BMW finds its mojo again with the $55,400 i4 electric sedan

BMW finds its mojo again with the $55,400 i4 electric sedan


Always been a BMW guy and the next cars going to be electric but bloody hell they ruined the look of their cars with this front end I have to change or get something less hideous like an i3 or a Zenn


You mean like - [https://www.motor1.com/news/449729/bmw-m4-grille-aftermarket-makeover/](https://www.motor1.com/news/449729/bmw-m4-grille-aftermarket-makeover/). It's a pity, really, as it's detracts from what looks like a decent car....


I remember seeing some old BMW grill memes way back about the grill becoming bigger and bigger... Turns out it was actually a well made prediction.


time travelers


Forgot to close the barn doors up front.


Its to keep the engine cool


It's how you get in


I mean...I like it. The grill is a bit much but I like the profile and the rear. I'll take a fastback any day, and the added tax credit is the cherry on top.


Oh jesus, you're not kidding. [This](https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fimages-cdn.9gag.com%2Fphoto%2FaB0nnjO_700b.jpg&f=1&nofb=1) is *supposed* to be a joke!


So.... progress??




My biggest gripe against the grill is that it seems like ICE manufacturers keep trying to make their EVs look like they've got a big open space in front just like their ICE counterparts. When I first saw the Tesla Model 3, the body-color nose looked weird, but it's grown on me and now a fake grill just seems like an unnecessary vestigial appendage.




I call it the pig nose 🐽


I think the grill isn't bad here. I always thought it was awful in the M4 because the surrounding body lines were too aggressive.


Not a huge fan of BMW styling right now but the giant kidney grille doesn't even bother me.


arstechnica is a bit late on that one, we had those articles a week ago...


Tbh I think they're all scattered for this one, we're still getting people posting articles on the unveiling and prototype models of the i4 now anyways


Oversized grille aside, I think it looks like a very fine car, surprisingly so even. The range is good, the price is reasonable, hatchback is awesome, it's a medium sized car which I like, the performance is great, the interior looks traditional but good and I assume the build quality will be typical BMW standard. On paper this is essentially what I wanted the Model 3 to be.


>I assume the build quality will be typical BMW standard. Does that mean it will have major overpriced components begin failing randomly at 60,000 miles, requiring the entire car to be disassembled to access them? (I had 10 BMWs. I know this demon.)


Lol, do electric BMWs come with VANOS?


I am sure they will add something that will cause a catastrophic failure requiring a major service. EVanos maybe?


The cooling system on my i3 took a dump while under warranty. Could have totaled the car if it had fully failed or I kept driving it like that. It would have been an $8k repair bill if it wasnt under warranty.


I was going to point this out. BMW makes interesting, visually striking cars (weird grill aside). They kill you with the maintenance, though. They've floated the idea of a subscription service for features, too (adaptive cruise control last year) I don't think they've implemented that, but the idea that they're thinking along those lines is a huge turn-off for me.


> They've floated the idea of a subscription service for features, too (adaptive cruise control last year) I don't think they've implemented that, but the idea that they're thinking along those lines is a huge turn-off for me. i mean the car falling apart as soon as the warranty is up is pretty much a subscription....


Varies with region though. In norway BMW offers very good value prepaid service. I paid the equivalent of USD800 for the first 5 years of service. Pricing does depend on distance and time, and you can buy up to 200000km/10 years. This does not reflect part prices etc if something needs to be fixed. This is only maintenance.


LOL I worked on hundreds of them. Can confirm. Although the vast majority of them were shitty ICE engines made using shitty non-heat-resistant plastic wherever humanly possible, including inside the engine.


The V8s are the worst. They would have been better off plopping in an LS under the hood. Lighter, more powerful, and more reliable.


They also transfer heat better, being made of aluminum.


And you love it. Don’t you?


