I can't speak for anyone else, but..

I can't speak for anyone else, but..


Dammit Google stop spinning!


"OH cool I'm facing the right direction, 7 min drive" *Map flips after driving 100ft* .. *13 min drive*..


Every. Freaking. Time.


Figure out which way is north, hit the compass to orient the map as north/south, look which direction it is taking you, go that direction. You can get it off the north/south orientation by exiting back to your dash and then hitting directions again. Once you do it a few times you can figure out within a couple seconds where your going and save yourself 5 minutes. A tip on figuring out which way is north is to pick a landmark outside of the city. Where I am it is where the north part of the city is. Regardless of where I am in my city, I know which way is north. That can work if you are dashing in another city. That one is more along the lines of pick two points and use that as a reference. Harder to do but possible.


I would just look at the compass in the car.


There is that option also. Not everyone has that in their cars though.


I'm soooo thankful for the compass in my car! I'm horrible with directions so in my old car I used to freak out when it would say stuff like "head north" like okay i hear you but idk which way is north!! Lol


I’d love to have a reliable compass inside my car


Mine is just electronic from the gps


I've been blaming my magnetic phone holder for these issues this whole time!


Ohhh I thought you said Weast


Using Google maps while the customer tries to tell you their location that apparently Google maps doesn't know while being directed to the exact place the customer is via Google maps. 💀


I feel like these people had this problem once 5+ years ago and haven’t realized it’s fixed.


I am so confused, what actually happened ?


I’m just saying people who say their house doesn’t show up right on google maps don’t regularly navigate to their own house so they probably don’t know it’s been fixed. They probably haven’t checked in years.


To be fair I have had orders to the an apartment complex that go to the wrong spot on google maps, and others that have been right for the same one. No adjusted pin, correct address.


They can drop a pin to make it go to their house...


They could. My point is these people are sometimes kinda dumb


Have google maps take you to one address while displaying another address and have the customer message with a different address 3 towns over.


Sounds like free food


Was for me twice.


Had someone text me once with directions because google removed their road from the maps lol.






So many instances but mine took me to a parking lot of a completely different building that was walled in like that and I couldn't walk around so I also drove about a mile because of one way streets to get to the house. Doesn't seem like a big deal but that time adds up some nights


Try satellite mode


And Street view if you really need to


Lol nah that's crazy


Google maps took me to the wrong side of two cul de sacs. That community is was built super weird and not at all intuitively. This was at night and the side it took me to ended in a really long dead end driveway that ran along 4 houses. The house I needed to get to was like the third on the other side (3 more houses down) and of course had no lights on lol.


I lived in a condo and the gps took food delivery and uber to a wall wall on the other side. I learned to just walk around the corner and wait for them lol.


There's an apartment building near me that Maps always routes to a fenced in USPS parking lot next to in instead.


I’ve been taken to so many random spots that aren’t the restaurant or delivery address.


Same lol I had to stop preemptively hitting "Arrived at store" because I would do it and then find out I wasn't actually anywhere near the store


I can think of at least 4 places in my town they're convinced are actually on the highway they're adjacent to


Funny thing - I learned the hard way that if Google Maps doesn't know a specific address, it will take you to the closest address that it does know. I had to open a pool at a specific address, but this house was new and Google didn't know that yet. Turns out I opened the neighbor's pool. Whoops. But they got a free opening thanks to that.


I delivered to a house and the old man was BEWILDERED. So confused and worried. The address on the app was his but he definitely didn't order it. The lady was at the community pool right near the house. The old man's son came out and had to reassure his dad that it was okay and that it was just an error. I could tell that old man spent a good 2 hours just worrying about the food and wondering how that could ever happen and who really ordered it.


And it never occurred to you to check if the number near the door matched the address on your contract?


It took them to a house, the house had a pool. People make mistakes, just like pricks make comments.


not all houses and doors have numbers.....


Yes they do. All houses, all doors, all residences in continental Americas have an address. If there is no physical number written on the house, check the neighbors and investigate a little. You have a brain, use it. There is litteraly no excuse for an address mishap, unless you’re the only house on your street and even then, you’re the only one so you can’t miss.


Omg, you have auto correct and spell check. There is literally no excuse for you to make a mistake ever, you mother fucking dumb piece of shit. That's how you sound right now.


The right comparison would be for you to tell me that some words are written without letters. Of course, there is a way of going to the wrong address, which implies making a mistake when you write it down but if I tell you that my address is 123 Maple drive and you don’t see a house with the physical numbers written on, there will inevitably be a 121 and a 125. 123 stands between them, Sherlock.


