Most & Least Favorite Returning Character?

Most: Lady Clarisse Laurent.

She does all the work and people like Stibbons and I are just bumbling along in her magnificent wake.
I have no idea how he always gets up to so much mischief either.

Least: Sheogorath. Is he Irish, is he Scottish? Nobody cares because he won't shut the fuck up about cheese.


Whenever i see or hear captain za'ji im beyond happy. Still new to the game so aint sure if hes fitting for a returning character but that cat passes the vibe check


He’s (and Caska - they’re an inseparable duo) in Southern Elsweyr and High Isle as far as I know so yeah I’d say recurring. They’re the best!


I looove Caska! Zaji too, but Caska's attitude makes me lol 😂


They make Shipwrights Regret so fun!


Most: Raz, Darien, Lady Laurent. Also any Abnur Tharn. Least: Eveli, Lyranth, the rest of the companion group like Lyris etc.


ah fuck I love Tharn so much. I was watching the trailers earlier this week and couldn't get over how fat his face is in those however. Always struck me as a gaunt guy.


I guess to contrast hm with Mannimarco who is already the resident gaunt guy.


Mannimarco gets his own column of bonus points for having a name that is very satisfying to hear from any of the voice actors. You can say it with disdain, surprise, elation etc it's just got the right cadence to put the emphasis wherever you need it. Also trailer Mannimarco was a gorgeous son of a bitch which I was not expecting.


How can you not like Lyranth?!


I like her character but sometimes her voice really grates on me, I didn't like her in Blackwood. I think it depends on her lines, sometimes they just sound bad to me. She doesn't give me the "oh ffs not you again" thoughts that Eveli does if that helps 😂


I love sai and lyris


When I start DLC areas now I go looking for Lady Laurent and Stibbons before the main zone quest. Just for the entertainment value!


Is Lady Laurent in Necrom or Apocrypha? I can't find them!


Nope :/


Trying to keep my hopes up by saying "not yet," though I've completed everything there already...maybe they'll be a surprise second-half zone drop that we're technically not supposed to be getting (from what I understand)...


I like most returning characters, except Jakarn. I cannot stand that guy. I especially have a soft spot for any characters from Elsweyr, Summerset, Morrowind, and Clockwork City. Anytime we get to see one of them I get very excited. Seeing Caska in High Isle was the highlight of the expansion for me, lol. Also, a character that hasn’t returned yet but I really hope he does: Fennorian! I really like that dorky vampire.


Crafty Lerisa. I like bumping into her in other zones.


I personally like Lyranth a lot. Also, the time-traveler guy (cant remember his name) who shows up in the Blackreach and Apocrypha public dungeon quests.


Thaddeus Cosma :)


YES! Thank you. Great name.


I'm a Morag Tong RP character so seeing Naryu is always a treat I don't really have a disliked character


I loved the Morrowind questline for the Morag Tong because so many stories in Elder Scrolls feel half finished. I get attached to what's going on and then it's like: "Well done, you saved...something. Have this gold and sod off." I was expecting the same with Naryu and it just kept. going. Which was really great. Getting the tattoos was a fantastic touch as well by the developers.


Always happy to see Zaji and Razum-Dar. Evelie can permanently and forever disappear.


>Zaji Damn i hate Eveli she annoys me so much


Cracked acorns! She is damn annoying.


i hate evelie so much, she talks like a disney channel character. super saccharine, not an ounce of self awareness 🫥


I hate Ember for the same exact reasons.


Although I love Uncle Sheo, Sir Cadwel is the best. I don't understand how nobody mentioned it.


Most: Darien bro and Rigurt the brash. Least: Jakarn the creep.


I was SO excited for Jakarn to come back... but he just SUCKS in High Isle. *sigh*


All the guys in that place do sadly.


At least Raz was fun :)


I am not sure Raz was in high isle. If he was i missed it sadly.


Sorry he's in Firesong lol


Yeah i thought so haha. Galen was much better TBH.


I call Jakarn "Great Value Darien Gautier" so often I sometimes forget his actual name


Yeah. I was afraid Basti and Mirri were gonna be discount Darien and discount Naryu but that wasnt the case thankfully.


Rigurt is my man :D


I found it very interesting that Eveli went from being a fan favorite in Wrothgar to being one of the most hated characters in Blackwood. For me I always like having returning characters, one of my favorite things is to do the quests with old and new characters to see how they react differently based on previous quests.


Yeah I am playing through the Daggerfall Covenant main storyline and trying to 100% each area. When I got to Rivenspire, it was nice to have the dialogue with Lady Laurent where she says: "Ah its the hero of Glenumbra!" or words to that effect. The game is more immersive with callbacks like that.


Even the random npc dialogue you hear in some zones, like them remarking that the hero who ended the Planemeld is here. I love triggers like that.


I think I’m one of the few who liked Eveli somewhat better in Blackwood than in Wrothgar.


Where in Scotland have you ever been, Dublin? Sheogorath is straight Irish. The Reachmen, on the other hand, are some sort of unholy amalgamation of the two.


Ain't nuthin' straight about Uncle Sheo.