I've only had two BMWs and the arse kicking I got from the first wasn't enough to dissuade me from getting another as I thought it must be an outlier. The second one proved it wasn't and I won't buy another BMW. There's a reason they're so cheap on the second hand market. That said, I know a few with the BMW i3 and those have been very good but I just can't bring myself to forgive the last few decades of extremely poor quality.


i had an airhead BMW motorcycle and i could not believe how much money i sank into that bike. those are supposed to be from when bmw was all about reliability. needless to say i'm on a yamaha now.


You're surprised something from several decades ago was a money sink?


I've had older Japanese bikes with minimal issues.


That's right!! Car lovers know what BMW means... Bring My Wallet


Coming from a Tesla owner, that's really rich.


Are there a lot of electrical components failing on Tesla’s at 60k miles? Genuinely curious.


Drove around 52k miles. I changed my rear tires and also swapped the cabin air filter twice… was hoping for less maintaining but this seems reasonable so far


A friend of mine has a Model Y and just had to change his windshield wipers. Definitely disappointing.


You know what's fun? Not having to change brakes because you use engine braking all the time :D


Probably referring to Tesla’s seemingly inconsistent initial quality, like panel gaps inconsistency, leaks into cabin and into headlight housing, etc.


The China factory Teslas don't seem to have those issues.


Presently we can't throw american ~~slaves~~ er.. workers who fuck up into re-education camps. but Elon's working on that I'm sure.


That is correct. Also, these issues fall under initial "reliability" surveys. There is a difference, I argue, in that none of these issues stop you from using your car.


Or a taillight leak, which a friend noticed in her new Model Y as she was showing it to us.


I’m only 25k in to Tesla land, but no issues to date. It’s as fun to drive as my old E46. BMW has lost their way since the mid aughts or so. Perhaps they are finding their way back. That grill has to go however. It’s as grotesque as the latest pickup trucks.


Tesla's require just about zero maintenance and very reliable in terms of actually working. Tesla's initial reliability issues are dominated by paint and body work.


yeah i mean that stuff is annoying, and a little hard to swallow in the year 2021... but at the same time it's not that big of a deal


What issues have you had, aside from fitment? Because BMWs are prone to catastrophic issues that you don’t really hear about Teslas having.


More like the features you paid for at the dealer will turn into a subscription service, if you want to continue using them.


It looks just like their other cars, which is great. Although I still don't like the oversized grill. I hope they shrink it soon.


I'm not a fan of the new design language, either. I very much prefer the [classic](https://cdn.bmwblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/BMW_2002_ti.jpg) designs that made BMW such an aspirational car company.


Tbh all I'd prefer is for them to just go back to the grill before this enormous one


Oversized grille is comical on an EV.


What if I told you grills have been a stylistic choice on 99% of ICE cars for many years already.


I think that's odd. On paper the i4 is slower in top speed and acceleration, economy, range and starts at 10K more than the Model 3. Sure, the interior looks traditional, but we've had a Model 3 since 2019 and obviously traditional isn't cutting it anymore. And like someone else, I've had BMW's and after 152000km in my current Model X, I wonder why I and my wallet were ok with all the BMW quirks and features that needed service and repair. The price is a stretch to replace the current 320d fleet of company cars, but I think and hope a shorter range, cheaper version should crush the ICE market. In essence, this car will make the 3 series obsolete, and that's good. However, I will expect that this lower priced car won't arrive until the next version, and BMW will be battery constrained so ICE's demise will be postponed, up until a competitor can deliver in large numbers a premium EV that starts at 40K.


Model 3 LR starts at $48,990, by default Tesla is being deceiving by showing a number that's lower because of "$5,800" in fuel savings and "$1,500" California clean fuel award. The i4 eDrive40 starts at $55,400 which means after the $7,500 federal tax incentives the i4 is actually cheaper and even more so if you live in California. By that point you have a cheaper car with identical real world range, much better build quality but worse performance, pick what you value the most.


Are there no options on the BMW? All the other BMW models have about 3-4 additional packages for self-driving features, park sensors, upgraded stereo, heated seats, etc.


