I need some serious help with pvp

Every time I go to Cyrodiil or Imperial City, its the most stressful experience in the entire game. I have a powerful build everywhere else in the game but the moment I enter pvp it seems anyone can kill me with a fart while tanking 100% of my damage. It's the complete opposite of fun when you can get deleted at any time because some sweaty meta slave clicked a button.

What I want to know is how to stand a chance against an enemy player. Right now I'm playing arcanist with mothers sorrow, Julianos, Baron thirsk and velothi ur-mages amulet. Can anyone suggest what I should use for pvp? Thanks in advance


You’re already there, op. Anyone who kills me is a meta sweat lord. This is the way.


For the love of Akatosh, at the very least, lose the amulet. The damage bonus only works in PVE. You are handicapping your damage in PVP ***SIGNIFICANTLY*** for literally no benefit


Exactly what I came to say. The amulet was nerfed into the ground and made pve only intentionally by zos. Op I think really needs to learn more about PvP and pve specific gear if that's what they are running in PvP and still says that it's a good build regardless. Knowing the difference between PvP and pve gear plays a big part in learning how PvP works compared to pve. Baron Thirsk isn't any good either imo. I don't know anyone who uses it. It sounds good on paper but like many sets in ESO it's highly underwhelming. Imo it's more suited for pve. Mother's sorrow and Julian's isnt too bad. I personally would swap it out for orders wrath though for that extra healing. Deadly is another great set a lot of people are running on arcanist for PvP, if you are willing to farm that Op and I would use death dealers fete as my mythic for arcanist as well


Baron Thirsk 1 piece is the same as Magma Incarnate, it's good for sustain


Yeah this is true. The recovery is always nice for one piece items like that


didnt know about the amulet, thats a good point. Is oakensoul any good in pvp?


It's good for like "training wheels" since you don't have to keep re-applying buffs and you only have 5 skills and one ultimate instead of 10 skills, 2 ultimates, and switching bars (which can get hard to keep up with stuns if you're getting flustered.) It's good to break the ice in to PvP, I find it's still pretty good anti-gank in general, but just know that what most people use it for, the 100% uptime on the Empower buff, only buffs heavy attacks for PvE. Oakensoul isn't a bad start though. Also, I'd suggest ranged builds too. They're more new player friendly. I'm really, really trying to find a bow Arcanist build that works and I can't find anything that's as good as 2h or dual wield and destro staff, but for starter suggestions I'd go for Snipe in to Evolving Runeblades with your Tome-Bearer's Inspiration (buffs up Evolving Runeblades and gives more penetration when slotted) and have both Runemend and Runespite Ward for the defensive skills and healing. For an ult, I find that the DPS ult doesn't land well without a stun which I didn't include to try to make it more new player friendly and have more damage with Tome-Bearer's Inspiration, so I'd just use Ice Comet as an ult. It's great, you use Ice Comet then Snipe then Evolving Runeblades for a combo and all the damage lines up nicely and gets a Tome-Bearer's proc in too. Deals a lot of burst damage from range. I'd try that. It's super PvP-starter friendly, Oakensoul friendly, and you can sit back and take it easier at range. In melee, you're subjected to a lot more bullshit and really need to have positional awareness as well as "oh shit, big damage is about to come" awareness, so I find ranged builds to be more starter friendly.


It has its place. I personally don't use it but there are those who do and some of the guys I follow and play with have made 1 bar builds but they don't usually run them and there are certainly more viable builds in the game


Obtain a proper PvP build. If you don't have one, you're guaranteed to die, even to the least skilled PvPer. You can either choose one from a popular guide such as deltia, or you can try your chances with less well known PvP builders. Sekaar is pretty underground imo. I haven't PvP'd a lot, only since May this year, so I don't know where he would rank, but his builds have helped me a lot in PvP. You should then forget everything you know about playing the game since PvP plays absolutely differently from PvE. PvP is all about burst damage and finding opportunities to land your burst combo. If you're just whacking people with random skills, you're not going to do much unless they're outfitted in a PvE build like you are currently. You also need to be your own healer and own tank. This comes in the form of having a defensive set on your back bar with a burst heal and a heal over time. You swap to there for buffs usually, and to mitigate as much damage as possible during a fight. Lastly, you should expect to suck and die for a while. Everybody starts there. There isn't a single player who doesn't start there, so don't feel bad. It will be frustrating, but in just a span of 2 months of only about less than 10 hours a week, I've gone from being complete shit to a point where I can hold my own more often than not.


Thanks for the advice, could I ask what sets you use?


