It’s not that big, plenty of space for it to be so you gotta keep exploring. Spyglass can help, also if you find the glowing rainbow jellyfish they lead you to the volcano. They start out in the center of the map and migrate to the volcano.


Only at full moon or if it's close to be, right?


Try going along the edges of the map. It's usually in the corners. On new moons (the opposite of full moon) rainbow jellyfish will come to the center of the map. If you see them, go in the direction they are going from. Also, make sure you have the volcano enabled in world setting.


It is enabled.


Good. I'd start by exploring the space in top right of the map. There's bound to be something there. If not the volcano, an island at least.


If you find a bunch of glowing jellyfish gathered around together that’s usually a good sign that the volcano is near


Volcano\* Its in a large space of water, so large in fact that the camera pans to it, so just keep looking in large bodies of water, you're essentially asking reddit to help you find the statue of liberty


Dude do you think im trying to go to America? Also i just have typo problem, and so instead of volcano, im saying vulcano.


certainly an issue of skill


Where u havent searched yet lmao