Valkyrie. They're just... Perfect. Love the violin/piano, love Shu's voice, love the choreography, love the costumes... 200% my style. It has everything I love. Second fav, I think it's crazy : B. Cause I'm ADDICTED to Noisy Beep. Been 1 week I listen to it almost non stop. Truly, the music is just soooo great!!!


Oooo I also really like Valkyrie! I like it more for Mika’s voice though but Shu’s is also pretty! English server only has be the party bee and crazy roulette though for Crazy B so I’m not quite sure how I feel about their music


Shu's voice is kinda... Special , feels like he sings "by his noise" (OK, got no idea how to say it in English I'm sorry). But in the song Eternal weaving, my goooossshhh I love his voice!! True. I LOVE crazy roulette. NEVER BE A LOOSEEERRR BAM BAM BAM BAMBAMBAMBAM. But I'm weak cause I love Rinne. Bee the party is cool. But noisy Beep. my god, I felt in love. Love Nikki. In the English server, we don't have much yet snif. So excited for all valkyrie song to come (and noisy Beep. I wanna s+ it! I'm already training on the jp version).


Oooo!! Looking forward to those songs!! And it’s alright I wouldn’t know how to say anything in any other language than French so you’re doing better than me


Ah? you're French ? Ahah, donc je voulais dire "parler du nez" j'imagine que t'as du comprendre x). La voix un peu nasillarde. And yeah, the future songs are so great. I actually love all valkyrie songs. Waiting for other collab with the other bands.


I’m not French unfortunately but I have been taking French for 5 years in school and yeah his voice is kinda nasally I was wondering if that’s what you meant before


Oups my bad!! And yes, that's what I was thinking :).


Honestly, I think Valkyrie has the best music in the game imo.


Same for me :). It's truly top quality. I'm actually super impressed. I'm not used to music games, I played it cause it's a gacha with only cute boys. I was expecting the songs to be... Well, trickstar songs. (I'm not into pop or idol). So yeah, the first songs are trickstar and I was like "OK, not horrible, but not what I like but totally what I expected". Then I was surprised by undead and was like "well, looks like rock... I like it".but valkyrie... Enthralled theater, MY GOD! I was like "wtf is this?? It's... It's... It's great! And amazing! Top quality!" Started for the boys, stays for the songs. And ALL valkyrie songs are great. All of them. All the costumes, all the choreography ... I kinda wish they exist irl. I could totally go to their concert and buy their album. I'm still fighting to perfect combo mémoire antique and full combo enthralled theater snif...




> I kinda wish they exist irl. I could totally go to their concert and buy their album. Oml same buddy 😫😫


Me tooooo


i’m a massive eden fan. just something about the vibe of their music gives my brain all the happy juice


Ooooo what’s your favorite Eden song? I like conquest!


as of right now it’s definitely Dance in the Apocalypse. it’s just such a banger! i love them all though, man. i’m super excited for more eden songs to be released on eng. plus adam and eve songs (i already have a major soft spot for Trap For You because hhhh hiyori and jun)


Dude I can’t wait for more of their songs to go on the English server as well! Dance of the apocalypse is good but I’ve heard of other really good ones to


I love Eden! I’m lovin Exceed rn


Omg same! They're giving me so much of [email protected] Project Fairy vibes tht I can't help but be in awe everytime I watch their MV's! <3


My go to is Switch bc I love edm and synth type of music so they absolutely hit right plus I love how the sound it was this absolut magic vibe to it most of the time(also sora, Natsume and Tsumugi their voices they balance so well!) , I also love Akatsuki bc the instrumentals!! They are so good!!! Also the voices I'm in love, UNDEAD is one too I enjoy bc of the vibes they have going for it ya know? Also Rei and Kaoru their voices are so so good.


I never really cared for switch but I was watching everyones MVs on yt and wooww they do have some bangers frrr *I Witch You a Happy Halloween* and *Magic for Your Switch* is soo good!!


