Whenever its mentioned, anywhere, at any volume...

Whenever its mentioned, anywhere, at any volume...


I have been accused of stealing from CR once as a DM. I was the only one at the table who does not watch it.


I too have been accused of stealing from CR. My answer? No i steal from what CR stole from. And many many others. I dont have an original thought in any of my stories. And if you go deep enough. Neither do any of you.


Nu-uh, all my thoughts are original. \>please don't let any of my players be familiar with Dragon Quest.


GCP for me, goldmine


I stole the overworld from Final Fantasy 7, the names of my cities and areas are stolen from Heroes 3, and the NPC names are stolen from Rhapsody of Fire.


I just steal from aos/wfb and call it good


Welcomw to the fantasy genre, where nothing is original anymore


Yo, only Matt Mercer can be a creative DM bro.


I mean, discussing it in a public forum isn't quite the same as muttering to yourself in private, but I get it.


* muttering quietly to you * Happy cake day...


>Person walks up to a microphone in the middle of a stage and shouts an opinion. "Why do people keep responding to me!?"


*Talking to someone on speakerphone* “Mind your own business!”


Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!


If you mutter loud enough that someone else heard you, you need to get better at muttering.


I can't watch ANYONE play D&D, no matter how great they are at it.


Only one I've been able to watch was son of a dungeon from corridor. They use cgi to put themselves in the world not just the tabletop


I'm wondering if you could do a similar setup with the new program Talespire. Instead of scanning dwarf forge terrain into a 3d model, you could just use a 3d tabletop environment and green screen the players background into it


Corridor partnered up with... someone... that makes dnd stuff (cant remember who) but they used that to get 3D renderings to import into unreal engine. that plus greenscreen made it great to watch so far.


Dwarven Forge. Pretty sure it was Dwarven Forge.


That might have been it. It sounds familiar


I love corridor and I was waiting for them to drop son of a dungeon... and I was very underwhelmed, granted I only watched the first episode but they didnt really make anything that crazy, just the unreal engine map and static minis to move on it, and the parts that they shot in costume were few and on loop... i dont know if it got better later in the campaign


I watched the first episode and that's what set it apart from a normal DND video/podcast for me. I'm waiting for the rest of the series to come out for me to use my free trial.


Same here. I was really excited, but... I guess having all that CGI kinda subtracts from the experience, and I feel like the focus wasn't to have a great campaign, but the CGI itself. And I totally get it, they are CGI artists, that's their thing, but mixing that with D&D... I just felt the gameplay itself was underwhelming.


Exactly! I love DnD as a player and as a DM, but I find it agonizing to spectate.


I find *combat* agonizing to spectate more than anything. And I've found it very useful to watch pros DM


I wouldn't say agonizing, I just lose interest. I love D&D, but it's not the only thing I love. I get burnt out on fantasy and games if I just sit in it 24/7.


I don't like watching either, but for commute and chores, having Critical Role as a podcast was a lifesaver. Maybe you'd like it this way


I kind of agree. I watched it live because some family wanted to watch it so we call got in a voice call and watched it at the same time. Never again am I watching it live lol. But I do listen to it when I drive to work and I think its WAY nicer.


I could see it being background noise like a baseball game or a podcast. However, too much D&D burns me out. Also, I want my own sessions to be special and not have to measure up against some mega-produced professional written show.


I'd recommend trying Dimension20. I can't watch most real plays, but that's edited and condensed enough over a much shorter arc that I can really get into it. And A Crown of Candy was almost as good as Game of Thrones.


I'm the same, it just seems...weird. I've seen clips, but I run 2 games and play 2 more games a week, spending 4 hours watching strangers in a campaign and with characters I'm not invested in is just...weird.


Might be the difference between you and some folks like me. My group that had been playing consistently (varying from like 1 to 3 sessions a week, with the rule that at least 60% of the party had to be present), but died down. That happened at a point in time where I could have used DnD (or any other distraction) as life sucked at the time. It was around this time I started watching CR. Didn't realize until later that CR for me was just a much needed escape from real life, where I normally would have used my own DnD sessions if they hadn't stopped. Now I've grown to love it and continue watching it, but chances are that if my own DnD games had continued, I wouldn't have been hooked to CR.


I'm just odd. I can't do pod casts either, I can't just listen to people talk. I can't do audio books either. Just some kind of odd limit with my attention span I guess.


It’s honestly more like watching tv than playing dnd. I’m invested in their characters way less than I am in my own half elf bard, but maybe a little more than I was in Geralt when I was rewatching Witcher the second time.


