Brain Dog

Brain Dog


What happened to Fry's brainslug? Poor little guy starved to death.


Nice reference


Must be a lack of delta brain waves.


I love when a player actually knows how to talk as a low int character. My buddy did a whole campaign as an orc barb with like, 6 int and only spoke in two or one syllable words every session. It was so good, he'd think of a word that would be too hard and have to sit and think about a word his character would know. It was the best, really felt like talking to a real orc with the lacking vocabulary and awkward pauses.


Why use many word when few word do trick?


Why word when no word good?


Word bad. Smack good fun!






Still my favorite stealth move.


Hee hee hee.


"Every sentence makes you angry at the imbeciles who invented speech. Why should people want to talk to one another anyway? SILENCE. SILENCE BETTER."


orcs speak in fantasy-slavic


I villlll f*cking kir ya, hear me? Kurva, it is worst place. Am leaving, suckers


Two word bad, one word good.




I struggle to roleplay low int characters. Low charisma, on the other hand, I can do quite easily, cause I have a tendency to put my foot in my mouth without realizing it.


I doubt it’s what you originally meant, but I love the implication that you personally obviously have maxed out int. a confidence i aspire towards


for us, whenever someone says they're gonna struggle rping their character with high int, we give them the thesaurus. it's usually bound to get entertaining.


I’m honestly average intelligence IRL but I have a wide vocabulary which helps a whole lot when rping something like a 20 int character.


Even better if the character has low wis and just uses the first fancy words they look up


- signed, Baby Kangaroo Tribbiani.


I Pterodactyl what you Xylophone........ That's Chihuahua rude.


No, the book is bound so that the pages don't fall out.


Thanks. Keep believing in yourself, you'll achieve that confidence someday as long as you keep aspiring to it.


the thing is about me and likely Saikotsu, is that we sound smart (big vocab) but are actually smol pp brains e.g, worst of both worlds.


I’m actually like this as well! high int low wis babeee


I think I just have a high enough deception to deceive myself into believing I'm smart.


I have a low charisma wizard I play as socially inept.


I roleplay low charisma is snarky, or maybe not very likeable. I kinda don’t like the stereotype that low charisma characters shouldn’t interact with NPCs… i think it’s fun 😅 I had a very intelligent, low charisma wizard who kinda ended up the /face/ of the party through her wit and one liners.


It’s easy. Just stare vacantly at a corner of the room, and when combat starts yell all your moves.


I often have a lot of fun figuring out how my low int character is going to misinterpret something, the party will sometimes try to explain something and she'll draw some other weird conclusion with complete and utter confidence


My about favorite thing recently has been playing a character with 6 wis. Absolutely NO situational awareness and never doubts anything people say to him.


That sounds more like low WIS, though. Situational awareness and intuition are both under WIS, not INT


Lol yes, the person is talking about their low wis character


Wow. I swear that said int when I replied. Oops


Are you getting meta or what?


There’s an AWESOME game that’s like this. It’s called Poetry for Neanderthals. https://www.explodingkittens.com/collections/all/products/poetry-for-neanderthals?gclid=CjwKCAjwlrqHBhByEiwAnLmYUGyRSkonGoPZXt3Jq5tnqgeTBOFISPhKebgG4oDhockeCVU10VY-HRoCU4kQAvD_BwE It’s one of my family’s favorites.


I don't know what is says when me and my friends did girls vs boys on this and the boys won by a landslide.


I personally find it hard to play the INT of my characters no matter what it is. In my experience, it’s very difficult for anyone to roleplay outside of their own abilities convincingly. That includes WIS and CHA as well. The argument is that is why the rolling aspect exists for those who struggle to actually roleplay low or high stat characters, but I’ve seen people try and “roleplay” a low-ish INT character and instead play them unreasonably stupid.


Especially when 8 (the standard minimum) isn't even really mentally challenged. Like, perfectly capable of education. That's why the PHB sets the minimum of a stat so high, so that nobody has to play a character who is disabled or inept in anything unless they specifically want to handicap themselves.


