forget James Woods and Kirstie Alley


Correct. Idk why this is controversial. I don't gaf about your political opinion and you shouldn't care about mine. I remember when it was taboo to tell people who you voted for. Tf happened to that


Code for “I actually support and believe all the disgusting unpopular hurtful things”. Well it was nice while it lasted for him I guess.


Kafka trap much


I don’t understand why people here want to be preached at by actors.


Its because they agree with the champagne socialist elite who put out emotional support PR statements that hit all their little pressure points. Reddit doesnt even care about policy, if they did they wouldnt support such stupid politics. They care about image, headlines, tweets. Does the politician say the right things, pay lip service to the right minorities, does my favorite actor support them? Very shallow and simple people.


A little bit of social welfare isn't stupid.


You sound stable and smart. You really have everything figured out and it shows.


They only listen to the celebrities who tell them which other celebrities to hate.


"Only right wing pastors should be allowed to comment on our society."


I don't think that's what they said.


You know it's not an either/or situation, right? What he's saying if you read the full article is that he feels privileged to be where he is in acting for a career and thag acting isn't a job to speak out for political causes. Nowhere does he make it political, or single out liberal or conservative causes. Most of the time celebrities end up veering too far and make speaking out what they're known for, rather than their actual career.


Reagan anyone?


Or that little-known sitcom star by the name of Volodymyr Zelenskyy.


Hardly a controversial opinion. No one wants to be subjected to politics at every fucking turn. It’s obnoxious and nearly always hive minded.


They’re allowed to say whatever they want


They should be allowed to say whatever they want. If they have unpopular opinions and feel like they can deal with the backlash, so be it.


He’s welcome to do so.


It is wild to me that this guy just recently played Siegfried Sassoon and got nothing out of it haha


Actors can say what they want about whatever they like, but they're no more worth listening to than bartenders or Uber drivers.


I completely agree. Why should we care what someone says when they are paid to say what other people write?


I mean… so should most people. No one needs to shout their beliefs at the top of their lungs and alienate the rest. Just believe what you believe and be done with it


I think actors obviously have the same rights to speech any of us have, but two things they need to consider: * The more that is commonly known about them, the harder it can be to unsee that side of them on screen. * The more successful they are the more circulated their opinions will be and should really consider what hills they're willing to die on, because they just might.


I guess the word actors is used as a reference to something particular but entertainers in general tbh should follow this rule


He's right. But it also should say that the general public shouldn't care as much.


Honestly, if you want to express your political opinions ad an actor it's really not that hard to find a project that aligns with them and just be a part of it. I find it really irritating when actors are constantly going on about their politics but all the movies and shows they're part of are glorifying and profiting off of the exact opposite things. It's like saying you hate capitalism at the same time as you wipe your ass with the paycheck you stole from the nearest bus driver.


" **Actors Should Act And Keep Political Opinions** >!I don't agree with!< **To Themselves**" FIFY


i dont care if actors have political opinions i just dont want to hear bout them all the time. same way i dont want to hear about a coworkers opinions either. sometimes yeah sure talk about it but not all the time.


I disagree but I don't completely disagree. One thing I love about actors like JK Simmons or Tom Hanks or Reese Witherspoon is that I know almost nothing about their personal lives or beliefs. It's nice to watch a movie or a TV show and completely picture that this person is the character they're portraying and not be distracted by everything you know about the actor and their personal life. I'm against suppressing them in any way. If they want to express themselves, go for it, but it is better when they don't. It's like watching a Broadway play with random, unknown actors, you can totally lose yourself in the play without wondering if this person is anti-vax or believes birds are real.


I don't care what actors think of a particular issue. If they can act and make good movies or TV, I'll watch them.


How about anyone say anything about whatever the fuck they want anytime ever? He can be upset about what people say but to recommend someone not voice an opinion is some weird as hell narcissistic hot take bullshit.


Oh Jack. Shut up. People are allowed to have opinions. Sick of (mostly republicans) people acting like just because someone does one thing that they all of a sudden shouldn’t have a voice. It’s obnoxious.


This clown screams MAGA underoos!


That sounds like a political opinion to me


And yet here’s his opinion…


I guess I kind of agree. A lot of people’s jobs riding on one person’s untoward expression of a political viewpoint is unfair to all the people who work at the company and need the job.


Well sorta. I think it’s more that we treat actors like they are some higher smarter beings. When really everyone is entitled to their options sure but you also temper it with humility. stick to what you know and when expressing views outside of your wheelhouse acknowledge you aren’t an expert and be mindful of blind spots. Some examples: Good: Matthew McConaughey travelling to Uvalde soon after the shooting and holding a press conference - acceptable. He’s from there and is a famous figure with a platform. Bad: Jenna McCarthy spreading vaccine cause autism misinformation. -she’s not a doctor and yet feels the need to give terrible medical advice.


Well, if Jack Lowden, star of Slow Horses and new BBC drama The Gold, says so, then it's settled.


I don’t care if actors have political opinions and express them. I mean if they’re dumb enough to risk ruining their career by expressing crazy opinions/misinformation by all means go right. Just don’t get pissed off if it bites you in the ass.