I can, but CR is just too long and slow for me. It can’t hold my attention unless I have subtitles to read, which kind of defeats the point.


The only group I could watch play D&D is the Outside Xbox and Outside Xtra crew, and that's *specifically* because they were a bunch of newbies. (Although I havn't watched past their second or third series, just haven't caught up.)


I'm that way with sports. I do enjoy the stories and the silly moments and fun personalities. It's definitely the type of thing you watch while playing or doing something else


I get it, but somehow I don‘t see Critical Role as „people I don‘t know personally playing DnD“, and more like „This huge epic fantasy story with a detailed world (thats even sold as its own campaign setting), told through the eyes of Fantasy adventurers in Podcast Format“ with a runtime of multiple hundreds of hours. Its great to listen to when cleaning your living space, training or during commute. Just like a Podcast. And it comes out almost weekly, so you rarely run out of material. But other DnD games? Meh.


The only sort of roleplaying game I've really enjoyed watching is when the Yogscast played Call of Cthulhu, but that's only because I enjoy their content anyway


Watching other people play games is, in general, the most boring part of my childhood. If I don’t get to play, I am bored to tears. How this sort of thing became mainstream entertainment still baffles me to this day.


Not everyone has 3-7 close friends that are willing to play 4 hour dnd sessions once a week. Could I play with randoms online? Sure, but there will be a massive lack of already ingrained inside jokes, great difficulty in transitioning from one person's convo to another that only comes after years of knowing each other, and the general lack of close-knit feeling between players who won't even be talking to each other outside of the game time. That's what I get from watching things like Critical Role and Dimension 20 (of which I prefer the latter, only because I prefer Brennan's style of DM'ing). It's clear that these people have interpersonal relationships that goes past the game they're playing. It's even visible when married couples are playing at the same time with Murph/Emily and Travis/Laura having this unique vibe with each other during games even when their characters aren't in a relationship with each other. I watch e-sports often because I can root for a team I like. I'll never be able to reach their level of play considering they have at least thrice the experience I have, but how else can I enjoy high-level gameplay? It's the same thing with DnD, except it's rooting for everyone involved instead.


Shit's fun yo. Its basically a combination of "I'm a fantasy nerd", "I'm a DnD nerd", on top of their professional acting chops. Also since they are all close to each other, the "vibe" is really solid. Its general good wholesome fun


I play 2-3 games a week. That shit is fun. Watching someone else play for 4 hours is not my idea of fun. It only serves to remind me of the times when I was excluded as a child.


I understand that. I watch it because I enjoy the world building and the arcs of characters. It's just a way for me to get a new story, and they just so happen to do it via a game. It isn't for everybody though, and that's OK, nothing is. If somebody doesn't like it they are allowed and nobody should be mad at them for it just like if somebody likes it they shouldn't be put down for it. The official CR sub is complete trash during episode discussions live, but improved for the post episode discussion. I swear the live episode discussions have the same jackasses that are fans of a team in a live sports sub. Reading a game thread on /r/Patriots is just as trash and toxic.


It's really like reading a book or watching a sports event. Just because I'm not actively participating, it doesn't mean I can't be involved


I can only watch such things while I'm doing something else myself. Just watching isn't engaging enough.


I’m stuck because i have to pay attention, I can’t multitask beyond playing on my phone, and even then i realize I’m missing stuff. So it’s either take 4 hours to focus or don’t at all. And it’s not like binging gets you very far in the story. I just started skipping episodes in c2 and realized the recaps were enough.


This is how I feel about podcasts, in general… except for CR. Literally the only exception I’ll make because it feels like it’s like an old school radio program as opposed to talk radio!


I enjoy CR but there is a very vocal and VERY OBNOXIOUS subset of critters that will never shut up about anything CR related, require it to be a topic of conversation whenever TTRPGs are discussed and are about as toxic as humanly possible about why don't all DMs just be Matt Mercer. I imagine that is why you see a lot of this.


I'd say the influx of new players it's brought has been good...but I also notice that most of the rabid fans have played very little - if at all. They of course then have the gall to tell people who have been playing for decades that they're doing it wrong, because Matt Mercer does it differently. It can be quite infuriating, and is rather unhealthy for the culture of the hobby.


