The people in that crew definitely leave their grocery carts in the parking lot.


Can I just say I love the "can't find a pulse" part of your role 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣


Thanks. I’m better at finding radial pulses, but I have so much trouble with brachials that I sometimes just guess when I take a BP and adjust accordingly. Hopefully it will improve with time


I know you've already heard this but search towards (but not all the way at) the bottom of the bicep on the inside. And press harder and move your fingers a little need be. It'll get better as you practice!!


Yeah don't be afraid to use some pressure. If you hit a pressure point and hurt them, they'll tell you.


Resetting the truck should be routine. Emptying garbages/cupholders and tidying should take less than 10 minutes at the end of a shift


Unless there's a form being hastily finished at end of shift, usually one partner is fueling the truck and the other is emptying the garbages. Even though we have truck techs that make sure the truck is stocked to a template, we always at least put it back in a state that can be relatively quickly rolled back out. And that backboard storage really leaves you very little foot room next to the stretcher, that seems kind of awkward for anything you need to get right down next to your patient for. edit: More specifically, the techs job is primarily to restock the truck, not clean up after our mess. Not that they don't help us clean up when we need a decon, but what OP showed is way the hell in excess.


This is not acceptable in any case. I don’t care if you get off 3 hrs OT make it ready for the next crew. I got stuck waiting on a bed for pt for 4 hrs. Then got a call right after with full code. We were lvl 0 so we ran it. And we stocked it and dress it when we returned. There is no excuse.


Or maybe don't even leave it like that between your own calls? I don't understand how people even make that big of a mess. I'm that dude who goes to find a trashcan when working a code in someone's house so I don't make a mess. But I also work in an aluminum can, so maybe I just hate tripping over trash.


> I'm that dude who goes to find a trashcan when working a code in someone's house so I don't make a mess. Never done that, but we do clean our mess promptly afterwards. It's just disrespectful to leave trash.


It keeps my workspace neat. Nothing like losing your IO drill, McGrath, etc in a pile of garbage.


I am like that. If everything is back in its place, you can tell if something is missing. I'm even like that when traveling. My husband never understood why I make the bed in the hotel. It's so I can tell if something is in the bed or on the floor. My mom taught me that when I was a little kid. We never had things get left behind that way.


> I'm that dude who goes to find a trashcan when working a code in someone's house so I don't make a mess. We just use the bag the BVM comes in.


Our BVMs are in a pretty small bag, and we often snag them from other providers, but it's a good option for most situations. Not so great when you're shoving bloody stuff in it and someone ripped a hole in the bottom :(


I make a point to grab all the little packages and plastic bullshit and throw it in our jump kit, unless we're just grabbing and going on a critical


No excuse for that. I'd stay late just to fix things up. I'd be embarrassed to pass that over.


This is a pet peeve for me. I don’t CARE if you were running calls all night. That’s not an excuse to leave the truck and stretcher fucked up. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to refuse a truck and made off going clean the truck and restock because they didn’t bother to do that either


"Sorry we were slammed" "Uh huh. Meanwhile I'm about to start a 24 hr shift and I'm not about to clean up your shit."


Yeah man it’s one of my biggest pet peeves too, me and my partner have tried talking to our support, to our supervisor, but ever other shift we get a truck like this, it’s really fucking annoying


I’ve never really minded the mess- I kinda like a bit of cleaning to start my day, it makes me feel like I’m working in “my truck.” Lol I am more annoyed at non-obvious missing supplies that weren’t restocked


Every single unit at AMR ops 24/7


So the belts were off the stretcher?


Yup, that is exactly how I found it, did not touch a thing before taking the pics


The horror


At least there aren’t stray IV needles lying about


Yes you're ri- *steps* OUCH.


Rage. I’m so tired of people leaving messes and trash everywhere


One time had to scrub off smeared blood on the doors and seats. People be fucking lazy.


Only once?


Lol yeah - IFT.


