the good the bad and the ugly

the good the bad and the ugly


I have a boring dark blue one that rolls consistently well. I keep it in a ring box, and I call it Billy Baroo, like the old man’s putter in Caddyshack. Edit: I forgot to mention that I don’t take it out of its case unless the roll is important.


The Good Lord would never disrupt the best game of my life!


Roll 8d6 lightning damage.


I'm not the cleric, so I'm just going to use the Disengage action and the Hide action.


You roll pretty poorly on your stealth check, but fortunately there’s nobody around so see you anyway.


So I got that going for me!


Which is nice...


(Angry tone) mmmm bard.


Ironically my best Dice is one that was one of my dads when he played AD&D. The things is beat to all hell and the color of a turd, but it rolls real well for me.


i had this one the exact color I imagined a cthulhu statue would be. it rolled, no joke, a 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and then looped back to 1. i threw it across the room and it vanished and never turned up.


Must've rolled a ftaghn when you threw it. It's for the best that it's gone.


My d20s from all my matching sets: "What is a 2-digit number? LMAO" That one garish bright orange d20 with white numbers that is hard to read: "I roll so well your DM will accuse me of being weighted."


Orange dice best dice.


The first dice set I got was a plain dark green set. The D20 is still my favorite die and that thing has a knack for rolling 17.


I have a d8 that consistently rolls 7 it seems like which is good for using smite as a palladin


I bought my first dice set maybe a year before I ever played D&D. It was a translucent green set from Chessex, and it's never steered me wrong. Meanwhile, the last die I bought is a frosted, colorless d20 with rounded edges that literally looks like it's made of ice. Absolutely beautiful, but it never rolls above 13.


I got a surprise set that is literally the same yellow as pus in wounds from a lucky bag and they roll well but I'm still quite repulsed by them


I have 4 green gel looking dice. Pretty old, like 30 years old. Whenever you roll them for stats, they almost always come up 14. Tested many, many times. We once had a campaign where we all had stats that were 3-5 14s and the rest being 12-15. They have since been retired, resting till they're once again needed to roll a generic anime protagonist


Pretty dice get a spot because they look nice. Ugly dice earn their spot.


You old pal Troy Levalee from the Glass Cannon Podcast with his neon green dice in a nutshell. The episodes-long witch hunt to discover who stole it when it went missing was hilarious.


None of my dice are ugly and they spend half the time rolling hot and the other half super cold. Unfortunately, I never know how they will start. Though I did have one session were I rolled three 20’s back to back on three different dice. Unfortunately, they were for skill checks/initiative so it wasn’t cool attacks, though I did crit the bosses face off with a level 3 smite.


But it looks ugly so it basically evens out


Function over Style. Fight me.


Troy Lavallee? Is that you?


I just got a set of dice recently and the d20 has rolled nothing but two 20’s. I refuse to use it now unless in an emergency.


I have this glow in the dark d20 that always rolls good and I always pull out if things go to shit.


I have a set of plain colored dice that came with the DnD starter kit my sister got me years and years ago. That bright orange d20 has carried me far.


Is this some irl joke I'm too roll20 to understand?


Pukeatonious is a good die!


I have an orange set that rolls pretty well but they’re so ugly


I have a black and gold set, a fireball colored set, a bronze dragon scale set, and a clear die set with red in the center. They have all blessed me with 20s. Nothing can stop my die sets of death when I throw monsters against my players.


Get the dice from the Rick & Morty box! Good times all around.


I have a few absolutely hideous dice I've picked up somewhere or other. I keep them in the bag to suck up all the bad luck.


I had a set of dice that became unlucky, so they got shelved for years. Plus they were hella faded so it was a bitch to read them. about 6 months ago they came out when i ran a one shot and a friend needed to borrow a set, so i repainted them, let him get the luck tainting off them, and now they're back in rotation with my other 2 sets I dont buy many dice, so that first set worked for like 10 years before i got a second and third set lol


My first ever set of personally bought math rocks were a green set of semi-transparent dice. That D20 became known as the Nuclear Option to my group, due to both the color, and to the fact that if we *needed* a nat 20 or at least a passing roll, it was our best chance. And it never failed.