Honestly Magic for Your 'Switch' is so solid!! The full version is absolutely a recommended,,,,, I Witch You a Happy Halloween I agree too!!!! I rlly like any of their songs but those two bop Magic for Your 'Switch' that anime ending is how I got into being a SwitchP lol its in my opinion one of the solid ending songs of the anime


Oh I didn't even realise it was the ending of the anime! Maybe bc I usually skipped it😅 I didn't rly like tsumugi in the anime but after playing more of the game he's really grown on me and the way his hair is so much longer now is so cute he looks adorable haha and I also like the way natsume always bullies him its really amusing~ I haven't seen a lot of them in stories yet but I'm expecting they'll become some of my faves (hopefully) :)


Tsumugi is my oshi so I absolutely love him to pieces so I hope so too! Natsume and Tsumugi are a funny dynamic definitely and I find sora to be a very good balance between the two! I would say for switch start with elements its their reminiscent story and then Easter night+sunflower festa into pleiades night and then haunted house into fortune banquet and at last wonder game in es! For es!! Magic lanterns is such a huge recommendation and next door too!!!! Also for the endings all units had their ending song meteor scramble was Ryuseitai for example and immoral World was undeads anime ending


Thanks for the recs! Ill save this for when I finish reading the main era ! stories. Rn everything I've read so far has still covered by the anime but I'm so excited for when I finally catch up and can read all these events stories too >.< For all the es!! stories tho I plan to just wait until they release on engstars so I always have new content regarding the story in the game Haha now I remember I think I only ever stayed for the Valkyrie ending


Npp!! And I get that I'm rn patiently waiting for Brilliant Smile and Romancing Cruise in 2 years bc they are the only 2 switch events I have yet to find a tl for. But yesss mainly with es! what I did was just read first from the characters that I liked bc otherwise its a lot of content lol. XD Gaisenka is an absolute pain but fun beatmap in JP my favourite anime ending beatmap is probably the MaM one or Switch but all are very good


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Undead is absolutely my second favorite the only reason they aren’t all songs wise is because of melody in the dark. I do like switch’s songs though those are great! And yeah Akatsuki’s voices are so good


Ooh, not a fan of Melody in the Dark?


Yeah it just doesn’t ring well with me for some reason. Like I like valentine eve’s nightmare and hate of the abyss but melody in the dark is different and I don’t get why


Ooo yeah my least favourite is break the prison for me in the UNDEAD Album tbh my Fave is honey milk to taste or valentines eve nightmare. Akatsuki yesss! I personally haven't seen a lot of people who like their music so its always rad to see someone who does what is you favorite song of them?


My favorite song is strike- blade of resolve- I’m on the English server so not many songs of theirs but that one is my favorite song in all. Tempest night by fine being a close second


That Akatsuki song is so good! I love from Akatsuki Omoide Tzururi and the tempest night absolutely bops. I personally really like any switch song but currently obsessed over Omoi no Kakera! I also absolutely love Eccentric Party Night and it has been a fave ever since I got into the fandom


Can’t wait until those come to the English server, and tempest night you can really tell that Wataru wrote it because it’s different than fine’s other songs. The beat is good the voices are good and the dance just makes me happy to watch


Yeah if you know about the Puffy Bunny shuffle unit that one also screams Wataru had creative control love it though! It is very unique next to most fine songs bc of it


I am excited to learn about them more!


Alkaloid and Crazy:B has been crazy consistent for me so far. Undead would be up there as well but their latest song on JP was, unfortunately, a miss for me.


Alkaloid is really good! Eng stars only has two of both groups songs though at the moment, Be the party bee kinda missed with me but I do like crazy roulette


I'm always surprised by how many people don't like Be The Party Bee. I would say its one of the best songs on EN server. Its so upbeat and fun lol.


Man, I'm neutral on Crazy Roulette but I LOVE Be the Party Bee, haha.