Yes definitely, I love what Matt does and I think he is great he is by no means the end all be all for DMing and I worry about how much people idolize him, when even he himself has spoken against the "Matt Mercer effect". I do think it is likely people who are either unable to play due to lack of people near them or discomfort in searching for online groups that end up being the most rabid antagonistic bunch still sad to see though it really misses the point of what makes TTRPGs so great.


A wise D&D friend described CR as being to D&D what porn is to sex: it's designed for consumption, not emulation. The whole thing is done by professional voice actors for the express purpose of entertaining an audience, so you shouldn't necessarily play in that way. Watch it, enjoy it, maybe even take some inspiration from it, but don't copy everything you see in it. EDIT: added inspiration part


> The whole thing is done by professional voice actors for the express purpose of entertaining an audience I don't think that's a fair characterization. They've repeatedly said that the way they play is what they personally want from their games, that they weren't going to sacrifice what was their home game fun to please the audience. They've certainly evolved some over time, and being observed will always have an effect on that, but I think it's not fundamentally changed anything.


The fanbase is why I pulled away from the community and kind of stopped watching. I watched all of C1, but stopped about 60 episodes into C2.


Yea I went back to the sub to talk about the new campaign. Won't be doing that shit again.


I had the live chat up so I could see what everyone in the community had to say. Chemo starts monday.


I'll happily continue watching the show and following its creators, but I'mma just ignore the commmunity.


I think that’s part of the mixed reception of ExU. Aabria made a couple questionable calls with rules and rolls, but so does every DM. A certain subset of the fandom was primed to hate her and the mini campaign on the sole basis that she is not Matt Mercer. Anyone calling her out for her rulings should go back and watch the first few episodes of campaign 1 and see some of the wack rulings Matt made, or him constantly calling for checks from Pathfinder. No show needs to be for everyone, and some people didn’t like ExU because it genuinely wasn’t their thing, but a lot of people were never going to like it because they’ll never like watching DnD with a DM that isn’t Mercer.


I mean that's the whole problem right, Matt had to take time to feel out the flow he wanted for the game and the show and ways to make that match up and work with the players they have had literal years to get the content to the quality flow and rhythm it has now. I feel like the cans you are describing don't actually like or give a shot about DnD or TTRPGs it is strictly content to them and they criticize anyone who does it differently.


At this point there is an equally obnoxious subset of dnd players who literally dislike CR, because it’s popular. So the OP might be referring to that


I mean yeah, there are people like this in every community.


The way I see it is, if you like CR then that's cool, but if you like CR and are active on Tumblr then please stop talking to me.


I wanted to give critical role a shot so I looked at listening to their first campaigns..... and there is no way. Should I be able to just hop in on their 3rd campaign and still make sense of everything?


The third campaign is set about 10 years after the events of the second campaign, to my understanding. I'm watching C2 right now, saw none of C1, and have had no trouble following along. The campaigns are pretty separate entities. You should be fine to starts C3 at the beginning of its run. :)


I started campaign 2 from the middle (the cupcake episode linked in a comment on reddit) and had little issue following the overall story.


They went to great pains to ensure you don't need any prior background, although if you have background it can enrich your experience even more. I feel like I have a medium-strong background, but haven't watched everything. I really loved the premiere of campaign 3 last night, if you have any inclination to get into it I'd totally encourage you to try it!


Matt has even stated that not watching EXU (The show where 3 of the new characters are from) is not a problem if you want to jump into C3.


Spoilers Edit: I guess not wanting to know who the characters are until I get to watch the show is worthy of downvotes? It’s been out less than 24 hours


Yeah I don't know why you're being downvoted


Is it a spoiler if it happens in the first episode? They just say who they are...


There are some characters that showed up in earlier games but I think you can sorta get them without context


Check out some of the one shots. The short self contained nature makes them much better for just picking up and watching. Full disclosure, I started with one of the post campaign stories before deciding to check out the main story.


I dunno, I find watching critical role similar to watching golf. Both games I could doze off to. I find Amateur DnD players way more fun to watch for the same reason Indie games are more appealing to me than Pro Dev studios. I find the people in those games have a lot of heart, make a lot of mistakes but generally are more relatable than the people on Critical Role. But hey, everyone's different so I got nothing against those that are huge fans of Critical Role. It's just not my cup of tea.


For me it's not their quality that's a turnoff, but the time commitment. Three or more hours every week, best dinner in a single sitting, in front of a screen? Can't do it. I'm the flipside, give me three hour episodes of Friends at the Table every week and I'll be in heaven since I can listen while driving or working.


