This just happened to me! The lady was FREAKING out on me bc i was asking her directions on how to find her bc the maps was taking me to a different place… she was like “I’m sorry you can’t read the simple instructions i left for you on the app” i then sent her a screenshot of my screen showing her there were no instructions on my part left from her and she immediately said sorry and felt really bad and was going to call customer service and see why her instructions weren’t going thru


Some folks don't seem to realize that many orders, especially when not placed through Door Dash app specifically, just default to "hand to customer" with no additional instructions on driver end. The information doesn't cross-populate between most platforms.


To be fair I've had doordash clear my instructions that use to always be set up. So I'd unknowingly order thinking they had them. But on the other end of the spectrum. I've had plenty of people not follow my simple and accurate instructions on how to find my apartment. They just never look at them


Yes, this is totally true as well! It’s unfortunate that Doordash puts their customers and workers in these unpleasant situations. It always happens to me with Walmart orders. The instructions the customer leaves on the Walmart app, doesn’t transfer to the Doordash app sometimes


a lot of customers will put “hand to customer” and then freak out when i’m at the door. customers need to make sure they are putting the proper instructions


My most awkward delivery ever was when a guy chose "hand to customer" and was in the shower when I arrived. Felt bad for the guy because I was gonna just take a picture & leave it anyway; if someone doesn't respond after 2 knocks, I just leave it, never had a complaint. But he rushed to the door in a towel dripping wet looking all embarrassed, at least he realized he hit the wrong option 😂


Is that the one where the guy asked if you feel comfortable putting it on a table inside? Or are lots of people answering the door to delivery people in a towel?


The latter, apparently 😂 if someone asked me to put it on a table that'd be fine!


Oh, it was a table inside his house. He wanted them to just come in and leave it on the table while he was in the shower


Lots of Trashers out there. We have a sign on our door that's laminated and everything, It States please do not ring doorbell we have a sleeping baby we had a guy one time drop off the food read the note Leave, then comes back minutes later 5 minutes later and rings the doorbell and leaves again Edit: I say this as a fulltime gh, dd, and ue driver. I see alot of real shitty drivers everyday. I've seen them park at intersections, scream at resturant workers for a 5min wait, cutting the line of drivers on holidays telling people to get the fuck out of their way, and once I saw a dasher knock an elderly woman into the door because she wasn't moving fast enough. I made this comment to agree with the post most. drivers don't read the instructions. This dude had app instructions and a 8x12 note on my front door plus a ring doorbell. We got a laugh at the video


He probably came back because he saw the food still there and thought it would be a good idea to ring the bell even though your sign says that me I would just say well, shouldn't have the sign up there then you'll get the food I guess when you get it but some people might think they all to ring it in case you didn't pay attention to the app


Yeah there are quite a few dashers who like to watch and make sure the customers get their food. Was probobly waiting in his car for them to grab the order


Why would you wait to see if the customer gets the order? If they ask to have it left at the door then putting it at their door and taking a photo is the extent of your responsibility. Most people don't want interaction, that's the best part of leave at door orders, that you just drop them off and immediately move on to the next delivery without having to wait on anybody. If they don't see the delivery in the app that's their fault for not paying attention when expecting a notification, if you're really worried you can just send them a text like I do to let them know it's arrived. I've done it this way since I started and have never gotten in trouble. Even if you get a contract violation because it's reported stolen or not arrived, all you have to do is submit a quick report that you left it at the door as requested and moved on and they delete the violation after checking your GPS and photo to confirm you did go to the correct address, and I've been told by support agents themselves that the gps is so innacurate that you pretty much always get a free pass as long as you're on the correct block. Some people are busy and don't have time to rush to the door and want to take their time without wasting yours, seeing the customer take the order is neither necessary or respectful if the customer asks you to leave it at the door. Waiting for them to grab it is just like a slap to their face as they were trying to avoid wasting your time and being seen and you wasted your own time anyways and saw them come outside in their underwear.


Unlike the person who wrote this post I don't wait per se. There's been a time or two where I've had something on the same block and have to ride by and it was still there or I was sitting there for a moment waiting on something down the street and it was there for a while so I run up and ring the bell I don't do the stalking thing. But I get what you're saying you get a lot of free passes on here trust me I know I've got plenty of free food before but that's not the point it's just being a nice person and even though you may be right in your opinion on a lot of people there's others who would like the opposite maybe they are not text saavy aka old, maybe they don't hear the app or are looking at it whatever but my point is being nice is nothing wrong with that. And if you do other apps like I do I do three sometimes two at one time and although we're talking about this one if you ever work for instacart they don't play as easy. They say take a picture but then when someone says a whole order is missing they don't care so I've gone to the links of when I feel like it most times I actually video what's in each bag is best I can and as I'm walking up to the door because I read that when the customer says they have it on video it's an automatic believe them. So although I'm not as strict on doordash and Uber eats like that I still use my common courtesy in some instances. By the way I actually rarely ever ring the bell I was just defending this person's nice actions even though I myself wouldn't have waited around.


Because food gets stolen


Any customer that requests you to leave it at the door accepts that risk, and that actually fairly rare. I cover this in my comment, you're not responsible to make sure it isn't stolen, only to deliver it as instructed. Watching to see who takes it isn't part of the instructions and you aren't liable if it's stolen because the customer didn't pay attention to their phone when expecting a delivery, literally ever. If you're waiting 5 minutes on ever delivery on a 8 hour shift that's easily two more deliveries in the same time you missed out on, that's gas money covered right there if you don't waste time waiting.