Ok kinda disturbing at that point lol


Sir. Even if you are right in principle. This is baby stuff


I hate when the truck is a mess. No excuse for it. I’ll get it squared away before end of shift. Also, I love the stretchy sheets. Makes everything better.


Damn day shift.


As always 🙄


I think I recognize those blue buckets and food prep containers too small to fit N95s 🫣


Oh god, a Type 2. I’m having flashbacks. Charlie in the trees and such. You’re very much in the right here to be frustrated and angry. You’re not their mom/dad, and you’re not a janitor.


Pretty sure we work at the same place 😂


Damn. That truck makes me claustrophobic just looking at it. But also, the previous crew should have taken a couple minutes, even if they were super busy before shift change, to pick up after themselves. That’s just common courtesy if you ask me 🤷‍♂️


That looks like what mine does when I get it back. It infuriates me. I have always lived by "leave it better than you found it." I always wash, restock and reorganize my truck, even if we are held over. The BP cord being like that also frustrates me. I always end up having to uncoil/recoil correctly. Because of people doing stuff like that, we now have forms and checklists to do at the end of shift. It's mostly the 18 year old kids that leave stuff like that. I have 2 sons that are 23 and 24 and I raised them to have some personal accountability. I just don't get why other kids in their generation don't.


That tangled bp cuff connector hurts my soul..


Are those cotton linens? lol


Haha yeah, we just snag them from the hospital…. It’s also easy to move non ambulatory pt’s from stretcher to beds


Oh dang I didn't know that, we have megamover-type sheets on all our cots that we use for transferring patients.


Damn I can tell you’re the medic no one likes lol. You send this pic to the chief too?


Found the culprit.


literally couldn’t even tuck the sheet and pick up the belts. like that tiny little step would make it 50% better


Some things never change.


Yep. Every time I have to switch ambulances I always dread opening the door because I know I’m going to have to spend at least 10 minutes cleaning. People are slobs. It makes me wonder how sanitary the back is too.


Ok I’m not an ambulance tech but I’m going through the application process. However I was a supervisor with the NHS before and this type of stuff absolutely boils my piss. I would be putting a complaint in somewhere. This is disgusting! Sorry but I’ve been dealing with shit like this for a few years now in the vans. I understand forgetting one cup, maybe one wrapper somewhere, but this is a shit hole and I’d be embarrassed


I remember life before MDTs it was a better time.


Where do you work? I'll write them up for you


Blue falcons ftw.


I walked in this morning to find packs of Tylenol, bottles of pop, and gloves everywhere. It takes five seconds to clean up after yourself, I truly don’t understand .


I would refuse to take it over


I hope you handled it like an adult, and asked them to correct this prior to leaving. If you didn’t notice til after they left than a good text or email telling them to please pick there shit up is in order. They do it a couple times then send it up the chain


At least no bed pan? 😭😭😭 No but seriously that's ridiculous and whoever did it needs to be spoken to about it, either by yourself or someone higher. My dept doesn't take things like that lightly and emails get sent out pretty much immediately.


I’d be pleasantly surprised if the unit looked this nice at hand off. There are several people who leave it absolutely trashed - overflowing trash, sharps left out, dried blood on surfaces, muddy floor, trash all over the driver compartment. 😬 But yeah, I don’t understand not completely resetting the unit after each call.


The guys where I work are typically good at keeping the back of the truck organized and looking nice. Notice I did not say “clean”. The main issue I have noticed is when the crew before me leaves their used “spit bottles” in the front of the truck. The bottles, used gloves and masks, and just trash in general is stuff I absolutely dread picking up after. Grown ass men!


If they did that to me I drag their lazy asses right back in to fix it


Dude, I'd be SO pissed.


Don’t take the truck. A lot of places it’s acceptable to deny turnover if the truck is not in a reasonable condition. Busy is one thing and short a few IV supplies but trash is just lazy.


Death penalty.


I'd be happy if day shift would just put fuel in the truck. 🙄


I’d put money that this was at 0600 and they did their last call at 0200.


I'm doing that on purpose this morning. No mercy, all chaos