“Are you fucking retarded? Your sorry?” Lol I love it when people do this shit like saying “Your stupid”. I just fuck with them and say my stupid what?


I almost said it… “You’re*” 😂


You should have 😅 would have been great


Next time just say you delivered to the address provided, and for them to contact support.




Lucky it's 80 now for me 😳


You're Not You When You're Hungry. Snickers Satisfies.


The mans obviously didn’t get his snickers he ordered on DD


Support should be able to compare the address listed on the app with the photo. If he put the wrong address then you shouldn't get the CV


Yeah I already called them, that’s how I found out it was his fault he put the wrong address


You laughing?


some guy is eating his food and you're laughing?


But… food is good. I’d eat free food, too, if it were right in front of me.




I then proceeded to report him and get him banned from the app. Lol


Got a violation cuz she said hand it to me on app so i did once she walked away i snapped pic anyway for backup. She got pissed i took her pic in hand, she reported i never delivered. Gotta luv pic proof stupid *itch Then when they sent out the other order guess who delivered it ? Lmao Said " smile your on camera.. Again"


In all honesty, what is a ban gonna do? It takes less than 5 minutes to make a new email, assuming he doesn't already have alternatives. When my free Grubhub plus ran out, I just made a new account and got 3 more months and it took less than 5 minutes


Does Doordash not blacklist the credit card number, and phone number? That's what Grubhub does


One of my GH scammers got banned and has made a new account with a new name. Same apartment.


It probably does, but speaking from experience I like to make new accounts to take advantage of the 50% off they offer to new users where I live, I just put some random number in, new email, and for payment I use Google pay or PayPal since they mask the card info from doordash. I put my number in the instructions incase they gotta call or text me, been doing this for afew months now lol


Spill the Tea on dat 3 months of Grub+ my brotha


T-MOBILE Tuesdays, think the offer is done with though


If the dude got any credit from a doordash refund he lost all that


It blacklists the address…


That’s not true lol


Just reiterating what support has said on countless occasions but cognitive dissonance is real in this sub


Why would you even have that conversation with support on “countless” occasions lol


Because people try to steal food that was delivered countless times? Do you even doordash? Have you not experienced this very common occurrence yet?


I’ve had it twice because it was obvious I was being scammed. That along with other peoples posts confirming the same thing. Your comment reminds me why I’m not subbed here anymore. Most negative and out of touch sub on Reddit


Sorry for hurting your feelings buddy. Maybe take a break from the Internet for a while if you’re getting upset


That wouldn't work for apartment complexes


How do you know he was banned?








Not much suffering… I still got payed and it didn’t affect my ratings


I was hoping you reported him


Pretty fucked up of you. He didn't cuss you out nor crossed any lines. Am I wrong? Edit: only saw first picture. Now have seen them all and OP is correct.


Did you scroll over to the other screenshots? There was more to it


No. I only saw first one. Now I get it


Nah fuck this dude, I’m glad if he got banned. Legit threatening OP and being disrespectful as fuck when he was the one at fault. No clue why you’re defending this piece of shit.


The customer called the dasher a fucking retard, if that's not cussing out I don't know what is


There are 4 pics that show the whole text convo. I only noticed the one at first also.


I reported the customer?


Probably did that to get free food. Put the wrong address, wait for delivery, take food, say you never got it and it's not at the other address, get more food.


I can see that, but I dunno why he’d feel like cussing me out if that were the case


“They’ll see that IM MAD and that’ll show them it’s real!”


And threatening and harassing a dasher


Man I put the wrong address once because I was at a friends place and forgot to change it, but I’d never talk to someone like this. Fuck himmm


Damn, I thought he was friendly at the beginning


Which part?


He said aight I’ll grab it and I thought he was bouta he chill… I was wrong


Had you in the first half


I double check to make sure I'm at the right address before delivering. So if anyone ever sends me a text other thank thank you. I just ignore them, cuz it ain't my problem.


LMFAO once somebody was blowing up my phone and I had no idea who it was I already was on a completely different order too😭


I hate that and they act like it’s up to you to drop what your doing and handle it


EXACTLY once I submit the complete order it’s not my problem anymore


Please stop going back and forth with these people. "the food was delivered to the address in the app, contact support for a refund".