To some people that 5 mins is worth not getting deactivated. Even after taking a pic, there have been dirty dashers that took the food after. There's also been dirty customers that take the food and claim the dasher or someone else stolen it after the pic. I'm sure anyone that waits has their reason.


For the third time, YOU ARE NOT LIABLE IF THE FOOD IS STOLEN ON A LEAVE AT DOOR ORDER, doordash customer support has told me themselves that the customer assumes that risk by selecting "leave at door" and that it's their responsibility to make sure to watch for it to arrive.


Literally tell that to every person who's gotten a violation due to orders being stolen/reported missinh, including me. You are delusional my dood, and I for one always wait a few houses away to make sure people get their order and respond with a "have a nice day/night" to make scammers think twice unless I have another order.


A contract violation is not a deactivation, it just means someone reported the order and it's going to be reviewed. If doordash held you liable for a reported contract violation, you'd be deactivated, immediately upon review. No second chances. If you got a violation before, and weren't deactivated, it's because doordash has come to the conclusion that you did nothing wrong or they can't prove you did anything wrong. a violation means literally nothing unless you actually did something wrong and the customer can prove it. I've had 10+, submitted my report, got removed, every time. Doordash support has told me that as long as your GPS shows you delivered, you're good, even if a violation shows up in the app. The violation is just to give you a chance to submit your own account of what happened when a customer accuses you of something, each one is reviewed by a person, and if there's no evidence to prove you violated your contract, then it gets dropped, every time. It either gets deleted or you get immediately deactivated if doordash actually thinks you violated your contract. I've been doing this for years, I get a "violation" accusation once a month it means jack shit unless you actually did something. Customer reports food stolen but I have a photo of the order on their porch with their house numbers in the photo "oh no woe is me, doordash is gonna deactivate me, one of their most dedicated dashers who completes 10+ orders a day, for no good reason even though I have already submitted evidence that I upheld my end of the contract"/s


I know. But 2 or more violations can lead TO deactivation. Do you NOT see the "3 years dashing flair" my dood smh. My bro and as deactivated after his second one when he tried it out, I know people who get up to 5 no issue.


If you think doordash would let you get away with a SINGLE contract violation they actually believed you were guilty for, YOU are delusional, my dude. You've gotten violations and kept dashing because, doordash is a greedy money grubbing POS company, bit they aren't stupid, they know 75% of customer reports are fraud.


You clearly don't understand from the customer side it's very easy to claim fraud, the thing is many customers don't go through with that. So many people will order $10 worth of food and spend a half hour claiming fraud while they are eating it, they are committed. SO WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY IS: it hurts no one to take a little extra time to make sure the customer gets the food/the house is correct. Although I only deliver with a bike for max profits and natty gains so it's not like I'm taking up a parking space or wasting gas now that I think about it.


You should right a book, like a whole chapter on some one else business




Sounds like only reason someone will come by again and ring the doorbell is if you didn't tip or you gave a lowball tip.


Even then that is not ok!


Sounds like something a shitty tipper would say


Totally deserved lol


Then u shouldn’t get on here and complain about tips after u do that




It is not, but OP is whining that this *always* happens and waaaaa waaaaa waaaaa about a little doorbell or *oh my goodness, Dasher saw me in all my low tip glory*. I am sure glad I do not ever have these issues, because I decline decline decline shitty orders/restaurants and if I saw this person's specific redundant instructions crying about his doorbell, I'd unassign asap. I don't care if it is a $20 order/tip, but I doubt a $20 food order would have to resort to this. My 4.98 rating speaks for itself, as does my 18% acceptance ratio. I decline $10-$15 orders all the time from restaurants/stores that are on my blacklist (consistently super long wait times/rude staff/staff that lies how long wait will be). Kona Grill started handing out bags of chips and water to dashers and are trying to be nice now, lol. Like that's gunna make me accept your $12 orders, NOPE. I do what orders I want when I want. Only worthy ordters deserve my time and excellent service, period. I know this is much too long reply for what is not right (on Dashers part), but IF OP low tip/no tip, then common sense would suggest that maybe there is a reason this keeps on happening on their orders.


Damn someone’s in their feelings.


Yea that’s not a good reason to be spiteful


I never said it is a good reason. It is a reason though. There isn't actually any reason to be spiteful. Spite is bad.


He was probably making sure you got your food. And when it had been five minutes with no sign of you, he decided to do what he had to do to ensure you got the signal. This is assuming the food was still on your porch. He’s looking out for himself and you. If you don’t want this to happen, pick up your food when it arrives. It’s someone going above and beyond a job description being taken as a bad thing. The intentions are good.


Not the drivers responsibility, they're there to just pick up and drop off food. What if they had the food delivered at that time because they were getting off work or were on lunch? I've had that happen a bunch and even if you wait to make sure they grabbed it of course you won't see them because they aren't there. Just drop the food off, take a picture irregardless if the delivery makes you one or not, and go on to your next delivery.


I do pizza delivery not door dash. So In my situation I can’t just take a picture and leave. Just speaking from the point of view of a delivery driver. The intentions are good.


