Crazy crackpot prediction: The new house that moves around the map is really ZOS testing for a moving Falinesti city for the next chapter

This is based on nothing and is my own dumb prediction based on the new "Fair Winds" house that seemingly moves about the map, but it seems to not be totally outside the realm of possibilities. Please validate me lol /s


Fun fact, in a dev stream they said that the ship doesn't actually move, but the whole environment around it does, so unless they somehow make a whole map move, a moving city might still be a bit hard to implement.


ahh, yeah i guess that would be the one thing that would disprove my prediction for now. I wonder what other ways they could come up with to solve that, or if there are any other games that have a similar feature! Fingers crossed they do solve it though because an actual walking Falinesti would be AMAZING to see! Perhaps they could do something like they did with Fargrave, with the Fargrave city zone being a separate zone from the explorable Deadlands zone. Then they could still use the illusion of movement in the "Falinesti city zone," looking out at the moving landscape below as Falinesti 'moves,' and have like a portal to the main explorable zone. But again, I'm just wine-buzzed and rambling at this point hahaha


>ship doesn't actually move, but the whole environment around it does, They're just stealing from Futurama at this point


Ismt this a very common method for games to do this?


Yeah. Well, semi-common. It kinda depends on the context. In the old days, the outside might not even move, it would just use an animated texture.


Fair Winds powered by dark matter - confirmed.


I think it's still possible with that in mind. Falinesti would be its own instance and a basic version of the surface map will move underneath it, and you can see a version of Falinesti on the overland that you can interact with somehow (maybe an npc that walks beside it, or a vine seat that hangs under it.) Kind of like how Coldharbour's housing island in the sky has a version of coldhabour underneath it, which you can actually jump down to (and die). But the actual housing instance is accessed by a nearby portal


Imagine if somehow they figured the best way to simulate an environment that moves constantly is to create an environment that moves constantly.


Yea there's really nothing about this house which suggests a new advanced technology they will use in future, like its just a static house like any other, just with a skybox that moves and special water that locks you in an animation as it pulls you backwards along with its animated texture, giving the illusion that the boat is moving away from you when it's in fact the opposite. And it doesn't travel 'around the map', it just has a button that teleports you to one of the three starter cities, and you can't even get back on from there.


They should just make the city a tiny NPC's head and let it wander around the map.


The only two races that do not have any kind of chapter expansion that expands their lore, updates their visuals, adds motifs, and adds a new area that is part of that race’s homeland are the Redguards and the Bosmer. The Redguards have Hew’s Bane but that really doesn’t do much to expand on Redguard identity and is more about the Thieves Guild. I doubt the Redguards will get anything until we know more about TES VI so they can use ESO as a marketing tool. Which leaves the Bosmer as the only race without such an expansion. It has to be coming next right? You could have Wild Hunt world events, Falinesti the walking city, introduction to the Imga, an amazing story about the disappearance and reappearance of the city. If the tech issues are too big for a giant walking city, maybe the city will be temporarily in a Daedric realm and that’s what happened to it. Sounds like a Clavicus Vile thing, there is a connection to the Autumn site and Mephala already, obvious connection between Hircine and the Wild Hunt, we’ve had almost nothing regarding Sanguine yet, we have pre-established story that could take us to the Colored Rooms of Meridia. Anyways there is a lot of potential, and the Bosmer desperately need some love.


I agree, it could definitely be stolen into a daedric zone. Like you said, Hircine is certainly a likely culprit. I could also see Sheogorath taking the tree to the shivering isles: in ES4 Shivering Isles we see [large expansive tree dwellings/dungeons](https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Shivering:Fetid_Grove) which imo is quite relatable to the tree-houses of the bosmer. Shivering Isles is also nostalgia bait for ZOS hahaha It doesnt even need to be daedric either. Rajhin claims to be the one who abducted Falinesti, though I doubt that'd be what we get. I could see ZOS doing something similar to what they did with the Imperial-Argonian Blackwood chapter by doing a Imperial-Bosmer zone in the Skingrad area. I'm getting my own hopes up way too much right now though, I need to check my expectations lol


I hate how much you have me hyped for something that has nearly 0 real indication of being true!


I definitely think they will use this tech for narrative somehow. And I really hope we get Falinesti. Dunno yet if things are connected and I am cautious about my expectations, especially in the current long story. But of course we should dream.


God I wish. How nice would that be (bosmer main). Falinesti and Whiterun/Helgen are my two biggest wants.


Yesssss, central Skyrim would be awesome, I'm certain it'll happen eventually (ZOS 's got to capitalize on the nostalgia lol). I hope we would be able to see Winterhold in it's prime too, since it was previously the preeminent city of Skyrim before the 4th era


I have a theory that they'll release a central skyrim dlc just before ES6 to get people on the nostalgia train and hyped for mainline elder scrolls games That or release the dlc alongside Skyrim, super deluxe anniversary ultra edition.


I just bought it and the ship most definitely does not move, they just have a moving water sprite around it. Pretty clever way to make an otherwise extremely clunky code work, I'll admit.


That... would actually be awesome.


I think the coolest thing they could add to this game is a couple sea regions around tamriel with a few small island areas for quests and have a new skill of sailing implemented with the ability to upgrade your boat to eventually something similar to the new house boat! If eso had a sailing element, I truly believe this game would suck in an entire new genre of players. People who love pirates of the Caribbean, sea of thieves, sailing and pirate games in general would flock here if there favorite game elemnt was added. You could also continue the story as a spinoff of the high isle story arch about pirates and sailing.


ooh it would be such a cool way to maybe branch into maormer as well and give them some love, maybe even thras and the sload! thats just wishful thinking tbh but it would be so cool




This theory has actually been going around for a bit now, and I think I believe it :)


The Fair Winds is docked in Galen, Anomalocaris15 ... that's Breton territory.


Yes true, but I was talking about actually being on the boat itself. On the boat, you can see the landscape rolling by, the waves moving behind you. In my mind it could work well as a way ZOS could implement another moving location in the game such as Falinesti Edit: sorry friend, not sure why you're getting downvoted. Sounds like there was just a misunderstanding


The Fair Winds does not move around the map, it's just a teleporter.