Agor approve. Agor proud Cro-magnon and say Evolved need learn how say with small word. Many many easy and less head pain if use small word.


fancy seeing you in the wild Agor (I am someone from da daily. I will not inform you who)




I have a Kenku that I am playing where I made a computer program to help me track what I’ve heard before. I put quotes in special notation in my notes then I could feed those through it to store them, and I could search for a sentence and it would tell me if I had the words necessary, and if so would pick at random one of the voices I had heard it in and put that next to it so I knew where I had to switch voices. It tried to ensure convective words were in the same voice until it found one it couldn’t do in the given voice and would start the chain again. That took a hell of a lot of effort to make because I was just learning Java at the time, but it made my role play significantly better by letting me keep track of my Kenku vocabulary. Once I got enough data that I made it two consecutive sessions without running into a word I wanted to say but couldn’t, I retired it, and assumed I had enough for all intents and purposes to communicate. Now I take notes of who I have heard speak and important words I get in their voices in case I ever need to impersonate them, not just for general communication


I had a player do something very similar. He was a little *too* committed to the bit and if he couldn't get his point across in a single word, then the point just didn't get made.


I’m playing an 8 int Barbarian. He can hold a conversation, but he either misses metaphors completely, or thinks someone is speaking in metaphors when they’re not.


Trick for low int, high violence characters, use the super mutant dialogues from fallout


Meanwhile my friend has the same class/stats and plays like Sherlock Holmes...


I have only had the delight if playing DandD a couple times but I have a big heart for roleplay. Grognak the barbarian was way too fun to play. I loved talking and acting like a complete meat head. My favorite part was when his meat headed attempts at solving puzzles with smashing actually worked and the DM said it was the fastest he ever saw anyone solve it.


I have a friend who was in a game with an int 4 orc barbarian. The character had a known spells list and spell slots, but for words.


Sounds my normal english speaking


ID: Braaaaaaaaains \*sees Barbarian\* \*moves on\*


*Barbarian shaving beard with the sword of kas*


He's also got the Eye of Vecna, but the Big Lich Bitch Himself doesn't seem to realize that his mind is warded through extreme stupidity.


I feel bad for this barbarian that we’re just shitting on. Not to mention the sword of kas, which probably hurls veiled insults at the barb daily.


I love so much what my DM did when my low INT Paladin was brain-sucked by an intellect devourer. He had a wandering Paladin heal her since we had no other options to help the nearly TPK'd party and the woman started apologizing and saying "I tried my best, but I don't think I can fully restore her!" Even though she *was* fully restored xD it was hilarious


I’m very confused as to what the implication is supposed to be


I think the punchline is that the barbarian isn't intelligent enough for the intellect devourer to eat anything so it starved to death. Not at all how it works in the game, but that's my guess.


Ahhhhhhhh ok


i was thinking more as though it was meant to imply that a battle was won very easily on rolls/one-sidedness, but at a... very.. very steep cost for the the barbarian and thus the party Edit: Reading the meme's origin, that barbarian ended up having sex


>Reading the meme's origin, that barbarian ended up having sex Oh. Oh no. I didn't think that's what they meant by *brain* dog


It's the old dad joke. Munch with hand on kid's head: "what's my hand?" Kid: "Brain eater". Dad: "What's it doing? Starving."


it would work if there was a rule about the intellect devourer being unable to eat the intellect of someone with too low intelligence. that, or if the barbarian was somehow able to live with 0 int, and the intellect devourer has literally nothing to devour. but RAW, the barbarian would easily fail the int save and be stunned until regaining at least 1 intelligence back.


As a bardbarian that this has happened to TWICE now… Yeah. At least our cleric has greater restoration now.


I read it as brain dead dog


When you roll a 4 in int but a 15 in wisdom.


2:00 am- Wake up 2.05am-Cold shower 2.15am-breakfast,almonds, breast milk bought off Facebook, 50mg adderall 2:30am- begin workout,incline bench 2 plates,12x12 with 30 seconds of rest, no warmup. 2:45am-edging,4hrs (for disipline) 6:45am-cold shower 7:00am-begin sprint to work 8:00am-arrive at work 8:05am-get called into boss' office 8:06am-get fired from job for "repeated inappropriate comments" and "predatory behaviour" 8:10am-sprint back home 9:10am- lunch-raw cod, berries foraged on the way home, small pebbles (for digestion),50mg of adderal 9:10am-edging(as punishment) 3:00pm- bed time


This brings memories of two sessions ago when I, as a fighter, got brained into killing another party member. FellsBadMan


>dead brain-dog


I read that as "brain dead dog" lol


In Waterdeep Dragon Heist, I’m one of the players and one of my friends took an intellect devourer as a pet and I hate it. It has two cat paws at the front and two human feet with abnormally long toenails at the back


Head empty. Heart full of RAGE.