Yeah this is a door dash sub so? Uh dunno why your comment matters. We are total strangers and have never met people before and are walking up to their house. We get access codes and shit like, it's just not a part of the job to be hanging around their house. That's weird. They are grown adults and can warm their food up or if they want it hot grab it quick from the door step. Most people understand what they're getting into especially since door dash had a GPS location for the driver. Customers know where you are and plan around that. Simple as that. Edit: lmqo guys I legit have a life as well. I have bills to pay and mouths to feed, I don't have the luxury to wait 10 or 15 mins for these people to grab their food. I took a pic and sent a text, they know its there. 10 to 15 minutes can cost me 50 dollars so I just can't. Not an angry person, just someone trying to live. I make sure the food is hot and correctly made and packaged and they get the right food. I think that's good


Lol you're a fuckin idiot


Lmao okay. Sure. Idk how paying my bills is idiocy but ooookay. Hope you have a better day man, seriously. If you're delivering pizza and have regulars I get it. But nah I'm just dumb, that's the only angle. Hahaha 🤪


You tell 'em, Romeo_horse_cock.


She was being nice it's called having morals and caring about your fellow human being nothing wrong with someone being nice you sound like you are very angry, thoughtless person to me


Lmao. Okay. I make a comment without attacking anyone and you draw that from it? No what it is is people are adults and I'm pretty sure they think these things through when ordering food. Obviously this woman who posted did not appreciate it and yeah it comes from a good place and I get that, but I can't sit there for 5 mins just waiting on someone to grab their food. I also matter you realize this right? I'm doing everything I can to get their order correct, I make sure they don't forget items, get their food to them so fast it's always hot and someone I'm an angry thoughtless person. Gosh yall dasher are so tiring. You don't need to be a white knight for everyone. Making sure their order is correct is kindness, I'm taking my time to make sure they got whats needed. Go ahead and keep judging me, but I know my intentions, make sure I can pay my bills and feed myself. I literally don't have the time for it, if they don't get their food they'll get a refund and a reissued order. That's not being an angry person, I just have a damn life to live. Just think about things from another angle for once. Instead of allowing yourself to judge.




Um that's why we take pictures and dd support can see our GPS coordinates if the customer did complain and say that. The picture we take is also able to be seen by support. That customer would not get far with dd if that dasher did indeed deliver the order.


Not everyone wants to grab the food immediately and five mins when you have a baby could be like, “oh shit there is poop coming out of this diaper, forget food, baby into bath stat!”


As someone that has dealt with people who come back afterwards and say the food sat for an hour. I’d rather spend a few minutes waiting to make sure the food is delivered. I get your point but it’s someone’s job to make sure that food gets there.


Idk that’s weird imagine a dasher drops your food off and hide around the corner to watch you pick it up. I imagine they running giggling back to the car if you see them too😭


This is such bullshit. They are looking out for themselves. They have a sign and everything. If you're on the edge of getting a baby to sleep, you'll get your food when you get it.


If low or no tipping, I'd be careful about that. You know, with a baby and all. Not smart for having total strangers come to your place of residence and lowballing them. If you tip adequately, then I guess you just got a black cloud over you all the time. Good luck on your future orders and maybe just learn to ease up in life, if you want to. You come across as very tense and unhappy for some reason. It is just food. If unhappy use another service or go get yourself, if physically capable or....GASP...... cook a homemade meal. Maybe you are not like this, but just my observation. Like an ass, 99% of people have one.


I was recently berated by multiple people saying you should ALWAYS ring the doorbell….so maybe people need to chill on this? We can’t read minds and if either is that important put it in instructions


Typically, it says leave at door. When I read that, I just infer that they do not want their doorbell rang because if they did, then they would have specified it, no? That’s just my take of when I receive those orders and I haven’t received a complaint yet, so let’s hope it continues.


Yeah my take to. They get a notification in app…but trust me I was called lazy and entitled because I don’t ring


Everybody has different takes on leave at door orders. Some people believe that you should knock or ring bell to let them know it was dropped off. I don't ring or knock if it says leave at door unless it specifically says it in the instructions and I could care less if people say that's laziness or entitlement, if they don't put it in the instructions I'm done my job by leaving it at door taking the pic and being on my merry way.


They're stupid if they believe either laziness or entitlement is what is keeping you from lifting your arm a foot in the air to push a button. Why do they care what you do? This thread pops up usually once a day on this sub, and it's hilarious how worked up people get about what other people do (or don't) do. For the record, I'm a set it and forget type myself, and won't ring or knock unless instructed to in most cases. Exceptions are sketchy apartments with people outside eyeing the food, hotel rooms if the dnd sign isn't up, and senior communities (I've found alot of them aren't as willing or able to check their phones for updates). Otherwise I slip in, take a pic, and leave as quietly and quickly as possible.


I've memorized where the pin drops are on the map for the apartments around here, which all of them are sketchy, and won't accept those orders. I barely get out dashing now since I'm back to my regular job so when I do get out I stay away from apartments


That's great! Good luck back at work!


Not always will a customer specify they don't want their bell rang. I will ring or knock during daylight hours but at night I won't do either one unless the instructions say to.


