Am I just dumb, or did anyone else just now realize the difference between orange and white damage numbers?

I've been playing this games for years and I only just now realized that the damage numbers are color coded. I mean, I knew they were color coded before: green numbers are healing, red numbers are damage done to friendlies and self, but I just now realized white numbers are direct damage and orange numbers are DOTs. This is really helpful for knowing which attacks are going to be buffed by which effects, like the Champion Perks Thaumaturge or Master-at-Arms.


Well I thought it was crit and non crit so I guess everydays a school day


Crits are notated by the exclamation point


Yeah someone said that in a different reply, ah well, the more you know and all that


As a bonus, the numbers in parentheses are damage that was taken while shielded/immune


I feel like there are also numbers with a \* following, means mitigated damage? Am I remembering correctly?


White = direct damage Yellow = crit Orange = DOT damage (#) = damage to a shield *# = blocked damage Red = damage to you Green = healing


Same lol


Welp, TIL


Omg ty! I always wondered what the difference was. I had assumed it was crit and non crit but then I realized the exclamation points were crit 😂


Direct and DOT? I thought it was non-crit and crit


Crit is denoted by a ! At the end of the dmg number, op is correct


Which one does area effects fall into? I never know which champ perks affect which skills


AOEs and single target attacks are different from DOTs and direct damage. If the skill says "Target: Enemy" and only mentions damaging that one target, then it is affected by Deadly Aim. If the skill can damage more than one target then it is affected by Biting Aura. Also note that the two are mutually exclusive. A skill like Stampede has a single target component (the initial hit) and an AOE (the DOT placed on the ground). Despite dealing damage in both ways, Stampede only benefits from Biting Aura; if you choose the morph Critical Rush instead, the skill benefits from Deadly Aim. Also note: only Deadly Aim and Biting Aura are mutually exclusive in this way; Thaumaturge and Master-at-Arms are not. For example, lets look at Stampede again. The initial hit deals direct damage, and the AOE it places afterward is a DOT. This initial hit benefits from Master-at-Arms and the DOT benefits from Thaumaturge, contrasting to what we saw with Deadly Aim and Biting Aura.


I'd like to note that the runeblades arcanist skill is a notable exception If you have the morph where the final tick is AoE, it's effected by biting aura.


True, I was trying to figure out why it's different, and I think I got it. It's because "Attacks" and "Skills" are not the same thing. Runeblades is a "skill" that features 3 "attacks" whereas Stampede is a "skill" that deals damage in multiple ways, but it's still only one "attack." If we look at Escalating Runeblades, we see that the first two hits are affected by Deadly Aim and the last hit is affected by Biting Aura. The two Champion Perks are still mutually exclusive, but it's per "attack" not per "skill."


Thank you for the thorough response, I only have thaumaturge and master at arms slotted so I only just now realized those two distinctions. I am terrible at using champ points haha


White = direct damage Yellow = crit Orange = DOT damage (#) = damage to a shield *# = blocked damage Red = damage to you Green = healing


As a poison whore for years, I always thought this was basic knowledge. In BGs if I am about to die from a group, I could get as much dots off as possible and as I respawn,I see the orange numbers ticking over there, it's just weird, I thought everyone knew this.


Your just dumb. ðŸĪŠðŸĪĢ😜🙃😛😂😂 Ya DID ask..... just sayin...