Tesla’s charging infrastructure is about 5x better than anything out there. That’s my biggest concern about buying a Rivian when they are available; DCFC infrastructure is nowhere near as fast or available as it needs to be. I had an e-Golf *and* a Bolt before we got the Tesla, and it’s a night and day difference for road trips.


No federal tax incentive differences in Europe between a Model 3 and a BMW i4. BMW i4 40 starts at €59600, including VAT. Tesla Model 3 SR+ starts at €49990, including VAT and "before savings". The Tesla Model 3 LR is €56990 and the Performance is €63990. The BMW i4 M50 starts at €73000. But for that money, you get the best EV, right? Hmm no. 0-100kph for the M50 is 3,9s, while the Tesla Model 3 is 3,3s. Top speed is 225 vs 261kph. A little bit more battery capacity (83,9kWh vs 82kWh) translates in less WLTP range (510 vs 567km). The reason: the BMW is 446kg heavier. The 40 looks like a better deal then (except for the 10K difference) with a similar 0-100 (5,7s vs 5,6s) and better range (590km vs 448km WLTP), but that is again because there is no difference in battery between the 40 and M50, but only one electric motor, which makes the weight difference only +380kg for the 40. Top speed is only 190kph vs the 225kph from the SR+. For reference, our M3P fully loaded with FSD came in at 70ish and would nowadays cost €74870 (includes VAT).


Model 3 LR weighs 1980kg and i4 eDrive weighs 2050kg, that's 70kg more. But let's be fair and use the M50 because that has dual motors like the LR, M50 weighs 2215kg, or 235kg more, now the M50 has some features that the Model 3 LR nor Model 3 Performance doesn't have, such as electronic adjustable front suspension, air suspension on the rear axle, electrically operated rear hatch, much wider rear wheels and wider front wheels, higher quality interior with more sound isolation and better NVH, and of course slightly bigger battery, suddenly the weight difference seems to make sense. As for acceleration, Bjørn Nyland never got the claimed 0-100 of 3.3 but instead 3.4, Tesla is again advertising using unrealistic best case scenarios whereas BMW is understating the acceleration, the i4 M50 is consistently going to get under 3.9 seconds 0-100, my guess is something along 3.5-3.6 seconds. As for range we'll just wait and see, Bjørn Nyland haven't gotten the stated range for the Model 3, he's only been close, while for the iX3 he got the exact stated WLTP of 440km.


We had a few BMW's and I would like some of that understating the acceleration :). AFAIK that is true for Porsche, but not necessarily for BMW. Nice how the price difference suddenly is not a topic anymore :). I see the M50 with adjustable suspension going for the driver's market, but that's obviously not the European company lease car market. Higher quality interior is subjective; I'm so done with BMW's multi level menu structure, and the rest is fancy black and chromed plastics anyway. At least it doesn't come with their M DCT, hated that thing in our M2. And the leather was wearing off after 50000km. With 40K on our M3P and 152K on our MX, you'll have a hard time convincing me BMW's interior is better. Still, I want a 40K premium EV to sweep the European company lease market. I'd prefer if it was a Tesla, but that's not the case either.


iX3 does 0-100km/h in 6.6 seconds when stated is 6.8. X3M does 0-100km/h in 3.95 seconds in the wet when the stated 0-100km/h is 4.1 seconds, C&D did 0-60mp/h with 1 foot rollout in 3.3 seconds. M5 Competition does 0-100km/h in 3 seconds when stated is 3.3. If I'm not mistaken the base model eDrive40 comes with electronic front suspension and rear air suspension. And the F87 M2 interior was low quality compared to other BMWs, new BMW interiors are also much much higher quality.


I wish the made the interior closer to the concept car. This just looks boring


In the right spec it looks good. Not that black & cream though.