The problem from the customer's side is that many dashers don't read directions even if they're written in. Sometimes you'll see posts on here of dashers showing pics of some of those directions written in all caps "DO NOT RING DOORBELL!!" Dashers who've never actually ordered food through the app don't know how consistent other dashers are when it comes to not reading.


No contact mean no contact, you aren't supposed to ring the doorbell, and most customers prefer it that way.


In your area maybe they don't like it.....you're not having a single bit of contact with the customer in any way by pushing a button or balling up your fist and knocking on a door. Nowhere in the contract does it say we aren't supposed to ring a doorbell.


What did you tip?




Dude, you obviously hate dashers. Theres no way in fuck you tipped 8 dollars. Stop frontin'.




Wow you are a Monster, I would never do that. What if he has children and they are struggling and I get him fired over some petty shit? I hope you have the life you deserve.


Wtf?? That's kinda creepy.


Ew I ordered dominos and said leave it at the door. This dude dressed really dirty looking was knocking nonstop with his car outside blasting music then he asked to buy something i had on my porch. Im taking care of my kid inside and it was so annoying . Im a dasher and would never knock id way rather leave at door so i can move on. If the app isn’t messing up and theyre doing that id be mad.


I just never ring or knock unless specified.


I'm the opposite. I ring or knock unless they specifically tell me not to. Never had an issue with this in my market.


This is what I do, I’ve literally never had any issues come up from it


This is the way


When people say leave it at the door, there is no reason to knock or ring the doorbell. They are probably doing it so the noise doesn't wake a sleeping baby or make their dog bark etc. If a neighbor steals their food that is their fucking problem. That's why you take photo outside their door right? To prove you did your part...


Are you that detached from reality?? There is plenty of reasons to do that!! It's called notification that your food is delivered and it's getting cold! The stupid app doesn't always work properly especially on the customer side. I have received my order before and literally the entire time until they marked it delivered it showed them sitting at the restaurant. I even showed that to my dasher and they were shocked.


They get a text and a notification from the app.


They sure do! A customer can track a dasher from the time the dasher accepts the order on. They are notified when we get to a rx, when we have picked up the order, when we leave the rx, when we are close to their location, and finally when we deliver the order.


Lol idk why you're getting downvoted. You're completely right, a bunch of fuckin morons on this sub apparently


Never ring unless they tell you to. I know I’ve been 1 starred for it several times or received texts afterwards asking why I made their dogs go insane…The idiots are the customers. I’ve never rang one since unless told to do so in the instructions. When delivering…ALWAYS assume your dealing with the dumbest motherfucker on the planet…


How is it dumb to leave food at the door when the customer asks. You’re the dumbass cuz u want it done your way smh


I don’t believe I said anything to indicate leaving it at the door is dumb. 🤦🏻‍♂️. Leave it at door and don’t ring the bell unless asked. That’s what I’m saying. If it says “hand it to me”…then go ahead and ring the bell all you want. 🤷🏻‍♂️. What’s so fuckin bad about that?


Then what makes the customers idiots? Yal literally arguing about how u should knock and ring doorbells anyway. Make that make sense


Because customers get fucking petty over that shit. They will one-star you if you ring the doorbell. Dumbest shit ever. And I agree with you. We should not be arguing over this LOL. ✌️


Um...you actually don't know for 100% sure that's why you got one starred.


Right, BUT I’ve heard plenty of stories of customers texting drivers and sayin they were giving them a one star review. It happens for sure.


Yeah sometimes we just forget. I just did a dash today that said please get me extra ranch and don't knock have a dog... got the ranch, after waiting 5 minutes for order and driving my natural instinct to knock took place. Immediately apologized after I took the pic and left. We do live lives and have stuff on our minds that makes us forget the simplest instructions at times.


Reading instructions are super important, I’m a dasher and ordered, paid a decent tip on the app and put hand it to me because I had extra cash to tip more. The driver picked up my order right away, and left it at the door…. So I wasn’t able to give her the cash tip. Moral of the story follow simple instructions, you just might be rewarded for it. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Just put in the notes, do not knock, do not ring bell, I will watch app for your picture. Sometimes the app will tell us to call the person, aint nobody got time for that,. take a pic and ring the bell and knock as I leave.


Yeah my notes beg them not to do any of those things and here we are lol


If it says leave at door that's exactly what I will do. If you didn't message me or leave something about calling,knocking, texting etc that's not my fault. Love the leave at door ones, the dashers who do all that extract shit are something else. I've had multiple drop off instructions saying " PLEASE DONT RING OR KNOCK "


Next time this happens to you ask the dasher to see their phone so you can see what the instructions say on their end. We're all aware that the app has had a ton of issues lately, and the majority of my orders the past few weeks say "hand it to me" or "hand it to customer", sometimes followed by a "leave it at the door" message, but not always. Not sure what's going on lately with the mixed messages on delivery instructions, but if it says "hand it to me" - regardless of what instructions say after - many dashers will do just that and hand it to you.


