Class Sets for Endless Dungeon

With the new endless dungeon in Q4, it looks like we are getting class sets. Hopefully they turn out to be creative and innovative, but who knows with with the track record and rollercoaster we have all been on.

Anything yall would love to see on your specific roles?



I think it would be cool if Class sets modify your class skills. For example: * Sorcerers: Armory of the Ambulant Atronach * Any time a buff is applied to you, it is copied to your active pets * Your summoned Atronach can now move * Necromancer: Bone Lord's Command * Increase the damage you deal to enemies that are burning or diseased * You may have up to three Blast Bones active at one time * Nightblade: Vestments of Shifting Shadow * When using Shadow Image, you now summon the shade at a targeted location * You can activate your own class-based synergies * Dragonknight: Billowing Dragon's Breath * When you cast Inhale, you can cancel the second hit by casting Fiery Breath. Doing so doubles the size of Fiery Breath's cone and deals extra damage based on the number of enemies hit by Inhale. Those are just some ideas I had. They're probably trash due to my ignorance of the meta, but still, I think it would be fun.


I believe pets currently benefit from all buffs on the player as well


Big if true. My pet sorc has so many pets active that I can't really tell what's going on, so I've never noticed one way or the other. If that's the case then maybe there could be something like an ability cost reduction for each active pet or something.


They also steal buffs that should only be going on players eg Pillagers Profit


It’s funny. I’m a necro main and I just said to my friend, “Let me cast three bbs instead of one lol”. I’m a damn necro let me throw my skelly boys at you. I would love a huge DK breath, make you feel like a dragon.


I think another cool way to change Blast Bones would be to make them have a sort of two-stage activation. Casting the skill while targeting an enemy works as normal, but you can also cast the skill without targeting an enemy. If you do, the blast bones follows you like a sorc pet, attacking enemies when they get close. After that, you can use the ability again when targeting an enemy to make the Blast Bones lunge and explode. But I still want multiple Blast Bones, so you could summon up to three and the targeted cast would command the oldest Blast Bones. It just sucks that rn, the only way to have multiple Blast Bones is to use the rez morph, which costs a *lot* of Ultimate.


Honestly, the whole skill could use a rework, and both your ideas could be fun morphs. The multi-bones morph could be stam and you summon 3 that follow you for 30-60 seconds like a sorc pet and they do disease/defile on whatever they hit while active. (Lower dmg but there's 3 of them + status effect, ideally on par with what a sorc scamp does while its active skill is used) Mag morph as stalking blastbones but upgraded: you can summon it without a target and it follows you before running at your next target (or leaves a corpse if it expires without a target), or cast on target like normal. But then my idea is to take a page from arcanist: you can consume up to 3 corpses when you cast bb to increase its damage x% per corpse...BIGGER BOOM.


>you can consume up to 3 corpses when you cast bb to increase its damage x% per corpse...BIGGER BOOM. I like this idea. Maybe add a visual indicator that it's a bigger threat too. Like, the additional corpses make the Blast Bones larger and more volatile-looking.


As much as I would love for them to be impactful I kinda doubt they will be , with how mediocre the necrom sets are and how badly they have been nerfing anything that's viable from the pts. Also there is the fact that if it's even remotely solid in pvp it will get complained into non existence. So I'm sure they will take the safe road and have them do just enough for someone to be like " oh cool" -deconstruct


What you don't like the super cool necrom set that *checks notes* Gives you health recovery when you're still!?


I mean, all the DSR sets are good, so I don't know how much you can say if sets are gonna be good or not based on the most recent loot collection, but also if I had to guess, These sets will be strong because on of the biggest complaints with ESO is lack of class differentiation and these sets could be a way to push classes apart in play style.


i really do hope they are something special. also dreadsail was a high isle release not necrom like i was talking about


I'm hopeful, but doubtful that they'll add anything to the game other than a mediocre theme effect. Necrom added 4 trials sets, 3 overland, 3 crafted, and 3 mythic. Of those, one mythic and one trial set see situational use. Of the 6 5 piece sets and 2 monster sets added in the previous DLC dungeon pack, the monster sets see a modest amount of use in pvp. And worse than just not seeing any use, most of those sets are just fundamentally flawed in a way that suggests the designers didn't ever actually think about how the sets would or could be used. It'd be one thing if we were getting decent sets that just weren't at the very top but have coherent designs and clear ways to utilize them...but we're not. So far, their pivot away from the year long story seems to mostly be a pr pitch followed by a very hasty patching up with the yearlong story and dungeon dlc they were planning on adding this year initially. The way Necrom was paced made that clear. They have a chance to show me wrong with this endless dungeon, but if they give us a hastily reworked pair of dungeons mashed into a procedural generation engine and 7 sets that are about as relevant as the usual dungeon dlc sets... I'm not even gonna be mad because that's what I expect. Let's hope I'm surprised!


There are hundreds of sets in the game less then 1% will always be worth using from a meta perspective. If everything new they added was great we would have crying over power creep again.


It's like you didn't even read what I wrote, wow!


There are only so many decent sets you can make at this point. There are already so many and patches can randomly make something that no one ever used broken. They should honestly stop adding so much each year but that would be an even bigger shitshow.


You have non meta and you have fodder. Vampire lord should give you perma uptime on the ult. Would not even be meta perse but make it interesting. Theres too many sets that are flat stats or less than a flat stat set but you gotta do x or y to proc it lmao.


if it lets sorcs reskin their giant fucking flappy fucking birds of fuckery then ill be very happy


2000 crowns.


Maybe a combo set like the necro one.


I highly doubt they'll be super powerful, *solely* because of balancing. If one set became meta, that one class tied to it would dominate WAY higher than some classes already do. Creating a situation where some groups might kick players out for not being that class with that set. My guess? More gimmicky stuff that's cool and useful but not overly powerful. Stuff like The companion set from necrom.


I'm glad something like this is happening and I've been saying it for years about class based sets, and with the introduction of mythics, class bases mythics that augment skills that are rarely used, need buffs, or straight up change how they work.


I was a big fan of WoW’s artifacts and shadowlands class based items (albeit too grindy) but I loved that it made you feel like every class was different and tweaked your class ever so slightly. I am hoping for 1 piece class based sets for all roles. Ideally 1 tank, 2 DD (mag, stam), and then healer.


They'll use it as another excuse to nerf heavy attack builds.


Why heavy attack when you can beam.