Same! I didn't like Crazy Roulette as much as Be the party bee lmao


I like it it was just so different than crazy roulette that it caught me off guard and I wasn’t able to vibe with it pretty well


my favorite musically is knights, but i also love eden and valkyrie. also crazy b’s songs always get stuck in my head my least favorite musically is probably trickstar or 2wink. i love most members of trickstar and i like both twins, i just think their music is kinda ass sometimes


I love Knights' lyrics. They're so cheesily romantic.


exactly! their music is so cute


2wink is one of my least favorites as well. Them and Rab.bits the characters are great but the songs aren’t the best


Rabits songs are OK for me, except that Wonderland song, that one slaps


ryuseitai bc they're goofy as hell in their music and choreo too. the lively vocals and instrumentals fire happy synapses in my brain. second favorite is either crazy:b because it's all so earworm-y or MaM because i love the Showa-era nostalgic fusion instrumentals and madaras voice of course


Ooo ryuseti are great! I love how much fun they seem to have on stage


valkyrie, i love all of their songs!! i play on english server too but i listen to their other songs on youtube and acanthe is by far my favorite song by them. i also really love 2wink since their music is very catchy!


acanthe is so good, my favourite song is the halloween one


the halloween one is such a banger, i forgot its name though ;-; valkyrie really doesn’t have any bad songs imo


2wink’s songs are pretty catchy especially trick with treat! And the songs are on YouTube?!


yes they are! i found them while looking for enstars songs on youtube since they’re not on spotify :’)


Heck yeah! I’m so sad they aren’t on Spotify


me too :( hopefully one day they add them


Knights! Just something about their music vibes with me, and Silent Oath is hands down my favorite song from the franchise. Valkyrie is a close second, but it sometimes takes me a few listens to warm up to their songs, and there are some that I still consider misses.


Fuck yeah with Knights, they're just such a comfort group for me, maybe it's cause of the Knight in Shining Armor motif, definitely.


alkaloid never misses, they're always posting bangers 💃 valkyrie too!!


Ooooo yeah!


Undead. I love rock idk what to say.


Rei is my favorite character undead rocks


Eden and knights always have really good music! Silent oath and deep eclipse are songs I could listen to on repeat forever!


I love Eden, Knights and Alkaloid songs. Their songs are amazing and I love listening to them whilst drawing.


Absolutely Eden! I've showed friends who don't play the game some Enstars music and they all agree Eden is the best. Just banger after banger. I love Crazy:B's songs as well, but they're more of a guilty pleasure. The only favourite I have in those groups is Niki though!


Niki is amazing!


I love Knights and Valkyrie so much! Recently, I started to love Switch


Valkyrie and by far. Completely seriously, i could call any of their songs a masterpiece. The piano and violin, the instrumentals as a whole, their godly voices, their genius lyrics, their choreography, their costumes & other visuals (so many precise small details around the scene, such as the candles in tsuki no yakata or the sunset in gaisenka) - everything is enthralling, just as stated in the name of the song that showed me their excellence. I'm not even able to choose a favourite, because they seriously never miss and all of their songs are beautiful in their own way.


Undead and Eden are the closest to music I normally listen to but Switch songs are the ones that always get stuck in my head


I can agree with all of those


Eden, Crazy:B, and Alkaloid are my favorites for sure. I listen to them while working on art because they help keep my mind going and their songs slap.


Valkyrie and Eden are my top two. I’m obsessed with all their songs


Eden. All of there songs are very my type. I think the first time I came across Deep Eclipse I listened to it multiple times a day, every day for a week. Plus all the members are pretty much my favorite characters. Second favorite is probably Alkaloid; their songs are just super fun to listen to.


So far Valkyrie and Undead!


Oooo good choices!


Valkyrie, followed by Undead and then CrazyB


Valkyrie, Knights and Undead for now(? Switch's are also nice, they give me a little nostalgic feeling for some reason.