That's a good Idea. I feel weird asking to see what their phone says if it does say that on their phone then what? I hate confronting people, lol no one wants to be a Karen. I do tip really well for under 2 mile deliveries to my work cause I know the struggle. DD app being trash is why I don't rate them poorly cause I know this is possible. I've just never had an issue as a dasher seeing instructions (at least I have all 5 stars and no ones ever told me I did something wrong). But yeah I get so many hand it to me: leave at door things too. I try to go by what the customer wrote in the instructions regardless


I would text or call when they pick up the order. Just a quick “hey, the last couple of times the dashers have rang the door/handed it to me when my directions are supposed to read leave at door don’t ring. Can you check if that’s on your end or do I need to call support to fix this?” A: you’ll remind the dasher at that time to not ring and leave at door B: see if it’s dd’s error or just a bunch of bad dashers


I'll save the OP the trouble. It's a bunch of bad dashers, same bullshit happens to me. Hello, I work at home, I said don't knock in the directions for a reason so don't fuckin knock.


I can confirm. This same thing just happened to me yesterday for the first time. It said both hand to customer and leave at the door. Because of the way it was presented to me in the app, I had to contact the customer and wait for them to open the door lol. But you’re not wrong though, it seems like a lot of dashers out there are just trying to make a quick buck and don’t take the job seriously at all, and won’t follow instructions. That’s the one downside to having an “all are welcome” policy when it comes to people signing up for Doordash or these other gig apps.


Yep, I do the same. And for those orders (with conflicting instructions) I'll send the customer a pic of the drop off and say "delivered per your instructions". And I've even been screenshotting the conflicting instructions just in case something happens I'll have "proof" they said to leave it at the door. But not all dashers would feel comfortable doing this, or they might be new and unsure of what to do.


Just text them when you order. It's much easier that way


Yeah a lot of times my app says “call or text customer for instructions” but their instructions are already there. It won’t let me take a picture and submit when it does this, it says I haven’t followed all the steps because I didn’t call or text them. I just mark “handed it to customer” and leave it at the door. I can see some dashers going through this and then actually wanting to hand it to them to make sure they don’t get called out for not delivering. Even on the times I have called or texted, it STILL doesn’t let me take a pic and mark delivered; I have to put handed to customer.


All you got to do is tap text customer then just go back to the previous page and you will be able to then take the pic. OR take a pic with your phones camera outside of the app and then that way once you get to the part where it let's you take a pic select pic from gallery and boom you have the pic.


Hmm I’ll try that next time. But I have definitely actually texted the customer and it still wouldn’t let me do it.


I usually check delivery instructions after I pick up the food and text the customer to double check what they want if it says hand it to me because 90% of the time they tell me to leave it at the door


I look to see if there are any instructions immediately after I accept an order.


I deliver for Doordash and Grubhub. I also use the services personally. If someone tells me not to ring a doorbell, I'm not going to ring a doorbell. However, I have had some very confused customers who had no contacts on their orders ask me why I left their food on their door step....um...cause you requested that dear.... I get why some people get nervous about not knocking and stuff. Especially if a customer is not responsive on their phone. I also have had drivers, where I've literally yelled through the door to leave the food after messaging them this ans it says this in my notes. Some people just can't be helped. Lol


Anytime it just says leave at the door I will not knock I simply take the picture and leave. If it states to knock I will, then leave I don't wait for them to come to the door. I haven't had a compliant so far but I have only been doing this for a month. What confuses me is when it is a business and people are going in and out the door and it says to leave at the door. I usually hand it to them at that point.


Yeah that's stupid, but what's even dumber is when they put hand it to me, and in the notes put leave at the door. They're catching on that hand it to me orders don't require a photo, so I take one anyways and text it to them to make sure they know I have evidence just in case they try something stupid.


I literally would not answer. "No contact" equals no contact. If I need to be in contact with the person, I would have gone myself. This is75% of the point of order on DoorDash. Do not try to meet me in person, it will not happen.


Knocking or ringing the door bell is not having contact with the customer. They're having contact with your door or door bell.


That’s fine. The post said “I’m tired of hearing the door bell ring and having it handed to me”. I’m just saying don’t try to hand it to me lol. I’m a dasher and a customer btw.


Personally I just follow the instructions that the app says. By rule of thumb everytime I see an order that says "hand directly to the customer" I will immediately tell them when they open the door "I have instructions in my app to hand this to you directly" So that they know its the app not me. A few times, VERY few, i've rang the doorbell when leaving food that is marked "leave at door" but once because it was storming and the floor was sopping wet and it was a flimsy paper bag; I told the customer "I'm sorry to ring the doorbell but this food is hot and fresh and I just couldn't bring it upon myself to set it down in the rain." And another time because this customer didn't really have a spot to put it down on (floor strewn with trash) and it was a pizza.


The possible reasons are: 1) The dasher is an immigrant and can’t read English; 2) the dasher can’t read and/or comprehend English; 3) the dasher is too lazy to read the delivery instructions; 4) the dasher is a narcissist and is going to do their thing (ie knocking on the door/ringing the door bell for every delivery; parking in the driveway; etc). The bar to become a dasher is low and DD doesn’t require any customer service skills and other soft skills.


im tired of meet me out front, me being pissed i gotta wait, then they come to the window and like, "leave it, thanks" like you could say that in app.. not put "meet at door" most time i leave it anyway and take a pix and text them.. Also tired of people telling me to ring door bell.. We are in the middle of covid dude, everyones touched that.. Ima knock AT BEST if i dont just leave it.. you get a text right away and can follow me the whole time on your app.. you dont need me..


