Le Seth McFarlane Has Arrived (At American Airlines Flight 11)

Le Seth McFarlane Has Arrived (At American Airlines Flight 11)


Plot twist, Seth McFarlane stops the hijackers and all the recognition gets him the means to make 9 more TV shows


That's literally the plot of the "Return to the Pilot" episode, and that resulted in Brian causing a civil war.


"houston, we have a solution"


Hey Lois we have a problem hehehehehehe


“Here’s a cutaway gag. Matthew Mcconahey is terrible”


Seth McFarlane, the guy who made Family Guy, was almost a casualty in the September 11th attacks. Since then, adult Animation has been plagued with shitty looking and unfunny Family Guy clones. The straw that broke the Camel's back for this one was the new Family Guy Clone starring the Royal Family with Prince George as the main character who's also 8 years old. Mocking some 8 year old kid is kinda not a good look for your brand, Warner Brothers.


Alot of celebrities almost died on 9/11 Micheal Jackson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Mark Wahlberg are the ones I remember. Fun fact Mark Wahlberg said if he had gotten on the plane he could have overpowered the terrorists and stopped it.


No he wouldn't


Oh he definitely wouldn't have overpowered the terrorists but he does think he could guy has a big ego


Damn, now I want time travel to be invented so we could test that theory.


Last time someone went back In time to stop 9/11, a civil war broke out, which was also the plot of a Family Guy episode




Also likes commiting hate crimes against asians


And black people


why though, im pretty sure mark walhberg has only been in like B movies smh how do you get an ego from being in micheal bay transformers


Idk maybe he just thinks he's buff enough or smthn


Don't forget he was at the Kids Choice Awards


Wasn't he also in that one m night Shyamalan movie everybody hated guy is a bonafide American icon




Such impeccable acting


Maybe The Departed is his best work


Dude's got nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar, that will build up an ego. Please ignore that the director was Scorcese, the film also stars DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson, it's all Marky Mark's credit


Could you imagine getting on a flight and there being so many celebrities on that same flight? Was there anything special about this flight (aside from the attacks) that would've caused so many high-profile people to be on them?


Michael needed to go to a meeting but got stalled talking to his mom, mark was gonna visit his hometown but decided to go to a film festival in Toronto, Seth just had a hangover and slept in missing it by 10 minutes Gwyneth Paltrow apperantly wasn't on the plane or near the towers I just misremembered


It was a flight headed to LA which is where a lot of celebrities live. Other than that, no.


Did any celebrities actually die?


I think the head writer of Frasier died


The only really good clone is American Dad, the rest, perhaps I’ll spew.


You know there was a joke in Family Guy where Brian says “you know I was actually supposed to be on that flight” and Stewie says “Yeah me too actually” which isn’t funny but I find that neat.


My moms friend was almost a casualty on PAN AM Flight 103 AKA the Lockerbie Bombing. She decided that she wanted to be home for Christmas so she took an earlier flight back to the states


I was like "wait prince george? which one" I fucking hate the british, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP NAMING YOUR KINGS GEORGE


I’m pretty sure there are only a few names they’re allowed to use for kids in the British monarchy.


True, but that also removes some of the golden family guy years (seasons 4-5 imo)


Golden years were seasons 1-3 Mike Lazzo should've left Family Guy to die


The golden years were only the first 3 minutes of the first episode, smh


Say petah you going to the big drink tonight?


I started binging and season 16 and up has been good so far just started season 17


But we wouldn’t have The Orville tho


The orvolle was great


Got the remaining art from CheesyPaninie on r/196


But he also makes the only good Star Trek content in the last ten years


I kinda like American Dad actually, but that’s about it.


But without Family Guy we might not have Bob's Burgers. So I am ok with it.


There was an episode where Brian (considered Seth McFarlane’s stand in character) was actually on Flight 11 and stopped the hijackers can’t tell if that’s ballsy or stupid


But family guy funny moment 17* :( 🐢






What's this comic about? I don't get it


Man stops Seth McFarlane from creating family guy by making him go on the 9/11 plane


Family guy was made in 1999, not 2001 or beyond, so it already would've been created


It would've been stopped tho


Hmmm, not instantly if he died, it could've been cancelled sooner, but it would probably still be longer for a bit, also in this era family guy wasn't being watched as much due to fox changing the time schefdulues ( t think))


He voices Peter, Brian, Stewie, Quagmire


Yes, ik, that could definately be a problem, but it can still be overcome if the remaining team got the right voice actors, at a reasonable cost


Just a 15% sale, but that costs money, and there’s no Fat Geralt cycle of revenge DLC I’m kidding don’t hear any voices in this at all. Highly recommend




Twin Towers, this guy missed his flight which is why he’s not dead yet.


If he died we wouldn't have family guy funny moments one hour loop #17


It’s just the same fart clip on loop


Is the OC? If so, OP should never, ever, criticise anyone's comedy when they clearly don't understand the concept of humour.


Found the Family Guy fan


Early family guy was amazing, at least 50 - 100 really good eps. Judging by the portal gun in the trash tier meme and your overinflated self-confidence that you're a Rick and Morty fanboy. A show that shit the bed after 3 seasons and is already putting out episodes shows like The Simpsons, Family Guy and South Park took 10 years to stoop to.


When did I say that I was a rick and morty fan? I used that portal because it was the one that looked cool, you stupid dumbass


Only Rick and Morty fans would think the R&M portal looks "cool". The art style in R&M is just bad, and I was a huge fan of the show to start off with. Just lost more faith in the show as it has gone on. What adult comedy animations would you say have been held back by Family Guy? The only clones I have seen of it are American Dad and The Cleveland show. Adult animated comedies have gone in a very different direction in the streaming era and I dont see much influence from Family Guy anywhere.


That's crazy but no one asked


You have the cheek to preach about not making fun of comedy but it's fine to shit on rick and morty?