We will have a cooler Campaign with Blackjack and H**kers

We will have a cooler Campaign with Blackjack and H**kers


Talk to your players about this. It‘s no fun for a DM to run something you don’t want.


Possible setup, with the near non-stop blizzards, how likely are they to get supplies? Or if you want to take them down a weird route you could lure them on adventure with stories of the Legendary Ice Maiden, whom they may very well want to recruit. I have seen groups that would try that if they set their minds to opening a brothel. One of the groups I played with for Dragon Heist wanted to turn Trollskull into a full on haunted house in with magic to replicate the ghost. Funny thing is our DM did not include the actual ghost from the module. They just thought “Spooky house with spare rooms? Haunted Inn”


You could also see this as an opportunity. Every party needs motivation to go out and get themselves killed on an adventure. Maybe there's a monster out there who killed or snatched up one of their best hookers. Maybe the frost maiden is cursing the casino so that the house always loses. The campaign I was most invested in ever was a rendition of Waterdeep where our characters had turned Troll Skull mansion into a tavern and we kept having to deal with stuff messing up our bar.


Let them. Once they have something they care about it is easier to make them go and protect it. Can't have hookers work if it's - 60oC outdoors or Arveiaturace or the chardalyn dragon is threatening to burn the place down.


Can confirm. I let my group have the deed for the abandoned inn in Caer Dineval as payment from the town speaker for routing the cultists. When the chardalyn dragon showed up they immediately chased it down


I'm a year into RotFM. Fifteen 8-12hr sessions in. It has been an absolute blast. If you have any questions at all feel free to DM me! I'll be happy to share any tips and if your interested, my dynamic weather event system! 10/10 module, best 5e module by far.


0_0 Takes all kinds I suppose. Running Rime made me question whether or not I should even bother DMing any more. The only things that really motivated my players was stuff I changed, added, or took from SKT. Motivation was difficult to find due to the issue that, despite the title, the rime nor Auril appeared to be the focal point of the adventure.


The book doesn't really tell you but you are meant to try for an isolated and desperate vibe. The town's should be dealing with monster attacks as the creatures get more desperate in an unending winter, food and fuel shortages that threaten to thin the population, ect. I struggled with making the weather a main character in the story for a while, but fortunately my players chose a few side quests where Auril makes her presence known and they really bought into the idea that this dark God is strangling the life out of Ten-Towns. But yeah, for sure you gotta improvise and add stuff to the module to get your individual characters motivated. I encourage other DMs to go a little crazy with it, especially as the adventure nears it's final chapter.


Spoilers Let them. Have them create networks in the towns. Let them fall in love with them and protect their fellow townsfolk. Then blow it all up with the chardalyn dragon.


this takes “freezing your tits off” to a whole new level


Our party basically invented Kobold DoorDash in our Frostmaiden campaign, but in our defense it was to help some kobolds and not to try a crazy thing to throw off our DM.


Are you me? My players had this exact idea after they killed the moose... Unfortunately they're nearly 11ish hours into Sunblight and I don't hold out much hope for Lonelywood.


Tried running icewindale. Got frustrated with a particular castle layout and plotline. Got confused, got frustrated, lost motivation. Now I am about to start running a homebrew, adventure time campaign.


We are making a berry themed franchise. Really shouldn't have given us that bar.


My party opened a pub, good to know that we weren’t the only idiots opening businesses


Meet my human fighter Dale Icewind


Actually, I've run it a few times and owning and operating a tavern is apparently a common stepping stone toward ending a curse of eternal winter.