that sounds like a known glitch that sometimes happens, it usually happens when a random joins your game through no fault of their own (but can happen anytime really) and it will kick you out of the map you are playing in and soft locks you out of it what you need to do to fix it is have someone invite you to their game while they are in the map you were kicked from, in this case the Following. Once you join you can then drop out of the session and you should be able move freely between maps again Only downside is most times you won’t get back your story progression but usually keep all character development. If that doesn’t work for you, you will need to email techland support for further assistance [email protected] Good Luck


Thank you so much!


you’re welcome and hope it works out for you


You get my silver because your cool


you have to join someone on the map you want through an invite. that seems to work for me when this would happen with the following. if not the following comes up at the bottom of the ‘server list’ and you could try that.


DM Dying Light official twitter, there's big chances that they will answer




Well interesting cause the only bugs I get are those biting mf's walking around the city. But for real, my game never bugs, I play on pc.