That's generally why I usually just listen to their podcasts, much easier to listen while doing something else. The only downside is that you miss some of the funnier visual stuff. But 9/10 it's ad reads or holiday specific stuff and I can always check it out on YouTube on a highlight channel lol


My issue with it is we had two people cancel our irl session to go watch it


In all fairness that’s an issue with your players, not Critical Role


Exactly. What kind of crackhead would rather watch dnd than play it?!


The same kind of crack head who’d rather watch football than play it.


Ehhh. Playing Dnd is sitting around, doing some addition, and pretending. Watching dnd is just sitting. Playing football is a couple hours of hauling ass and getting your shit rocked. Watching football is also sitting around. A whole lot more people are going to be in the watch football camp than the watch dnd camp. Either way I'm biased since cr is a fucking drag mostly because I'm not actually involved in the game. I have no incentive to get invested due me not having a character in it, and that i have to sit thru side tangents, people struggling to add (relatable), and people rolling for stuff that ultimately does nothing in game and wastes time.


> I have no incentive to get invested due me not having a character in it Do you also not get invested in movies, tv shows, or books? Also yeah they're slow sometimes, that's why I watch later at 2x speed, helps a lot.


Did they go watch it in a theatre? I could kind of understand that, but to just watch it on tv would annoy me to no end.


It's easily watchable at any time after the live show, so I'd be furious.


Yeah, that’s super stupid. They normally restream it twice after the initial stream, if you’re a sub on twitch you can watch the VOD any time after the stream concludes, they upload it onto YT four days after the live showing, and it’s up as a podcast three days after that. There are so many other ways and times to watch it, skipping an in-person game you’re actually playing in for it is wildly insensitive and the biggest middle finger to the rest of your group.


That's like turning down sex to watch porn. Which is hilarious because I've called CR the porn of D&D.


Holy fuck ive never heard that


It's not even live anymore either, all prerecorded at this point.


Don't schedule sessions on Thursdays if you have CR fan players, then, I guess? They should've warned you.


What the fuck? It’s literally watchable next day. If they want to see a live show I wouldn’t have a problem cuz that’s the same as a normal vacation ig but to watch the stream


You could honestly take this same meme, but change it to this. ​ 1. Guy saying how excited he was for D&D this weekend 2. dude strolls up 3. gets REAL close... 4. HAVE YOU SEEN CRITICAL ROLE? IT'S SOOOOO GOOD! Literally every other post in this sub is about CR lol.


It's all a matter of perspective. I personally can't get into CR, don't care if people are into it. I can see why, just not for me. I do feel for the casual listener that isn't like *that* who is lumped in with the Jojo-esque turbofans who have let their fandom warp their entire perception of the game and won't stop talking about it.


Jojo-esque? Are there a ton of high fashion body builders in the CR community?


There's arguably no fan base more obsessed about compulsively yelling about their favorite thing and turning everything into their favorite thing than Jojo fans. This might be anecdotal but after being a vendor at my own fair share of conventions, I have found this to be pretty consistently true.


Sounds like you have had some bad experiences.


I mean... Matt Mercer is *literally* Jotaro.


That said, much like “horrible shithead who hates CR and obsessed about it” is much less common than “person who just isn’t into CR”, I find “person who is just into CR” way more common than “toxic CR evangelist”. On both sides complaints about complaints seem a lot more common than what they’re responding to.


Yup IMO I’d rather play dnd and talk about your game. Then talk about CR or watch it. Further IMO CR kinda pushes the expectations of a lot of casual players and makes them do things that aren’t always the best for their own experience or the ones they are playing with.


I used to love Critical Role before I started actually playing TTRPGs myself. I simply have no patience to spend hours watching somebody else do something I do myself every week. Playing replaced watching for me is all. They're entertaining people who put on a good show, but I've got my own tables. Edit: I wonder how much of the divide on "wants to talk about CR" is between people who play and those who don't. The bias from my own experience is that I assume most CR fans don't currently play D&D, although I know one DM w/ 3 games who watches religiously.


I don't have the patience to watch unedited d&d. If they cut it down into something resembling a streamlined drama with d&d mechanics and rolls then I'd be all about it. The Pathfinder, "The Glass Cannon Podcast" hits that sweet spot for me.


Super interesting, for me I hate live play thats been edited down to basically an audio book. I like hearing the raw table talk to see how the DM handles things and to hear a bit more about what the party is thinking about. Everyone has their preferences and thats just fine 🙂


Yeah, I don't necessarily want it to be an audio book, but I get annoyed at table chatter and stretches of time where little to nothing happens. I'm also an editor by trade, so I make a living make things shorter and with a more streamlined story.