That’s just like your opinion man. —The Dude.


Anyone that says “leave it alone lads” is personally benefitting from laws that are unjust to others.


Sounds like someone has some unpopular opinions that he doesn't want to be questioned/cancelled over.




If you think the majority of the people around you are in a “cult”, maybe you’re actually the one in the cult.




The thing is that "keep political opinions to themselves" IS a political opinion. So he is doing exactly what he says should not be done.


Actors also have to live in this world. They experience it different than most though. They get to have their opinions. I do get that it might be easier to see them in roles if they just appear as a blank slate, but it's 2023. Those days are behind us.


Most of the time actors are political for attention. Lol I rather watch them for movies instead of a political sob story during an award show.


Well, they're generally uneducated gutless imbeciles so I support this message :D


I agree - I don't use my professional position to profess my politics


from how familiar I am with his work and how I'm hearing about this opinion of his, I see he has succeeded at neither


Holy shit there are reasonable people out there !


“Workers need to shut up and work and be quiet about politics” “only capitalists should speak up about politics” This is what they are saying.


Actors should keep their opinions of political opinions to themselves.


Thanks for letting us know who this nobody is.


Is this not a political comment in itself?




Ok tell that to Arnold Schwarzenegger lolzzz


then by his logic, so should plumbers, contractors, bakers, etc. acting is just a job bro.


This sounds like a Troy McClure bit, trying to avoid the topic of what he does with aquariums.


Should have taken his own advice


Isn’t that in fact a political opinion, Jack?


Actors I disagree with should keep their mouth shut about politics and just act. Actors I agree with should use their platform to bring attention to the issues that matter.


What about actors’ opinions on what other actors should and shouldn’t say?


Isn’t that his political opinion?


Tell that to Ronald Reagan


Which is in this day and age a political opinion in and of itself


You know what, you do that Jack. Ain’t no one listening to you anyway. Say nothing, play it safe poppit. You’ll change nothing and be damn proud of it!


Does this guy realize his opinion is as political as any one else’s?


Why is it the people who say this crap always have the WORST takes?


Just makes me suspect he has conservative political opinions that might not go over well if people knew them because that's usually who wants actors to stop talking about politics. They should be able to talk about whatever they like. No obligation to speak out and no obligation to remain silent.


I’m a leftist, and I want actors and celebrities to stfu mostly for their own sake. they’re going to get dragged no matter what they say. and actors “using their platform” has never and will never lead to material change that aids the working class. regular folks who think celebs have an obligation to “speak out” (which is just code for “say what I agree with”) are misguided and pathetic.


Having followed him on social media long before this, he's a leftist if anything.


To all the people saying this is a political opinion, how does this convey any of his views involving government? He’s not stating anything specific outside of the word “politics” it’s his opinion on what actors should publicly say, it has nothing to do with politics.


I don't think we should gatekeep like that.


Conservatives love to gatekeep.


In all fairness, some on the left have made an art out of it too. I think it's assholes. Assholes do that. Sadly I see assholes and they're everywhere! Lol My dad was a liberal asshole. It does happen .


Yeah, in fact everyone with a job should just do their job and keep their politics to themselves. You hear that, unemployed people? You and ONLY you are now political commentators. Unless you get a job doing political commentary, in which case you must immediately stop doing that.


Translation: I hold views which, if known, would cause me to be ostracized by everyone including my mother.


But if they do that how will I know who I'm supposed to like based on their political alignment?


Never heard of this man, and after this I’d say I probably won’t hear about this man again because his career is about to plummet off the face of the earth.


Hes done a great job in Slow Horses. Dont agree with his opinion on this but no reason to wish his career to end over it. Im sure he will be fine


People somehow don't understand the difference between stating horrible offensive stuff and expressing mildly different thoughts on something. Yeah, you're not getting cancelled for this. There's no thought police. There's repercussions for saying asinine offensive shit, the same way a chunk of your friends would drop you if you got toxic.


Your loss. Slow horses is a great show.




Jack Lowden just told the world how privileged he is to never have the laws be unjust against him. What a soft lad.


So don't mention your politics, Jack. Did there need to be an article about his opinion on it?


Teachers should teach and keep their opinions to themselves, electricians should bend pipe and keep their opinions to themselves. Or anyone can have any opinion they want, regardless of their job, how about that?


Well said, Jack. Actors aren’t real people. Also It’s not like actors or entertainers have ever run for high office before either!


I don’t completely disagree but I feel like people can say what they want. The listener just has to understand that the speaker is usually not qualified as an expert in whatever they’re speaking on. People are stupid. Actors and entertainers included and sometimes especially. It can be just as bad as some idiot rando spewing their nonsense on blogs and podcasts that the general public perceives as fact cause it’s published online.


It's fact. Actors are some of the last people that should telling anyone who to vote for. They're part of the elite that basically aren't as affected by these decisions as the rest of us are. They're like 1 or 2 steps down from corporations telling you who you should vote for.


Super easy for a white dude to say. Other folks don’t always have the choice to stay silent