I agree with all but Shu. Because I am autistic and relate to his plights ngl. Though ngl I’d label all my favorites as autistic. Except Hiyori. I can believe he’s allistic.


yeah i was back and forth on shu, bc i didn’t know if it was autism or something else y’know?


I could see him with ocd as well, but autism and ocd can have some similar symptoms or even be coexisting. One reason I can see him as autistic is because in the past one of my special interests has been ball jointed dolls.


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not to interject here as i fully agree but he shows clear symptoms of orthorexia too its interesting


I say they're all secretly Canadian


LMAO well i mean aira is french and france colonized canada so like if you reach a small bit that’s canon 🤩


aira is autistic and his Special interest is idols in REAL life which is REAL!!!


what do u MEAN king of autism himself rei sakuma isnt autistic


respect from a fellow autist. to me they are all autistic shawties


exactlyyyy like i do this with every piece of media lmao


Kanata and nagisa are definitely on the spectrum


wrong theyre all autistic


When you realize some there are amazing and terrible characters (personality wise) on both sides it proves there is nothing wrong with autism and adds happiness


love that the comments agree that every ensemble stars character is Autism filled


exactlyyyy i know some people are mad about it but like fictional characters just seem so neurodivergent to me, maybe that’s just me wanting rep though lmao


i’m like genuinely concerned that you guys hate me for this post and if so i’ll delete it. i’m sorry to anyone who might’ve been offended. i don’t have any friends irl who like enstars, so i can’t really discuss this with them. again this isn’t me judging the characters or insulting them by saying they’re autistic. they just have traits that i’ve noticed in myself and my other autistic friends. i’m genuinely sorry if this was insensitive or annoying


thanks for sharing your headcanons! i like to see other peoples ideas. :))


thank you!


i was on the fence for a few of them and would be happy to explain some of them, though it might not be a good explanation bc it’s hard to put into words sometimes


all of them are autistic TO ME lmao


yeah this is just a personal opinion, i am by no means trying to push it onto anyone. but yeah tbh


You made more than half the characters autistic? Interesting…


i csnt tell if you’re judging me or not but like they have some distinct autistic traits that made me think this. i tend to find that in fiction a lot of characters have these traits. of course, this is just me relating to characters that i like in the end, and it’s just one person’s opinion.


I’m autistic too but idk why whenever people make headcanons on like 50% of a show calling them all autistic it makes me uncomfortable the same way I see people saying everybody from b-z characters are lesbian and so forth it’s just odd but maybe it’s just my autistic brain struggling to comprehend the point of this 😭


i’m sorry that i made you uncomfortable. this is just a way i relate to characters and find representation, which i rarely get. it is true that i do the same thing with sexualities and gender, again for representation. this is my headcanon and it’s just for fun, based off of the traits of me and my autistic friends that i see in these characters. if you want me to delete this i can, but i really meant it in a harmless way and i am not forcing anyone to believe this


No no I get that 100% I’m just slow at comprehending stuff like this and I was abit puzzled but yeah there’s never representation online. So honestly so If this gives you comfort and makes you happy then no need to take it down at all you’re fine <33