Can I recommend Dimension 20? Their videos are about 2 hrs in length with significant post-production, and seasons of about 6-10 episodes. Escape from Bloodkeep (players being evil lieutenants of Sauron) is probably the best self-contained arc that's fully on YouTube.


I had a hard time with bloodkeep because it felt kinda overproduced (and loud!), and was a bit bored at first, but it has some of the funniest moments of any D20 series. I absolutely loved Unsleeping City, but maybe that's not on the YouTube anymore?


That sounds cool, I've got dinner ADHD issues that makes us hard to watch movie-length things but it sounds like it's def worth looking in to!


Watch at the fastest speed where you can still understand, captions too, helps a lot. I've got the same.


Good point most people who watch from my perspective don’t play as much. I’m usually in 2-3 session each week. Managing one of my own.


That'd be too much for me. I play in one group and GM for another on alternating weeks. It's enough. 3hrs of CR would feel like 3hrs of session prep I should be doing, lol


Right! Lol


My Dm before covid watched all of CR and watched high rollers and wrote his canpaign completely homebrew(monster stat blocks like 75% himself) while in college lol I know that kind of person that dm is ;)


As a DM (and I like DMing more than playing), I can't really talk with my friends about our game because I can't tell them anything. So in that sense, its nice to have something else to talk about DnD related. But people who always bring it up to just random people... very annoying.


This template has so many possibilities... I could work with it for a week with all kinds of stuff...


I know, it's almost like dnd caters to a myriad of people and has a bunch of splitting opinions as a result.


And let’s fight about those opinions!!!! Roll initiative!!


Ok, ok, but we do Lizardfolk rules: *there are no rules*.


>1. Guy posting meme about his opinion >2. dude strolls up >3. gets REAL close... >4. YOU SHOULD'VE MADE THE MEME ABOUT MY PERSONAL OPINION THOUGH


Solid Gold!


I don’t have anything against CR I just don’t watch it on the regular because I don’t want my DM style to be compared to Matt Mercer. He’s obviously gifted and talent and I won’t knock him for that. I just don’t want to end up mirroring him.


As a DM, I like watching other good DMs run stuff. I've watched streamed things other than CR, and I take ideas and inspiration for how to run games from all of them. I also pay attention to how the players behave, as I play sometimes as well. And Matt is only a PART of why the show is so good and well loved. He could be as good as he is but if the players weren't the players then the show would not be NEARLY as successful. Everyone at that table is so good at the RP aspects of the game its insane. I can't ever be like Mercer exactly, just like I can't ever be as good at other skills at people on the top of their game. But I can use him as inspiration for areas I could improve upon.


I agree. I like to use a variety of you tubers for the same reason. Nerd Archy is another great resource for tips and tricks as well.


But toothy maws tho. Nah, seriously, that's understandable. We naturally take in influences from things we enjoy, not wanting to worry that you emulating someone else's style is reasonable.


90% of critical role fans have never played d&d...


I've seen a whole lot more people complaining about people complaining, than I've actually seen people complaining. And the internet isn't the same as a bathroom. In a bathroom, you go there to shit and piss and leave. You come *here* to share your thoughts and opinions, and to see other people's thoughts and opinions. I get it. People are complaining about a thing you like. Some of these people are doing it because they're racist, transphobic assholes, and that's not okay. Some people are acting entitled, and that's.. well, debatable whether or not it's okay. Many people have poured lots of money, time, and energy into CR, it's not surprising that they have expectations, as long as they express their thoughts in a reasonable way


Similar thing happens with Jojo's. 5 years ago the Jojo's fans were *very* loud, and they were *everywhere*... But that was five years ago. So now you see more haters in the wild bitching about Jojo's fans spamming shit everywhere than you actually see Jojo's fans. Hell, to this day putting a muda in the comments has a 50/50 shot of getting you downvoted into oblivion, and an almost 100% chance of somebody spamming an obnoxious copypasta.


Yeah. I've had more people demand I watch Critical Role/ask why wouldn't I watch it than I've heard complain about Critical Role. I heard after season 1 it doesn't happen but trying to watch season 1 I heard some sexual assault jokes in episode 1 and noped out of there since that's not a topic I want to have to worry about randomly popping up in something I watch for fun so when things calm down for me more I may try again starting at season 2. Also my approach to the bathroom is to not speak to someone unless absolutely necessary and when possible just go at home instead lol.


