Inb4 if the object the glyph was casted on moves more than 10 feet it fails. Upvote for Leon


Put the glyphs in a bag of holding?


That's GM fiat, and there are a lot of reasons why it shouldn't work. The bag could just be bigger on the inside and therefore things inside of it move when the bag moves. The bag could be another plane, in which case the inside of the bag is infinitely far away from the outside of the bag and therefore crossing the threshold of the bag breaks the glyph as well as nothing outside of the bag would be able to trigger it. Ignoring lore reasons glyph of warding is intended as a static defensive spell, and can be stacked as much as you like if you have the gold. If you allow players to haul them around and have the money and time to prepare them it can trivialize any encounter which is generally bad for gameplay.


I think there’s plenty of use cases where the glyph *could* be transported without dispelling it, but if players can genuinely figure out that I’d have to reward them… but it definitely isn’t as simple as glyphing a pebble and throwing it…


That can be very problematic, giving players a way to turn 2000 gold into a single action 230 damage nuke is a good way to make the campaign into a bunch of single action dragon hunts where they turn each one's horde into a bomb to kill the next.


It would be no different than using it as a clever trap that they get the BBEG to walk into... I'm not talking about instant transmission here - I'll talking about some clever way to move the trapped location without triggering the glyph's conditions - hardly some on-demand railgun.


Yes, absolutely. ...but if you're a defending a location and have a few hours to prep... I actually got to do something like this once; we got to witness a prophetic vision of a BBEG arriving somewhere, so we headed out to the location a day early and laid a few surprises for him. Also, the GM ruled that the Glyph maintains concentration for you, so the wizard loaded up some non-explosive glyphs with buff spells we could trigger during the fight.


That's not a house rule, they do maintain concentration.


It wasn't clear to us from the spell description (maybe we just missed it?) so we made a call, which is all that matters.


That's a BAMF way to go


Sorry if this is dumb question, but that does stand for bad ass mother fucker (or fucking in this context) right?




Oh. I thought it was meant to imply that Nightcrawler teleported him out at the last second.


Nah, in this context it's just an onomatopoeia.


I'm slightly sad that I never got to use the [Vengeful Gaze of God](https://www.d20srd.org/srd/epic/spells/vengefulGazeOfGod.htm)


Me: *(sees d20SRD again)* "I just want to say, I never forgot about you. Ever. And I'm glad we're still friends."


Did this with a necklace of fireballs. We all forgot I had it, even the dm. Then when I was almost dead I found it and decided f\*\*k it. I'm too close to him to throw it away, throw it at my feet and ended what was supposed to be a returning BBEG by turning us both to ash with 7 fireballs at once!


Alas, throwing more than one bead upcasts, it doesn't cast multiple times, so you would have cast a 9th level fireball, instead of 7 3rd level fireballs.


Hm. With action surge could you toss 2?


Indeed you can. A necklace of fireballs is a toss up between: * I need some extra damage right now * I need to do lots of damage, but have time to 2 balls at once: 9d6 Damage, 1 dex save (DC15) 2 balls in two actions: (8d6, 1 dex save (DC15)) twice. Potential for much higher damage, but also higher potential for targets to make the save.


if you survive the first one.


Alas, you forget the rule of cool! Many more explosions are much more dramatic than one explosion! While in the rules it was a level 9, in the ACTION FIREBALLS EXPLODED ALL AROUND ME. IT WAS HELL! THERE WAS NO ESCAPE AS BOTH I AND THE BBEG WERE VAPORIZED!


Might’ve still been enough.


He might have been playing 3/3.5 where it would have worked as he said.


Leon! I freakin love that movie!


Oh, I see you're a man of culture as well.


I'm listening to Good Grief by Bastille, specifically the bunker sessions version, Idk why but it makes the meme sound sadder


I don't remember this scene in Matilda


Can someone elaborate on that multiclass build? Is it just flavor and backstory or are there mechanical benefits?


Not amazing but not bad. War priest gives the rogue an opportunity to do another attack as a bonus action, can really help if you miss the first attack. The channel divinity is also decent with a +10 to hit. The spellcasting is a small but decent addition. Guidance helps with rogue skills. Healing word is great and Shield of faith is also good and both only use bonus actions. Basically a 1 or 2 level dip can be good. Helps the rogue ensure the sneak attack with war priest and channel divinity to avoid misses and the spells are good utility and combat additions. Also gives more bonus action uses.


Would true strike be any good for a rogue to proc sneak attack


Prior to Steady Aim in Tasha's, maybe? Or if your DM doesn't allow Steady Aim. It would be superior to attacking twice if there were no other way for you to proc Sneak Attack, but you'd have to be high enough Rogue level for the Advantage + SA to outweigh your average attack damage. Let's assume 16 Dex, a d8 weapon, and 14 AC (60% hit chance), so (4.5+3) x 0.6 = 4.5 damage on a no-advantage attack, or 9 average over 2 rounds. With Advantage, it'd be (4.5+3+3.5) x .84 = 9.24, so even at first level you're still coming out ahead if you use True Strike. This assumes that you're not trying to force concentration checks, and that the standard damage wouldn't likely drop the enemy a round sooner, thus reducing it' potential damage output. With, Steady Aim, though, you can proc Sneak Attack every round (at the cost of your movement and your Bonus Action), so True Strike is still mostly rubbish.


True strike is bad. Really bad. If one of my players really wanted it then I might just make it a bonus action instad of an action to cast. Makes it far more useful (arguably OP but workable imo)


So not really. Thanks for clarification (I never play casters)