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaBVQ9vRy64 I'm using this build for the sets, but I changed up some of the skills to fit my playstyle


I've had many builds set up like this, Markyn Ring of Majesty is just so underrated imo. It gives a lot of weapon and spell damage for both damage and healing and the armor gives another like 6% damage reduction. It's very strong.


Try either of these out to start: Fury on body, Knight Slayer weap and jewels, monster helm or mythic of choice (I use oakensoul for the defensive buffs) for lightning staff toons Elfbane + Innate Axiom for DK is working well for me Armor up. Anything below 20k armor/33k health will go down fast. Get your crit damage up and (for arcanist) work on a combo that buffs up your heavy hitting skill and then follow it with an execute.


I'm going to be honest with you. Literally anybody can kill you if you show up in PvE gear and low resistances. That doesn't make them a sweaty meta slave. If you tried to tank vet Graven Deep with that gear, that doesn't mean an actual tank is a meta slave, it just makes you unprepared. ​ If you're serious about PvP, try copying a Deltia build, there's alt set options, and use RAT instead of vampire


>If you're serious about PvP, try copying a Deltia build Bear in mind: This will make you a meta slave


Starting out you are going to get obliterated no matter what build you use. A mediocre pvper is going to be like a dlc world boss solo. Look up an up to date pvp build on YouTube. Stay far far far away from pve'ers making pvp builds like xynode,hack,Alcast nefas etc. Someone mentioned Deltia. His builds geared for a beginner, that's a good thing. Nice dude. The Doritocanist is trash in pvp unless you are already skilled with other classes. Warden is probably the best beginner pvp class right now(I could be wrong there). Dk is the strongest it's been since 2015. Despite what someone else said ,yes you need high health for beginner pvp. 30k minimum for skilled, 40k for beginners. Learn to survive before you try to kill.


Best advice I can give is join a pvp guild, many casuals ones out there. They can give you not only great advice on builds but also different play styles etc. Thered so many things and strats and methods out there. More experienced players help a ton. Also pvp is more fun with friends especially starting out. For eso you have to build for pvp or pve and there's unfortunately not a lot of overlap. There's a lot of builds out there with just Google, but I always get better info, tips, and help when I see a fellow guildee playing in a way I think I might enjoy and ask them about their build. Some may share, some may not. Also everyone starts out eating dirt for a bit. Take it as learning. Also highly recommend complimenting other players you see doing awesome even when on other factions. Tbh some of those people have become close friends and many have helped me get better at pvp. Good luck!


30k hp is the first step


Minimum 30k.


You don't need 30k+ health, resistances are more important. I often run 26-29k health. Edit: lol I don't know why I'm being downvoted. Having 35k health won't save you if you're made of tissue paper. You don't even need impen, a combo of reinforced + well fitted and or divines often works better. Also you will be dead if you run out of resources, Use tristat glyphs on the big pieces at least. Unless you're a tank or a magsorc you don't NEED a ton of health.


For arcanist, i hear deadly strike is Bis, might pair well with daedric trickery or the chef set. Generally you want a mix of armor though, some heavy for health, and some medium or light or dps. And you'll usually want some impenetrable traits in the armor, and most likely penetration on the weapons, but it can vary depending on your build. But for the most part that's where pvers can instantly get better, by making yourself slightly more tanky and putting the right kind of Dps on your bar


You can't, actually. This is why people detest and bemoan the state of PVP. There will always be a bigger fish. You can get more meta, and even more meta, and grind and slave and scrimp and glean this gear or that Mythic, but, at the end of the day, there will always be a Bigger Fish. Not just someone who can beat you in a fair fight, no. There will always be someone who can one-shot you and be completely immune to the burstiest burst you can manage, no matter what you do, because PVP is inherently imbalanced and unfair. Some people can handle that, don't mind it, don't see that as utterly inimical to having any fut whatsoever. Most don't feel that way. You just have to decide which camp you're in.


Pvp is more of experience, most people who can easily beat you have a lot of experience in pvp. Sure there are builds out there but it's mostly kitted to how they play pvp, the outcome will always depend on you even if you played with their build. So I suggest just keep experimenting until you found the build perfect for you. Primary objective in pvp is survival and sustain.


Refuses to get a pvp build. PvP is the opposite of fun because gets rekt. All pvp players are sweaty meta slaves.


spoken like a sweaty meta slave ;)


Maybe in a year or two you can look back and have basic self reflection


I know I did! (Not literally this post, but I used to resent PvP players and now I am one)


Welcome aboard :)


I would also suggest when going to IC to start at the non CP area. That way you're going against folks who, for the most part, aren't going to destroy you in the blink of an eye. I've only been doing pvp for a little over 2 months and I still get smacked around a whole lot but I worked at my build and how I actually played the game and I'm 100x better than when I started.