Dude I fucking hate that.. the instructions I read twice say hand it to customer but when the customer gets to the door they say they wanted no contact delivery and to just set it down. I just end up looking stupid


Yesssss!! Honestly, I wish they would do away with all “hand to me” orders. If they don’t want it on the ground, they can leave a small table or tray out, like some people do. If they want to leave a cash tip, great, leave it in an envelope. There’s just no reason, especially in a pandemic (that will probably still be around for awhile) to have any contact with the customers. Like some stated, they can literally track our every move, til the delivery is completed. Just grab it once we walk away. Leave at door or leave at front desk/customer service at a biz. End of story. I started to leave at door for hand to me customers also lately and just text a picture… it’s just unnecessary human contact and a waste of time to wait. They want food, not me! Lol! I have a 4.99 rating (damn one 4 star that won’t drop off 🙄😂) so I’ll just keep doing that unless someone complains/low ratings start to show, unless they literally are waiting for me when I arrive, then I just hand it to them and deal with it. But I wish DoorDash would put a message in their app for them, “to help protect our drivers, etc” so whether u care about covid, or just don’t want to wait for slow customers to answer the door, we can leave the food and run for ALL deliveries! Lol!


As a dasher agreed on this too.


I had a few that still knocked, and I'd just ignore them. But once , a lady would not stop knocking. I finally answered on the third knock and just stared at her, "it said to just leave it on the porch" She's like, "they said we can't leave until we know you received your order" I just repeated that I wanted it by the door , walked back inside and shut the door. I think that was my first low driver rating. I get the idea of making sure we got our stuff. But to repeatedly knock on someone's door , when it says not to... You can wait in the car or something, send a pic like others do, etc. If someone requests that it's by the door, that usually means they know they'll be there to get it right away and they just don't want any interaction (be it for sleeping humans, animals, or they just don't like people 😆)


My apartment buzzer doesn’t work so I have directions to call/text when they get here and leave my order outside the main door and I’ll go get it. I’ve had 2 dashers show up at my door mad at me saying how I didn’t answer the buzzer and had to wait for someone to let them in the building. Smh


Some ppl don’t have their preferences set right. Sometimes I deliver orders that have system set messages like ‘hand to me’ or ‘meet at door’—I do a double take, but for those orders I will ring or knock. People nearly always come to the door a bit surprised I did do, so it’s obvious they’re not paying attention to that part when their order is placed (nor are most of the ppl delivering to them reading the drop off notes)—but I’d rather do that than leave it at the door one time and have some asshole one star me or say he never got his damn Taco Bell. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️


I was start by disclosing “instructions stated hand to you”. Them half the time: wait, what? No... DD is one of the shittiest tech company’s on the stock exchange


This rarely happens to me but when it does, I get sort of annoyed. I say just to leave it at the door- it’s not like I’ll forget to get the food. One time a dasher VERY aggressively knocked on my door, exactly like how the police do it. Scared the shit out of me.


I always just text the dasher beforehand and remind them to leave it cuz I’m not coming down there lol


I never ring the bell In front of the door Pic snapped Bye Next!


I hear ya, but I’ve always found it tricky when someone at their place of business says to leave it at the door. It’s different than leaving it on the doorstep of a private residence. Like do you want me to leave it with the receptionist? What if there’s no receptionist? Should I leave it outside the door for anyone to come by and snatch up?


Just set your doorbell chime not to ring between certain hours so it doesn't wake the baby. When you don't come to the door eventually they'll read the instructions and see they need to just leave the food. I find most delivery people never read the instructions I leave.


I think some people just like to ring the bell regardless and it's baffling. Saw another thread where people in the comments were saying that they routinely knock and ring bell even when it says to leave at door. Like seriously they know it's there. I hate to hand to people. I just want to snap my pic and leave like a ghost in the night.


1st world problems




I used to doordash and live in the bay area, there is a good amount of dashers that are from other countries and can't really speak/read English that well. So it's most likely not because the dasher is bad but it might be that English is most likely their 2nd language


Maybe put notes in all caps? Or make it interesting that way it will catch their eye which would result in them maybe reading it. Idk....I always make dang sure I read my instructions most of the time I double and triple read them. However I am very big on customer service so my customers are very important to me and I strive to always have them happy with my delivery. BEFORE ALL THE HATERS LAY INTO ME..... NO I DO NOT TAKE THE LITTLE NO TIP ORDERS!! Not sure why my expression of wanting to provide great customer service translates into me taking all the shit orders....


I’m also a dasher and a customer. I have a note in delivery instructions that is very straightforward and simple to follow, “don’t knock, leave on the steps and text me,” along with directions as to where my unit is. So when a dasher doesn’t follow those instructions, they get one star from me.


Wait - One star? I mean, I completely understand the frustration of dealing with clueless or lazy Dashers who don't bother reading the description, but if they make one small error I feel like that doesn't merit a total F rating. Personally I'd never one star someone unless they were super rude or they screwed up royally with no apology and/or blatantly messed with the food.


Why do you tell them to txt you when you get a notification when they take the picture?


Door dashes notifications are inconsistent and sometimes don't show.




You missed the "I'm a Dasher and have no idea why this is so hard.." I know how to click the leave at door option when I order and what customer mistakes not to make thanks


Honestly I think there’s a lot of people doing door Douche who hardly know any English and probably can’t read that well. Unfortunately


Where I live, the vast majority of dashers I've gotten as a customer are homegrown and they *still* can't read.


