I personally like the conventionally “evil” races because it adds a bit of flavor

I personally like the conventionally “evil” races because it adds a bit of flavor


My players have the card flipped … one refuses to play human by all means necessary and hates elves for being too basic …


I honestly like playing different races, even if they might not work well with the class. Eksempt elves, or to be specific lotr elves. I have soured on them, mainly do to them being copied into settings, with their broken abilities. But without the setting, taking account, for a the impact, such a race would have, especially when they have access to magic.


Well Lotr elves are … meant to be perfect. But also in that arrogance they have flaws. That’s why the elves on my setting are a bit different. Bound to a magical forest that if they leave they forget everything. Thus elves adventurers or merchants are usually rebels who die fast as they are alone. Humans are still my go to cause they are broken. But any race that fits the character better will do as-well haha .


Thats an interresting idea, which does ties, back to elves origin as fay creatures, that would bewitch people.


I haven’t developed that dukedom yet as the PCs are on the other side of the map and too far away to explore. But that’s the core idea. I do see them being extremely narcissistic and quite advanced in the arcane. Yet they are secretive and quite racist.


Oh hey I'm like that


Imagine being so basic you have to be a weird race to make your character interesting.


Well, for what I’ve talked to them they just want to be sth that’s not human because they are already humans. ( imo I cannot lift boulders like a boss nor swing a massive great-axe as my hobby, so dnd human heroes are sth else) Nevertheless I do run a game where race is a huge deal and slaves are thing as well. So being weird has it’s perks and quite emblematic cons.


Drow is my favorite race and I will play one until the group kicks me out 😂


I have a friend like that. Several campaigns and multiple oneshots and only twice has he not played a drow. And it’s probably all of the unique lore about them that attracts his interest.


Looking through all the characters I have made, I don't repeat races. I didn't even intend to do that.


I run a fantasy rp server on discord and my favorite character someone has made so far is a drow


My first character was a drow paladin


I knew someone who made a female drow paladin (enforcer), it was so intense, such a good roleplayer too


They just have so much role-playing potential! Why did they leave the underdark? Are they actually good, or quietly evil? How do they cope with sunlight? How do they adapt to surface cultures?


1) stabbed in the back and left to die on a raid 2) good, but with a very evil looking face and is convinced that, deep down, he is still the same old scumbag he used to be 3) the artificer made him sunglasses 4) smiles too much to offset the evil face


Played a chaotic good drow rogue once (cliche but hey the rp was super fun!) ran across a helpful shopkeeper at a magic store once, asked if they had anything to help with the sunlight problem, said she would try to make something custom and come back. DM home brewed me a pair of aviator sunglasses and it was honestly the best thing possible for that character 😂


That's wonderful! Homebrew aviators!


Drow are the best \^o\^/


I wanted to pretend to be Drizzt with my first character


I think that was all of our first characters lol who doesn’t want to be drizzt!?


The illithri


Peter Griffin is an elf?


At the very least, he hasn't seemed to age in a long time. Either he's an elf with human ears, or he's a lot higher level than one would suspect.


I mean, have you seen those fistfights with the possibly-polymorphed chicken-man?


Both are high level barbarians, one is a aaracrocra and the other human.


My experience is the opposite. If you let them know that a certain playable option is common in the region, that is a 100% guaranteed way to ensure that they will NEVER play it. We had three tieflings at one point.


Pfft In my PBP campaign so far we have a tiefling (me), two aasimars, a half-drow, a shadar-kai and two humans XD


I usually play Tieflings, and this one time someone said I couldn’t play a neutral good cleric cause “tiefs are always evil”


This meme hits deep. I just want to play my drow stripper, I don't wanna be disruptive TT\_\_TT


The 2nd part of your character does sound a bit disruptive lol


A worshipper of Eilistraee?


I dm for a guy whos as chaotic evil as you can be. Its pretty fun ngl.


I almost spit put water reading this lmao


If there is a Deity of Pleasure in the world then that Drow will have it as their god, "Striptease is part of my religion"


Drow can be good now. There's a whole thing about the lore changing.


Always could be. There's a reason why Drizz't is one of the most famous characters in the mythos.


There once was a goblin named Shrike, Who put bad people on spikes, Stole like a rogue, used poisons from toads, And was even edgier than Batman.


This close to being a limerick.


I got to the last line and couldn’t think of anything.


>There once was a goblin named Deez-Nutz, Who stuck the severed heads of his foes up their butts. Robbed merchants on roads, used poisons from toads, and was edgier than *Berserk*-manga Guts.