Neither Sheo or the Reachfolk sound anywhere close to being from Éire. Maybe the local renaissance fair though.


They're not exactly from Ireland. Like I said, they're the bastard child amalgamation of Scottish and Irish, like the audio Cronenberg


They sound like the folks from the far north of Scotland and north of Northern Ireland.


Neramo's voice acting and speech patterns(?) makes me unreasonably angry. I actively avoid doing his quests in any zone he is in.


Same! Personally, I'm okay with the fact that he's purposely written to be an arrogant ass, but the voice makes me want to ![gif](giphy|qJmxeT1CY11pS)


Favorite by far is Raz. Least favorite Lady Clarisse. Dishonerable mention: Raynor and Kireth Edit: to be clear it’s a “love to hate” situation with Lady Clarisse.


Most: definitely Lyris or any Ravenwatch character. Least: Jakarn. He's a sleezeball


I hate Sheogorath with a burning passion. Why does every RPG type game have this trope char? The stupid psyco.


He has a pretty interesting back story (/deeper lore), too, IMO, mostly regarding shivering Isles. But instead of that, we get more cheese jokes.


for me he is like the epitome of r/notliketheothergirls or those young dudes who pretend they are the Joker. It's all cringe and pseudo-random shite "Oh look! I said cheeesseee!" nonsense. Nothing about him makes me think he is the God of Madness.


I felt his characterization lacking for the Mages Guild line. I still deeply remember the first time I decided to slap him in Oivion. That game handled him well.


There's a lot of stuff that was well done in one elder scrolls game that keeps getting brought back over and over again despite not being as good as the original. Sheogorath is mostly just annoying outside shivering isles and the dark brotherhood is boring and edgy outside of oblivion. At least in oblivion the dark brotherhood was stupid but felt like a parody.


Favorite: Naryu, light of my life, fire of my loins Least Favorite: Evelee by far


Naryu: Calls me Hero Me: Melts like an Ice Wraith in Vvardenfell


As a lover of Altmer and a Gay male. I've never related to something less


Thats fair haha


Funny enough, I was doing random side quests and ran into Stibbons, Raz and Rigurt. Love running into them. I was wondering what fresh humiliation Rigurt would get in Northern Elswhyr and was not disappointed.


Fav: Razum-dar, Thaddeus Cosma (Dr who fan), HK Emeric. Least: Vanus Galerion. That guy drips arrogance. It's annoying af.


>Least: Vanus Galerion. That guy drips arrogance. It's annoying af. Vanus worked best in the base game, where he was arrogant as fuck, then almost immediately ate shit as a result, and continued taking it on the chin as the campaign through Coldharbour continued. "BY THE TIME YOU SEE THIS, WE'LL ALREADY BE CELEBRATING!" Cut to Vanus in a cage with pieces of his soul splattered all over the room. "WE HAVE ACHIEVED VICTORY." "Yeah, except for the planar vortex." "THE WHAT!?"


Yup! I agree! But I can only suspend disbelief for so much. This incompetent motherfucker wields the power of a God (allegedly), in a world as gritty as TES, how has he not gotten himself killed, let alone rose to leader of the mages guild? I get it. Make an all-powerful mage a total clown show so the player can feel heroic. It's lazy and overdone here.


Call me Vestige one more time .... 🔨


I have to agree with you about Sheogorath. Great, interesting character. Reduced to Cheese Jokes. I intended to say I didn't have a least favourite, but I guess I've found it.


And he plays the voice over the top. Easily my least favorite prince in the game.


Sheo is the best. I loved the cat version, just hilarious. Don’t have a least


Of course, I always like Raz, Zaji, Tharn, but I'm really happy to see Rigurt the Brash. I love to find him, it's just so funny every time. I really don't like Lady Clarisse Laurant, tbh. I have way more sympathy for Stibbons.


Most: lore-important characters aside (always excited for them as it means *more lore*), Raz and Naryu. And Rigurt is always fun. And Darién. *#JusticeForDarien* Least: that Bosmer girl from Blackwood. No, no thanks. Honorary mentions to Sotha Sil. Yes he's a lore-important character and I already mentioned those, but still.


As usual, happy to see any khajiit


Most: Raz Least: Sheogorath


favs: naryu, lyranth, za’ji, caska least: eveli


Most favorite: Queen Ayrenn, Raz, Ravenwatch (except Gwendis), Darien, Fennorian, and Caska Least: Eveli, Lady Clarisse, and Naryu


I love the rare times Ayrenn and Emeric have dialogue. Underworld reunion !


I absolutely agree with that! It’s always hilarious to me.


That reminds me of the guy, ages ago, who was complaining on the forums about how, "Jorunn sounds like that guy from Fargo."


Has fennorian even come back after greymoor or the reach? Id love to learn more about his backstory, they didn't do heaps with him. Probs to keep down bad players at bay tbh


I don’t think so but it would definitely be awesome to have more of a backstory. I would also love to have him as a companion.


In his meet the character its heavily implied him and verandis are related in some way. They also imply his way of becoming a part of house ravenwatch was bad for him. Instead we didn't get to see much of him shine outside of him being a follower in the main questline. Zos could profit a lot from more fennorian. Horny players are $$$$$$$$$


Are you crazy? Gwendis can get it. Wifey energy


Can’t help it. She just annoys me.