Thats what i say, its not my problem 🤷‍♂️


Did you pull up and laugh with him?


“Andrew” lmao


I don’t know many black andrews


Exactly what I was thinking 😂


That’s because they go by Drew


Andrew was hangry 🤣


You're not you when you're hangry


Yikes. I'm seeing a lot of wrong addresses put into the apl. People are stupid.


If he should be mad at someone it should be his neighbor for stealing his food lol


Right? Plus that neighbor must be a HAWK anyway, cause I know I'm pretty quick and quiet when I drop off, and even my dogs don't know I've ordered anything unless the person is standing there making a shitload of noise or knocking.


He did say he knocked


Just found how to get the rest of the screens lol


I had a neighbor do that. They wouldn't even answer the door... SMH. Thankfully DD refunded and I ordered again.


At firstI thought it was only the first picture and I was like, “nice, well that wasn’t all too bad”. But damn that shit escalated quickly, didn’t it? I see customers throwing out the word retard way too goddamn much. It’s like shit, not that it would be appropriate or called for by any means, but I feel like asshole or something of the sort would be a better substitution. Not that you were being an asshole or did anything remotely wrong in the first place.


Wait there's more than 1 picture? I only see the one that ends with "it's not at 2025"


this happened to me before but the dude was really chill about it. He was knocking & ringing on they doorbell and i was just watching like 😳 because i came back to show him which house it was at lol. He cussed the lady out too from outside because she never came to the door. She answered it for me tho & took the food thats the crazy part so that’s what really made me think it was the right house.


Might be Dasher Paranoia, but what if he put the address as his next door neighbor so that he could mark the order as “not delivered” and get a free meal? I don’t trust these customers man.


I've never been bitched out by a customer. I'm missing out on a good time


Honestly, highlight of my night 😂


I love when people rage at me for something that wasn’t my fault, I don’t know why but I find it super amusing.


Thats really not being bitched out. You seem very sensitive. And you got him banned?


Yeah well I just reported it to Dasher support so that he couldn’t leave me a bad rating for his mess up


how and why did that escalate so fast..?


Umm, if he put the wrong address in, why didn’t you say that to him instead of apologizing for his mistake? All this text shows is that you are admitting that you left it at the wrong address


I didn’t realize that he got it wrong instead of me until after I called support




I think he likes you


He’s got a biiiig lesbian crush on OP for sure


😳 He wants me to come back so that we can “laugh” together


So much anger!


I hope you reported him to DD. They don’t like it when customers threaten their drivers… too much liability!


Oh I did


i had an order at like 10pm w a delivery address to chipotle, i figured maybe it was closers from chipotle wanting food from somewhere else. i picked up the food and delivered it just to have the guy call me back and tell me he put the wrong address. i’m not sure how you accidentally send your food to chipotle, but he offered me a $20 cash tip to pick the food up from outside chipotle and bring it to his correct address.


See, that's a good customer. I had someone do that too, had a really late night order and went to deliver it to this office building, except the parking lot was empty as fuck. I thought maybe he was a janitor or something, but I called just to make sure. Ends up he sent it to his job rather than his house and he tipped me 25 in cash to drive to his house from his job. He kept apologizing and I told him it was an honest mistake and delivered it for him :)


He probably works at chipotle and had someone dash him lunch one day. I do that at my job sometimes when I’m feeling lazy


Someone literally left it at the wrong apartment one time and I know for a fact it wasn't on me and all I did was left feedback in the review for him to check more closely. Like... Jesus take a damn chill pill


Was that you that rated me a 3 for it? Lol I had someone text me 2 days ago that I dropped off at the wrong house, but that they found the food at their neighbor's door. I was almost 12 hours in for the day though so I'm sure I wasn't all there.