Whereas I refuse to play human and elves are my favorite


I saw this meme with dragons, okey dragons (gold, silver, copper, brass) and not okey dragons (black, white, blue, green, red)


It's not unreasonable to have culturally evil practices prevelant in certain cultures. Some cultures take slaves, others eat people, not everyone embraces the cultures they hail from. Just like the real world, many people come from bad backgrounds and reject those things, sometimes to push back and be antithetical to those things. Like come on, Drizzt has always existed, there is nothing inherently evil about drow, or any race, save that shit for demons and devils, forces of nature.


Is the red line hobgoblin


But i love drows D=


Drow Paladin of Lolth, alignment LG The entire table: WTF


I particularly never portray the drows as "evil" in my worlds, they are just isolated


Good thing kobolds are not on that list


Wtf is this




Rebuttal to the now bad Extra Credits. I still want a playable yuan-ti aboms, sahuagin, illithid, and gnolls.


>Rebuttal to the now bad Extra Credits. I still want a playable yuan-ti aboms, sahuagin, **illithid**, and gnolls. I think the initial "the group meets in a tavern" scenario would get pretty disturbing if a fucking *mind-flayer* bellied up to the bar and ordered a tankard of cerebrospinal fluid.


Fermented cerebrospinal fluid. In a spelljammer cantina.


I have an illithid that may not be *100%* lore friendly but my dm loved him and said fuck it. his name was Zokk and was kidnapped by a kobold researcher as a tadpole, so he was raised away from the elder brain's influence and therefore is sentient. he's a paladin and I adore him, but the funniest part is my campaign mate *played a gith warlock.* so combine the gith-illithid hatred with the warlock-paladin tension. and Zokk has no idea of what the illithids have done, he thinks he's the only one on the Material Plane, so the warlock just stared in absolute fury as Zokk tried to shake his hand.


Who was Zokks host?


a kobold researcher was working for a moon elf mad scientist who was trying to create perfect specimens of elves, after being inspired by House Dlardrageth. he learned of "failed" ceremorphosis cases that would result in anomalies and psionic abilities and wanted to test it out. however, the kobold who I named Kayra, had her own goals. she was ordered to assemble an adventuring party to get her the tadpoles, but instead of passing them to her master, she claimed they were all destroyed in a skirmish. she took the tadpoles to her own lab and began experimenting, looking for ways to save her termally ill, newborn son. eventually, through a lot of arcane research and alchemical treatment, she thought she had succeeded, as his health restored, and he was named Zokk. but as he grew up, he slowly but surely began to transform into a mindflayer, but retained the sentience and personality of a regular child due to his upbringing and seperation from the elder brain. Kayra was hesitant on what to do, as Zokk saw her as his mother and loved her so, and she also felt a degree of love towards him as her child. so she raised him in secrecy, leaving her moon elf boss under the excuse that she was mourning Zokk and couldn't work. so, Zokk grew up isolated but loved, and when his mother was kidnapped he took up a paladin oath. an existential crisis Zokk gains when he learns the truth is the question, "am I really her child or am I someone else who has taken over his body?" and he suffered with that for a few sessions. campaign ended prematurely so it never was resolved but I still love my boy. again, not 100% lore friendly but my DM loved it and said he'd allow it.


So a kobold ceromorph and The Adversary. The mind flayers must want him dead.




D&D 5e did the Gnoll lore dirty


I agree.


eberron did them well iirc?


An accurate description of how people make their first characters? Like everyone's seen LOTR so they're probably picking one of the copyright friendly version of those characters and probably not the goblins and orcs they fought against and most new players are like wtf is a dark elf.


I have introduced dozens of players to the game, tabaxi, kenku, tieflings, orc, goblin,pixies, aarakocra have been some of the more popular.


Dark elves were in the silmarillion. They are also responsible for the Noldor elves having advanced weaponry that orcs cannot counter. Unfortunately they also are responsible for the fall of Gondolin due to a dark elf wanting to marry his first cousin.


Yeah, but they aren't very similar in concept to the dark elves/drow of d&d. They just share the name


First character was a dragonborn who would likely be wanted by the Hague for torture and unauthorized use of chemical weapons so a lil' wrong there.


My only experience with the dnd universe is drizzt so I will definitively play drow if I ever get to play


Or you can make a human warlock and play your character constantly swapping between regular Jeff and THE FORBIDDEN at random to mess with anyone


I'm always torn, I don't want to limit player creativity, but ya know, sometimes it's nice to not have to think about the moral ambiguity of a fight sometimes. It's ok to kill that orc, cus it's evil. Don't think about more then that. But at the same time, I really enjoy good aligned characters from typically evil races. But its kinda hard to talk new players into that dynamic.


does Dullahan counts as "conventionally evil"


My first character was a satyr


I went all in and made my first character a half drow Druid in the circle of spores, but I also made her a linguist to lessen the edge