You’re probably right, but this steering wheel looks like it straight from a 2018 model


I would not consider this car without the federal rebate that currently applies to it and not a Tesla. With the rebate situation as it is today, I would indeed consider it. Especially if I got a $4000 more off at the dealer or through a utility rebate. When the federal rebate switches to $10k and includes Tesla, it would be a model Y instead.


lol The title is being sarcastic, right?




With that grille I’d prefer Austin Powers’ teeth


But how else will you know its a BMW if not for the giant nostrils up front???? /s


Well ya know the original Model S had a fake grill and people bought it. (BMW boardroom thinking)


They had less jo before and now they have more.


Ars is full in on anything that competed with tesla, and Gitlin is a paid up member of tslaq




No, if you followed him on twitter he is fully embedded in the tslaq crowd etc.


The awd trim claims a 0-60 of 3.7 seconds for only around 65k. The taycan 4s is 115k for 3.8 0-60


If 0-60 matters that much, you’re better off going with a performance 3 which does it in ~3.2 seconds.


True, but I don't want to buy another Tesla in the future


Why does a car that has no functional use for a grill have to use one that big and ugly? Who ok’ed this over at BMW?


The gas version has no functional us for it either. It's "style".


It's not a grille. They use it purely as a design element, similarly to how Porsche uses curves around headlights, with them sticking out of the bonnet, even though they could be integrated flat into the body, likely leading to a lower Cd. It used to have a role back in a day, when headlight assembly was large, but nowadays it's purely signature of their designs.


The bonnet also seems excessively long.


Big frunk?


A big frunk would be nice, but more cabin space would be even nicer. Rear legroom doesn’t look too generous.


That grill though 🤢


I am considering buying this car, but I was a bit disappointed. The biggest thing was the price, it's $15,000 more than the Model 3 SR (with 37 miles more range) and $6000 more than the Model 3 LR (with 53 miles less range). I also loved the interior of [the concept](https://specials-images.forbesimg.com/imageserve/5e5e6bd044b78400068be115/960x0.jpg?fit=scale), but was disappointed when the [real interior](https://s.aolcdn.com/images/dims?client=fh7w6q744eiognjk&signature=ca5a54b65650d1254d129f310add6c29e10b19b5&image_uri=https%3A%2F%2Fo.aolcdn.com%2Fimages%2Fdims3%2FGLOB%2Flegacy_thumbnail%2F1600x900%2Fformat%2Fjpg%2Fquality%2F85%2Fhttps%3A%2F%2Fs.aolcdn.com%2Fos%2Fab%2F_cms%2F2021%2F06%2F01172727%2F2022-BMW-i4-M50-interior.jpg&thumbnail=1600%2C900&quality=100) ended up looking more typical. I'm really trying to avoid getting a Model 3 but I don't think I could justify the i4 over it at this point.


Don't listen to the EPA range. I can guarantee that the i4 eDrive will have much better real world range than the SR. In WLTP the LR only has 24km longer range.


Model 3 LR owner here - I’ve owned one since 2018. BMW (and Audi, Mercedes, Lexus, etc) quality is in a different ballpark than Tesla. As is the customer experience. Model 3 is a fairly basic car with a massive and highly innovative battery and motor setup. BMW is now offering you that in a luxury package. Plus, you get things like CarPlay/Android Auto, backup cameras that don’t weirdly stop working every other update, and excellent service at dealerships that treat you with respect (as opposed to an app and months-long parts waiting lists).


As someone who came from a Mercedes and BMW, there's nothing I miss coming to my TM3. Wiper stalk maybe. Do not in the slightest need Carplay - the Tesla GUI has been great. My cameras have always worked instantly and perfectly. I did a db measure against our C Class, and the Tesla was quieter on road and highway. I certainly do not miss spending $1200/year on "scheduled" maintenance, let alone unscheduled maintenance on a German car. Our Mercedes transmission went out 1k miles past warranty (38k) and we were without that car for a week. My delivery experience with Tesla was quick and uneventful, and otherwise I haven't had to talk with them since.