No, I'm telling you you misspelled "literally" and that is the right comparison. Someone made a mistake, you made a mistake. NBD.


I live in Quebec. My autocorrect is in french. I am sorry I made a mistake in a second language. You really wanna play the finger-pointing game? Because for a non-native speaker, I write a better English than many native English speakers. Also, please note that I did not have to rely on name calling to get my point across


My name isn't Sherlock.


You live in canada and trying to tell us how houses are numbered in America? 100% some neighborhoods have 0 numbers on their houses. I know it's 100% true that everybody who lives in canada must add a to everything they say. Its weird.




What company did you do the pool work for?


I still prefer using it because using a second app is so annoying. But yeah it’s terrible


I tried the using a second app thing for about an hour and it's just not convenient at all and not worth it. I'd rather deal with the annoyance of the internal maps. Still terrible. Totally agree. I'd rather it just automatically go to Google Maps externally. That was working just fine


The double checking addresses and switching in and out of apps is just not worth it


You can change what maps it uses in your settings. The option to automatically use Google maps outside of the app is still an option or at least it was last time I checked. Give it a try. Hopefully it is still possible.


It is. I have mine set to open Maps because I like to look at the route before I start navigation.


I was forced to set the automatic navigation to Waze because Google Maps suddenly started freezing my location within the doordash (and GrubHub) app and I had to call support or turn my phone on and off every single time to complete the order. THAT got old REAL fast. The way I discovered this was if I knew the way to the restaurant and or the customer's house already and didn't have to use the navigation, doordash would never lose me. Switched to Waze and it never happened again. Now this is just my experience on Android.


It used to go to your preferred gps app before they implemented the built in google maps. Just click the “directions” button and it would automatically open in google maps. I think you can still change it in the settings, at least on iOS.


Eatstreet's driver app uses Google maps so I don't know the DD pain, but google is bad enough on its own sometimes so I feel for you. Good luck out there.


You don't love it when you pull up to a spot and the robot voice yells at you the special instructions?


My observation on why DD google maps takes us to the wrong location at a customer’s address is that when the customer sets their location, they sometimes will unknowingly set it to the back or side of their house. The location pin usually just drops where you are in your house when you set your address. Google and Apple Maps on their own both work with just the address, which will take you to the front of the house. If the customer’s location pin is at the back (a back house or alley for example), DD maps will send you there or might even put you on the street behind or the street over. It’s stupid and confusing and it’s best to check another maps app on your phone if you have the slightest doubt that the address is wrong or the map is off.


Pro tip for Apartments and Business; use an app called “Beans.” You enter the apartment complex address then it asks you which apartment it is, and it’ll take you to the right building so you don’t have to look around for the building letter. Most of the time it works, sometimes there is an apartment complex that isn’t mapped yet. Only thing that sucks is you have to type it all in, but that will usually save you those minutes you’re looking around.


If this works, you may have made my Christmas card list! Thank you in advance hero!


Just Beans. No z. But yeah, this is a great recommendation and usually comes in handy for me at least once every time I'm out delivering.


Is it smart enough to know about which gates to go through?


Must be android only. Can't find it on the App Store


It’s on iOS, written with an S not an Z, my bad.




addresses will start to auto-populate as you enter them.....


Not for apartment letters.


apartment letters / numbers are like a few at most. easy to type in - I'm referring to the actual street address... duh.


I rarely use Google maps in my home area only bc its now orange cone and barricade season. I have several streets that are closed for several weeks for updates to sewer and water services, then once that's complete 2 more companies come in to do new curbing and then new asphalt. So its just easier to look up the address then make my own route.


I just use Apple Maps now. But maybe my town is built on a magnet. The map gets lost randomly through the day. But who remembers using a road atlas map to get around? That was a level in hell I’m glad we got away from!


Hell, I remember having to pull into a gas station and hope the map pages weren't torn out of the phone book at the phone booth. Kids today have it so easy in comparison....


Good ole' Rand-McNally


Yup. And having to buy a new edition of the Thomas Guide every year to keep up with new developments. And having to pull over in super sketchy areas for being lost.


Recently started using Waze. I prefer it.


i use waze as well. it's the only one that warns of red light cameras.


In TX red light cameras dont work anymore 🙌 thank you Greg Abbott


You run red lights if there is no camera?


what a ridiculous assumption.