I rated 4 so no. (And yes I know it was a joke) I'm sure I've made mistakes too so I didn't rate too low but we do need to be double checking to avoid those mistakes. I wouldn't have put it past my neighbors to take my food so I'm just glad I had a close eye on my phone


After I drop off the food, if they text me, I immediately text em back this message. Error22491: you have reached this number in the error//((_


Never met a black dude named Andrew in my life, sounds like a confused angry white idiot.




same I’ve grew up around black people my whole life and never met a black Andrew 💀


"Oh you're sorry?" "Oh, you're laughing?!" PICK ONE


I was sorry until he decided to be a complete ass lol (And when I realized it was actually his fault)


U had one job


Jesus Christ lol


He wants to do something crazy. Avoid the area lol


Idk man you apologized, made it seem like you were in the wrong and he was in the right


Just being polite, the customer’s always right 🤷‍♂️


No they are fuckin not, not even close


It’s a slogan….


Bruh what area is this? Can’t tell based off of his choice of words.


Northern Utah


I would never've guessed it was Utah that's wild


Had a jackass college kid last night put an address on the drop that didn't even exist. He wrote 4 empire, there was 7, 10, 12 empire and that's it. Texted him and he says "oh yeah the building says '19 (someotherstname) on Google and the front of the building." 🤦‍♀️ if it says that on the building that may be your address bub.


He seems fun


LOL! This is the neighbors' fault. If I saw food on my porch I didn't order, I would just leave it there. And I live in an apartment LOL I would assume it was a neighbor's and not touch it!!


I've delivered to apartments exactly like that in Cbus LoL and all those complexes are just too complex and annoying AF ...


You apologized, respectfully told that asswipe what to do while adding on another apology & he swears/makes threats towards you? 🖕 What a dumbass bitch. Can’t even know the difference between “your” and “you’re” 😂


Amazing that it's been so long and Neanderthals still roam the earth .


Woah he’s feisty 🥴😍😂


Come on people, really? I had somebody put the wrong city & ended up one town over, 7 miles away, at the fire station. I called & they said they were in “b” town not “a” town & I apologized for being late, brought it to them, & they gave me an extra $5. They must have felt bad or been worried I’d be mad, and they had their little girl, probably around age 8, meet me outside & give me the tip. People make mistakes, and sometimes it’s the auto fill’s fault on their phone, or who knows maybe they’re high or drunk or dealing with a grouchy hangry child, or maybe their dog just died & they can’t see thru the tears, who knows. You’re really going to sweat it that much to go so far as to have people banned fr ordering?? Holy shit! I messaged support right away on my way to drop off the food to let them know why I was taking so long & then sent a message afterwards to follow up, but I was not at all angry or having attitude with anybody. Ever heard of duck feathers? Instead of sweating the petty shit, just let it roll off like water drops rolling off a duck’s feathers, & move in with your life. I’d be totally weirded out too if the delivery guy turned around & took a photo of my ass as I walk back inside with my food. CREEPER. You people are the ones who should be banned for providing atrocious customer service! Self important entitled fucks.


Damn these hangry customers are always so gd aggressive for no reason😂


Some ppl really got some anger issues. #SorryNotSorry


Plot twist: it’s a white guy talking like this 🥴


Please explain this.


HE put the wrong address, or you delivered to the wrong address?


He put the wrong address


ni🅱️🅱️az b trippin n shiiiet


Be careful what you wish for 🤣


That guys must be tough 😯


Because I’m petty I would’ve turned around and pull up, you really gonna cry about about some food? I’da whooped his ass now look at him crying because he got ass beat and his food stolen 😒


I enjoyed this too much lol




We all get a lil hangry lol




This literally just happened to me five minutes ago🤦🏾‍♀️ I was able to rescue the food not the drink tho


But you’re the dumbass to put the wrong address in? 🤦‍♀️


LMFAO I SAW THE LAST PART nah pls tell me u pulled up and laughed at him😭 he talking wayyy too much shit for a person who used their last two barely working brain cells to put in a wrong address then try to blame you for a dumbass mistake 😐😭😂 check ur address people!


I love it when they put Ave when it should be PL, LN & Etc and said you deliver to the wrong address. It your dumb ass for putting in the wrong address and not me. I don't have magic and able to know when you are wrong. And no I won't drive back and pick it up for you when I am on another trip already because you will take away the tips and I am not paid to do that either.


Omg that last screen shot! Lol.


Where was the food ordered from?