Happy to hear you're having an awesome experience with your Tesla. I hope most owners (and honestly owners of any car brand, for that matter) end up in this situation rather than what I've described.


I’ve had four BMWs. I loved them. But the maintenance is what drove me to electric, and the best EV decision I could make was a Tesla, which I am very happy with. It wasn’t just the maintenance with BMWs, which are more than average but I’ve never been outraged, but every ICE vehicle I have just requires more maintenance, time and money, than I want to do anymore. Just stupid things like oil changes, transmission fluid flushes, brake fluid flush, engine air filters, valve cover gaskets, etc that are not cheap anymore. Tesla isn’t perfect, but my panel gaps are all good, my paint is all good, and I don’t anticipate needing to do anything other than tires for a few years. Hopefully BMWs EVs are similar, and they don’t want you back in to see their fancy dealerships.


>But the maintenance is what drove me to electric, and the best EV decision I could make was a Tesla, which I am very happy with. I don't think that's true anymore. For example, the servicing and running costs for the Jaguar I-Pace are actually lower than with Tesla. They even throw in a number of free service visits with a purchase.


What service costs? And what is Jaguar servicing?




Did you even read that page? Change the air filter after 2 years. Change A/C desiccant after 6 years.


>Did you even read that page? Change the air filter after 2 years. Change A/C desiccant after 6 years. Brake fluid change? HEPA filter change? Tyre rotation? My point being that Jaguar often throws in free services for the I-Pace so you don't even have to pay for that. And the items that needs to be changed on the I-Pace is comparable and at comparable intervals. Tesla is by no means special here.


>BMW (and Audi, Mercedes, Lexus, etc) quality is in a different ballpark than Tesla. Oh I agree, I've been driving a BMW for years. But this isn't a small price difference, it's a *lot* more money. I'd pay \~$5K CAD more for a BMW given it could achieve similar range and charging.


As far as range goes, pretty much every manufacturer aside from Tesla is extremely conservative on their estimates, whereas Teslas will either meet their estimated ranges or underperform.


>As far as range goes, pretty much every manufacturer aside from Tesla is extremely conservative on their estimates I don't think that's true at all. It's pretty rare that an automaker voluntarily downgrades their range (the Porsche Taycan being the largest exception). I don't like the "real world" tests (they also use different methodology, all of which are subjective), but there are plenty of them (like [this one](https://www.carscoops.com/2020/01/real-world-range-test-shows-which-electric-car-is-the-most-honest-with-its-claimed-figure/) or [this one](https://insideevs.com/reviews/443791/ev-range-test-results/)) that show Teslas as being middle of the pack in terms of how they compare to their rated range.


The way the articles are worded are also clear hit pieces. Instead of ranking cars by how far they go, it's "how far they go compared to stated range". I honestly don't care if the stated range is 5,000 miles and only gets 400. Getting <10% of stated range doesn't make it a worse car than the one claiming 200 miles but actually getting 300.


It is one story, but here is my comparison: 1. 2015 BMW i3 with range extender \-sudden death requiring tow and 4 days of software updates at dealer \-defective auxillary gas tank cap requiring dealer repair for 3 days \-2 oil changes/annual service requiring weekend stays for service \-Tire installer stripped hub requiring, you guessed it, 3 days to repair \-Ran over rock during a snow fall. Engine block cracked. Car Totaled. 1. 2018 Tesla Model 3 \-Hood had paint defects requiring repaint in first month. \-air filters requiring 45 minute appointment I like BMWs and the i3 was a cool experience especially driving their entire fleet of loaners during all of its down time.


Seems to be large majority of the i3 problems are with the tiny engine they use on range extender models.


The quality of the latest 2021 Y is much higher, and it competes with the BMW on price.


Since BMW still qualifies for the Federal Tax Credit, you'll need to subtract $7500 from its price before comparing.


I'm actually in Canada, so quite the opposite. Since the base price will be too high, it won't qualify for our federal tax subsidy, effectively adding another $5000.