I’m not assuming, I’m asking. That’s the only reason I can think of to care where those cameras are, so I was curious if that’s your reason.


red light cameras go off when you accelerate on a yellow. this can be a problem for a legal right turn bc the maneuver requires braking before the turn and accelerating into it. if you decelerate on the green and then it turns yellow before you make the turn, it might trigger the camera. then you're in for a court date, two if you intend to fight it. it helps knowing that a traffic cam is coming up so you can adjust before it's too late.


I’ve been using it since the beginning. Then when I’m close I jump back to DD to see where the pin is and confirm address on the house or mailbox. I’ve gotten food to people without problem about 98% of the time.




Me too, the speed camera warning has saved my dick plenty of times by now.


It’s like no one uses Apple Maps where it just has you drive across an empty field down the wrong side of a freeway 🤷🏻‍♂️


I hate when I have to deliver to an apartment complex and the map takes me to one of their side exits/entrances and the gate is all chained up and locked. Then I have to all the way around to the main entrance. Waste of time. Sometimes I feel like the customer can see me out of their window and see how dumb I look trying to enter a blocked entrance


Fr the one time I used it it was some random address 2 miles away and I switched. Doordash gave me a call and wanted me to rate the Google maps implementation or something lol


I honestly thought it was me. Glad to know I am not alone in this. LOL


am i the only one who didn’t know google maps works in the door dash app? i always use apple maps lol google maps is clunky


DoorDash Google GPS literally grabbed the wrong address from the app and sent me to the middle of a field at the end of a dirt road, absolutely covered in No Trespassing signs. I closed and re-opened the app, and the GPS finally updated and showed me the correct address, 2 miles away. I drove away very quickly, I ain't tryina get shot 😂


What I hate is no route preview so I can plot my own adjustments in my head and know where to look for the entrance


Sitting in a mall parking lot, "head northeast on..." and suddenly Google Maps thinks I'm Christopher Columbus...and we all know how that turned out.


Google maps on its own is garbage


LMAO, the truth though


In burbs at least the dasher app will walk you right to the door where google maps seems to just place a pin arbitrarily around the house somewhere


mee waiting for my food. the driver looking at google maps goes for 10 min away while your house is 7 min away from the resturant


Yeah, turned that crap off after 2 orders. Google maps too well integrated on Android with access to overlay mode.


The overlay is the reason I do the Google maps outside of the app.


facts lol


Use any lane to make a left turn onto... Get in right lane. 5 seconds after turning... In a quarter mile make a left turn....


This is why I use WAZE


Oh did I say get in the left lane i meant right....oh is it too late rerouting for two minutes.


I use waze. I hate GM.


I just love when a customer text you and tells you that google maps wont bring u to their house and they text you how to get there or tell u they think you would have to install another map system to get their to their house


Google maps is trash but so is Apple so we’re stuck. Does anyone else everytime they use GM and type in a store or something it’ll say 2.3 miles then when you click it it says 4.3 miles…. I’ll never understand and ALL gps do this can anyone explain


It's funny you say that because this happened to me today. Sometimes I'll accept an order based on mileage if I think I can get it done faster and earn more for my time, I did this today and when it came time to actually drive it was 2+ miles more than what it originally said


My guess is that it calculates the physical distance (like as the bird fly's) and doesn't calculate the street route until you tell it to. Since the street route is indirect, it adds up to more milage than the direct route.


I’m not a dasher, just curious: Are the Google directions coming from within the DoorDash app, or are you guys talking about coming out of DoorDash and using the Google Maps app? If it’s option 1, I’m curious whether DoorDash has access to the same data resources that the full-version app does.


So, I've only been dashing for a short period of time, when I first started and went to drive to a customer, it would automatically kick me out of the app and open the maps. Now the maps come from within the DD app and it seems like there's a lag or a disconnect... For instance, the time to destination is ALWAYS green, no matter what traffic may be. On a couple occasions when I was skeptical, I've come out of the DD app myself and opened Google Maps and compared the route and they've seemed the same. But I've only checked a couple of times.


Interesting! There’s too many people on this thread for this to be a coincidence lol


I didn't expect this to catch as much steam as it did lol I mean I have really frustrating moments with it but It was mostly a joke. I didn't know it was universal lol


Skip The Dishes in Canada is notorious for this bullshit. Several times if there was a broken road (road that has a dead end but keeps going after with the same name), it would send me to the wrong one even though the address only existed on one side. This once sent me 30 minutes in the wrong direction. It would occasionally just straight up input a different address into Google maps than the customer wrote (changing road to Ave, etc.)


