He forces hid players to follow adventurers league rules ... at a home game. For anyone who couldn't read it.


Thanks, I'm still downvoting this, I can't forgive someone forcing me to focus that much and still don't be able to read




What? How does this relate to the previous reply? I agree but still…


What are the adventure league rules for hidden players? Edit: I see my misunderstanding now lol


Iirc from browsing the DM portion of XGE, in adventure league, players can only use the PHB plus ONE other source book to build their characters. Edit: Just as I posted the comment I noticed that you said "hidden" players, pointing out a typo. How did my brain not acknowledge the existence of a whole word. Still gonna leave this reply here tho, in case anyone else comes to the comments uncertain what the meme is on about.


That’s outdated. They dropped the PHB+1 rule… last year? I haven’t played AL for several years now, but given how many bad home games appear on Reddit… there’s FAR worse sins.


I let my players grab anything from any book that matches the current version, including UA, and including the UA that Wizards rescinded. One DM I played with didn't roll stats. He'd talk with you about the character concept, and you'd justify the stats based on what you wanted to play.


Both you and that DM sound great. Hope your parties value you


> sound great. It's a lot easier when you go to mutual storytelling. Some of the bad guys want the party dead, but I want them to be awesome. I really should have let them use the carpet the way they wanted to, though.


What carpet? There was a carpet?


Carpet of teleportation, made you bamf to a hunting green 5 miles away. They wanted to hit a baddie to take them out of the fight, but the carpet description said it had to be hanged to work. One of my biggest DM regrets. I should have let them be cool.


shit i already blew up the picture so i could, mvp here though


Looks like the text was hid.


He writes his text incredibly small


No magic items, tabaxi only, Final Destination!


party of 4 free for all though right?


To be fair … blood hunter isn’t even a real class. Perfectly fine to ignore homebrew.


Blood hunter also sucks to be fair


Ugh that theorycrafting suckered me into playing a Bloodhunter. Ended up being one of the lamest campaigns of my life because while it *sounds* so cool in text, in actual live play it just sorta… sucks. Not tanky enough to survive up front. Not damaging enough to be the striker. No real ability to handle multiple enemies. Nothing valuable for the party with healing. Can’t afford to spec anything to be a face. There was a narrow window where as a Lycan I quasi had some barbarian style rage tankyness but the second I’d hit half hp it became a liability and I ended up having to drop it or hurt my friends. I feel it can only stand out if you’re perfectly optimized while in a small party of halfwits. Anything I was decent at, there was someone else who could do much better. 😢


Bloodhunter has the same problem that some of the Ranger subclasses do, in that it is very strong in its role, but if the campaign in question isn't running that role, it won't do much. A Ranger Gloomstalker is fantastic if you're going to be wandering through the Underdark. It is terrible if you're playing a detective story set exclusively in a large city. Bloodhunters are great if your campaign is specifically geared around tracking down supernatural/fey entities. It isn't nearly as good in other campaigns.


Yes this exactly. All dnd classes have a set amount of power put into different areas. A big chunk of the power that has been invested in the bloodhunter simply doesn’t come up. “Oh cool, I get advantage on a check to recall lore about a specific evil creature!” Meanwhile other classes get actual practical mechanical perks. This is the sort of thing that’s completely useless since 98% of the time if the DM actually has any lore to give you… they’re going to find a way to give it to you. Doesn’t matter if you rolled a 4 or a 19.


That too.


Just ain’t building them right. They’re no bard, but they do their jobs well


I'm not building them at all, please see above. Also 'use health for powers' is always rubbish.


>Also 'use health for powers' is always rubbish. In many games it's broken.


It's the type of mechanic that either sucks or is broken. Sacrificing health to do anything basic to your class HAS to be broken or it's useless-- you're slowly killing yourself to be a subpar ranger/paladin esque thing, which is what Blood Hunter's identity may as well be.


In a system with limited healing, yes. If there was a cantrip heal which was actually good... It'd suck because of action economy anyway...


If there was a cantrip heal at all it would be way overpowered because you would just spam it out of combat all the time...


Hadn't thought about the out of combat results...


I built a pretty decent Hobgoblin (MotM) Blood Hunter/Mastermind Rogue. Use the Mastermind's bonus action Help, give hobgoblin (and another character) 1d6 + proficiency temp hp, and use said temp hp to fuel powers.


As an MTG player who mostly back I am appaled and outraged


This right here! Spend my HP to use my abilities? No thanks, the enemies take them away fast enough. It’s like any time you see a “blood mage” homebrew, just nope, I like my HP.


It’s the only class no one at my table have even tried because it just sounds and looks so cringy


Are you still on internet explorer? They did away with PHB+1 when Tausha's came out.


And then there's Meme Matt. He forces readers to squint at the last panel.


One of us


Where can I get the rest of the pixels? Seriously tho I think you should reupload this with a better quality


You only have the base pack. To get the rest of the pixels, download the Pixel+ pack from D&D Beyond! Now integrates into Reddit.


Phb+1 stopped being a thing in al TWO YEARS AGO, it was to stop minmaxxers abusing setting books and stopped as soon as tashas came out


Tasha’s is two years old? Oh no.