Undead, Knights, Akatsuki and Eden. (Switch has some bangers too)


Definitely valkyrie. They don't have a single bad song (plus Shu and Mika's voices compliment each other SO well)


Crazy B as I love their vitality so much. My favorite song is Paranoia Street. I also like Valkyrie and Undead. The Genesis from Eden is also amazing


music wise, Eden, Valkyrie, and Crazy:B are the closest to what I listen to outside of the game. They just have the production and feel that I'm used to lol but I also love Ryuseitai's music purely for the character and absurtity of it all it just brings me so much joy! (p.s. Im a long time JP player, and am so excited to see EN players being introduced to the franchise)


Valkyrie music is very good Mika’s one of my favorite characters! And I’m so glad that the game now has an English server I had my phone set to notify me when the game came to the App Store because I saw an add for it and really wanted to play it. September is my 4th month playing it’s such a good game!


definitely valkyrie, eden and crazy:b . noisy:beep and acanthe have been stuck in my head for weeks😭 i really like some of switch's songs as well


Man it’s hard to choose just one! I’d say top three would be Valkyrie, Switch, and Eden I really can’t get enough of their stuff. The only two groups I really just haven’t been able to get into are rabbits and MaM.


Switch. Switch has to be my favorite. Their voices go well together and it’s just 🤌 plus there’s natsume


UNDEAD and Akatsuki are consistently awesome for me (Akatsuki’s guitar is always top tier and gives me chills). I tend to love Fine songs a lot as well. Valkyrie and Alkaloid I like too but more specific songs in particular, while I enjoy Crazy: B’s vibe as a whole. But yeah, Akatsuki and UNDEAD are definitely my tops


Valkyrie ALL the way. It’s just so pretty and nice and-I suck at descriptions I just love it okay? Am so happy last lament’s coming out as the next non-event song (probably) rn. Also love Crazy B and 2wink though! Love the energetic quality of their music! Same with MaM, very energetic:D


Valkyrie in the first place. Crazy:b in second. And Akatsuki in third! Valk is life it has such amazing music and their voices harmonize so we'll together...


Valk! Shus voice is perect to my ears, and i just love the vibe of their music.


Tbh I think EN server does not do much justice because there aren't many songs. You can listen to the songs on Youtube, there are even songs that aren't on JPstars but exist. Ofc music wise, it has to be Valkyrie. It's a musical masterpiece. There are literally no miss from them. Even Eden, which I love very dearly, and who comes second, has a song I don't really care about (Deep Eclipse). I could also express my love for Crazy B, UNDEAD or ALKALOID but I won't do that here.


Tbh this is a hard question lmao. I love all of Valkyrie's songs but also Undead's. And also Crazy:B's. Oh and ofc Alkaloid's. And Eden's. All I can say is that Rabbits and Trickster are my least fave groups. I think almost all of their songs are ass. Don't know if Trickstar will get better bc I'm on the Eng server, but my opinion on Rabbits will forever stay the same. Edit: remind me to never add the * in Rabbits' name ever again on Reddit.


I thought the same about Ra*bits until I listened to their song Fallin' Love = It's Wonderland. same opinion on Trickstar though lmao


I literally NEVER like the cutesy characters like at all, and I thought I wouldn't like rabbits either but Fallin in love became one my fave songs so fast 😭 it's really really good Made me watch some more MVs and Melty kitchen + Milky starry charm are pretty good too! I love Mitsurus voice.


listen to daydream x reality and finder girl (trickstar) and fallin love it’s wonderland and milky starry charm (ra*bits) right now 😂😂 i won’t stand for this ra\*bits slander 😂


I've come to inform you that I'm a changed person now. Fallin Love It's Wonderland really is so amazing.


LOL glad to see you’ve become a changed person! fallin love wonderland is a bop have fun listening 😂


Same opinion on rabbits man


I like Rabbits' songs but Trickstar is definitely a least fave for me song wise. I guess it's cause out of everybody they sound the more generic both in lyrics and composition, hell, I joke about how their songs all sound like end credit songs.


Akatsuki and Valkyrie, they don't have a single bad song. Valkyrie always puts out the best songs of the game


Right?? It shouldn’t be possible that neither of them have a bad song


crazyb valkyrie undead and switch


Crazy:B and Switch I like all their songs that I’ve heard, including in game ones and future ones


I love Akatsuki and Ryuseitai. Also, I can’t get Ra*bits “JoyfulxBox” out of my head.


I can’t get joyfulxbox out of my head either but I adore those two groups!


