hello there

hello there


Sure, as long as he obtains them by defeating the high-level paladins who are currently wielding them


You gotta give them something to start with at least. Maybe a couple squires to swing around.


I read 'squirrels' and had the most wonderful mental image of quad-wielding poor forest rodents.


I need gopher-chucks


That sound like a fun campaign at all


Pfft, padawans have lightsabers, same as masters.


I'd let a level 14 artificer use four of their infusion slots to make a bunch of sun blades. Why not? When my warlock dies I'm playing an armorer who is kitted out with a ring of jumping, boots of speed, and a belt of hill giant strength, who *definitely* isn't Iron Man.


Or Master Chief


The extra arms add too much weight and compress the chest, which is why the PC has a wheezing cough.


Except when he's fighting for some reason.


It’s his Second Wind


Recharges after a short rest, which is why he constantly retreats


I hate you


Thanks bb ;)




i will use your bones for a rag


He is controlling his breathing during the attacks, then has to breath deep to recover from the effort of the attacks. Plus you know all the noise from the saber strikes probably hides it a bit, ha.


Which is terminal, so it is quite *grievous*


Did you just...? I’m dead.


No. Terminal illnesses do not immediately resolve in death. Give it a few months.


"You have ten." "Ten what? Years? Months?" "Nine."


Oh no.


Which his character in every other portrayal he doesn't have that wheezing. It was added in the movie because reasons, I guess. =p


https://youtu.be/j1UPccudqmU Mace windu used the force to crush his chest


Man Windu just got *straight* to the point. Respect.


... how do I not remember this. Whelp!


Naboo flu is no joke.


Then there’s me with an in-world character named “Admiral Dire” who is a half-construct hobgoblin pirate lord with four arms and three sun blades (the fourth was stolen by a lieutenant)


A fine subtraction from his collection. Good choice though, Hobgoblins are probably the closest analogue to Kaleesh in DnD.


"I am Dire, Sea Lord of the Hobgoblins and Supreme Commander of the goblin host. And I am not a warforged!"


I love that, and I may very well use this quote word-for-word when my party meets him, save for changing “the goblin host” to “the Endbringer Fleet,” which is his pirate fleet’s name.


Thats a good fleet name


>Admiral Dire ****WHEEZE****


Well, Hello There.


Then when it turns out you can’t do that just make it so you can use 4 glocks instead


\*Aims all 4 glocks at you looking into your soul with crack-head eyes\* Who is General and why is everyone asking him "Can you be?" ?




So uncivilized


Hesitation is defeat


Reminds me of this: https://youtu.be/uccVRRiyw74


I'd tell them to use something like shadow blade or flame blade, and RP as if you are quad wielding but just make your normal amount of attacks. Might make for some funny banter too if the rest of the party teases them for swinging wildly with 4 swords but only ever actually hitting with one of them.


hello there


General Kenobi


You are a bold one


Kill him.


So uncivilized.


[*agonized screaming and gargling*]


The extra appendages are unable to wield weapons as far as I'm aware


They can, however, hold and spin two swords


The book states "These appendages can’t precisely manipulate anything and can’t wield weapons, magic items, or other specialized equipment." So officially I don't believe they can but for the fun of it why not.


I mean, does Grevious ever hit anything with his two other arms? Far as I'm aware he unprecisely spins them in circles


I am unfortunately not very well versed in star wars, but it's the term wield that is the issue here meaning to hold and use successfuly However in my opinion if you use either the claw or tentacle option for your extra appendages I don't see why realistically they couldn't pick up and hold a weapon even if they couldn't use them well


Claw I'm assuming is very animalistic and so doesn't have opposable thumbs, so wielding a weapon not designed for it is right out. Tentacle I don't really have anything, other than the fact that most species do *not* have tentacle appendages and so will have very little dexterity with it. Maybe with enough time and training it can be considered an extra fully functional limb though.


They're crab pincers. Simic are all about that sea life.


Then what the hell is the point of them?


Here is the full ability from the book on DND Beyond "Grappling Appendages. You have two special appendages growing alongside your arms. Choose whether they’re both claws or tentacles. As an action, you can use one of them to try to grapple a creature. Each one is also a natural weapon, which you can use to make an unarmed strike. If you hit with it, the target takes bludgeoning damage equal to 1d6 + your Strength modifier, instead of the bludgeoning damage normal for an unarmed strike. Immediately after hitting, you can try to grapple the target as a bonus action. These appendages can’t precisely manipulate anything and can’t wield weapons, magic items, or other specialized equipment."