I don't have an arc setup, but I PvP on every class except arc and sorc. One of your problems is your resistances are quite low. Should aim for 25k+ physical and 25k+ spell resist fully buffed at minimum, and 30-32k health minimum. You can do this by mixing armor weights and passives. Don't worry about your mag/stam max pools as much as recoveries. If you're new to PvP run a damage set paired with a defensive set in a FB/BB setup. Shoot for 10k pen and dump the rest into spell/weapon damage. Jewels or Bear Haunch as food always. Outside of that learn to keep your buffs and HOTs up and practice your burst damage, CCs and a burst after. Arc can deliver high pressure but definitely isn't as reliable as other classes to people who know how to counter it. Channeled abilities are also competing against the opponents HOTs and are harder to seal the deal with, nature of the beast. Youtube is your best friend, rest is practice and getting your skill cap up.


You need to have an absolute metric ton of defense and regen and self heals. Then you can tank the damage and spam your heals and offensive skills. You need the bare minimum of 25k resistances and 2500 crit resist. Most DK’s have around 33k resistances and block your attacks so they deal zero damage and if when you can burst them down some will full heal with 1 or 2 heals. Pvp is a game of endurance, who ever can last the longest wins. Plus NB’s can heavy nuke but if you can dodge their bursts and then rush them they are easy kills because they are built weak. Try some sets like Eternal Vigor, Mara’s Balm….


PVE and PVP require completely different builds. It doesn’t matter if you crush it in PVE, if you bring that build into PVP you’re going to get wrecked.


I advice to not walk in without at least 25-26k hp and 18-20k resistance on you and a get the fuck out of dodge skill! (Teleport, leap,streak, mist, rat etc) keep also in mind that all healing and shields are nerfed by 50% in cyro so take that into account. Meta sweatlords are A HUGE issue, even when u wear the same set up they can still delete you as they know how to exploit the game by desynicing you and draining your resources, the easiest way i found around this (as pussy as it sounds) is to kite them around objects and use range so they cant fosselise-leap-whip you. (If you get fosselised roll/streak/leap or rat out of it asap)


Fun fact they missed an arcanist healing skill. The arcanist healing beam I can get up to 27,000 k over 4.5 seconds healing on my high health arc and yes that's in BG and CP pvp.


I hate PVP with a passion and avoid it like the plague. I'll do the Cyrodill tutorial for the 30% mount speed and skill point, but then I'm OUT and will never go back. I recommend just skipping PVP. If you want invincible perma-stunning enemies to fight, just stab a town guard and skip the BG queue times. XD


I’ve learned to run like hell in Cyrodil. Or sneak around in the hinterlands, and take random points far away from where everyone is (and yeah, it’s pretty funny to turn a random spot in the middle of the enemy to your alliance’s color). As for IC, I just try and kill off whatever regular enemies there are and avoid actual players.


I had your build and had your same experience. A few things. 1) 80% of pvp is tactics not build. Avoid being in the center of the action. Stay back and pick off wounded zebras. 2) a lot of the people tanking 100% of the damage are ridiculous tank builds that soak up damage so *other people* can get the actual kills. They can’t hurt a fly, ignore them. 3) pillars of nirn / whorl of the depths slap harder. 4) IC is just a trolling gank fest and absolutely not worth wasting any breath over. Just go to get your tel var and leave.


You just need practice. Join a PvP guild and ask for advice from your guild mates. Find a guild that runs groups with voice chat. Try playing with other groups sometimes too. Ask questions and be willing to listen to direction. As you learn you will develop knowledge, and discover which play styles you enjoy. There are many different ways to build for PvP in this game. Try nightblade sometime, some of us enjoy striking from the shadows. My personal favorite way to play is sneaking around hunting for multi kills in battles where the other two alliances are fighting each other.


Hit YouTube. Find a pvp build from someone you actually see fighting in the setup. See if you like their playstyle and emulate them. There are very many pvp guides that explain mechs, animation canceling, movement, re applying buffs, etc. Basically it's pve. On steroids, you have to be almost perfect. Cause if not then you're screwed. There are many different pvp setups, but they all are drastically different than anything you use in pve. Also remember it's eso pvp. And has been buggy as shit or just bad for years. Idk if it's any better now. One of thd best early things to do is duel with a buddy. Practice your dmg combos, and different tricks like healing buffing, rolling out of execute etc. It'll take a lot of work, but if you really wanna get into it and destroy people, just keep workin at it. You'll get there.


I run an arcanist high HP pvp and PvE tank. I cant give you damage tips but the arcanist has a healing beam that they forgot to nerf for PVP it does full healing over 4.5 seconds. Anyone doubting me can check for themselves


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