Just got my first 1☆ because...I called him?

Just got my first 1☆ because...I called him?


Shit pay isn't the only reason to avoid no tip orders.


Those are the mother’s that you have to watch out for


Forget about it. It doesn't matter at all.


Exactly. Just find solace in knowing he has to live as a shit head and you merely had to cross paths with him.


Sounds like you may have delivered to a business? You can leave a 1 star review of the business and mention his name specifically if you remember


Stacks have rotten customers blended in most of the time


Don’t do an order for 2.50 no matter what. If it’s lumped into a double just unassign it. There’s literally no situation where I would deliver someone’s food for 2.50. I would be humiliated and feel dirty doing it. As if my life and the work I do is only worth $2. You’re worth more than that. Everyone is.


It’ll go back up eventually. If you’re rocking otherwise, then just know that you’ll get five stars from everyone else. You can’t please everyone, unfortunately


The more instructions that are given, the less likely I will take the order. I am not going to jump thru hoops to deliver your order. Sorry, not worth my time.


Can you not take the big order and reject the no tip?


The no-tip ones you definitely have to watch out for. I've never taken one past my first week, and I haven't had bad experiences. However, people who don't tip are also more likely to feel that the world owes them something. Some are just plain ignorant and don't know any better, but many of them can be rude, and that's way too much of a risk for yourself and your livelihood.


remember his name and the location and when you get another order from him, get the food and unassign.. i did it twice bec i had 2 douchebag customers 3 yrs ago and had to remember their names and addresses... and i enjoyed their meal the 2nd time around..


Perhaps he had just come home from a jog.


Man that other order must have been pretty big.


Next time you accept a stacked delivery...beforeeeeee you drive to each merchant(s)... check the “expected payout” per each delivery.


You played yourself here. If you accept a double and see one is a no-tip, unassign it. No tip doesn't just mean lower pay. The type of people who think you dont deserve a tip are the same type of people who will 1 star you because the fries weren't that fresh or some shit. Likewise, the type of customer who tips you generously will also be the kind to take the time to 5 star you. ​ If you care about your ratings, do not accept non-tipped orders.