My top 3 (in order): -UNDEAD: I'm a sucker for rock. Death Game Holic and Darkness 4 are my top faves not just for UNDEAD, but in general for Enstars. -Ryuseitai: Ryuseitai's music just has infectious energy other groups don't have for me. When people call their music "music for kids" I die a little inside but I guess I can imagine some of their songs in the intro of tokusatsu/mech shows. That makes it better imo. -Valkryie: If elegance was personified into music, that would be them. They have the most unique music imo and even some of them sounds medieval(?). I'll just say Nightingale is a masterpiece. Please check it out.


To be honest, I love almost all units, however Akatsuki and Valkyrie never fail to send into a frenzy. Whilst there are some weak tracks on the rare occasion (not Valkyrie, they never miss) I never fail to have a good time when listening to them. I have a special attachment to Akatsuki (To Hyakka Ryouran, Akatsukiyo specifically) as they were the ones that got me into EnStars many years ago. I will stand by that Raisanka is one of Valkyrie’s best tracks 😤


Crazy B because they sound so fun


i’m apparently the outlier here, but 2wink is legitimately my favorite unit. maybe it’s because i’m also a kpop fan who has always been a huge fan of when boy groups would tackle the more cutesy concepts (like astro “baby”, vixx “g.r.8.u”, b.a.p “feels so good” etc.). i’m such a sucker for the more light hearted pop sound, which i think they’re great at. for me, groups like Ra*bits and Ryuseitai have good songs too, but bc of their image i think it’s just not nearly as appealing to me since it feels targeted at an even younger demographic than 2wink. i also love Switch because they have a similar, but more EDM/mature sound, while still being fun pop songs. i mean mature in the sense the characters and the songs themselves just feel like they are meant to a slightly older audience than 2wink. i… won’t lie. my least favorites are Undead, Alkaloid and Valkyrie. i know i’m going against what the majority of what everyone else on here seems to prefer lol. no group is truly bad though in my opinion, it really just comes down to their specific concepts/sound as a unit that don’t fit my personal taste. i think vocally Valkyrie actually has the best talent in enstars. their vocals are incredibly rich. it’s just the songs they are given for their concept as a group don’t really match up with the kind of music i typically enjoy. same for Undead and Alkaloid.


This is honestly so difficult for me to answer because I love a lot of the groups songs, but if I had to list them in order and for which songs and why then it would go 1. Knights - I love watching the MV for fight for judge as well as voice of sword, I love the choreography and the elegance about them 2. Alkaloid - mainly Kiss of Life, for me, when I listen to it I feel this sense of power from them like their proving themselves and are not going to be under achievers anymore, I also like believe 4 leaves because of ayase 3. UNDEAD - when I listen to their music, I see them as the sort of band that would've been around during the time of 2000 to 2010 back when green day, thousand foot krutch and others were being played a lot, and because of that I love them I do have many more examples for other groups but yeah the gist is that the above are my top 3 on favorites


I LOVE Switch's songs so much cause I love synth & edm type songs! 2Wink, Eden & Crazy:B are my other go to groups that I listen to often! They have some bops! My favorite songs from each group might be Brilliant Smile, Acrobatic Trope, Faith Conquest & Paranoia Street.


Valkyrie. There's just just no contest for me. The way the songs and mvs are so intricately designed really does it for me! It makes me feel like I'm not just looking at a funny little anime song, but something that has meaning (though a few fine songs are nice in that department too) . Kinda like art lol. The instrumentals are so complicated with their more orchestral vibe (which is 100/10 my style). AND THEY CAN PULL OFF QUIETER SONGS TOO Not to mention Mika's voice. Cause holy shit, he's one of if not the best singer in the game imo. Honestly, I probably still wouldn't be playing if it weren't for Enthralling Theatre. I thought the music and mcs were OK up until that point, but when I saw Valkyrie, I knew these guys would be my favorites :D I could talk on and on about them, but I am serious though, they are incapable of writing a bad song 😂


i love akatsuki’s style of music a lot! also really like alkaloid and switch!