Makes sense, they are for fighting


Welp, clerics can cast Bull's Strength, right?


Yeah, I’d go as far as to let someone hold small, light weapons like daggers in there. The appendages would be for mostly flavour and not give you any extra attacks anyway, so where’s the victim? If someone wants to flavour their killing blow as flipping a shortsword between both hands for a second, then toss it up in the air for their extra to grab, following up with a vertical cleave down their head, that’s just fun.


In theory couldn't you allow an Artificer specifically to make some sort of brace or contraption that would allow limited use of weapons for those limbs? I've never really been a DM for any real amount of gameplay so I'm not sure.


But that's not as bad ass so we reject it lol.


Fair enough whatever makes the experience more fun for the group =)


Rule Of Fun.


*for the one person who now has a massive advantage over everyone else and outshines them constantly in every combat encounter.


I mean, just because they can HOLD more swords doesn’t mean they can attack with them. The only mechanical advantage it would really have is being more resistant to being disarmed which is extremely rare.


Nah you just jack up the stakes a couple notches. Any DM who is going to allow this should already be prepared to make the rest of the party stupid and OP as well and then face them off against multiversal threats. General Grievous, Doomguy, Dante from Devil May Cry, Jotaro Kujo and Captain America all walk into a bar and are suddenly ambushed by Tiamat herself, roll initiative.


They are unable to USE weapons, they CAN wield them!


As stated below in another comment the book specifically states they cannot wield weapons


Hmm, I don't have the book, but I see two different online resources that disagree with eachother [Wikidot](http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/simic-hybrid) says "Use" [Fandom](https://d-n-d5e.fandom.com/wiki/Simic_Hybrid) says "Wield" Regardless, if a player had these extra appendages I'd definitely let them hold things... My cat could hold pencils, so I don't see why someone with claw arms couldn't as well, and as for tentacles, they are literally evolved to grasp things! Seems weird they can wield an enemy, but not a shortsword.


I'm using the book on DND Beyond, however I agree with your breakdown I don't see why a claw cannot pickup a weapon even if it can't precisely use it same with a tentacle I would probably allow this at my table


So could you put a shield in your tentacle? Would be cool to duel wield and have a shield.


Sure, but it doesn't give you extra AC.


Depends on how you define "wield" I guess. If it means manipulate or attack then it definitely can't. If it means just hold the sword menacingly then I think it's doable. The book does say it can't wield but I'm assuming it's the first definition not the second


Joke's on you, I’ve got a sword!


Didn't stop General Grievous. Well, not immediately.




I feel so shut right now =o


But they can be used to deal 1d6 dmg, if you reflavour that to a shortsword it's completely fine, is it?


Yeah but thats stupid


I mean, if player's gonna do that, why not have a room full of monks?


Do they all drop from the ceiling when the PC arrives?


Nah, well maybe. I was just thinking, if the player made a character who is a copy of a character in media who hunts Jedi, give the player the closest thing to Jedi the game has. Lean into it. Quote some cartoons. Enjoy the ride.


Because it's your job as a DM to put your foot down and tell that player no for the sake of the rest of the groups' enjoyment. No one wants to sit next to a capital R Redditor while he hogs the spotlight quoting memes that were stale four years ago.


I think a player going meme-lord is fine, so far as the whole table is also joining in on rediculous builds or flavor. Let's me know how to style the campaign and can be hilarious and fun. Like all things, just depends on how well executed it is. If you have a player who isn't great at reading the room or being funny, well, that isn't going to get better just because you made em develop a serious PC. Of course, these are the sorts of things should get hashed out in a session zero. If all players and DM aren't all on the same page with tone, characters, style, and boundaries of the campaign, well, ya did something wrong.


This is why I like the Popehat race in Starfinder. They have 4 arms and pull out 4 lightsabers.


for some reason the only magical swords are sunblades and he really likes pinching them from the party for his "collection"


Op, the best trick a DM can do, is follow their game and fucking them with it…. General kenobi: Paladin monk, with a blade his artificer paladin master gifted him, with an army of humuculy created by a nigromanth knight, to be the perfect humans and warriors


Stop making up bad-ass campaigns that I can't take part in lol.


After many years of seeing this meme now I just realized it's from the Babaduk. Lol brains are weird


I actually have a Simic hybrid rune knight who I did min max for *coughs in a 20 for both Strength and Constitution*


Is this from the babadook? Is this a new meme format or am I out of the loop?


The scene is yes, but I don’t know if it’s a new or old meme format. I am forever OOTL


Dew it!