You know that one moment in saving private Ryan where he becomes an old man? That.


No I don’t know it because saving private Ryan is three years older than me




Most of the issues you seem to have stem from phb +1 which got removed a while back


He forced his players to read unreadable text.


The only thing I've done is tell someone they couldnt be a Yuan Ti once. It was my literal first time DMing, the guy is known as a bit of a min-maxer, and the world was WW1 but Magic. Every single gun, tank, and such ran off magic. Most small arms were attacks, but there was going to be *a lot* of saves as well. He came in with a Yuan Ti Ancients Paladin when I told him the setting. I was like "Sorry dude, but its my literal first time DMing. I know a *good* DM would have no trouble, but I have no experience making encounters so can you please choose something else?"


Yuan Ti would be insanely good in a magic Great War, immunity to spicy wind and resistance to all the magic effects. I don’t blame you.


Im not good at saying no, but I had to put my foot down. I mean, when I told them about the setting I made it clear how much magic there was. Like, WW1 mustard gas is Stinking Cloud (or worse). Flamethrowers are Burning Hands. Magic missile revolvers. Acid Arrow Sniper rifles. Fireball grenades. And more. Like, his starting equipment was a Greatsword and a Firebolt-action rifle. So I was a little let down he'd make a character so specifically countering my world for my *first time* DMing, ngl.


I don’t know if being let down is the best response. They wanted to be powerful, you made it very clear some races are by their stats better for this kind of war. No different then picking races with darkvision in an underdark campaign, clerics in undead heavy games, or dragon sorcerer in a dragon heavy game. Still no reason not to ban something. Even with the best GM they are going to be statically better.


Also DM Dave is guilty of leaving his son Venger to be raised by his evil bio mom. … Why Dungeonmaster why? I mean I’m not saying I approve of any of that evil motherfuckers actions but the guy has legit beef with DM Is all I’m saying.


"What did OP do?" "He made the text too small to read..."




I think that's more then fair. They aren't forcing anyone to play. If you don't want to play that type of game, you're free to leave.


You could literally say that about any decision the GM could make, to enforcing a strict pallet of Tiefling skin tones, to banning classes or features, to including sexual assault in game.




No Blood Hunters? What is the issue? Not everyone wants to homebrew classes.


I think it's perfectly reasonable to restrict stuff as a DM, as long as it's known up front. Especially for newer DMs the multitude of things to consider can be quite daunting


Why would anyone get pissy about someone wanting to use AL rules?


I've seen pissy people when I look over Homebrew and deny their unbalanced and overpowered (sub)class. And some get mad I deny Blood Hunters and remove Echo Knights. And by overpowered homebrew, I mean that at level 3 they overcome B/S/P resistance and immunity while their attacks also deal an extra 2d6 (turns to 5d10 by level 18) necrotic damage. Then they get other abilities that stack on this as BAs or free actions.


People get annoyed when they have options taken away from them because tbh it is kinda annoying to have some of the cooler options taken from you I remember I was once restricted to only the subclasses that came free on DND beyond and character building is a lot less fun when you have basically no options




I’ll let my Players Divine Smite with Ranged Weapons because how cool does a Magically Amped Up Arrow or Bullet sound?!?


It does sound cool, which is why arcane archer fighter is a class and paladins nearly invalidate and are horribly imbalanced when you allow an intelligent player to range smite.


Jokes on you! ALL my players are horribly imbalanced and they’re all having a GREAT time!


Homebrew is great. I do it a lot. I just don't waste my time hyper buffing classes to the point of stepping on or invalidating others, especially with bad flavor. Times better spent making new things.


No no, you misunderstand me. I hyperbuff *Everyone*. At least at my table, I want everyone to feel that anime character nonsense if they want it! It’s just rule of cool my dude, idk why we’re having this weird back and forth lol


You should try Pathfinder 2 if you haven’t! Give a mod or high level one shot a try, it scales really well so **all classes** get that anime OP feel.


Ooooo good to know! Thanks for the tip!


Arcane archer sucks tho


Yea you definitely are groupless.


What kind of insult is that? I play in 3 games a week and DM once a month.


get some cloth, wrap it around your hands. Now it's an improvised weapon and can be used to smite


I'm thinking about switching systems for my next campaign. Worlds Without Number which gives my players the choice between the warrior, the expert and the mage. Of course human only. I'm literally Hitler.


First time I ever saw sycophantry. OMG I forgot about this; I went to an advertised game and the GM had a self insert angle-demon paladin character which I was like uummmm, but the rest of us had to go by league rules. You could break out of league rules if you sucked up to the GM and it was clear that the other players were doing that and it was the strangest experience. I'd never seen mass sycophantry before MAGA.


We have a blood hunter in our group rn and it’s fucking cool


Perfect use of the flair


Needs more .jpg


I play at a paid card shop and we don’t follow rules that much.


Cartain class/race combos are banned in AL?


Just get Tavern Brawler and start Divine Smiting with a broken table leg (dont know how to finesse the other ones though).