Of course it was from chili's 😭


Probably IS his actual address, he just wanted more free food.


Did he still leave you a 😉big tip🥰?


“Probably already eating your food.” HAHAH! That just added fuel to the fire.


What was the tip on this order?


Well it’s $0 now lol


Customers can't take tips away. Tip reimbursements come from dd pockets not yours.


Well I looked at the order in my history and the tip says $0 sooo


I'd be like, "damn that's mad unfortunate". Ive accidentally left it at wrong doors cause their complex is complicated and they don't describe where it's at, that's on you


Wtf who talks like that. Holy shit


FFS. Dude must've been high af to not know where tf he was at. Sheesh.


Shit, I wouldn't have even apologized at all from the start. His fault for fucking up. Saying sorry just gives them a feeling that they are right somehow & fucccc all that.


Dude gonna have some 46 year old virgin's unwashed poop stained hand from scratching his ass all day touching all of your French fries and burger for talking to him like that, I see to many posts of people doing disgusting things to rude none tipping orders.....you NEVER know who is gonna snap on you or who is crazy to harm you or something when ordering from a food delivery service, be nice people, kind words go a long way trust me, i had several people drop my DD order at my neighbors house a few times due to my house numbers being hard to see "now I've fixed that and never had my order end up at my neighbors again" I never get mad I'm very understanding guy shit happens it's life, as long as my order hasn't been temper with I'm very forgiving and thankful.


I don’t know of any black Andrews😅. Its just a word, i personally don’t care


honestly i dont respond most of the time if im certain i put it in the right place


I had a McDonald's order once and the customer used the McDonald's they ordered from as their delivery address. I called and called like 4-5 times, the person I spoke to at the time said "wrong number" in English and said something in spanish (it was an elderly lady who almost blew a fuse). When I called the 6th time, she got mad at me and I ended up speaking to one her youngest granddaughters after I had a doordash rep call the customer since she spoke in Spanish only . In the end, I got a $5 tip from one of her youngest granddaughters through the app even I showed up late by 4 or 5 mins. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I woulda said bet and came right back to that mf


Wouldn't you be able to press charges for something like that? You have being threatened with violence.


I reported him to DoorDash support


I never knock on the door unless it's requested by the customer.


Deliver, document, dump clutch, don't respond


This guy sounds like a bum looking for a freebie, I’d bet you put it at the right place


What’s with these dudes turning ghetto with the flick of a switch lol, 0 to 100 just like that for no reason. I swear these types of customers have no brain cells


Dude your screenshot of the customers address says 38b... lol.. How do you not catch that? How did anyone else here not catch it? 😕


What are you talking about? Edit: Woosh myself, I get it now. No freakin’ dip Sherlock


I had an issue with Uber eats today, I do doordash too and this has actually happened a couple of times there. But when you send the navigation to Google maps (so it'll come up on Android auto) Uber never sends the correct address. I forgot to check with the Uber app and delivered it to their neighbor. Luckily he came out and was like "where's this from" and then my actual customer was outside next door and he came up. I apologized to both of them and told them I forgot to check the Uber app to make sure I was at the right address. I did go back and check Google, I didn't misread, it was the address I originally went to, then checked Uber, and Uber did in fact have a different house number. Edit: I just started on Uber again, never did Uber eats before. I wasnt driving passengers for the pandemic. I'm now used to doordash where it generally sends the correct address to maps. With a few rare exceptions.


He is a youngster playing wow smoking weed with unemployment right?


Ok pawpaw, let’s get you back to bed.


Where did you get any of that from?


Maybe because most grownups don't speak like that, while most of you kids do and are living in mommy's basement collecting unemployment checks while jacking off to hot step mom porn ? Its really not far off from reality and you knowi it.


"probably eating your food". Deff egging him on. Yea he made a mistake, but instigating like that isn't necessary.


lol you’re right tbh


I think you misread the context.


"knocking and they aren't answering". "Probably already eating your food". No shit Sherlock. Why is that part necessary again?


you didn't even use "no shit sherlock" in the right context, so i'm just going to assume contextualization is not one of your strengths.


Yeah. Just shut the fuck up already.


you ok?