Yeah, in my area they don't speak English, and just shove their phone in the restaurant workers face, instead of just announcing who they are picking up for. The times I have ordered DD, they don't follow any instructions.


I can usually tell when the customer placed an order not with the DD app. I have a draft ready that I copy and paste in a text message to confirm the delivery method.


I’m not leaving it at some random work door. At a house or apartment sure, but some place of business no way. Too many homeless people where I live and they will take it 100% if the customer isn’t out there in two seconds to grab it.


First, don't answer the door. Just don't. Make them wait until they just leave it. Hell, if they just keep waiting call the cops and report them for loitering. Second, report it to doordash every time it happens. Get them to discount your food and get them to punish the drivers.


a total ass


One whole ass?


I'm at work or I'd do this, them repeatedly ringing the doorbell would just have my coworkers go get it or be like wtf but I will for sure keep the rest in mind


I'm so confused. What kind of work setting do you have where people are ringing a door bell and your coworkers are around? Is it like a call center or something? I agree the dashers doing this are still dumb regardless of the work area, I'm just personally confused.


I work in an office Suite in an office building. It is a corporate office for a local trade college. Much like an apartment, an office building has units, those units are assigned to businesses that rent them. We have a suite, there is a door labeled "170" and a doorbell because we aren't a foot traffic business. We don't have a receptionist up front, so we have a doorbell because we don't get tons of visitors. This is pretty common.


Thanks. That clears it up, I've never worked nor delivered to that type of setting. But if the note says don't ring door bell, I don't ring the doorbell, common sense isn't common though.


No worries! I work in one and still sometimes have to figure things out when I deliver to one. But my directions are really easy. But yeah they're not read at all :(


Are you sure they are not ringing the doorbell to tell you that's its at the doorstep.


Yes because when I get to the door they are there waiting and hand me the food. My instructions also say "please please please do not ring bell."


Alot of my customers have it as please ring door bell or knock then I text them about it to be sure ,99% of the time they said its a old note, please leave it at the door they also tell me they can't change the instructions lol


Sometimes I wonder if the dasher app just has another glitch that screws with the delivery instructions. Lots of 'Leave at door' with hand to instructions or vice versa. Either way, get your head out of your ass and read the instructions or double check with the customer. It's not hard.


I cringe when I see instructions that say “ring the doorbell” Just the threat of human interaction. ![gif](giphy|lk5fBgCmIdJ4Y)


Dude, just put a note on the door if Dashers do not listen. If you lowballing the tip, expect shitty service. If you are tipping well, then remove/reduce their tip for not following your instructions. Note: if lowballing tip or no tip at all, you will not be getting high quality dashers. Good dashers know which orders to accept and which ones not to accept. If tipping well, then good for you. Source: Dasher with 4.98 rating and thousands of deliveries.


I had the same problem. They kept ringing and waiting for me to come get the food. Turns out even though on my end it was set to leave it at my door, the app still told drivers to hand it to me. So I switched it to hand it to me and then back to leave it at the door and I guess that updated it to the drivers side as well as they now just leave it at the door and leave.


I only had to do it once, when I delivered the food and I had zero phone signal and had to let the customer know their food was delivered.


Plain as Plain can be, "Don't ring the Doorbell"!!


There's a disease for this. It's called Dumbass Dasher disease.


Dashers just don’t care, can’t read English or are lazy. Been a customer ~20 times and 5 times instructions are followed perfectly to my apt building…other times it’s a mess and they clearly don’t read them. I’m also always sure to check to make sure they’re updated and clear yet I’ve had about a 25% success rate with the instructions being followed and I’m a dasher with 4k+ orders and have had multiple customers I’m one of the only ones to always follow their instructions


I do have a giant explanation of which gate to take (left or right), what the gate code is, and after passing the gate, how to proceed to find my building (pretty easy first left, then straight, third building on the left, second floor, left side of the building, door next to fire hydrant and the apartment number is on the door 1234). I still get messages “what is the gate code” or “where is your apartment” So I don’t expect they care much about handing it or dropping it.


Delete the tip if they can't read


Yeah I have had delivery guys not read my instructions too. Very annoying when I leave them a great tip.


I'm going to assume you selected "hand it to me", and thus, they are trying to hand it to you. If you select Leave at door most dashers will leave it at your door.


Nope, this has happened to me so many times I triple check it every time. I am a dasher, I know how things works really well from a dasher and customer pov. I always tip 5-10 bucks for my under 2 mile lunches at work and triple check the leave at door - most dashers when I am at home leave at the door. It's the same 3/4 dashers I get in my work areas that do not ever follow instructions at my work address.


Well most of my hand it to customer orders read “leave it at door in the description. I always call to ensure what they really want but if you want it to be left at the door choose that and type do not nock in the description. Also I’ve had hand it to me orders from customers who don’t answer the door when I knock but was just texting me when I was at the restaurant.


I just shout through the door if they wait “thank you! Can you leave it on the door mat please?” Makes everyone happy.