That's a good point. Have you seen any Canadian pricing announcements yet? It looks like the i3 is significantly cheaper up there compared to the direct exchange, probably to hit the $45k threshold for incentives.


As a Tesla owner do not trust their range estimates. You will never get the EPA rated range so 263 miles is more like 230 real world. Other car brands typically get more real world range out of their EVs. I'd wait until someone does a real world test on this BMW before really making any decisions.


BMW is also well-known for sandbagging.


I’ve put 50k miles into my Model 3 including long road trips and disagree. While the battery has degraded, my guessometer is often correct, barring any significant amount of highway driving or elevation gain. Though I’ve also had good experience with the i3’s range. Both guessometers were typically accurate. Otherwise, I would have been stranded many times.


Yeah it’s really all down to driving stule which also effects gas cars too, people just don’t pay attention. This is why I want a 500 mile range car, so I can drive inefficiently and fun and get 300-400


I can drive fun day to day with 300 miles. Punching it at stoplights never gets old! But yeah, it’ll be hard to go mainstream at 300 miles when there’s the cold, driving style, elevation changes, and load/towing that can seriously impact longer drives.


Yeah, I am a person driving 70-80 on the highway, and that’s when you start to see the drop. So if we can get that range with those speed, it would be killer


The range is better on the 2021 Tesla models with heat pump. Cold weather changes buying priorities. I would have differing opinions up north than I would in a warmer state.


As a former BMW i3 owner, do not trust their range estimates. It was rated for 83 miles, but seldom got more than 60.


25% below WLTP is about right. But it's a consistent 15-25% across models and brands. EPA can't be used to compare different models because the way cars are tested is inconsistent.


1) wait for real world tests or compare WLTP figures. EPA figure are entirely useless for comparing cars. EPA allows manufacturers to choose from various test methods to get their single EPA rating. If you have five different test methods, you're just asking for 5 different results. EPA doesn't list was test method was used for which car and you end up with results that are uncompareable. ([example](https://old.reddit.com/r/electricvehicles/comments/nxbc7q/edmunds_ev_range_test_leaderboard_was_surprised/)). WLTP range for the i4 is 590 km (367 miles). 2) BMW i4 is in the premium segment with loads of options and on an entirely different quality level (materials, sound proofing, ride quality, etc). Model 3 is positioned in the mass market segment with little options and ok-ish quality, it's a Toyota/VW/Ford competitor. Of course the BMW is more expensive.


>BMW i4 is in the premium segment with loads of options and on an entirely different quality level (materials, sound proofing, ride quality, etc). I agree, but the difference is just way too big for me. The better quality isn't worth that large of a price difference. I've driven a BMW for years and I would really prefer to stick with them, but they need to at least be in the ballpark. >Model 3 is positioned in the mass market segment with little options and ok-ish quality, it's a Toyota/VW/Ford competitor. I don't agree with that. The Model 3 base options and specs are too good to throw it in with those automakers. It doesn't have great interior quality, but it does have "luxury" features in other respects (leather seats, good -60 speed, assisted driving tech). It's more a second-tier luxury car to me (like Infiniti, Acura, Cadillac, Lincoln).


Honestly the interior looks good it’s just those colours chosen don’t look great.


I agree, that concept interior is amazing. The production interior is much less so. It looks like a good car overall but not enough to make me regret my Model 3 order.


Exactly my thoughts. I won’t get a model 3 ever so I guess I’m going to continue waiting. I wonder why they didn’t go with the concept interior, the steering wheel at least would’ve been amazing. It feels way more “futuristic” than this one. Exited to see what Lexus reveals next year in their line up.


I’m probably in the minority in not minding the nostril grill on this. I think range and price lines up nicely especially given it still qualifies for the rebate (as of now). If Audi would just make an electric a4 already, I’d buy that, but this is a tempting idea in the meantime.


audi etron gt / rs ?