Could you elaborate? I don't remember any such jokes being made on episode one. If not here then feel free to DM me.


They go to a brothel in episode 1, I could imagine that's a scene they might be refering to.


I figure it must vary because most of the complaining I personally see is the reverse; people complaining about annoying fans. I almost never see the annoying fans themselves. I guess it just sorta depends on what spheres you're in.


Were those jokes from Orion Acaba (Tiberius)? He is/was a piece of shit problem player and bad human being and he left somewhere around ep 26 of campaign 1. As a current fan still catching up with campaign 2, there are no jokes of that ilk, the cast and crew are all very progressive.


What did Tiberius do? I've only watched the first couple of episodes of CR and I wondered why he was later replaced.


From what I've been told (I haven't gone back and watched) he used to derail sessions with bullshit that made the game boring for the other players, but also wrote himself background shit that was OP and at one point teleported his character back to his home city to get a bag of holding and back between sessions without talking to Matt about it. Whatever else he did, it was bad enough that not only did he leave, but Matt killed his character off screen, had the party find his corpse, and then destroyed his entire city of OP bullshit down to the last man.


As well as that, he's a garbage human outside of game.


It's worse. In game, he got argumentative with Matt and wasn't a team player. But out of game he had some inappropriate conversations with some fans and said some very, very hostile things. Just real bad behavior.


I can't believe you hate CR! //s


I love what CR has done to DnD overall, it’s the most popular than it has arguably ever been and it’s no longer just a sweaty nerd game for basement dwellers. That being said, I find their content a little too much to keep up with. 4 hour shows are a heck of a commitment for me! I enjoy their stuff occasionally as I slowly push through campaign 2. As a DM I mostly enjoy listening to Matt’s descriptions and try to improve my DM skills by taking some of his tips and tricks on board.


I agree wholeheartedly. The idea of a group of successful adult men and women getting together and playing a D&D game has drastically influenced public perception about the game. People realize that (1) it’s not only a thing for sweaty, overweight incel-type mega-nerds, and (2) that the game can literally be whatever you want it to be. It doesn’t have to be the game that super dorky white guys with thick glasses and speech impediments use to live out their wildest fantasies, it can be a game for people from any walk of life to have fun telling a collaborative story and working together to overcome impossible odds. You can be whatever you want to be, really, and do whatever you want to do. CR, Stranger Things, and other pop-culture examples have shown people the fun that can come from the game, and it’s started to overwrite that huge stereotype about the game, and the social stigma that playing it comes with. I, personally, have a good bit of time on my hands where I’m busy, but can afford to listen to podcasts or music while I work. So I’ve found a lot of fun and investment in listening to CR and other podcasts. But it really is a huge time commitment, just as much as playing in a game yourself is. So it’s totally understandable that people don’t have the time for it, or just don’t enjoy listening to other people play a game they could play themselves. So while I get a lot of enjoyment out of it, and a lot of inspiration and tips for improving my own DMing, it’s definitely not for everyone, and I wish that the more rabid fans could realize it.


I like Critical Role, I don't like Critters. Fucking psychos...


Isn't that the case with every franchise? Fans are the worst.


most of them are pretty good, but like any fandom there is the little shits


True, when I think of what a critter is, I think of the outspoken minority that are totally nuts, not the casual viewer or listener like myself. On the whole I'm sure most of the fans are fine, but I don't think of them as critters.


Yeah, most are fine. But a lot of the fanbase is on Twitter and tumblr and that explains some of it


Big same.


I don't hate it or anything... But just like with any streaming I don't find it entertaining to watch someone else do something I can just go do myself.


If it wasn't for the fan base that assumes CR is the end all be all of everything DnD, you wouldn't have this problem


I've noticed a majority of CR fans are very new to gaming in general, and I think that's partially why - to them it's the be all end all, because it's their first and major experience with it. I'd hazard a guess that a large percentage of fans have watched more episodes than played sessions. More experienced players seem to see it's relation to gaming as porn is to sex. It's very different when it's done by professionals for the enjoyment of the audience and a paycheck, to when it's amateurs doing it for the love of it for free.


