....wait tokyo machine and xilent are the same person?????


I had no idea too! But I just did some googling and yeah if you dig deep enough it is true https://beware-monstercat-phantom.tumblr.com/post/628541128003747840/rationale-for-why-some-people-have-issue-with/amp


That is the most tumblr-ish bullshit I’ve ever read


Hold up... Tokyo Machine is Xilent? Wow. Okay. Anyways, I do miss Xilent, his sound is quite unique.


[modus. - No Return: Reboot](https://open.spotify.com/track/5O7DEwtBO4rk83OsmzGlZl?si=de66da1264094233) on the recent Ophelia comp sounds very Xilent inspired, if you or anyone else miss his sound


surprised you didn't know this I thought it was common knowledge in r/monstercat haha


They aren’t allowed to talk about it tho haha


I'm surprised as well, thought I would have known sooner. Makes lots of sense tho.


Not everyone subscribes to Monstercat


The person I'm replying to is a regular of that sub lmao


Anyone just miss melodic dubstep in general? That was such an awesome era of electronic music.


Yeah, those were the days...




Yeah, idk what people are smoking. Melodic dubstep is the current genre to be, with tech house, color bass, and experimental / alien bass all gaining popularity but not to the same degree.


Illenium should not be considered melodic dubstep


I’d think Illenium has a bit of Melodic Dubstep, no? Not like Teminite/Au5/Crystal Skies but I always figured his older stuff was in that realm. Afterlife and Where’d U Go are two I can think of.


Sure he has some. I would say his older music and his collabs with certain people, but as an artist in general he makes pop music and it seems wrong to lump him in with artists who actually create and innovate the sound.


What counts as melodic dubstep? Seven lions ?


Chime, Au5, Mitis, panda eyes, some seven lions yes. Used to be more people like flux, adventure club, xilent


I mean that’s kinda like saying “future bass is giant because the chain smokers did x” One cookie cutter pop artist doing well doesn’t really mean much when it comes to the landscape of the sub genre as a whole


To top that off most dubstep releases are only getting a couple of hundred likes and views now. As opposed to millions of views and 70k likes we used to see in 2012 at it's peak


No, it's smaller than it's ever been. There's no celebrities involved in dubstep now. But in 2011 there was Ellie Goulding, Wretch 32, tinchee stryder, Devlin, skrillex etc, etc, etc. I'm sorry to tell you but it's commercially dead, and has been for a decade. Although it's still nice to listen to, once the celebrities have gone, it's dead and left to the underground niche communities. Dubstep is heavily frowned upon now sadly, as fashion dominates music




Very good indeed. The mainstream is extremely monotonous imo, keeping dubstep away from the mainstream increases innovation and makes it more fun


The fact that dubstep isn't in the mainstream doesn't mean it's smaller than ever. The scene itself is thriving and might even be bigger than ever. I mean, Lost Lands was just this weekend. Festivals like that didn't exist in the early 2010s.


Check the channel views on YouTube statistics, there's websites you can use to check the over time statistics of YouTube channels. There was lots of festivals playing dubstep before 2010 my friends played across the country and still do with that Adrian guy who organises all the lineups across UK festivals


I don't measure the success of the dubstep scene by youtube views to be honest with you. There were no festivals playing only bass music on the scale of Lost Lands before the 2010s. The festival scene is undeniably bigger now than it was before.


That's just YouTube, and it's happening over the board. People are listening to Spotify rather than using YouTube (it's why channels like Trap Nation & DubstepGutter are losing views). It's not dubstep's problem, it's the music industry's problem. If you wanted more accurate statistics, look at bass artists's Spotify pages, that would probably give you infinitely more accurate statistics than YouTube channels.


It's not mainstream, but it's sure as hell popular. There's a huge bass music fanbase out there, but as it's spread out across the world, it may not seem as popular. And color bass proves that people are still innovating. It's relatively new in the scene, and its popularity is booming among dubstep fans. Dubstep is continuing to evolve and grow despite it being hidden behind the more popular stuff. Dubstep is striving, and it will continue to for the long run.


Color bass lightweight sucks though lol I personally think it’s fine if the scene doesn’t evolve. Or at least takes its time Most of the “sound design forward” type producers just make music that’s not fun to listen to. We don’t need that. This is dance music Those unicorns, like Space laces, are by definition rare and they should naturally flow to the top. Once there’s a new act that makes crazy tunes that also bang then I’ll be on board. Fine to wait too Think about it. Metal hasn’t changed fundamentally in like 30 years. Scene is quite strong. Dubsteps like finally reached its mature form that really, truly resonates with a massive audience, and not in the meme type way it did in 2012.




Xilent's probably one of my all time fav artists, he's a major reason I got into dubstep in 2011 and there's rarely a day I don't listen to some of his tunes. Hope he's following the album every 4 years pattern and we get a new project next year (also now just realising how old we are dust is 💀)


Was he actually confirmed as TM?


Yup they have the same tattoos haha


YES I miss the old UKF days of dubstep


Yeah Riddim and poor dubstep has plagued UKF now. Riddim was rinsed in 2007 so trying to bring it back is why 70% of their viewers have left, it wasn't very successful in 2007. Party goers complained about any djs playing it


Yeah I miss him everyday


He put out a fantastic Album in 2019 but I haven’t heard much from him since


TIL Xilent became Tokyo Machine O \_\_O I just discovered Xilent this year too rip. His Ellie Goulding remix is GOATED. How come he stopped producing under Xilent?




I like tokyo machine but i wish he would switch up his track formats. Though that's true for a lot of people on monstercat.


I haven’t kept up with music but used to listen to Xilent not exclusively but remember some songs by him


I feel the same way about Datsik, not the person just the music


Not sure why this is downvoted. I miss datsik's music too. Sucks that he's a POS, but he was a huge influence on me as an artist and his style was so unique.


Xilent isn’t Tokyo Machine tho… they have completely different birthdays (and ages) + Toki’s hair isn’t a wig and is widely different from Xilent’s. I do miss Xilent tho…








That’s Ghastly


There’s actually a picture on Tokyo Machine’s twitter from 3 YEARS AGO that debunks the theory that Xilent and Tokyo Machine are the same person. It shows Xilent and Tokyo Machine next to each other in a picture.


That’s Ghastly


Is it? Well, my bad. I just thought that was Xilent because Ghastly looks similar to him, just with brown hair. Sorry bout that :(


Xilent was my first ever going out to dubstep


This the same Xilent that did a chiptune album back on chiptune.org? Edit: just listened to his top song on Spotify and with those samples I'm gonna assume yes, haha


Yeah he was so good as a creator.


Boss Wave still makes my playlists


definitely. I regularly listen to skyward, ultrafunk, and we are virtual


And datsik. Scene hasn't been the same since.


i havent heard him before but i'll give him a lixten


Choose me II is an absolute gem. Still listen to it often.


VERY MUCH!!! One of my faves!


HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU #weareghosts2023


did he make an announcement? I don't see anything on Twitter EDIT: JUST SAW AAAAA


I went on the website and didn't see it :/