I absolutely love the etron gt/rs… but it’s $100k minimum. Not anywhere near realistic for me financially. $50-60k would already be far and away the most I’ve ever spent on a car.


ooof. didnt see the 100k part. thought it was 50 - 60.


If the etron gt was $50k they wouldn’t be able to beat the customers off with a stick. It’s the best looking EV on the market in my opinion.


Audi A6 e-tron will take its throne next year. The Avant version is going to be my next car and first EV!


I'm going to go ahead and skip the beaver teeth generation of BMWs


I can't get over BMW's terrible new design.


So that's what they do with the old SpaceX booster grid fins...


This is a very ugly car with that grille.


Especially being an EV, it seems so unimaginative to just cover the holes from a ICE car grille. Mercedes's "digital grille" was similarly bad.


For $55k btw


Even better!




Not even close. What weird hyperbole.


The 55.5k BMW i4 eDrive 40 is comparable to the 49k Model 3 Long Range, so not even close. The 6.5k price difference is far given BMW has better fit and finish, and likely better driving dynamics, range is also very comparable (may even be better on the BMW).


BMWs also have the tax credit so they're priced about the same actually.


I actually kind of like it.


Doesn’t change anything, but they’re putting the same grill on some ICE cars now. I agree it’s awful, but at least it’s not the whole “EVs are different” design.


\*electric cars make grills unnecessary* BMW engineers: Make it bigger!


Dear BMW, please settle on a naming convention. 4-series should have 2 doors. I understand you messed up with the i3, but now is your chance to right that wrong and not continue down the path of names that mean NOTHING. Thanks, swhme


In this case they are technically not breaking their naming convention. The equivalent ICE BMWs would be the 3 series and the 4 series. The 3 series include the sedan and touring (wagon) variants, and the 4 series includes the sporty coupe and convertible variants. However, thanks to the Mercedes CLS way back in the day, introducing the oxymoronic term of "4 door coupe", the Germans started making all sorts of 4 door coupes. BMW may well be the worst offender, since it makes multiple "4 door coupes" and they are all marketed with even numbers, including the 4 series gran coupe, 6 series gran coupe, 8 series gran coupe, along with the X4, and X6. So that's 5 distinct models, all with 4 doors, but all named with even numbers. It doesn't make sense, but it has been a consistent nomenclature for BMW for some years now. At least the 4 series gran coupe and the i4 are hatchbacks. The 6 and 8 series gran coupes are just sedans with less rear headroom.


One thing to compliment Arstechnica on: An article about a new EV that doesn’t mention _you know what company._ As for the grill: I remember when Audi went with the big grill. Everyone who liked their former understated designs (including me) was aghast, but over time that style overtook the auto design world. BMW’s current designs seem like the (il)logical conclusion to that 15-year design trend.


Physical yokes, buttons, and levers in the expected places so that people can go BEV without having to absorb needless touchscreen fuckery. Feel like you're driving a car, and not operating an "app."


I've heard there's already an aftermarket for mods to make the grills less ugly on other BMW models, here's hoping there are options for a fake ugly grill.


It's funny how none of the promo shots for all the reviews I read show the grille with a license plate on. Cause it looks ridiculous as fuck.


I hope these depreciate like the i3 so I can pick one up for a third of the price with 20K miles in 3 years. Jokes aside, this car is extremely appealing as it'll be the first Model 3 competitor, and it'll certainly hold it's value much better than the i3 did; though maybe the controversial looks might improve my chance of getting a heavily depreciated one in a few years. BMW did a lot of things right early-on with the BMW i3, so I have my hopes up with this one doing the same.


Car has a pig snout


The grille is obnoxious


Those nostrils look ridiculous.


Kill the Grill


No. It looks like an ass.


Another underwhelming BMW. What's with this obsession of just shoving a screen into the dash instead of designing the screen into the dash? Audi's A3 does a considerably better job on the interior.


Yes! Agreed! Most look like an after-market satnav stuck to the dash! Poor effort.