I agree with what your saying but if it's the first time having sex, are you going to insist on slapping or choking your partner with out consent and then if they get upset insist it has to be that way because that's how you saw it in a porn video? Often times when I have issues with CR fans (granted not all of them, but it's more than an isolated incident) that are new to a table they insist that it has to be CR or that they know more or how things should go because they've binged the whole thing 3 times over. There seems to be a lack of respect that fans of other live play shows or other new players never seem to have. But just like porn presents unrealistic expectations people still figure that out pretty quickly. So, I feel that comparison/excuse is pretty weak. Be an adult, use common sense, and be respectful. It's not that hard.


Sadly, I think a lot of people's fucked up expectations from porn last a lot longer than their first time - but that's a debate for another time and a different subreddit. The lack of respect nails it. Rather than adapting to the play style of a GM who has worked on refining their skills over an extended period, they insist the GM adapts to the way they want to play. And god help you if don't, because then you're 'gatekeeping' people out of the hobby.


Nail on the head with that last sentence


I don't watch it, but you can watch it as much as you want, just don't tell me "YOU HAVE TO WATCH CRITICAL ROLL!"


I don’t see the problem with not liking it. As long as you’re not being rude or anything there shouldn’t be a problem.


Oh cry me a river. Whenever I mention my favorite streamed campaigns it gets downvoted into oblivion for being off topic or a "campaign specific" meme


Honestly, I've been struggling to get through the Briarwood saga. I'm about at the point where they're getting chewed out for attacking their guests, and it's juuuust dragging. Hopefully it gets better later, otherwise I'm inclined to say it's a tad overrated.


Wait until Orion leaves. There was a lot of tension with him near the end, made things super uncomfortable. Once he goes though their energy begins to click a lot better.


Wow, this is the first time I heard of this. I had no idea I was listening to the last episode with Tiberius in it. I hate it when real life drama derails my fantasy. After all, a lot of the draw is escapism.


Yeah and I feel the need to point out that once he is gone, the drama ends. He becomes those big dragging parts early on and it becomes super super uncomfortable and tense. He was honestly a favorite of mine the first couple episodes, but then he started becoming super difficult. I really do promise once he leaves the group dynamic fully shifts in a positive direction.


It’s so crazy listening to the group in the last episode with Orion playing, then the very next episode afterwards. The plot progresses far more smoothly, and interruptions happen far less frequently. Plus, everyone was clearly having more fun. Definitely for the best Orion left. He got very invasive with everyone’s roles and wasted so much time hogging the spotlight. And that’s not even counting how often he was caught cheating or (especially in the last couple episodes) making Tiberius act weirdly out of character. I never saw Travis look so bored or so furious, yet Orion somehow managed to get both to happen in one episode.


Yeah I usually tell people to skip the Orion episodes for C1


Same. Beginning of their entry into Whitestone is where I tell people to start. Anything else they can either read up on or get context clues.


I have never really watched those episodes of C1, Orion made it too tedious and unlikeable for me. I could always feel something was off and it wasn't until after he was gone I realized it was him and his in/out of character interactions. Even after him leaving there are definite episodes that draggggggg on forever and I don't really enjoy, but I always have really enjoyed Matt's overall stories and the way everyone gets into their characters so well.


I feel there's a separation between the character and the player, and Orion lent his voice to the character well enough. I liked Tiberius, even though both he and Percy were skewing a tad overly murder hobo. And I kinda expect fudged dice because I also listen to Adventure Zone. But it sounds like Orion was going through some things (and probably still is). If it was throwing off the whole dynamic, I could see why they had to let him go.


I had heard he was really sick and was taking the games way too seriously and treating it as his personal escapism and not thinking of everyone else’s fun. Not sure how true this is, but it makes sense, because they played with him for years before they started streaming and didn’t seem to have any issues with him when they started. Early episodes he’s not bad at all. Definitely seems like personal stuff getting in the way Edit: looked it up. He apparently had been diagnosed with cancer and was also suffering from drug addiction. So I could see how that would put a strain on relationships


Do you mean the part where they are still in Emon snd just had the disastrous encounter in the King’s castle? Yes it gets better. At least that was my opinion for the rest of the Briarwood arc. Individual experiences may vary.


I’ve Literally never made it past that exact same point lol


Skip to 24 or 25. Once they are on the way to Whitestone the quality gets a lot better.


Honestly, I’d recommend skipping to Campaign 2 if you’re looking to get into it and not vibing with the arc you’re in. It’s a lot more polished as a broadcast. Better audio, better video components if you’re watching. I liked the characters way more as well. And I feel it flows a lot better than Campaign 1 did.


Campaign one is just leagues more fun though.