Lmao I'm so sorry. That's brutal. The furthest I've ever been away from a customer was 12 minutes. It was embarrassing af to tell them I was outside, have them come out of their house and not see me.. Then panic and go type their address into Google Maps on it's own and I'm miles away.. And of course there's no way they buy "the app took me to the wrong place".. I think that's my only 1 star rating


Yeah I agree. Sent me into a few frustrated rages. Especially new developments.


Doordash maps once sent me to some random spot in the middle of town where there was no house, the street name wasn't even right. When I checked in google maps it was on the outskirts on the other side of town


Lmao I actually laughed at this one. Brutal


Google maps is the bottom one no matter what now


I use the Apple Maps from my iPhone seems to be working alright


Give it time.


Lol almost a year and still fine I don’t think times the problem for you guys haha


It’s the new builds


I have really grown to like apple maps, I wasn't a user before it was an option on Waitr. I wish door dash used apple maps. Both apple maps and google maps will take you to the wrong place, i'd say 1-2% of the time I have to switch from one to the other to find my destination.


One time the house (and the pin in the app) was about 2 blocks away from the address given in the app.


What's actually funny about this is that whenever I use Google Maps through Doordash, it always says: "You have arrived at your destination," about 2-3 houses **prior** to my customer's actual address.


So true it hurts.


I'm pretty sure you just perceive it this way because you use Maps 100x more while working than you do when you're not working, which means it has 100x more chances to screw up.


That math makes sense. However, I've copied the exact address from doordash and manually pasted it into Google maps, and it's taken me to a completely different (and correct) location.


Then there’s Apple Maps


I think apples is the best out of them. I like how it explains what lanes to use and to pass certain lighted intersections


I use Apple Maps by default, but there have been a couple instances where it tried to bring me to the wrong city when there were matching addresses in both.


Seriously. I’m reading this and 🤷🏼‍♀️


using google maps is shitty in general


Apple Maps 100% worse


No way, Apple Maps works so much better for me. Shows traffic lights so it’s easier to know exactly where I’m gonna turn and shows more accurately where the location is and on which side of the road. Google maps is ugly, buggy, and has brought me to the wrong place multiple time


I currently work for FedEx, I’ve done DoorDash for a few years and another delivery job for 5 years. I’ll be starting another one this month. Yeah Apple Maps let’s me down sometimes but it’s my absolute go to and I’m never switching.


wtf fr? I love apple maps I guess it’s just preference


Yeah I think Apple Maps is better. I’ll use Apple Maps to double check the exact location since DD google maps can be really off, especially in large gated complexes


alot of people agree with you that’s insane google maps has always been the shittiest experience in my life


I’d use Google maps if they gave you little squares on the navigation map with house numbers on them. It lets me count how many houses down my delivery is. As of now, Apple Maps is the only platform I’ve seen do this so it’s impossible to switch since I’m so used to it now


i do like the directions you get before hand though other than that it’s slow as shit and the user interface god awful


What would you recommend in its place




Apple maps isn’t all the bad from my experience, I think the most trouble I had were with new homes, ones that were built within the last 2 years (some house are still even being built) but other than that I’ve had nothing but great things to say about Apple maps while Dashing!


Being taken to the wrong end of a strip mall


Wow here I am thinking it was just my car’s gps. I get this problem with Waze and Apple Maps too


I only use google maps now. I have too many issues with Apple. DoorDash said this lady was 6 miles away, brought it up in Apple Maps and it said around 15 miles away. Tried it multiple times same thing. Went all the way down there and it brought me next to a school! She actually lived where DoorDash said. It brought it up just fine in google.


I can think of only once its led me somewhere wrong but that was the fault of the address and road work closing down an entrance to put up a fence lol


I use Waze to get my to within a couple blocks from the destinations, then use doordash map to get me to exact house. Works 99% of the time


Apple Maps gang


I use Apple Maps and one time the app sent me to a random spot in the middle of the highway whereas within DoorDash it took me to the actual correct address. Very weird and annoying




I use Waze **and** Google Maps on my Alpine radio, but lately I've just resorted to running the Doordash Google Maps as well because, sometimes, the radio based navigation takes me far the fuck away from where I need to go and the doordash one is reliable, so this isn't relatable to me.


I live in building 80 every time google sends people to 90 on the other side of the complex I just wanna yell at Google 😂😂


“I dunno man I’d say take a left off this bridge and thru this persons backyard”


Google Maps isn’t perfect but I prefer the navigation to Waze and especially Apple Maps


Eh. I guess I'm in the Minority. Google maps almost always works for me. I have to use the maps app to get OUT of some places 😂


In my area, there's two roads, and they both have similar addresses in 2 different towns right next to each other. Like 100 delsea drive town A and 100 delsea drive town B and so on. Doordash never gets it right. If I ever see either of those street names, unless it's a regular I immediately text and confirm


To be fair, sometimes DD sends ranges of addresses and sometimes the fucking latitude and longitude instead of the exact street address.