Akaloid and switch are very good as well


crazy:b and akatsuki i overall like really upbeat songs so those 2 groups really do it for me


switch and eden are my favorites! for switch, i love all their voices so much plus their songs are super catchy and fun, especially brilliant smile. as far as eden goes, again i love their voices, and they have really good harmonies! plus all their songs go so hard. my favorite song from eden is deep eclipse, it’s very pretty and they all sound amazing. also have to mention switch and eden’s fusion unit song, majestic magic! everything about it is perfect


ra\*bits and val


rab*its switch and valk


I haven't listened to all the songs yet but so far I really like all the songs of Ryuseitai, Eden, Crazy:B, Valkyrie, Akatsuki, Undead, Ra*bits, Knights and Switch.


Valkyrie definitely with Eden close for having my two favorite Eng Songs (Comquest and Gensis) only to be mired by one of my elast favorites (Dance of the Apocalypse). Valkyrie however is indeed perfect, especially the lyricism as I am more of a lyric focused guy. Absolutely perfect, Shu nails it again.


undead, akatsuki, and valkyrie (all my favs too LMAO) undead brought me to enstars, i just love the rock. akatsuki is p unique from everything i've ever heard and i love the mix of traditional and modern sounds. and valkyrie...art. chef's kiss, how's it feel to have invented music valk


I absolutely adore ryuseitai but AKATSUKI songs are BANGERS


Alkaloid, Akatsuki, and Valkyrie are all pretty much tied at S tier for being consistently great. They're also the only ones I'd actually listen to regularly. Crazy B and Undead get an honorable mention but I just don't like their songs quite as much (great vs good basically). I love rock, pop-rock, etc and it shows haha. The other side of my taste is orchestral, cinematic/dramatic. The rest I don't care for much aside from a few songs here and there. Some groups are near unlistenable to me but consistently so lol, they're just not meant to appeal to my niche (Knights, Rabbits, maybe Eden) but definitely do for others which I can respect. In the case of Rabbits, their songs are catchy but I've always hated that fake cutesy kid voice in all media and I can't quite get over that. As for Eden, I just don't like EDM so it's not for me (except The Genesis, which I love). Knights...yeah idk, literally nothing about their music appeals to me aside from the characters and I don't like their voices very much either. I'm aware this is very unpopular and people love them, they're just not for me.


Trickstar for me. There are a lot of catchy songs but Trickstar songs just make me emotional and I like how well their voices blend together. It makes me sad when people say their songs are bad 😢Just because your music tastes are different doesn’t mean it’s bad 😭


You are the only person to say trickstar so far. Trickstar is pretty good I like hokuto’s voice a lot


daydream x reality has been stuck in my head and has been playing non stop for the past like 2 weeks…🤧


Which group is that? Sorry I’m on English server




I haven’t seen much trickstar love here! I can’t wait for the song to come onto English server so I can listen, I love the members of trickstar though hokuto was my first five star


my favourite is switch, i really love all their songs and they all have great voices


Switch and CrazyB do it for me! I also quite enjoy ra*bits but that might just be because i'm a NazunaP 🤣


Tbh, I like almost every group--I can count on one hand the units that I don't like music-wise! The favs right now are Crazy:B and Eden but before ENGstars dropped I listened to Valkyrie and Knights all the time despite not being into Enstars yet.


It has to be switch. Their voices are too good and the songs are awesome. I've played all 3 of their currently released songs over 100 times and they still haven't gotten old. Bonus for really fun beatmaps and sora's adorable choreography moments


Akatsuki, Undead, Eden. Though I have had Be the Party Bee stuck in my head for a few days.


Oh god Valkyrie I listen to them every day wooah everytime I hear Mika my heart ascends. (Alkaloid def my 2nd fave)


Mainly Valkaroid -Alkaloid and Valkyrie I also like akatsuki and eden songs!