I mean, it’s definitely a matter of personal taste. Honestly my interest in C1 dropped off severely after the Whitestone Arc had concluded. Everything after that just didn’t catch my attention as much. That said, I recognize that a LOT of people absolutely loved C1 over C2. I found it much easier to stay engaged with the plot lines going on in campaign 2, and found the pacing to be better.


Bruh the exact opposite is true


I watched it, for the first time ever live, and the first time at the beginning of a campaign. I closed chat and avoided any subreddits about it. Looked into one post for 5 minutes and nothing but toxic. So I just sat back and enjoyed myself. Me, and that group of nerds enjoying themselves. Much better than all the hate being thrown around.


I watched it live and I definitely closed the chat window. I was stoked to see returning ExU characters but I was so glad I wasn’t able to see the chat when they were introduced.


I'm thrilled to see what happens with Fearne. So much chaotic potential.


Hot Take: People announcing that they like Critical Roll are just as annoying as those announcing that they don't.


I haven’t started watching it… only because I started Dimension 20 first and I need to finish the series they have first


It’s not that I dislike them. I just haven’t watched it at all.


This is exactly how it feels when anyone makes a post praising something they enjoy on any subreddit and most of the top rated comments are something along the line of "I hate that" or "I don't like that" or "omg it's 20xx. Stop talking about it!" That being said, I do understand that a ton of people are fed up with the frequency of CR related posts here on a general D&D forum. There a lot more out there than CR, but memes about CR make up almost 1/3 of the posts. And that's not including the CR meme formats


I see it the opposite. Me: oh DND was fun last night Random: OMG DO YOU WATCH CR? ITS DO GOOD LAST NIGHTS EPISODE OMG me: no. I don't watch it. I play dnd. Watching it was meh


I didnt like the first episode and therefore didn't continue, also found it boring to watch Instead of playing myself.


At our group, the only person that likes CR is the DM. And like, why would we care? If anything, it looks cool. But literally no one can keep up with such an amount of time… Too much content. The DM can, tho.


As the DM who watches critical role when no one else in the party does, they don't know when I steal character names.


I dont dislike CR, I just don't have Time to listen to hundreds if hours of content An unterest in listening to people play dnd instead of doing it myself. Any love for the fan base, who, from the outside, seem like a big circle-jerk that hates any contradiction opinions. I also just don't like Mercer's style, cant pinpoint why, but I just dont.


I guess the equivalent for me, is muttering to myself that I don’t like CR and then Reddit sucker punching me yelling that I’m wrong?


Yea I gotta say, first season CR was the best. Its had good moments in other seasons but I'm continually less impressed as time goes on.


I feel the same way tbh, I watched the campaign 3 premier and the whole vibe just felt off. The new characters seemed bland. Campaign one will always be the best.


I’ve been curious about this. I have heard many opinions. I’m about 75% done with campaign 2 and I’ve enjoyed it mostly. I’ll say that some of it has been ruined by Jester (I don’t like her character or table attitude much) but I’ve heard she is completely different and way better in season 1 and it will influence whether or not I watch it when I finish C2. If I don’t like jester will I not like Vex either?


Jester and Vex are complete opposites honestly. Vex is worldly, untrusting to strangers, and greedy with a soft spot for the party and her pet bear. Jester is naive, childlike, and tumbles through her life unprepared. Very different characters.


Good to know. I’ll probably watch C1 whenever I finish C2 then.


Vex is my absolute favorite character and nothing like Jester. While I did adore Jester also, Vex is not nearly as "quirky" and much more badass.


Vex and Jester are so different, when I started listening to the start of campaign one via podcast, I assumed for the longest time they had replaced Vex's player for the second campaign.


No joke, its the darkvision of podcast conversations.


On the next episode of things that never happen the way OP thinks it does.




I couldn’t get into the first two campaigns, but I think the new one will be a good way to start I mean I already watch too many D&D streams, might as well just lean into it you know


*Puts on gas mask* *sorts by controversial*


Now to make it more accurate make every other urinal have people loudly discussing how great critical role is


That’s me, you hit the nail on the head! Gj


Can this be the new "Nobody: " meme template? I feel like this is a vast improvement.


I watched the first episode of the new season and I loved it. Can't believe it took me this long to give it a try lol


I like Critical Role. I just don't like people who like Critical Role.


Not reading the comments. Just want to say I'm two hours in and I'm HYPED AS FUCK.


I’m not a fan of CR. I just don’t like the melodrama that comes out of it sometimes.