I expect this in a Mazda, Ford, Chevy, Dodge, etc, but not a new $55k base price BMW. Even the 3 and 4 series have better interiors than this hideousness on wheels...


Yeah, I've seen similar in some of Mercedes' models too. Disappointing. And it seems to be a relatively recent phenomenon. Older cars all had the satnav integrated into the dash rather than placed on top of it.


I can get behind, or at least understand, if a screen is shoved into a dash mid-lifecycle, or if it's a design from many years ago as screen were just entering the infotainment space, but there's no valid excuse for today's designs. At least most Mercerdes' models do a much better job of this by having the dash wrap around the screens so that they feel less 'bolted on as an after thought'. The new EQS screens are nothing short of spectacular however.


Agreed. Lazy design.


the only this worse about the grille is the smugness/arrogance of its designers to not change it back.


fix that garbage front end.


Grill looks awful. Otherwise it's much better than the hideous i3


Shame the front of it is sooooo **FUGLY**. Looks like it's trying to suck all the cocks at the same time.


"The car looks good..." \*close window\*




Unrelated to this article, how did you pre-order an ID7 already?


Hmm waitlist might be more accurate…. through my local dealer. I was first in state to ask apparently.


Oh that's cool! I'm so excited for that to come out and potentially replace our mini van.


Sedans suck. Make station wagons.


Sedans have the most range.


Don't liftbacks have the best range?


I thought that was a type of sedan, or is it not?


Dat grille tho


Batteries need AIR!


"The i4 is also not much more expensive than the current i3, despite offering far greater range and utility." And, maybe one more thing? It doesn't look like that fucking clown car abomination either.


If this is mojo then i dont want it. Its ugly inside and outside. BMW threw the mojo out the fucking window with this one


I like the interior. It's not a button farm.


Knowing it's the ICE version interior ruins it for me.


There's an ICE version of this sedan? Why?


[https://www.bmw.co.nz/en/all-models/4-series/coupe/2020/bmw-4-series-coupe-highlights.html](https://www.bmw.co.nz/en/all-models/4-series/coupe/2020/bmw-4-series-coupe-highlights.html) Shared platform.


Apart from that Hitler mustache "grill"...


Deliveries in 2022- so that means 2023, and not really 2024 until any large numbers. Again, dealers aren't going to want to sell these because BMW dealers make a fuck load of money on service packages.


380-450 kg more than a model 3 with same power.


Seems like a steep price, but I'll take it for the insulated cabin, fit & finish, and feature set.


I that is correct. If you want the luxury, get the BMW. If you want the tech and performance, get the Tesla.


I mean, if I wanted to play video games in my car on something other than Miracast.. maybe, sure.


The tech Including autonomous features seems more advanced as well as keyless features and location enabled actions. Performance is pretty groundbreaking. There’s no other sedan that really matches it at this price point. That’s impressive especially for a four year old car.


* Autonomous features are pretty much at parity, and assisted lane change / auto-park aren't hidden behind a $10k cost. * I can enter / start my current car via keycard, fob, or phone NFC.. * By location enabled I guess you mean opening the garage door? Yeah, not sure on that one.. Integrated Alexa/IFTTT or Android Auto / Google Assist could tackle.


The autonomous features are not at parity. Tesla tackles following and curved roads better than BMW, Volvo. IMO. It even does regular country roads pretty well. All of this might be opinion, but I haven’t seen any car work this well. You just open the door and put it in gear. No other steps required. I’m not sure if anybody else does GPS homelink (or GPS air suspension on the S/X) right out of the box. Also, the responsiveness of the screen and usability of even basic navigation is certainly better than the current 3 series.


better value, litterally more car for your money


That backseat looks cramped, but perhaps the car is smaller than I think?


Mojo aside Frome the whole design...thing


Another swing and a miss unfortunately


That grill looks like Hitler's mustache.


The guy who invents an old look aftermarket bumper and grille, which can be bought and installed for a reasonable price, will become a very rich man…