Hey, the last character I played was a Simic Hybrid Artificer! Crazy.


I'm creating a Simic Hybrid Artificer. It's going to be the first Chaotic Evil character I'm gonna play.


Sonic Hybrid


Jesus. Always gotta remember to check my spelling on Dnd posts.




Has this been cross posted to r/prequelmemes cause it should be


Then there's [me](https://www.reddit.com/r/dndmemes/comments/fow0ih/nice_hat_whered_you_get_it/): A vedalken artificer with a repeating shot revolver, ventilating lungs, and winged boots Always go with a Filoni OC; >!my boy shocked us all a few weeks ago just by showing up in Bad Batch!<


I hate most editions past 3.5. I especially hate guildmasters guide to ravnica. I absolutely found it terrible, and in the end, I don’t want dumb shit like this happening. It’s sounds fun, but not really as forever DM.


Doesnt matter in 5e 4 arms doesnt do shit


And that’s why I love 3.5 because there it does.


Oooh sounds cool just started dnd so i have only done. 5e research


Granted you have to have feats to use them efficiently, most races with 4 arms are usually by nature granted an extra attack at -4


I have been playing pretty much since my first D&D post here and I can tell you 5E is pretty super baby easy. To the point I feel like a toddler and nerfed for being a ranger. In 3.5, the ranger is my favorite class because it can act as the survivalist, healer, caster, and melee fighter all in one. There is almost nothing they can’t do to stem the tides of almost any given battle. A ranger can absolutely wreck in both ranger and non ranger combat. (Literally think of Aragorn from LOTR, he a actually IS a ranger) only 3.5 rangers are far more magically attuned to a god. They must meditate, or pray each day to earn their spells, but boi those spells are highly useful. There’s one that I believe is called “field of brambles” or “movement spikes” or something along the lines that can literally damage you, and impede your movement by half just for coming near the ranger. So my rangers combat is simple: establish the battle line, use movement spikes, then simply run around inside of it while forcing people to come to you. Instant profit. The ranger was nerfed in 5E, and is the red headed stepchild of the classes for literally no reason. Every class as it gets epic is supposed to be broken. That’s what makes an epic character.


I am doing 5e and have been doing nothing but research before starting my first game so: The entangle spell is in 5e (literally the same as movement spikes as far as i can tell) the new subclasses/ optional features for ranger is great, like turning invisible more speed and proficiencies/expertise and xanathars and tashas even added ranged smites and other cool spells for ranger, so it sounds at least similar, but these rules where relatively new so you might not of known about them. Otherwise 3.5 sounds fun and the 4 armed races sound sick


Make two moonblades so we get the 2/2 color split.


In my day everyone was some kind of sexy outcast dark elf.


I mean, RAW, those extra limbs can't wield weapons but mechanically, if you're just wielding 4 of the same weapon, there's mechanically no difference between having two arms and four. You still only get one bonus action to attack with an offhand weapon per turn, so even having four arms means only two of them will ever see any action on a given turn, unless you use the third or forth arm to initiate subsequent attacks. But again, if they're all the same weapon, does it matter?


Dm could add stuff for multi arm abilities Maybe


I'd be willing to do it.


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i mean, reflavour is allowed


Maul: Brilliant


Simic? That’s not just a Magic The Gathering word?


Wizards owns both Magic and D&D. Ravnica was released as a D&D sourcebook a while back with rules for all kinds of guild classes




My question would be how would he expect real time combat to go on a TTRPG?


The most scary thing is that l can relate that l have campaine in desert with party (l was the DM) and this is actually what they want to accomplish. I will see how will it goes.


Lol my paladin keeps a warhammer and fights demons. I was going for a Space Marine


20 years ago my group had one guy that insisted on being an undead warlock with a flaming skull for a head. During the first session they were supposed to find clues to finding some arcane artifact but instead when the villagers saw him and started to freak out, he decided to cast wall of flame in the doorway to the tavern to keep them all in there. Half the village was incinerated in there and the other half running around trying kill the 'witches'. The rest of us hid in a ditch. Dont remember what he did. Was downhill from there, but hilarious.


Never seen a babadook template… damn


Bruh that **is** normal


Please don’t let my party see this… I beg of you


Asking a Simic why can't you be normal is like asking the sky why it is blue. Simics are not normal.


Actually, it should be a warforged


Doesnt have 4 arms tho, it would work exactly the same tho


Where does it say that warforged cant have 4 arms and say, 8 legs?


Wow up to dm then


The source for this image: Outnumbered, is worth watching


Damn, my normal and other people's normal is not the same. lol