Most: Lerisa, Velsa, Quen, Elam Drals, Druid Lauriel, Sheogorath, Cadwell, Ember when she's not getting pissed at me for accidentally pressing E and getting told off. Least: Lyranth, Naryu, Arabelle Davaux, Ayrenn


Rigurt is my favorite of all time. Neramo can consume a fat childs phallus


Thats funny cause my least favorute is lady Clarisse haha But im always glad to help Razum'dar, that mohawk cat is amazing


**Most Favorite:** ~~Daddy~~ Abnur Tharn, Divayth Fyr (one of the few Telvanni to actually seem to actually like other people), Sotha Sil (He's such a fascinating character) **Least Favorite:** Lady Laurent (Same shit every time; she's an insufferable twat who never gets comeuppance), Sheogorath (He really just gets written as "XD random" all the time), Jorunn the Skald-King (the way the voice actor butchered his lines in Western Skyrim and the Reach was depressing), Skordo the Knife (orc), Caska (There was a glitch a while back during the Order of the New Moon quest where she wouldn't appear and it took forever for ZOS to fix it), Jakar, literally any druid


Yeah, it's gotten to the point that I see a quest arrow in the distance, get closer and see it's Stibbons, then i go " Do I really want to do this ?" lol


I'm with OP


my favorites are Abnur Tharn, Lyranth, and Naryu. My least favorite is probably Razum-dar. It's sacrilege but he annoys me, he's too corny IMO, which probably sounds weird since I like Naryu, but her character pulls it off


Most: Darien, Lady Laurent, Alchemy, and Verandis, Divayth Fyr, Ayrenn, Elam. Least: Jakarn, uncle Sheo (his writing in ESO is just usually not good), and Naryu. I don’t hate Naryu but I feel like her writing isn’t very strong yet she seems really well liked somehow.


Alchemy is way too far down this list. Character was so intriguing


Most: maybe Naryu but honestly all the recurring Dark Elf characters are great. You got Asher, Dyvith, that faker treasure hunter guy, Sotha Sil... Bring back Mommy Morrowind too. For non Dunmer Chadius Sigma is pretty cool for the concept and the fact that he is one of the few characters that talks mad shit back to daedra who think they are so superior. Least: Every single fucking AD character remove them from the game.


Imagine actually hating Raz. Who hurt you?


I would maybe like him more if they didnt shove him into every DLC.


He's in 4 of like 17 DLC zones, I don't think thats very many.


Yeah we don't see him nearly enough in the dlc


Its too many for me. Especially when we had to wait till Necrom for Naryu.


Naryu is in Gold Coast, Morrowind, and Necrom. Which only puts Raz one zone ahead of her.


Not a fan myself. He just doesn't click with me, not sure why.


What's an AD character?


Aldmeri Dominion.


Most: jakarn or zaji. Least... ( And I know I'll get hate for it... ) Darien. Jakarn is the better of the sleezebags. Darien is just annoying with it.


I could care less for both. How come they have no female equivalent ?


That's a good question. I mean first thought was rule 34... But rule 34 applies to everything and everyone including Jkarn and Darien.


>How come they have no female equivalent ? I think Gabrielle is supposed to be Darien's female counterpart. Though, she is a distinct character. Crafty Lerisa is probably supposed to be Jakarn's counterpart, though she's mostly dropped off the face of Tamriel in recent years.


Razum-dar as "most favorite" by a country mile. Probably followed by Lady Laurent/Stibbons and Riggurt-the-Brash (comic relief is always appreciated). Jakarn is pretty high on my "least favorite" list. He was interesting when first encountered, but I find him more than a little annoying in later appearances.


Most favorite: Rigurt the Brash, Fennorian, Abnur Tharn, Divayth Fyr Least Favorite: Naryu, Lyranth, Lyris, Lady Laurent


Most? Tied with the original three faction reps: Darien, Raz, and Naryu. I don't have a least favorite.


Zaji can fuck off and never come back.


My favorite is Cadwell and my least favorites are probably Darien and Jakarn.


Naryu, Alchemy, Raz, Captain Jimila, Sotha Sil, Divayth Fyr, and Abnur Tharn are my favorites off the top of my head. Not really a fan of Rigurt, he's alright but some of his quests are meh to me


Don't you dare diss Uncle Shaggy!


Zaji & Caska always make irrationally happy. Also a big fan of Naryu and strangely enough Lady Arabelle. Eveli is comical but cute and Lyranth is my least favorite.


My favorites are Darien, Divayth Fyr, Naryu, and Verandis. I don’t really dislike any I can think of atm.


Favorites: The Ravenwatch family, Rigurt, Divayth Fyr, Cadwell and the Blackfeather Court. Not sure if I have someone I don't want to see but maybe Veya Releth and Sombren because their character arcs were unsatisfying?


Most: Abnur Tharn, Raz, Verandis, Naryu, even Lyranth and Ayrenn lol Least: Jakarn, can't stand his cheeky jokes