It's the eyes, they are the hardest to get right

It's the eyes, they are the hardest to get right


Amateur tip: I never paint the eyes on most of my mini's. The wash makes it a shadowy area that just looks natural when viewing from a tabletop setting.


I call this the Metal Gear Solid effect and used it for a long time. Lately I use the Black blob, White blob, Black blob method. [MGS Effect Example](https://imgur.com/a/A8xk5lH) Edit: Fixed link


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I fixed it!


I sometimes just darken out the eyes in a similar but I called it the Darkest Dungeon effect.


[LET ME SEE YOUR WAR FACE!](https://i.redd.it/dg6h75csv8761.jpg)


Sometimes I paint eyes. On large minis that have a solid eye color and clearly defined eyeball area. Yeah, you could say I'm a bit of an expert.


the best advice ive read is " paint one of the eyes, then turn it over so the figure is upside down and paint the other eye." since then i have had much better luck with eyes. idk why, how, or what is going on in my brain that makes this work but it does.


It’s a neurological trick. When you are painting something in detail, you can mentally lose track of the rest of the object which means that you’re now painting with a mental blind spot and this obviously means that details that rely on each other (such as the gaze of the eyes) get fucked up. When you flip the mini over, it forces you to reset your view of the object and take the time to flip it’s position in your head, which clears up your blind spot and allows you to have more accuracy with interacting details (in this case the eyes.)


https://youtube.com/shorts/qWKZwsgfrJs?feature=share Always flip your drawings.


I abandoned them entirely on certain humanoids. Hyena eyes are black so my gnoll will be easy to paint.


There's a reason that when I was playing 40k I only ever did guys with their helmets on, and never ended up painting the face for Mephiston.


I even integrated it into the custom chapter lore. Had it that a defect makes them scar easily, so anyone who made it through the scout company looks like a cenobite under all the ceramite ... ASTARTES! WHAT IS THE CHAPTER MOTTO OF THE FORCES MAJEURES? NOTHING IS IMMOVABLE! ASTARTES! WHAT IS THE _REAL_ CHAPTER MOTTO OF THE FORCES MAJEURES? ..? WEAR YOUR THRONE-DAMNED HELMET!


Thin your paints.






I usually use a 03, 01, or 005 Micron brand ink pen (0.35mm or smaller) for this. A perfect black dot every time, and way easier to place than a brush.


You must be some kind of wizard, what a great idea


that's why my current PC doesn't have pupils or irises😎


1) paint the whole socket in the shade tone for its skin. 2) use a white fine tip marker for the sclera. 3) use a coloured fine tip marker for the iris. If you center it, your mini usually looks kind of brain-dead. So aim it anywhere else. 4) use a .00X black micron marker for the pupil. Optional 5) use the white marker again for specular reflection. This technique turned eyes from the hardest part of the figures into the easiest. It's dead simple and looks great.




Nay nay, friend. Agrax Earthshade.


Till death do I part from Caliban Green!


Druchii Violet really ties the room together ...


but its your mini, that makes it special:3


Remember people! **THIN👏 YOUR👏 PAINTS👏**


Because I haven't seen it posted yet: https://youtu.be/m3p_VuPIS2c


Two thin coats decreed our lord Duncan Rhodes. Two thin coats shall it be!


I’m a 40k player (a game of shoot the other guy with painted armies from the far future) and eyes suck. If you want to invest in the eyes a great investment is a micron pen, it leaves the tiniest dots or lines. It’s great for adding details like lined on a map, writing, etc Also go check out Age of Squidmar on YouTube to really up your game, and Midwinter Minis for life hacks, quick tips, and speed painting


To jump on this band wagon of excellent mini painters on YouTube: Miniac, Ninjon for achievable but very high level skill, Goobertown Hobbies for really fun and lighthearted hobby time that doesn't take itself seriously, 52Miniatures for delightful Norse cleverness and for a classically trained artist that paints minis to an incredible standard look up Marco Frisoni. Seriously this is all I watch any more these guys are it.


Glowing eyes with an OSL effect makes painting outside the lines a legit style


28mm Wargamer here, 2 Tactics for Eyes I use (since everyone here talks about them) 1. Quality aproach Paint Inside out, tiny dots are very hard to place corectly so you start from the inside and go outward which allows more control but you need a bit of time and probably want to start at the eyes and then move to the rest of the face. Since you will probably overpaint to the brows etc. 2. Speed aproach general direction still is inside out but you dont move through all steps. Start with Ivory basecoat (titanwhite looks unnatural) dot the iris, cut back with ivory the mistakes or alignmentissues then a dark red wash that will tint the edges of the eyeball where it meets the skin. This aproach can be employed as a speedpainting step after the skin but you probably will need to corect the surounding skin


I tried painting eyes for my mini once. She ended up looking dead inside and soulless. It kinda worked out because I was playing her to be far more cynical and jaded after she died and was resurrected


When I played warhammer I would paint my skaven eyes with glow in the dark paint. Creepy on my shelves


Keep trying on the eyes, you'll get better... is what I tell myself every time I paint another mini. Sometimes it's true.


Gotta use that eyelash brush for the eyes! Lol


When in doubt just do a Darkest Dungeon style


Kek my first minis were a bunch of Warhammer night goblins. I called the the "pierced eyes détachement" for how butchered the work was (I was 13 at the time go easy on me)