Undead! i'm an UndeadP and i actually chose Rei as my first main because Undead's theme color is purple which is my favorite but i ended up liking their music sm <3 their music is just my type fr


I am crazyb and alkaloid stan.. but before i stan and read the main story ,, i try to get used to the rythme game since i don play this type of game .. i remember i repeating the crazy b and alkaloid song when play because it the song tht i vibe with lol... alkaloid song just have the right melody and sound music ..and crazyb song really hyping me up feel like a concert.. and after tht i checkup all of their music and not a single song of them tht i dislike lol.. and after tht i start read the main story and even stalk alot of fanart XD (i honestly thought i would be undead stan lol)


Knights for me. Grateful Allegiance is my first favorite song from them when I started playing engstars. Little Romance got me on choke now when I started playing on Japan server 😆💞


Ryuseitai, cuz. i LOVE hearing hero songs.


alkaloid and crazy b are my absolute favs! and i cant stand some voices so i usually mute fine and switch


Definitely Akatsuki and Valkyrie. I was always a sucker for music with a traditional/classical twist to it


Akatsuki! Followed by Undead, Valkyrie and Alkaloid 🤲 Love their songs so much


for me its definitely fine and ryuseitai!


for me knights, switch, mam and undead!! eng server as well but i follow jpn enstar twt and listen to snips of the newer songs on there :)


Eden and Valkyrie! Most of the other groups have like, one song I love but the rest are just okay to me. I remember listening to Enthralling Theatre for the first time and thinking how much it sounded like ALI PROJECT, who I love... and then looking at the credits and seeing that they literally wrote it.


Valkyrie, Double Face, Crazy:B, Knights and Undead. Their songs are sooo good 😭❤️ Personally, I love Stipling from DF!! I can listen to it everyday lmao. Recently, I've been listening to Jin&Akiomi's songs a lot especially Butterfly Effect and I love their music vibes haha


It's kinda difficult to choose. I would say Alkaloid's music style fits the best with me, like friendly vibes idk. I also LOVE Knights, its songs are pure art, so charged of feelings. Also Valkyrie, because musically they have the most complex and elegant music, I mean their songs are like a storm, the composition is just godly. Then, Eden has everything in its songs, like childish elegance, mature vibes... Undead also OMG their songs... Absolute banger, right?? I'd say Undead's style also fits with me, that rock jazzy vibes. Then Double face, Switch, Akatsuki, ra*bits, crazy B and Ryuseitai I also like them, but not as much as, cof cof- Alkaloid, Knights, Valkyrie, Eden, Undead. Finally I don't like trickstar and 2wink music, even I love their members their music is zzzzz. If I haven't mentioned Fine is because I hate it the most and that's all.


Hey but my favourite songs are Acanthe (Valkyrie), Exceed (Eden), You're Speculation (Alkaloid), Miwaku geki (Valkyrie), Knocking fantasy (Switch), Faith Conquest (Eden), Fight for Judge (Knights), Promise sword (Knights), Eye (Double face) and Valentine eve's nightmare (Undead). Yea a huge mix.


surprisingly, i really like Switch. I'm a huge UNDEAD fan but their music can be a hit or miss for me, but Switch is nothing but bangers


I love ensemble stars because I feel like each unit does well and is unique. I find it very diverse! I enjoy listening to all of them because they all have good music. As for favorites though, I do find myself gravitating to Switch, Knights, Undead, and Crazy:B songs more often. I thought I wouldn’t like Crazy:B much, but Noisy:Beep is such a bop 😆


Eden and undead


So far for me (on English server) is 2Wink all their songs so far are verified bops. Trick with Treat I’m sorry it is the best Halloween song nothing can top it I fear. And Play Tag is quite possibly my favorite song in the game. Though as a group aesthetic I love Ryusetai as a whole they’re just such a cute unit


knights, switch, mam and 2wink are my favorites...I honestly can't choose because all of them are good in their own ways <3


I'm late but Knights even tho I'm not a KnightsP :'D Knights (and sometimes Eden) sound like 2nd gen kpop, which i was a fan of for yearss Though the first songs I loved in engstars was MaM and Ryuseitai.


Valkyrie is just a league above all the other groups, I'm sorry but it's true🙇‍♀️ And on the other end... Eden sucks arse, they're so bad 😭😭😭