Change your settings


Maps: *Your destination is on the left.* Destination: ➡️


I don't understand why I no longer get a picture of the house/apt showing up in the app? It was really helpful, better than trying to find numbers on a curb!


I really think it depends on the mobile device and area. I alternate between 2 different phones and on one the gps lock seems to be far superior. The other is 2 years old at this point and I don't get as good results.


Seriously the other day I was driving under a bridge and Door Dash app said I was at the restaurant. Lol! I switched to regular Google maps and they took me right there. Weird you'd think they'd be the same.


Google maps in doordash once took me to "subway" but when the app said "your destination is on the left" I was on a dirt road cul-de-sac that looked like it hasn't been used in decades. The subway was actually along the highway on the other side of the forest surrounding me.


Doing DD and UE makes want to buy a legitimate GPS


you can changed your maps to apple maps


Switch it to Apple Maps


The messed up part is I was invited to use the beta version of this a few months ago and it worked way better than the current version we have to use.


I tried. Seemed ok at first. Then i started to realize all the streets were gone and it was only showing me the ones it felt were relevant to my delivery, I guess. Fucked me all up. There were no points of reference for me to know when i was coming up on my turns. Just the distance meter. And I’m sorry but that’s not enough data to navigate safely. An AI might know how many revolutions of my tire it takes to go 0.5 miles, but the gps in my head is on the fritz and this app is gonna make me crash trying to make that turn at the last 1/1000 of a second




The amount of times it wants me to make random circles around blocks for no reason random reroutes


I especially like when Google Maps want me to climb over a damn wall


Apple Maps is much better


I do not like the new Google maps for doordash via doordash app. It messed my Android Auto navigation up. When I use to hit direction it would display the direction on the screen of my car, now it displays the navigation on my dam phone. And to look at any details you're forced to hit Exit in the doordash navigation app to see personal request details and or the actual address number before you arrive. Now I'm forced to Input the address via the touch screen on my car for the android map so I don't have to use the doordash one.


My Google maps will go through periods where it keeps losing my location. Always when I am in the middle of an order. Luckily it's pretty much a grid where I live, but makes it tough navigating the neighborhoods trying to find the address 🙄


Yeet be doin a Google on the addys most of the time


Door dash is a rip off they over charge tremendously plus they take 20% from the company and then they or restraints on there list without permission the problem is once your known through door dash that's the only way you will get business they backing restaurants in a corner and robbing them and you


as a dasher bro i pick waze everytime. it also shows a rough outline of how fast your going for people who deliver like takumi fujiwara, and tells u speed limits on roads. hasnt failed me too extremely though


Google on Doordash is not as bad as Google on other delivery apps


Lol so true


“Would you like to go back to that customer’s house?” No Google I want to go to Zaxby’s damn… “Okay! Here’s directions to Zaxby’s…just kidding it’s the same apartment complex you were just at”


Thank god my car has a full screen with maps on it. Never have to deal with this


Man I had the worst time the other day I go. This damn app took me to some neighborhood nowhere near where my delivery was. Thankfully dude was cool about it and helped me figure out how to get there. For some reason these two neighborhoods share the same exact street name and address. Almost 20 something minutes out of my way not counting the way back


Have had google maps in driver app and of it tell me use the right lane to turn left.


Maybe try Waze?


The computer has a different voice too. I call "her" Jessie. Jessie's a dumbass.


I hate it so much that I exit the doordash app and manually enter the address into the Google maps app. The last straw was the other day when I got a delivery that paid $18, hell yeah good tip + peak pay. I "arrive" at my destination and first hint of a problem is the address im looking for being 5 digits and the first one being a 4 and the houses on this street are 4 digits starting with a 1. Second hint is that in the special instructions theres an apartment number....it took me to a trailer park....15 minutes away from the address that was displayed. I called the customer, explained what happened and asked for their address so I could write it down and use my own navigation. Luckily dude was super cool about it, and said he'd give me a good review. Idk if he did or not but I still have nothing but 5 star reviews 🤷‍♂️.


Nah that's just how google maps is all the time


Apple Maps is cool


Doordash uses Maps to display the route (I think) but does not actually generate the route with Google's API as far as I know.