If it's while you're at work, 90% of the time when I deliver to someone at a business instead of home and it says leave at door they get mad I actually left it outside the business because they just left it set to "leave at door" from their last home delivery. Many customers just don't change their instructions at all between home and work deliveries so it gets confusing. It's also a lot more nerve wracking to leave an order outside a door in a public place than it is to put it on someone's porch. Makes me feel like the order is gonna get stolen and reported as misdelivered. I'd suggest texting your driver once you know the order has been accepted to let them know your instructions actually apply to your business deliveries too, I understand the frustration but unfortunately other customers inability to check what their instructions say on each order have ruined that convience for you.


DoorDash has a low barrier of entry/quality control problem. Unlike Airbnb, DoorDash does not have an official Q/A forum, there is no customer service hand book, and some situations explained in different languages. They are so focused on programmable operations that they are forgetting the human aspect. No wonder some people treat us like we’re not human. It all starts from the top down. (Insert- explained)


I think knocking becomes instinctual that out of habit they take the pic then knock or ring bell to notify it's ready for you to take. Although I've never heard of dashers waiting to watch you pick it up. I have to assume they have violations from people lying about not receiving food so they're paranoid or the customer thinks they're waiting when they're looking at an order, sending a text, or messing with the gps.


As a dasher I don’t think I’ve ever fucked this up. The only one that annoys me is when they have hand it to me selected and leave at door in instructions. I always go off of instructions but I’m waiting for the day someone says I chose the wrong one.


I put in the instructions “please don’t ring door bell” so they knocked. The next time I put “please don’t ring doorbell or knock” so the driver felt the need to scream “hello menulog!” I’m a dasher and I really don’t understand how others find it so difficult


Non- english speaking dashers.


At least in my area, they are so high they just think it is in their imagination 😂


Covid has turned us into a bunch of hermits.


Your psychic abilities must not be working today


So next time, make sure the screen door is wide open and as the driver knocks, be sure you are bare assed naked. Walk to the door that way and I bet he won’t ever do it again!


I can’t understand DD customer service agents when I call for help. They usually call back after i have left. The app also freezes when I try and “ stack” orders. Only been doing it a week.


Well, the dashers may be bad experience acting or new, nonetheless be greatful for the acknowledge


The best is hotel frequent flyers that never changed their room number from the previous week, then get bent out of shape when their food ends up in front of the wrong room.


Weirdly, for me, we can never get them to ring the bell. It's in the instructions, but I swear, they all have doorbell PTSD in our area.


So annoying especially when I have to put clothes on to get it. Just freakin leave it at the door like I said instead of banging on my door like the police at 1am! 🤬


I have "leave at door" on my instructions. Most of the time people still knock but im ok with it. Really i just put that there because everyone has different comfort levels when it comes to Covid. I just watch my phone for notifications. It's not hard. When i see my Dasher is close i get ready to grab my order and text a "thank you" to them.


I don't answer and make them stand there if they keep ringing. Fucking read the instructions.


I leave all orders at the door with one ring of bell or one series of knocks (unless it says not to) and then I leave. If it says “hand it to me” I’ll set it down and stand 10 feet away and wait for them. Even then people seem a little surprised to see me standing there at all, so I think most people don’t even want you to “hand it to them.” I’m surprised how many people haven’t come to take their food by the time I’m pulling out of the driveway. But as I see it, there’s a tracker, DD sends text/email multiple times throughout the process, and then I’m usually ringing the doorbell on top of that. If they can’t tend to their business and the food is stolen…not my problem!


I would say if you are a DD then you should know that the instructions don't translate to the app often. Unless it's a" no contact delivery" it defaults to "hand them the order " in the app. At least half my daily orders have instructions to leave it at the door. But in the complete delivery steps it wants me to hand them the order and therefore no pic option. Which then i have to get out of the app and send a text and pic. Which is such a pain in the ass. Not to mention then the app won't notify them that the order is there if it takes a bit for my text/pic to send(im in a rural area). Just my experiences


Half my leave at door end up either greeting me by the time I walk up to the door or open door as I’m putting down the food somewhere safe near their door and taking a picture. I usually take a picture and ring the bell as I’m walking away and pressing Complete Order. Sometimes I ring bell and walk away,get in the car and as I’m pulling away I still see nobody has come out to get their food. During the summer that’s understandable but when people do it during winter and then complain about cold food because it sat outside in freezing temp for 15 minutes or more. Sometimes when I see the food still sitting outside I wonder maybe these people expect a delivery person to be standing outside but by the time they get to the door,they don’t see anybody and dismiss the knock on door or the bell ringing. It’s like they ordered food and forgot about it or are putting to much in the delivery time expectancy cause majority of the time I deliver 5-10 minutes on regular sometimes more before the deliver by time. I think in my zone particularly so many people have their app set to Leave it at door from the days of onset pandemic and don’t know how to change it. I tell some of those that end up meeting me as I walk up but most seem to look at me like “wtf is he talking about,just give me food and bye loser delivery man”


I hate hand it to me, I don't want to see you


I like contactless delivery. Drop and run is the best unless its a really attractive (to me) girl which isn’t likely here unless u like emm 65+


DoorDash drivers are never reading the instructions. Most of the time they call me!!! When I clearly ask to leave food at door. Somehow this never happens with Uber eats. But I prefer DoorDash so I kind of just gave up


DoorDash drivers are never reading the instructions. Most of the time they call me!!! When I clearly ask to leave food at door. Somehow this never happens with Uber eats. But I prefer DoorDash so I kind of just gave up