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You need to research DIY. And yes you can do it.


Funnily enough there’s a loophole to the law, it’s only flavored nic liquids, non nic liquids are still ok


Hey do you know where I can read the official statement of the ban


Unfortunately no but I got an email from Vapejoose like 2 days ago stating that’s what the loophole was


I live near Detroit and I buy my flavoring from DIY Vapor Supply in Waterford. I generally order off their web site unless I'm passing by and I usually have it the next day if I get my order in early enough.


I have a feeling many vendors will be adding shortfill bottles soon. Like, the opposite of what the EU does to get around small bottle size by having a big bottle of flavored juice and a 10ml bottle of high concentration nicotine... we have to do the opposite with a big bottle of unflavored juice and a small bottle of flavor shot. If they're not, they're stupid. We're rushing to get the new shortfill items up on our site. There will be more states soon.. can't just ignore it and block half the country from ordering.